Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

Page 109

<XRWT[[T ;TT is Principal at ZoeAsis Consulting Group which pro]PKLZ JVUZ\S[PUN [V UVUWYVĂ„[ VYNHnizations in program development, grant writing and grants management, adolescent health, research and evaluation for programs in distressed communities. <XZT ?Pe[XZ is a Technical Lead at TTX Company in Chicago. <XZT FXccXV earns his living as a real estate investor from Schererville. =P]Rh A^QX]b^] is a Northwest Indiana small business owner and active community and church member. =XR^[T BRW\XTS <10 is a Strategy & Planning Advisor to Reese, Inc, serves as Board President of Jr Achievement NWI, and Council Member of Leadership NW Indiana (LNI 28). 3a A^]P[S 0[[RWX] Ba is the Executive Director of Biblical Counseling Center ^P[O VMĂ„JLZ PU (YSPUN[VU /LPNO[Z HUK Fox Lake IL and in Schererville IN.

BWP]T ;TfXb is a Locomotive Engineer with the Grand Trunk Western Railway and serves locally and internationalS` PU [OL Ă„NO[ HNHPUZ[ [OL L_WSVP[H[PVU of women and girls. BcPRh ;Ph\P] is a freelance graphic designer, author of the blog “A Layman’s Guide to Being Thrifty,â€? and a stay at home mom. BcTeT 3TFXcc is the Senior Pastor of Bethel Church in Crown Point. CaPeXb EPdVW] has over 17 years of experience working with churches HUK UVU WYVĂ„[ VYNHUPaH[PVUZ PU KPverse communities. His primary client is Perimeter Church in Atlanta, GA where he serves as a consultant for city renewal and global outreach. E^h[T 6[^eTa is an attorney in Merrillville, Indiana. FX[[T]P 1ad]UXT[S is a local student and new mother.

BPaPW A ?Pe[XZ 9 3 Westlaw Academic Account Manager in Chicago, IL. 5X]P[ CW^dVWcb } ($