Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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we can better match children to foster families in order to ensure that each JOPSK Ă„[Z PU[V OPZ VY OLY UL^ OVTL and that each foster family embraces and nurtures its assigned child as that JOPSK Z[Y\NNSLZ [V Ă„[ PU -VZ[LYPUN JHU be done by citizens over the age of twenty-one who meet the licensing requirements, whether single, married, or divorced. There are also many children in the child-welfare system in Indiana who are waiting for an adoptive home. Information about fostering and adoption in Indiana can be found at the IDCS website.2

mer camps, and faith-based children’s programming are all areas of opportunity that support the development of many of the protective factors for Lake County families. CASA Lake County is one such organization. CASA advocates for abused and neglected children within the juvenile court system. CASA operates on the belief that every child is entitled to a safe and permanent home. Thoroughly trained CASA volunteers work in collaboration with key agencies, legal counsel, and community resources to serve as children’s advocates and to

represent the best interests of children in juvenile court. Information about volunteering with CASA can be found at their website.3 Encouraging parents to celebrate a child’s successes and achievements is a clear opportunity to develop nurturing and improve family functioning. Encouraging parents to develop social connections and to interact with other parents and children is helpful as well. Many parents learn by experience and by observing behaviors from other families. Learning in a social setting and celebrating a child’s successes


6M JV\YZL UV[ L]LY`VUL JHU IL H foster or adoptive parent, but everyone can contribute to safety, well-being, and permanency for children. Citizens and community organizations in the private sector, including the faith community, who are for kids can provide, participate in, or support parenting workshops, individual parents, and children in the community. Community organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs, sports teams, arts-and-crafts organizations, sumEncouraging parents to celebrate children’s successes and achievements is a clear opportunity to help develop nurturing and improve family functioning.

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