Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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2PcW^[XR 2WPaXcXTb 3X^RTbT ^U 6Pah c c ^^^ JH[OVSPJ JOHYP[PLZ VYN Catholic Charities is a Christian response on the part of the Diocese of Gary to help meet the human needs of people. ‹ Serve as an individual or family in a local food pantry ‹ Donate food to a family during the holidays Bc 9dST 7^dbT | c ^^^ Z[Q\KLOV\ZL VYN St. Jude House serves as a safe shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and their dependent children. They offer support to victims as they pursue violence-free lives. ‹ Become a trained Crisis Line worker ‹ )LJVTL H JSPLU[ HZZPZ[HU[ HZ [OL JSPLU[ TV]LZ [V^HYKZ ZLSM Z\MÄJPLUJ` 7PQXcPc U^a 7d\P]Xch | c ^^^ U^POHIP[H[ VYN ( UVUWYVÄ[ LJ\TLUPJHS *OYPZ[PHU TPUPZ[Y` MV\UKLK VU [OL JVU]PJ[PVU [OH[ L]LY` THU ^VTHU HUK JOPSK ZOV\SK OH]L H decent, safe, and affordable place to live. They build with people in need regardless of race or religion. =TXVWQ^aW^^Sb 8]R | c ^^^ ULPNOIVYOVVKZPUJ JVT Neighborhoods Inc. works to retain and promote economic, racial, and ethnic diversity in Hammond, through programs designed to increase homeownership opportunities, improve the quality of all housing, and build neighborhood pride. D]XcTS =TXVWQ^aW^^S >aVP]XiPcX^]b 8]R | c ^^^ \UP[LKULPNOIVYZ VYN By effectively combining the efforts of your local community centers under one organization, United Neighbors looks forward to serving the people who live and work in East Chicago in positive and life changing ways. ‹ Experienced grant writers ‹ Willing hands and ideas needed for marketing and fundraising CWT APeX]Tb | c ^^^ [OLYH]PULZ VYN The Ravines Ministry offers hope and healing through intensive Christian counseling for struggling marriages in a private retreat setting. Host a couple in need of counseling or volunteer on site. 5PXa 7PeT] | c ^^^ HZHMLWVY[ VYN Fair Haven exists to facilitate a safe and faith-focused recovery program for hurting women who have experienced sexual, emotional, and/or physical abuse. %% } <PaaXPVT 5P\X[h