Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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instead to rely on their good works to win people to Christ. Pastor Timothy Keller, of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, says we need both gospel messaging and gospel neighboring components of salt and light ministry to be effective in our communities and share the love of Christ.4 We must be ready at all times to share the message of Jesus5 while always looking for ways to love our neighbors through sacriÄJPHS ZLY]PJL (NHPU 1LZ\Z ZLY]LZ HZ our perfect example. He met physical needs, healed the blind, and touched the lepers. He also confronted sin, proclaimed good news to the poor, and told those he ministered to about the kingdom of God.6

inadvertently hurt individuals further by creating unnecessary dependencies. We must be careful to never confuse unconditional love with unconstrained benevolence.7 Sometimes the best way to love others is to set practical guidelines on what we can and cannot do for them.8 It can be easy to focus on the symptoms of poverty and ignore the root issues. However, in order to help our communities and its individuals reach ZLSM Z\MĂ„JPLUJ`" ^L T\Z[ LUJV\YHNL them to pursue their own developTLU[ 6M[LU[PTLZ [OPZ TLHUZ YLTV]ing barriers that lead to failure and equipping folks with necessary skills for success.

Individuals in our communities will be attracted to the Jesus they see in you when you are meeting needs with ZHJYPĂ„JPHS SV]L HUK ZLY]PJL ^OPJO opens the door for sharing the Gospel message. Remember to be transparent about your faith without pressuring people to profess the same beliefs you hold so dear.

Dr. John Perkins, Founder and President Emeritus of the Christian Community Development Corporation, says, “By focusing on symptoms rather than on the underlying disease, we are often hurting the very people we are trying to help. Surprisingly, we are also hurting ourselves in the process. As followers of Jesus Christ, we simply must do better.�9

" 4\_^fTa >cWTab c^ 4]VPVT X] CWTXa >f] D_[XUc When engaging in salt and light ministry, it is easy to do for others what they should do themselves, which can

# BP[c ;XVWc <X]Xbcah BW^d[S 1T 7^[XbcXR <X]Xbcah Related to empowering others to engage in their own uplift is the fact that salt and light ministry is often a

holistic ministry. In other words, when serving our communities we may uncover other needs and issues that ought to be addressed. In regards to poverty, there are often a multitude of issues that need to be tackled. Many times these may entail JV\UZLSPUN ÄUHUJPHS VY ]VJH[PVUHS needs among others. What this means is that we should be able to perceive the needs of others and locate the resources to help them, or their families, holistically. ;OLYL HYL ULHYS` UVU WYVÄ[ organizations including religious, charitable, and educational groups in Lake County alone10 that can be utilized for equipping those you serve with additional resources. $ APSXRP[ 6T]Ta^bXch Xb =TTSTS U^a BP[c ;XVWc <X]Xbcah Salt and light ministry should be done with open hearts and open hands; and generosity should be the hallmark of every Christian. God’s grace should motivate us to be radically generous to others in this life, for it is only by God’s grace that we have what we have. Living with open hearts means we live with the heart that God has – one of compassion for the poor, weak, and =Tgc BcT_b } '$