Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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<PZT P 3XUUTaT]RT cWa^dVW ?aPhTa ‹ Praise God for the gift of children in your home, neighborhood, and community – each as an image bearer of God. ‹ Pray that each child will receive the love and support they need to grow into healthy, happy, and productive adults. ‹ Praise God for the tireless efforts of case workers and volunteers of children’s ministries and government programs. Pray they would have the energy, passion, and love to continue in the work the Lord has given them. ‹ Pray for the school teachers and administrators who serve our children every day. Pray that they would continue to show them love and compassion in the classroom. ‹ 7YH` [OH[ [OL HI\ZLK HUK ULNSLJ[LK JOPSKYLU PU V\Y JVTT\UP[` ^V\SK ÄUK H SV]PUN MHTPS` HUK H WSHJL [V JHSS OVTL 7YH` [OH[ [OL` ^V\SK RUV^ [OL SV]L VM [OLPY /LH]LUS` -H[OLY HUK [OH[ [OLPY MHTPSPLZ ^V\SK ÄUK OLHSPUN through Jesus Christ. ‹ Pray for the children affected by divorce and separation. ‹ Pray that more Christians would love the children in state custody by opening their homes for foster care. ‹ 7YH` MVY [OL JOPSKYLU [OH[ [\YU [V NHUNZ MVY H ZLUZL VM MHTPS` HUK \UP[` 7YH` MVY V\Y WVSPJL VMÄJLYZ HZ [OL` KLHS ^P[O gang violence in many of our communities. ‹ Pray for more collaboration among the children and youth programs across Northwest Indiana. ‹ 7YH` MVY TVYL ]VS\U[LLYZ [V ÅVVK [OL KVVYZ VM [OL THU` JOPSKYLU HUK `V\[O JLU[LYZ HYV\UK 5VY[O^LZ[ 0UKPHUH

<PZT P 3XUUTaT]RT cWa^dVW H^da ;XUT ‹ Remember that child abuse and neglect affects children from every socio-economic class, race, and religion. We are all responsible for protecting our communities’ children; if you see or hear that a child has been abused please call the Indiana Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline (800-800-5556). ‹ Volunteer in your church nursery or children’s ministry. ‹ Begin a one-on-one mentoring relationship with a child in your community. ‹ Volunteer at an after-school program to help children with homework, play games with them, and be a friend. ‹ )LJVTL H JO\YJO `V\[O NYV\W SLHKLY @V\ JV\SK OH]L H WVZP[P]L PUÅ\LUJL VU 5VY[O^LZ[ 0UKPHUHZ [LLUZ ‹ Reach out to children in homeless shelters. Provide tutoring and other enriching activities so they can keep up in school. Find ways to make them feel valued and loved – celebrate birthdays, give them their own children’s Bible, provide haircuts, and new clothes. ‹ Host a training session on becoming a foster parent or adoptive family. Host a speaker to teach on the Christian’s call to orphans and adoption at your church. #! } 2WX[SaT] H^dcW