Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

Page 61

CWT 5P\X[h 2^\_Pbb c c ^^^ [OLMHTPS`JVTWHZZ UL[ ;OL -HTPS` *VTWHZZ H UV[ MVY WYVĂ„[ SPJLUZLK JOPSK WSHJLTLU[ HNLUJ` WYV]PKLZ X\HSP[` MVZ[LY JHYL ZLY]PJLZ [V JOPSKYLU who, because of abuse or neglect, have become wards of the state. BPUT 5P\X[XTb 5^a 2WX[SaT] c ^^^ ZHML MHTPSPLZ VYN Safe, loving homes are provided where parents may voluntarily have their children cared for while they seek to restore stability in their lives. Founded in 2002, Safe Families for Children has partnered with local community agencies, churches, and volunteer families, as well as government organizations in more than a dozen states. 8]SXP]P <4=C>A c c ^^^ PU TLU[VY JVT 0UKPHUH 4,5;69 PZ JVTTP[[LK [V Ă„UKPUN ZHML U\Y[\YPUN HUK [OLYHWL\[PJ OVTLZ ^OLYL `V\[O JHU NYV^ HUK KL]LSVW (Z [Y\Z[LK WYV]PKLY ^P[O H WYV]LU [YHJR YLJVYK VM Z\JJLZZ [OL` OH]L H ^LSS KLĂ„ULK ZL[ VM X\HSP[` Z[HUKHYKZ HUK L_WLYPLUJLK team of professionals that create an exceptional level of support for our foster parents. :XSb ?TPRT c c^^^ RPKZWLHJL VYN Kids Peace is a private charity dedicated to serving the behavioral and mental health needs of children, families, and communities 3^RZbXST BTaeXRTb c c ^^^ WYV]JVYW JVT Dockside Services provides home-based services and support (therapy/counseling) for families receiving their children back after they have been in foster care. 1T]RW <PaZ 5P\X[h BTaeXRTb c The mission of Benchmark Family Services is to provide stable and caring placements for youth in need of out-of-home care. ?B8 5P\X[h BTaeXRTb c c ^^^ WZPMHTPS`ZLY]PJLZ JVT PSI licensed foster care and adoption services offer safe and loving homes to abused and neglected children. PSI helps over 1,000 children and families each year. B_TRXP[XiTS 0[cTa]PcXeT U^a 5P\X[XTb P]S H^dcW B05H c c ^^^ ZHM` VYN Many children in our nation are abused, neglected, and are victimized and left without loving parents to care for them. :(-@ MVJ\ZLZ VU [OLZL KPMĂ„J\S[ [V WSHJL JOPSKYLU I` OLSWPUN [V WYV]PKL Z[HISL OVTLZ PU VYKLY [OH[ [OL` TH` NYV^ PU[V healthy and happy adults.

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