Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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0U 0 OLSWLK SH\UJO H WYVNYHT JHSSLK [OL 16@ 7YVQLJ[ H WYVNYHT ^OLYL ZPUNSL WHYLU[ MHTPSPLZ PU [YHUZP[PVU OH]L H chance to thrive. The program helps parents acquire effective parenting skills to help safeguard their families’ well-being, while providing them with job-readiness skills to assist them in moving out of poverty. The program serves single parents with children from birth to age eighteen. ;OL 16@ 7YVQLJ[ OHZ WYV]LU OPNOS` LMMLJ[P]L PU IYLHRPUN KV^U ZVJPHS HUK LJVUVTPJ IHYYPLYZ JYLH[PUN VWWVY[\UP[PLZ and uplifting single parents— helping them thrive at home, in life, and in the workplace. The program has successfully OLSWLK P[Z WHY[PJPWHU[Z H]VPK YLSHWZLZ HUK YLK\JL HUK L]LU[\HSS` LUK IV[O KLWLUKLUJ` VU W\ISPJ ILULĂ„[Z HUK WHYLU[HS neglect and abuse. Eva and Tee-Shaa are both single moms with plenty of experience with what they refer to as “the system.â€? Tee-Shaa KYVWWLK V\[ VM ZJOVVS K\L [V [LLU WYLNUHUJ` HUK ,]H OHK OLY Ă„YZ[ JOPSK H[ HNL ZL]LU[LLU :\IZLX\LU[S` LHJO THKL SPMLstyle choices that led to more out-of-wedlock children. ;OLZL `V\UN ^VTLU ^LYL SP]PUN VU [OLPY V^U H[ HNL Ă„M[LLU HUK [OV\NO [OL` THKL LMMVY[Z [V TV]L IL`VUK [OLPY circumstances, with their limited workplace skills and lack of support systems in place, they wound up jobless. Later, without any income, they found themselves homeless. Due in part to inadequate parenting skills and as a consequence VM [OLPY KLJPZPVUZ IV[O ^VTLU L]LU[\HSS` OHK [OLPY JOPSKYLU [HRLU H^H` K\L [V ULNSLJ[ ;VKH` ;LL :OHH OHZ Ă„]L JOPSKYLU in foster care; Eva has three. These two young women are representative of many of the women we assist. The majority became mothers in their early teens, some as young as 12, and have multiple children. Their own upbringing lacked parental nurturing, HMMLJ[PVU ^HYT[O VY N\PKHUJL ;OLPY SP]LZ YLĂ…LJ[ [OLPY immaturity and lack of parental leadership and guidance. They pass on to their children many of the inadequate parenting techniques they learned from their own parents. -VY ;LL :OHH HUK ,]H [OL 16@ 7YVQLJ[ ^HZ [OLPY ZH]ing-grace. When they arrived at the door of the Indiana 7HYLU[PUN 0UZ[P[\[L [OL` ^LYL ILH[LU KV^U Ă„UHUJPHSS` emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. The % } BX]V[T ?PaT]cX]V