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child at a higher risk for abuse or neglect. Some signs of knowledge of parenting skills and youth development include: ‹ Parents are realistic about expectations ‹ Parents provide clear and consistent messages to their children ‹ Parents have some idea of what to do for their children in various situations ‹ Parents see their child’s misbehavior in the context of the child’s developmental needs ‹ Parents provide structure and support for their children ‹ Parents speak to their children in age-appropriate manners ‹ Parents praise their children when the children behave ‹ Parents use age-appropriate discipline " 5P\X[h 5d]RcX^]X]V P]S ATbX[XT]RT Family functioning is demonstrated by a family’s ability to openly share positive and negative experiences and come together to accept, solve, and manage problems on a day-to-day basis. Family resilience is the family’s ability to adapt and utilize strategies that will help them persevere in times of crisis. Some behaviors that can be observed when a family is functional and has resilience are:

‹ Family members are able to talk about problems ‹ Family members are able to solve problems ‹ Family members listen to each other ‹ The family can identify and discuss past problems that have been addressed successfully ‹ Family members are able to OHUKSL Z[YLZZ ^P[OV\[ ZPNUPÄJHU[ negative consequences ‹ Family members pull together to address problems # B^RXP[ 2^]]TRcX^]b Social connections are the friends, relatives, and neighbors that provide social and emotional support to a parent and/or child. When exploring social connections, it is important to understand the role these individuals play in the lives of parents and children. Some individuals will be available primarily for recreation, while others provide spiritual guidance or emotional supWVY[ PU [PTLZ VM [YV\ISL 6[OLYZ TH` meet multiple needs. Some indicators of positive social connections are: ‹ Parents are able to identify people whom they could go to ask for help ‹ Parents have people with whom they interact frequently

‹ The extended family participates in activities together such as meals, recreation, holiday gettogethers, etc. ‹ The family is involved in church activities ‹ The family participates in formal and informal social activities $ 2^]RaTcT Bd__^acb Concrete supports are the tangible goods and services available to assist

Top 5 Stress Factors Child Abuse Cases 1. Family Discord/Marital Problems 2. Lack of Parenting Skills 3. Pregnancy/New Child 4. Domestic Violence 5. Insufficient Income

Child Neglect Cases 1. Drug Dependency 2. Lack of Parenting Skills 3. Family Discord/Marital Problems 4. Insufficient Income 5. Alcoholism and Unstable Living Conditions [Indiana Department of Child Services, Child Abuse and Neglect Annual Report of Child Fatalities, 2008]

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