Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

Page 57

‹ Connect with (or start) a church ministry to love and support foster/adoptive families. You could provide free babysitting for a much needed date night, “adoption showers� for those adopting young children, or simply a support group for foster parents. ‹ Provide transportation for children in the foster system to church services and programs. ‹ Contact a chaplain at the Lake County Jail to discuss how you can mentor a young person in the juvenile detention center. You could have an opportunity to change their course in life.

<PZT P 3XUUTaT]RT cWa^dVW H^da 2WdaRW ‹ :[HY[ H WYH`LY [LHT [V WYH` ZWLJPÄJHSS` MVY JOPSKYLU PU `V\Y JO\YJO HUK JVTT\UP[` *VUULJ[ ^P[O SVJHS [LHJOLYZ WYPUJPWHSZ ZVJPHS ^VYRLYZ JOPSK HK]VJH[LZ HUK Z[HMM VM JOPSK ZLY]PJL VYNHUPaH[PVUZ [V ÄUK ZWLJPÄJ WYH`LY YLX\LZ[Z ‹ Think about ways you could utilize the facilities of your church for ministry to neighborhood children during the week. Many churches have a gym, playground, or children’s library. ‹ 6WLU `V\Y JO\YJO [V H SVJHS `V\[O WYVNYHT VY UVU WYVÄ[ ;OL` JV\SK \ZL [OL ZWHJL MVY H VUL [PTL TLL[PUN JVUference, or for after-school activities. ‹ Lead a local teen service project with kids from your church designed to minister to underserved children and youth in our communities. ‹ Form a support group for foster parents or adoptive parents to assist them with various needs. ‹ Form a study group that fosters awareness for youth-related issues and public policies. ‹ 6MMLY JVTT\UP[` ^PKL JSHZZLZ VU WHYLU[PUN ZRPSSZ WYVWLY KPZJPWSPUL OHIP[Z WYLUH[HS JHYL HUK JOPSK U\[YP[PVU ‹ Develop a partnership with a local foster agency to see how your church can bless their work. ‹ Help your church start a partnership with a local youth-related organization or ministry.

Indiana Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline

800-800-5556 2WX[SaT] H^dcW } #"