Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

Page 79

<PZT P 3XUUTaT]RT cWa^dVW H^da 2WdaRW ‹ Ask families in your church and neighborhood what they need to strengthen their family relationships. ‹ 6MMLY H TP_ VM JO\YJO HJ[P]P[PLZ ^OLYL JOPSKJHYL PZ WYV]PKLK HZ ^LSS HZ HJ[P]P[PLZ MVY [OL ^OVSL MHTPS` [V WHY[PJPWH[L in together. ‹ Consider setting aside one night per week where there are no scheduled church, sports, or other activities. Provide creative ways for families to spend time together. ‹ Find out how other churches engage in family ministry to see if there are any opportunities for collaboration. ‹ :WVUZVY WYL]LU[P]L TPUPZ[YPLZ [OH[ PU]LZ[ PU MHTPSPLZ ILMVYL [OL` L_WLYPLUJL KPMÄJ\S[` ,_HTWSLZ PUJS\KL WYL THYP[HS JV\UZLSPUN THYYPHNL LUYPJOTLU[ WYVNYHTZ MHTPS` IHZLK Z\WWVY[ NYV\WZ MH[OLYOVVK PUP[PH[P]LZ JVUÅPJ[ YLZVS\[PVU skills, and family fun nights. ‹ Connect struggling families with mature families in your church who can offer friendship, guidance, and be a good example. ‹ :LLR V\[ MHTPSPLZ [OH[ HYL OVTLSLZZ *VTL HSVUNZPKL [OLT HZ [OL` QV\YUL` [V^HYKZ NYLH[LY ZLSM Z\MÄJPLUJ` VMMLYPUN LTV[PVUHS ZWPYP[\HS WO`ZPJHS HUK ÄUHUJPHS Z\WWVY[ ‹ Equip families in your church to initiate a type of marriage mentor program. ‹ Bring together various groups in your community for a family initiative to brainstorm ideas how you can join forces to promote healthy families. ‹ 6MMLY THYYPHNL JSHZZLZ MVY [OL JVTT\UP[` [V HZZPZ[ ^P[O WHYLU[PUN KPZJPWSPUL HUK JVTT\UPJH[PVU

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