Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

Page 60

WAYS TO CONNECT THROUGH VOLUNTEERING CONT. 7P\\^]S 7XVW BRW^^[ c ,_ c 9VJOHYKH 4VVYL 4VYYPZ Hammond High is asking agencies, churches, and individuals to partner with the school to help provide additional resources for administrators, teachers, families, and students. ‹ Become a student mentor or tutor ‹ Serve as a hall monitor or serve in your own unique way 6T\X]db | c ^^^ NLTPU\Z VYN The Geminus mission is to work in collaboration with our communities to provide comprehensive development services [V `V\UN JOPSKYLU HUK [OLPY MHTPSPLZ HUK [V HZZPZ[ PU NHPUPUN ZLSM Z\MÄJPLUJ` ‹ Become a classroom reader in the Head Start program ‹ Facilitate parenting workshops ‹ 6[OLY HZZPNUTLU[Z HYL H]HPSHISL KLWLUKPUN VU ZRPSS ZL[ H]HPSHIPSP[` HUK WYVNYHT ULLKZ

Foster Care Services These are some of the organizations that provide foster care placements and services to children in foster homes. If God has been working on your heart through the stories in this chapter, and you would like to serve or even consider becomPUN H MVZ[LY MHTPS` WSLHZL JVUULJ[ ^P[O VUL VM [OL THU` NYLH[ VYNHUPaH[PVUZ SPZ[LK ILSV^ 6WWVY[\UP[PLZ [V ZLY]L PUJS\KL! ‹ 6YNHUPaL ZWLJPHS KH`Z VM NHTLZ HUK ZWVY[Z HJ[P]P[PLZ MVY MVZ[LY JHYL MHTPSPLZ ‹ Commit to an ongoing connection with a child as a mentor ‹ Provide tutoring and educational support ‹ 6MMLY YLZWP[L JHYL [V NP]L MVZ[LY WHYLU[Z ZJOLK\SLK IYLHRZ ‹ Engage children in foster care with community service experiences – let them share in the joy of helping others ‹ Donate toys, clothing, and personal care items for children and families ‹ Reach out to older youth with friendship, guidance, and connections with job training and employment opportunities =PcX^]P[ H^dcW 0Se^RPcT ?a^VaP\ =H0? c c ^^^ U`HW VYN NYAP has a non-negotiable commitment to do what is best for children, youth, and their families. They provide opportunities and resources through innovative programs and services. They are dedicated to strengthening the families and communities they are proud to serve.

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