Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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with other like-minded parents may develop protective factors more successfully than traditional parenting classes. Individuals can assist struggling parents by providing tangible assistance, such as transportation to a child’s event, or by simply modeling nurturing behavior. All children can be supported by nurturing adults, increasing the likelihood that they will learn how to be nurturing parents when they have children of their own. FW^zb 9dbc :XSSX]V. If we as citizens do nothing, the Lake County community will continue to have 350-plus investigations of child abuse and neglect each month. The Lake County Juvenile Court will continue to have 2000-plus victims of child abuse and neglect on its caseload. Children whose parents are not able to safely parent them will continue to wait for a home with an adoptive family. And sadly, children will continue to be victimized. Let’s join together to avoid becoming citizens who are just kidding; children’s lives in Northwest Indiana are at stake.

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[US Census Bureau, Percent of Related Children Under 18 Years Below Poverty Level in the Past 12 Months (2005-2009 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates).]

ATU [TRcX^] @dTbcX^]b U^a 2WX[SaT] H^dcW 4bbPh ‹ ;OYV\NOV\[ V\Y YLZLHYJO Z[HRLOVSKLYZ PKLU[PÄLK [OL JO\YJO HZ ]P[HS [V the nurturing and support of our children. What are some ways you or your church can reach out to children and youth in your communities? ‹ What would our region look like if the gap between foster families and the number of children in need of a foster home vanished? Considering God’s heart for the orphan, have you ever contemplated foster care or adoption? ‹ An overwhelming theme heard throughout our research is that children need mentors and good positive role models (particularly males). How can you, your family, or your church get involved with mentoring Northwest Indiana’s children? ‹ What are some ways you could serve organizations in the Ways to Connect section to help encourage children and youth in Northwest Indiana?