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Dear Heavenly Father, We know you love our Northwest Indiana community. You have made your care for communities clear in Scripture – Jonah and Nineveh, David and Jerusalem, and supremely Jesus and the city of all humanity. We want your love for WLVWSL [V LJOV PU V\Y V^U OLHY[Z HZ ^L [\YU H YLKLTW[P]L L`L [V^HYK V\Y ULPNOIVYZ ;OL Ă„YZ[ [OPUN [OL .VVK :HTHYP[HU did was he ZH^ the man along the road in distress. How we long to “seeâ€? with eyes of understanding and compassion! ;HRL V\Y NHaL MYVT V\YZLS]LZ HUK TH` ^L Ă„UK SV]LÂťZ WPUUHJSL PU SV]LÂťZ ZHJYPĂ„JL MVY [OL [LTWVYHS HUK L[LYUHS NVVK VM others. We pray for our community as a whole and our community as individuals. Bless each person, each home, and each family in the story of their lives. Bless us from your common grace by meeting our basic needs. Bless our community from your saving grace by meeting our eternal and spiritual needs. We know that the ultimate solutions in our community cannot, and will not, come from us. We pray that all in our community would discover Jesus as Savior and Lord. >L WYH` MVY V\Y SLHKLYZ HUK HSS ^OV HYL PU WVZP[PVUZ VM PUĂ…\LUJL >L WYH` MVY ^PZKVT WY\KLUJL HUK TV[P]H[PVUZ [OH[ are for the good of all. We pray that our schools, churches, and institutions would promote a character and culture of life and learning that healthy communities like ours so desperately need. We lift our community to you with this prayer. May you produce in all of us the humility, righteousness, and courage required to love Northwest Indiana into a community pleasing to you. In the name of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and Lord, Amen.

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