Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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6Pah ;XUT 4SdRPcX^] 8]XcXPcXeT | The mission of Gary Life Education Initiative Incorporated is to provide mentoring, essential and enriching life skills, and college and career readiness workshops to help students discover and live their purpose. ‹ Come alongside a child as a positive mentor ‹ :RPSSLK [`WPZ[Z HYL HS^H`Z ULLKLK HYV\UK [OL VMĂ„JL ‹ Assist in planning, organizing, and running a community workshop ‹ Donate school supplies for local children ‹ Web and graphic designers are needed to work on the website and promotional materials 5PXcW P]S 0RcX^] | c ^^^ MHP[OHUKHJ[PVUVUSPUL VYN -HP[O HUK (J[PVU OVZ[Z SVJHS Ă„ZOPUN [YPWZ HUK W\TWRPU M\U KH`Z MVY \YIHU JOPSKYLU PU V\Y HYLH ;OL` HSZV ^VYR ^P[O ¸)` the Hand Clubsâ€? in southside Chicago to provide after-school mentoring. ‹ Mentor a child with the “By the Hand Clubsâ€? ‹ ,UQV` [OL L_WLYPLUJL VM [LHJOPUN \YIHU JOPSKYLU [V Ă„ZO HUK OH]L H TLTVYHISL JVVRV\[ ‹ Host a book drive for a new library in an impoverished community ‹ Donate your time and labor in building a new library 2aXbXb 2T]cTa 8]R | c ^^^ JYPZPZJLU[LY`ZI VYN ;OL *YPZPZ *LU[LY PZ H UV[ MVY WYVĂ„[ VYNHUPaH[PVU [OH[ VMMLYZ H ]HYPL[` VM ZLY]PJL JV\UZLSPUN HUK [LTWVYHY` OV\ZPUN VWportunities for children and teens. ‹ Youth As Resources is a community service based group for teens, giving teens an opportunity to plan, organize, and serve in meaningful projects around our area ‹ *OPSKYLU HNLK JHU ZLY]L HZ H JV\Y[ VMĂ„JPHS MVY H YLHS [LLU JV\Y[ OLHYPUN HUK SLHYU [OL JP]PJ WYVJLZZ ‹ Adults, who attend a training seminar, can begin calling clients for weekly wellness checks 2T]cTa U^a <T]c^ab c c ,YPJ ,]HUZ The Center For Mentors aims to improve educational attainment for youth, particularly those in the juvenile justice system, foster care system, and those who are homeless. ‹ Traditional one-to-one mentoring ‹ Group mentoring ‹ Team mentoring

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