Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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Mia is a single mom with six children. She resides in Hammond and works as a teacher to students with special needs. Her days are busy and challenging as she strives to make ends meet, involve herself in her children’s school and activi[PLZ THPU[HPU [OLPY OVTL HUK Ă„SS [OL WHYLU[HS YVSL VM IV[O TV[OLY HUK MH[OLY Life wasn’t always this complex for Mia. For twenty years she was married and lived a relatively simple lifestyle in Mississippi. She was a Christian wife and mother who had the privilege of working from home as the household’s fulltime caregiver. Then her family was ripped apart by divorce. Mia was left alone, without a career, without a husband, and without the security that her previous lifestyle had provided. Downtrodden, but not disheartened, Mia and the kids moved to Northwest Indiana to be around her family, who were all supportive and helpful. She also found comfort in a small church, where the pastor and his wife made a conscious effort to meet some of her family’s needs. ;OYV\NOV\[ [OPZ KPMĂ„J\S[ [PTL 4PH ZV\NO[ ZVSHJL MYVT [OL 3VYK >OLU HZRLK ^OH[ 1LZ\Z *OYPZ[ OHZ TLHU[ [V OLY ZOL states that he has been her all, her source, and her strength. The personal relationship she has cultivated with Christ over the years helped to sustain her during those dark days, and continues to sustain her today. When we asked how a church could assist Mia and other single mothers in situations similar to hers, Mia didn’t ask for a check—even though monetary help is often greatly needed. She didn’t ask for groceries either—even though the cupboards are often wanting. She simply asked to be discipled by other God-fearing women. She said, “Women in the community need biblical teaching and mentoring regarding marriage, motherhood, femininity, and God.â€? She then asked that the church “please provide help in this area.â€? Imagine if the church responded to Mia’s plea and provided both discipleship and community for single moms and their children. The impact of such an effort would be monumental. Not only would more single moms feel loved and OLSWLK HZ [OL` HYL KPZJPWSLK I` V[OLY ^VTLU I\[ [OLPY JOPSKYLU ^V\SK Ă„UK T\JO ULLKLK HJJLW[HUJL HUK TLU[VYZOPW HZ well. May God ignite a spark in our hearts that burns with compassion for the single moms who reside in our cities and ULPNOIVYOVVKZ HUK TH` [OL UHTL VM 1LZ\Z *OYPZ[ IL NSVYPĂ„LK [OYV\NO [OL JO\YJOÂťZ SV]L MVY [OL \UKLYZLY]LK HUK PTWV]LYished. (KHW[LK MYVT H :HS[ 3PNO[ PU[LY]PL^ ^P[O 4PH (WYPS

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