Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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Acknowledgements A Word from the Editors Preface – A Guide to the Guidebook A Message from Salt & Light Knoxville Introduction ;V (SS 9LHKLYZ >OV *HYL (IV\[ 6\Y 9LNPVU Why Study a Community?

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2WP_cTa ) BX]V[T ?PaT]cX]V Glimpse in the Life of Mia, a Single Mother Glimpse in the Life of Mike Herz, a Single Father Focus Essay – Single Parenting Story of Hope – "Learning to Appreciate the Value of Life" :[VY` VM /VWL œ -PUKPUN 16@ (TPKZ[ [OL ;YPHSZ A Biblical View on Male Leadership Ways to Connect

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Glimpse in the Life of Abused & Neglected Children Focus Essay – Children & Youth :[VY` VM /VWL œ -VZ[LY *HYL (KVW[PVU! 6UL -HTPS` Z 1V\YUL` :[VY` VM /VWL œ 6U H 7(;/ MYVT 7YLZZ\YLK [V /HWW` A Biblical View on Youth Ministry Ways to Connect

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Glimpse in the Life of a Modern Family Focus Essay – Healthy Families Story of Hope – "Marriage Restored, Life Renewed" A Biblical View on Marriage & Family Ways to Connect

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