Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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Many couples who think about getting married and having a family today have no idea where the concept originally came from. Some might think it started in the jungle, a “Me Tarzan, you Jane, come with me to live in my [YLL OV\ZLš ZVY[ VM [OPUN 6[OLYZ TH` remember the classic cartoon “The Flintstonesâ€? and imagine that a man and a woman from a communal group decided to move to their own cave and dwell together. They came up with a good idea, called it “marriage,â€? and when children came along, they termed the new group “family.â€? However, Genesis, a book in the Bible that was written about 3,500 years

However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband. Ephesians 5:33 % } <PaaXPVT 5P\X[h

intended, they must know and apply the scriptural principles that God gave to reveal his design for marital M\SĂ„SSTLU[ \UP[` HUK PU[PTHJ` 1LZ\Z described a person who hears and obeys his teaching as a wise man who builds his house on solid rock. This wise person is one who lives according to the truths of the Bible. When the Word of God and its principles guide a couple’s marriage, the family is blessed because they have chosen a solid foundation to build upon. When [OL ^PUKZ HUK Ă…VVKZ VM SPML JVTL It was God’s design that a married man and woman should become “one against them, they successfully stand together without collapsing (Matthew Ă…LZOš .LULZPZ ! HUK [OYV\NO ZL_\HS PU[PTHJ` M\SĂ„SS .VKÂťZ JVTTHUK 7:24-25). [V ¸IL MY\P[M\S HUK T\S[PWS` HUK Ă„SS There is a plethora of opinions in the earthâ€? (Genesis 1:27-28). Adam our world today about how to build and Eve’s obedience led to the births a happy marriage and family. Some of Cain, Abel, Seth, and many other L]LU ZLLR [V YLKLĂ„UL [OL JVUJLW[Z VM sons and daughters (Genesis 4:1-2; marriage and family, and they struggle 5:1-5). That original marriage union [V Ă„UK OHWWPULZZ [OYV\NO PKLHZ [OH[ resulted in a combination of parents are far from God’s original design. But (one father and one mother) and their God made it very clear that unless we children that God called family. let him do the building, we labor in vain to build a family on man’s ideas Marriage and family were God’s (Psalm 127). In today’s world, with idea. If a married couple hopes to about 50 percent of marriages ending Ă„UK [OL QV` HUK OHWWPULZZ [OH[ .VK

ago, makes it clear that marriage and family were God’s idea. God designed HUK KLÄULK IV[O THYYPHNL HUK WHYLU[PUN .VK IYV\NO[ ,]L [OL ÄYZ[ ^VTHU [V (KHT [OL ÄYZ[ THU .LULZPZ 2:24). This is what we see modeled in a traditional church wedding where the bride is escorted down the aisle by her father and presented to her groom. The wedding is made legal by our government, through a marriage license, but the union is from God.