Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

Page 11

A Message | From Salt & Light Knoxville The team that put this project together is contagious. I’ve spent time with them. If you choose to read this book and give heed to its message, your life will be contagious too. ;OLZL MVSRZ OH]L JH\NO[ Ă„YL MVY .VK HUK MVY [OPZ JVTT\UP[` ;OL` SV]L 1LZ\Z [OL` SV]L `V\ (or they would not have spent all this time on this project), and they have learned to love Northwest Indiana. Furthermore, they have discovered that Jesus is more real and more involved in Northwest Indiana than they ever imagined. Now they are throwing open their arms and lives to embrace you and to invite you to join their cause. 6]LY [LU `LHYZ HNV PU 2UV_]PSSL ;LUULZZLL H ZPTPSHY LMMVY[ ^HZ IPY[OLK [V KPZJV]LY [OL needs of a community and meet them. Along the way we discovered we had more strengths than needs and more hope than despair. We discovered the diverse body of Christ is truly beautiful, and that we display Christ most vividly when we serve and love our community together. Through our combined efforts, thousands and thousands of hours have been invested in our community, and many collaborative initiatives have been launched. Some have failed, but some have succeeded wildly. As the seasons pass, we are slowly becoming a different community. Knoxville is a very different setting than Northwest Indiana. Your adventure will follow a KPMMLYLU[ WH[O [OHU V\YZ KPK )\[ 0 HT JVUĂ„KLU[ P[ ^PSS SLHK [V [OL ZHTL KLZ[PUH[PVU! .VKÂťZ glory revealed in “faith expressing itself through loveâ€? (Galatians 5:6). With utmost humility, I urge you to make time to pursue Christ’s vision for your community. Read this resource carefully and act on what you discover in these pages. Learn to love, respect and hear people who share the same air you breathe. And try to overcome the isolation which is pandemic in our society through thoughtful collaboration for the sake of his name, for the healing of your life, and for the renewal of hope in Northwest Indiana. ¡ (UK` 9P[[LUOV\ZL 7YVQLJ[ 3LHKLY :HS[ 3PNO[ 2UV_]PSSL ;5

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