Salt & Light: A Guide to Loving Northwest Indiana

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PREFACE CONTINUED ‹ Renew – Service takes a lot of energy, and we can sometimes get burned out. Make sure you take time to renew your sense of calling. Re-read the chapters of this book, pray again over [OL Z[H[PZ[PJZ HUK ÄUK V[OLYZ [V share in your walk of service. ‹ Take Joy – May you delight in learning more about your community and the great people who call it home. May you grow closer to God as you step out in faith to serve him. May your strength be found in nothing less than Jesus Christ. May you take joy in your new friendships, new experiences, and new lifestyle of service. Take joy that you are a part of the Lord’s work. 4\JO VM [OPZ WYLMHJL ^HZ HKHW[LK MYVT Andy Rittenhouse and Heidi Unruh, eds., :HS[ 3PNO[! ( .\PKL [V 3V]PUN 2UV_]PSSL ;OPYK ,KP[PVU 2UV_]PSSL ;5! *VTWHZZPVU *VHSP[PVU

South Shore Line, East Chicago Station

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