Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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0]SaTPzb Bc^ah -VY V]LY ÄM[LLU `LHYZ T` O\ZIHUK HUK 0 SP]LK [VNL[OLY PU H [V_PJ YLSH[PVUZOPW :PUM\S [OV\NO[Z HUK SPLZ MYVT [OL LULT` permeated my husband’s mind, poisoning whatever love he had for me. My own discontent and pride grew into bitterness and withdrawal. Finally, I disconnected all of my emotions from my husband. I prayed that God would do something drastic and root out the cancerous tumors in our family. .VK HUZ^LYLK I` Z[YPWWPUN H^H` L]LY`[OPUN NL[[PUN PU [OL ^H` VM OPZ ^PSS >L OHK H THQVY ÄUHUJPHS TLS[KV^U HUK SVZ[ L]LY`[OPUN PUJS\KPUN H ILH\[PM\S OVTL >L ^LYL LTV[PVUHSS` HUK WO`ZPJHSS` KLZ[P[\[L 6\Y OVTLSLZZULZZ ^HZ H YHKPJHS picture of our marriage—a place where unconditional love found no home. During this time, however, God brought us to the Biblical Counseling Center (BCC). Using the Bible, our counselor wisely led us on a journey to reconciliation and spiritual renewal. I watched my husband’s angry heart of stone become YLWSHJLK I` H OLHY[ VM ÅLZO HZ .VK broke through the strongholds in his mind and gave him a fresh perspec[P]L 6\Y JV\UZLSVY [H\NO[ TL ^OH[ biblical forgiveness looks like and gave encouragement through God’s Word, which enabled me to reconnect emotionally, while my husband worked to rebuild trust between us. If you’re alive, you’ll have troubled [PTLZ /V^ ^L OHUKSL [OLT YLÅLJ[Z our character and faith in God. Sometimes troubled times are really an answer to prayer and a blessing in disguise. My husband and I are thankful for BCC’s ministry. The Lord used BCC Dr. Ronald Allchin, Sr., Executive Director of the Biblical Counseling Center, Schererville, IN

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