Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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1^hb 6Xa[b 2[dQb | ^^^ INJU^P VYN c =HYPV\Z 3VJH[PVUZ Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana is an after-school and summer youth development organization providing positive, educational, leadership and character-building programs for youth ages 6 to 18. ‹ Help children with arts and crafts ‹ Play basketball, dodge ball, and other games with children ‹ Assist children with their homework ‹ Serve as a child mentor Locations: ‹ Gary 219-885-5501 ‹ Merrillville 219-980-0030 ‹ East Chicago 219-398-1344 ‹ Hammond 219-933-9820 ‹ Lake Station 219-963-9200 ‹ Cedar Lake 219-374-5306 ?^bXcXeT 0__a^PRW c^ CTT] 7TP[cW ?0C7 | c ^^^ WH[OISHaLY VYN c (THUKH =VS\U[LLY *VVYKPUH[VY PATH has a mission to equip, empower, and encourage teens to make healthy choices through life-skills, relationship and character-building education. ‹ Liv.True Mentoring: weekly after-school mentoring with students that meet in various locations throughout Northwest Indiana ‹ 4VUKH` 4HKULZZ! TLL[Z [^PJL H TVU[O UK [O 4VUKH`Z H[ [OL 7(;/ VMÄJL [V LUJV\YHNL `V\[O HUK I\PSK relationships ‹ 6MÄJL ;LHT! [OLYL Z HS^H`Z [OPUNZ [V KV H[ [OL 7(;/ VMÄJL! KH[H LU[Y` NYHWOPJ KLZPNU WYLW TH[LYPHSZ MVY JSHZZrooms and more ‹ Event Planning: if this is your passion, join us! PATH hosts several community wide events each year, and we can always use more ideas and helping hands. DaQP] 5PXcW F^aZb | c ^^^ \YIHUMHP[O^VYRZ JVT <YIHU -HP[O >VYRZ PZ HU HM[LY ZJOVVS `V\[O WYVNYHT PU .HY` ;OL` WYV]PKL H WVZP[P]L LU]PYVUTLU[ MVY JOPSKYLU [V ÄUPZO their homework, play enriching games, and hear the Word of God. ‹ Facilitate and participate in fun and enriching games and activities ‹ Prepare a child for the future by tutoring and daily homework help ## } 2WX[SaT] H^dcW