Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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‹ Become a mentor to the children of single parents. ‹ Volunteer at local agencies that assist single parents with job, life, and parenting skills. ‹ Form a support group in your neighborhood that assists single parents in their many roles and responsibilities.

<PZT P 3XUUTaT]RT cWa^dVW H^da 2WdaRW ‹ Start a valet ministry at your church for single mothers. This can greatly reduce the stress of bringing in small children from the parking lot to the church building. ‹ Provide childcare when possible at church events so single parents can participate more easily. ‹ Encourage the participation of single parents in various ministries in the church. ‹ Start a single parent support group at your church. ‹ Mobilize volunteers to assist single parents with lawn care, car repairs, or household maintenance. ‹ Create an “adopt-a-family� program at your church to provide support systems for single parents that assists them with their needs. ‹ 6MMLY [OL JO\YJO HZ H SPHPZVU [V OLSW JVVYKPUH[L [OL ]HYPV\Z Z`Z[LTZ [OH[ TH` ILJVTL PU]VS]LK ^P[O H [YV\ISLK family – such as public assistance, child welfare, the court system, health care, and schools. ‹ Start a benevolent program to provide grants and scholarships for single parents looking to further their education and advance their careers. ‹ Instead of starting a new family ministry, consider developing a partnership with a church that is already effectively serving hurting families, and extend the support of your church. ‹ Provide volunteers for agencies and organizations that work directly with single parents.

Unmarried Birth Rate 80%


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[US Census Bureau, Women 15-20 Years Who Had a Birth in the Past 12 Months by Marital Status and Poverty Status (2007-2009 American Community Survey 3-Year Estimates,),]

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