Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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Food Pantries and Food Banks To conserve space, volunteer needs commonly needed across all food pantries and food bank will be listed here: ‹ Help with one of their many distribution days ‹ Assist in the sorting of donated items ‹ Donate food to help them accomplish their mission 5^^S 1P]Z ^U =^acWfTbc 8]SXP]P c c ^^^ MVVKIHURU^P VYN The Food Bank of Northwest Indiana was founded in 1982. It was originally a barn, but has grown into a facility that acquires, stores and distributes 4.7 million pounds of food throughout Lake and Porter Counties. 0]VT[ 5^^S <X]XbcaXTb c (UNLS -VVK 4PUPZ[YPLZ PZ H UVU WYVÄ[ UVU KLUVTPUH[PVUHS VYNHUPaH[PVU KLKPJH[LK [V WYV]PKPUN MVVK YLSPLM HUK ÄUHUJPHS support to communities throughout the United States. >_TaPcX^] 2PaT ?P]cah c :PUJL 6WLYH[PVU *HYL Z[HY[LK PU 4HYJO VM [OL` OH]L MLK WLVWSL HUK OH]L KPZ[YPI\[LK HSTVZ[ TPSSPVU pounds of food to all of Northwest Indiana and Northeast Illinois. The pantry is open on Monday and Wednesday from 9 AM till 1:30 PM. Friday 9 AM until noon.

Other Organizations that Work with Single Parents 8]SXP]P ?PaT]cX]V 8]bcXcdcT c c ^^^ PUKPHUHWHYLU[PUNPUZ[P[\[L JVT The Indiana Parenting Institute provides evidence-based, skill building parenting education programs and resources that increase the capacity of people raising children to parent effectively and responsibly, and to nurture children to become socially and economically healthy contributors of society. 6aTPcTa 7P\\^]S 2^\\d]Xch BTaeXRTb c c ^^^ NYLH[LYOHTTVUK JVT Greater Hammond Community Services, Inc. prides itself as being a leader in the delivery of social services to those WLVWSL PU V\Y JVTT\UP[` ^OV HYL [Y\S` PU ULLK (Z H SLHKLY [OL` HYL JVTTP[[LK [V WYV]PKPUN [OVZL ZLY]PJLZ PU HU LMĂ„cient and professional manner. ?0BB ~ 0]bfTa U^a ?aTV]P]Rh 0XS 8]R ^U =^acWfTbc 8]SXP]P c c ^^^ HUZ^LYMVYWYLNUHUJ` JVT The Answer for Pregnancy Aid has been servicing Northwest Indiana since 1981. They have been offering loving support, education, and material assistance to mothers and mothers-to-be who are in need.

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