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STORY OF HOPE to offer us hope and give us direction through his Word and through Jesus, the one who will complete the good work he has begun in our marriage. 9^aVTzb Bc^ah I came to the Biblical Counseling Center because my wife needed help. I didn’t have a problem. Because of this attitude, counseling did not start out well. At our meetings, I would become angry and lash out at my counselor. I was enJV\YHNLK [V KV OVTL^VYR I` Z[\K`PUN [OL >VYK VM .VK HUK YLÅLJ[PUN VU P[ 0 KPKU[ KV P[ 0 ^HZ YLI\RLK I` V\Y JV\Uselor for being disrespectful, and was placed on notice to come back only when I was ready to admit I had a problem HUK ^HZ ^PSSPUN [V ^VYR VU P[ 0[ [VVR MV\Y TVU[OZ ILMVYL 0 [VVR [OL PUP[PH[P]L [V NV IHJR 6UJL 0 KPK 0 ^HZ ÄUHSS` HISL [V receive instruction from God’s Word through the counselor. I learned how to replace bad habits with good biblical habits. By doing my homework, I was able to begin the process of healing from my sinful communication, thought patterns, and behavior. God used our counselor to shepherd my wife and me back to the Word, back to Jesus. The Word reproved us, disciplined us, rebuked us, and ultimately rebuilt us. .VK YLWSHJLK [OL VSK ^P[O [OL UL^ HUK V\Y THYYPHNL HUK V\Y ZP_ `V\UN JOPSKYLU HSS ILULÄ[LK HZ H YLZ\S[ (KHW[LK MYVT 1VYNL HUK (UKYLH 4\UVaZ [LZ[PTVU` PU Mended Lives Z\TTLY \ZLK ^P[O WLYTPZZPVU MYVT [OL )PISPJHS *V\UZLSPUN *LU[LY

Marriage in Indiana } } } } }

In 2004, there were 43,496 marriages performed in Indiana; 2,595 in Lake County The average age at marriage for brides and grooms who had never previously been married was 25.0 and 26.8 years, respectively Only 51% of marriages were first marriages for both the bride and the groom 24% of marriages were subsequent to a divorce for both the bride and the groom In another 23% percent of marriages, either the bride or the groom had been previously divorced

[Indiana State Department of Health, Public Health System Development and Data Commission, Data Analysis Team, Indiana Marriage Report, 2004, Table 15]

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