Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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or books to an organization that is ministering to single parent families. Chaplains at the Lake County Jail are always looking for donated Bibles to give to inmates. Call organizations and ask them what they need, and [OLU ZLLR [V ÄSS P[ & BcPac P =Tf 2WdaRW 1PbTS <X]Xbcah ?a^VaP\ Perhaps you’ve recognized a gap in services for a particular issue in your community. You can assist your church in establishing a new program to help meet the needs of the community. Be sure to avoid competing with another church or duplicating services already offered through another organization in the community.2

' 8]XcXPcT >a 9^X] 2^[[PQ^aPcXeT 4UU^acb U^a 2WP]VT 0Ra^bb EPaX^db BTRc^ab" Seeking the welfare of our communities requires joint efforts from individuals across the public, private, and social sectors (businesses, churches, UVU WYVĂ„[Z NV]LYUTLU[ HNLUJPLZ TLdia, schools, health care institutions etc.).4 In our region, collaborative efforts from individuals and churches can prove invaluable toward improving our communities. ( 0Se^RPcT U^a BhbcT\XR 2WP]VT X] H^da 2^\\d]Xch$ Christians are called to demonstrate God’s love for justice (Psalm 37:28) by doing justice themselves (Micah 6:8).6 The Psalmist says to “Give

justice to the poor and the orphan; uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute. Rescue the poor and helpless; deliver them from the grasp of evil people.â€?7 You may want to join an advocacy group, become actively involved in local government, or let your voice be heard in public forums on behalf of the “those who cannot speak for themselves.â€?8 3XbRX_[T >cWTab 8]c^ P ;XUTbch[T ^U BP[c P]S ;XVWc( The mission of salt and light does not happen only through organized ministry initiatives, but often through transformed lives of ordinary individuals THRPUN ZPTWSL ZHJYPĂ„JLZ VU ILOHSM VM their communities.10 Making disciples means helping others take the next step in their faith journey by teaching them about Jesus and displaying his love through deeds of service. Fostering a salt and light lifestyle means encouraging and equipping people to see Northwest Indiana through the eyes of Jesus; and exhorting them to SH` KV^U [OLPY SP]LZ PU ZHJYPĂ„JPHS ZLYvice for the needs of others.

Families serve together at a 7OV[V I` 1LU ;VWW

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shelter in Gary.