Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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WHO CARE ABOUT OUR REGION This book is primarily written through the lens of an informed biblical worldview. Although the Gospel is what motivates us to serve the good of our communities, we SVUN MVY HSS YLHKLYZ [V ÄUK [OPZ IVVR OLSWM\S PU ^VYRPUN [V^HYKZ H IL[[LY M\[\YL MVY Northwest Indiana. We trust that much of what we desire in our region – healthy families, thriving children, safe communities, and positive role models – are the corresponding longings of our fellow neighbors. The reason we talk a great deal about the church throughout this book is because we believe it is God’s primary means of bringing hope, restoration, renewal, and joy [V V\Y JVTT\UP[PLZ 6M JV\YZL ^L YLJVNUPaL [OL NYLH[ ^VYR OHWWLUPUN V\[ZPKL V\Y region’s churches, and we are particularly thankful for those who labor vigorously for the welfare of Northwest Indiana. We celebrate their many contributions. >L WYH` [OH[ HSS YLHKLYZ YLNHYKSLZZ VM [OLPY IHJRNYV\UK VY MHP[O ^PSS ÄUK [OL ensuing pages to be inspiring, challenging, and motivating. We also extend the PU]P[H[PVU [V ^VYR [VNL[OLY PU JVSSHIVYH[P]L ZLY]PJL [V^HYK [OL ÅV\YPZOPUN VM V\Y communities. Lastly, if you are prompted to learn more about the one we aspire to imitate through our service, Jesus Christ, we encourage you to seek. He is the one whom the whole Bible points to, the promised rescuer who came to heal the hurting, restore the broken, liberate the oppressed, and proclaim the good news of eternal salvation MVY HSS ^OV ILSPL]L 1VL` 4H`ÄLSK QVL` TH`ÄLSK'NTHPS JVT HUK 1HZVU ;VWW QHZVU Y [VWW'NTHPS JVT ^LSJVTL [OL VWWVY[\UP[` [V KPHSVN\L ^P[O `V\ HIV\[ ^O` we love Jesus and, more remarkably, how he loves us. In addition, we recommend you check out to learn more about God’s redemption narrative. Thank you for reading Salt & Light, and for working hard to make this community great. We look forward to embarking together on a journey toward a better future. Sincerely, The Editors FWPczb 8]bXST } "