Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

Page 62

WAYS TO CONNECT THROUGH VOLUNTEERING CONT. 2P\_PV]P 0RPST\h c ,_[ c ^^^ JHTWHNUHHJHKLT` VYN *HTWHNUH (JHKLT` Z ;OLYHWL\[PJ -VZ[LY *HYL 7YVNYHT ZLLRZ X\HSPĂ„LK MHTPSPLZ [V WYV]PKL SV]PUN [LTWVYHY` OVTLZ MVY children in need, primarily teenagers. 2WX[SaT] ^U cWT 5dcdaT c Children of the Future is a local foster care licensing agency in Gary, helping families connect with children in need. EX[[PVTb c c ^^^ ]PSSHNLRPKZ VYN The Villages is dedicated to enhancing services for the critical early childhood years. They also offer a foster care program, a transitional living program, family services, and adoption programs. FX[[^fV[T] 0RPST\h c c ^^^ WOVLUP_JHYLZ`Z[LTZ JVT Willowglen Academy offers a group home for children, foster care services, and an accredited private school.

Other Organizations that Work with Children 3T_Pac\T]c ^U 2WX[S BTaeXRTb c The Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) protects children from abuse and neglect. DCS does this by partnering with families and communities to provide safe, nurturing, and stable homes. 5P\X[h 0RcX^] =Tcf^aZ c c 5HUJ` *SVVUHU Family Action Network offers assistance to families with children who have serious emotional disabilities (SEDs). <T]cP[ 7TP[cW 0\TaXRP ^U ;PZT 2^d]ch c c ^^^ TOHSHRLJV\U[` VYN WYVNYHTZ O[TS Mental Health America of Lake County supports individuals and families in their efforts to improve their quality of life. Bc <^]XRPzb 7^\T c =LY` JVUÄKLU[PHS TPUPZ[Y` Please go to the hospital and apply in person The two-story yellow house, located on the St. Margaret’s Dyer Campus, offers a medically sound and emotionally healthy environment for a pregnant teen to reside while waiting for her baby. Residents of St. Monica Home learn to foster positive relationships and parenting skills under the guidance of experienced and encouraging resident advisors.

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