Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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marginalized of society. Living with open hands means we live with a loose grip on our wealth so that earthly treasures can be used to impact those who are less fortunate for the sake of Jesus Christ. We ought to view our time, talents, money, homes, possessions, relationships, schedules, and vocations as gifts entrusted by God to be shared generously with others. We should be willing take seriously Jesus’ words that it is more blessed to give than receive.11

Living with radical generosity reX\PYLZ JVZ[S` ZHJYPĂ„JL 0[ YLX\PYLZ \Z [V THRL ¸KPMĂ„J\S[ Ă„UHUJPHS HUK SPMLZ[`SL choices based on God’s love and justice for the most vulnerable in our society over our own personal advancement and convenience.â€?12 % ;TPa] cWT Bc^aXTb ^U 8]SXeXSdP[b P]S cWT 2^\\d]Xch Salt and light ministry is a constant learning process, therefore we must ZLLR Ă„YZ[ [V \UKLYZ[HUK V[OLYZ YH[OLY than judge them for lifestyle choices or circumstances where we differ. 6M[LU[PTLZ V\Y WYLJVUJLW[PVUZ HYL

simply unfounded. As we learn about our community, and those who reside in our own backyards, we can sympathize with them by considering life through their eyes. We must be careful to never believe we are the “saviors� who will rescue the needy from their dire straits. Instead, we should be “slow to speak, quick to listen,�13 and eager to spend time learning the hurts and struggles of those we help. At the core, salt and light ministry is not what you give, but rather how you serve.14 If we help those in need from a humble posture while seeking to understand the cries of the underprivileged we will shine a great light for the name of Jesus. “Each person has the right to be cared for with dignity. See the individual you serve as a unique creation made in God’s image, deeply loved by the Savior, and designed to make a contribution on our community and to have a role in God’s Kingdom.�15


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Taking time to build relationships is key to effective salt and light ministry.