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Renewal Season The First Graduating Class License Renewal Contest of Certified Nursing Assistants 2012 Professional Development Day in Saskatchewan Executive Director Career Opportunity

September 2012

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2013 License Renewal

SALPN Council Council Members President Rachel Kennedy, LPN President Elect Pauline Mason, LPN

Open for

Renewal Season

Members at Large Zone 1, West Wrangler Hamm, LPN Zone 2, North Karen Disiewich, LPN

3 5 7 9 10 12

Zone 3, Saskatoon City Gwen Coburn, LPN

A Message From the Interim Executive Director

Zone 4, Regina City Nancy Hanson, LPN

Pauline Mason

Public Representatives

Professional Development Day

Don Robinson

Zone 5, East Janice Wagner, LPN

Sharon Clarke Bonnie Hartman

The First Graduating Class of Certified Nursing Assistants in Saskatchewan Read about the success of the 2011 audit 2013 Annual General Meeting Executive Director Career Opportunity

SALPN Staff Interim Executive Director Pauline Mason, LPN Registrar Cara Brewster, LPN Assistant Registrar Bonnie Downes Practice Consultant Lynsay Donald, LPN Communications Consultant Travis Pool Investigator Della Bartzen, LPN Office Manager Adele Gangl Administrative Assistant Stephanie Kavas

2013 License Renewal Renew your license online before November 1, 2012 and be automatically entered to win 1 of 2 great prizes! There are many benefits to using Online Renewal. It is quick and easy, secure, environmentally friendly and available 24/7. Renewing online will allow our members to update their personal profile at anytime throughout the year. Information that can be updated on your profile includes: contact information, current employer, and employment status. To promote the utilization of Online Renewal this fall, the SALPN is offering a chance for our members to win 1 of 2 prizes if they renew online prior to November 1, 2012 using their Visa or MasterCard. The 1st prize is an Apple iPad and has been sponsored by the SALPN’s database provider, Softworks Group Inc. The 2nd prize will be two tickets to the 2013 SALPN AGM & Conference complete with hotel accommodations, sponsored by the SALPN. On behalf of SALPN, early online renewal is encouraged in order to be registered for this draw.

Online LOGIN Information Online login information is included with the renewal package.

Online Renewal and Security Online Renewal guarantees immediate assurance that the 2013 Renewal Form is complete once submitted. Drop down boxes ensure that the correct data is entered and members are made instantly aware of any incomplete sections. There are HELP sections available to clarify commonly asked questions. Fees must be paid by either Visa or MasterCard. If paying for Online Renewal or simply updating your personal profile, you can rest

Open for

Renewal Season assured knowing that your personal information is private and secure. Security information can be found on the website.

2013 Renewal Fees and Deadline for Practicing Status: Please note the late fees increase was approved by the SALPN membership at the 2012 AGM in Saskatoon.

Fees paid on or before December 1 - $400.00 Fees paid December 2 - 31 - $500.00 Fees paid January 1 (re-instatement) - $700.00

Paper Renewal Information Paper Renewal Forms and payment (cheque, money order, credit card) must be submitted to SALPN on or before December 1, 2012 and are accepted by mail, courier or in person during our regular office hours. Individuals renewing after the December 1st deadline are reminded that the SALPN office will be closed on December 21st at 4:30 PM. Renewal Forms received after this date will not be processed until the office re-opens on January 2nd, 2013. Note: 2012 Practicing Licenses expire on December 31, 2012. Anyone for which this applies will no longer hold the right to practice as a LPN. Incomplete Renewal Forms will be returned by mail to the member for completion and re-submission. This may result in a delay in processing time and additional fees may be incurred. For up to date information regarding the status of your renewal please click on “Public Registry” at


A Message from the Interim Executive Director, Pauline Mason This is my first opportunity to speak with Saskatchewan Licensed Practical Nurses as Interim Executive Director. These past few weeks have been extremely hectic, but it is always important for each of us to remain focused on our ultimate objective – providing the people of Saskatchewan with excellent, professional nursing care. This is often hard to remember with so much changing on a daily basis in health care, yet critical to our long-term success as caring professional nurses. As health regions move to adopt Releasing Time to Care, the Ministry of Health is busy introducing the LEAN organizational improvement methodology. Both are aimed at putting the needs of the patient first and improving the safety, timeliness, efficiency and quality of care. The success of these initiatives is important to each of us as LPNs. The more time each of us can free up from other duties to focus on our patients; the more efficiently we can move through each day in our workplace, the higher the quality of care we will be able to provide. That’s why we must never see changes in health care as “someone else’s” issue. LPNs occupy the front lines of health care, and each change or major initiative impacts directly our ability to serve our patients. The LPN perspective and input is critical to the success of any health care initiative. Nowhere is this more important than with the expansion of Primary Health Care in Saskatchewan. Primary Health Care is the day to day care needed to protect, maintain or restore our health. It focuses on keeping people healthy longer rather than on treating them only after they have become ill or injured. Primary Health Care depends on the public’s timely access to a team of health care professionals in the community, which can help prevent illness or injury, and will ultimately reduce the strain on acute care services, with fewer visits to the ER and hospital admissions. No matter where we might work, Primary Health Care is a critical issue to all LPNs. LPNs are vital members of any Primary Health Care team of professional care providers, whether they are based in a Primary Health Care Clinic, Hospital or any other health care facility. The Licensed Practical Nurses Act 2000 defines the practise of an LPN as “to provide services within the education and training of Licensed Practical Nurses for the purposes of providing care, promoting health, and preventing illnesses.” LPNs have a fundamental role as care providers in the health care system to promote Primary Health Care principles, and we must engage our government and LPN colleagues in recognizing that role. On a daily basis LPNs provide Primary Health Care with the provision of patient education. We promote preventative health care by offering information about lifestyle choices, and access to online health care sites. We advocate daily for our patients through our communication and collaboration with Physicians and other members of the health care provider team. Working together we offer safe and professional care focused on the needs of each patient. Upon admission and discharge, we provide care plans and discuss goals for our patients. We send referrals for follow up with multi-disciplinary health professionals. These are but a few examples of how we employ Primary Health Care principles daily. That’s why I’m so pleased the theme for our 2012 Professional Development Day on October 23rd is: Primary Health Care: Looking after Ourselves, Looking After our Patients. This important day of information sharing will give LPNs a look into Primary Health Care, and how it has long term benefits for the patient and nursing professionals alike. I look forward to seeing many of you in October. Please take some time to visit with me, other staff members or other members of Provincial Council. We are here to work together with you to protect the public, and promote better patient outcomes, through the efficient and effective regulation of our nursing profession.



SASKATCHEWAN DE-ESCALATING POTENTIALLY VIOLENT SITUATIONS™ Helping Communities and Organizations with Issues of Crisis and Trauma

Saskatoon: October 23, 2012; Regina: October 26, 2012

This workshop is designed to teach people to de-escalate potentially violent situations through assertiveness and interpersonal communication. The training will explore how anger and violence interplay, including opportunities for self- assessment of personal styles.


- Guiding Principles for Communities and Organizations Saskatoon: October 24, 2012

This workshop provides a framework for incorporating restorative justice principles into your environment. The timeless philosophy of restorative justice invites people to look beyond a merely punitive view of justice and discipline, and instead emphasizes direct accountability, reparation, prevention, dialogue and, in some cases, renewed relationship.

ADDICTIONS AND MENTAL ILLNESS - Working with Co-occurring Disorders

Saskatoon: November 15, 2012; Regina: November 22, 2012

Many people struggling with a mental illness are also struggling with an addiction. Caregivers may often be at a loss for where to start - did the addictions cause the mental illness, did the mental illness cause the addictions or is there something else leading to both? This workshop provides a framework for working systemically with both issues at the same time.


SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND YOUTH - Creating Opportunities for Change

Saskatoon: November 16, 2012; Regina: November 23, 2012

Participants of this workshop will examine the needs underlying youth’s choices to use substances. They will also consider issues that make working with youth different than working with adults and explore short term and longer term intervention strategies.


DE-ESCALATING POTENTIALLY VIOLENT SITUATIONS™ Edmonton: January 29-31, 2013 Due to the high demand for this workshop and its relevance to many workplaces, CTRI offers a train-the-trainer program for our De-escalating Potentially Violent Situations™ workshop. Training an internal trainer to deliver this workshop both enhances organization know-how and saves costs at the same time. Please visit our website for more information

This workshop is designed for managers, human resource professionals, social service providers and anyone seeking a better understanding of the complexities that surround mental illness. Participants will learn about common adult mental illnesses and their symptoms, causes and treatment.

CRITICAL INCIDENT GROUP DEBRIEFING Saskatoon: December 14, 2012; Regina: December 18, 2012

Critical Incident Group Debriefing (CIGD) is a short-term group intervention process that focuses on an immediate crisis. Participants of this skills based workshop will not only learn how to facilitate a group debriefing, but also have a better understanding of when a group debriefing might not be appropriate.

ANXIETY - Practical Intervention Strategies Saskatoon: February 21, 2013; Regina: February 27, 2013

Participants of this workshop will explore the natural purpose of anxiety and how it can become ‘disordered,’ including the link with panic, depression, trauma and other health concerns. The main focus of this training will be to learn practical and accessible strategies to assist both adults and children in reducing anxiety.

DEPRESSION - Practical Intervention Strategies

Workshop Fees: 1 day early* $165 1 day regular $195

Saskatoon: December 13, 2012; Regina: December 17, 2012

2 day early* $310 2 day regular $360

*registration and payment must be received 3 weeks prior to workshop date

Saskatoon: February 22, 2013; Regina: February 28, 2013

This workshop introduces participants to a variety of effective strategies that can be used to help an individual who is struggling with depression make positive changes. Participants will learn practical strategies to help engage the depressed person on two levels: changing the negative relationship within oneself and changing interpersonal dynamics that perpetuate depression. Scan QR Code for detailed information about Saskatchewan workshops.

Please visit our website for information on our Spring workshops



2012 Professional Development Day

Primary Health Care: Looking After Ourselves. Looking After Our Patients Date


October 23, 2012

Travelodge Hotel and Conference Centre 4177 Albert Street Regina, SK

Hotel Room Reservations Travelodge Hotel & Conference Centre 4177 Albert Street Regina, Saskatchewan 306.586.3443 Block ID: 1155029 Block Code: CGSLPN Hotel Room Cost: $124. 95 (Guaranteed rate until September 22)

Ticket Pricing Member Fee Early Bird $80.00 After September 30 $95.00 Student Fee $50.00

• This is a scent free event. Registration form can be found at the back of this newsletter. • Visit for regular updates and registration information. • Remember: This Professional Development Day is worth two CEP points.


2012 Professional Development Day Speakers Sara Londono-Sulkin Health and Integration a Necessary Revelation Sara Londono-Sulkin describes “true health as the integration between proper nutrition and life balance.” Her work reflects this perspective, as she weaves and integrates food concepts with those aspects of our lives that are essential to our personal well-being. In her workshop “HEALTH AND INTEGRATION A NECESSARY REVELATION”, she takes us on a journey of self-exploration and insight. Her workshop will increase attendant’s awareness about their own ways of navigating their life-balance boat, and their relationship with food.

Steven Lewis A Practical Necessity: Why My Primary Health Care World Includes LPNs Getting primary health care right is the key to making the whole health system work. An expanded and clientcentred PHC system will transform how care is delivered and create terrific new opportunities for LPNs and others. PHC is everyone’s business, and LPNs should play their part in defining what it should be and in realizing its potential. Steven Lewis is a health policy and research consultant based in Saskatoon, and Adjunct Professor of Health Policy at Simon Fraser University. Prior to resuming a full-time consulting practice he headed a health research granting agency and spent 7 years as CEO of the Health Services Utilization and Research Commission in Saskatchewan. He has served on various boards and committees, including the Governing Council of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Saskatchewan Health Quality Council, the Health Council of Canada, and the editorial boards of several journals, including Open Medicine. He writes frequently on improving quality, equity, and performance in health care, and is the moderator of the M.A.S.H. blog – Meaningful Analogies in Sports and Health.


The Story of the First Graduating Class of Certified Nursing Assistants in Saskatchewan In 1946 the Saskatchewan Government set up a class to mainly train ex service women. The class was to be in Regina with twelve people enrolled. However, since living accommodations were hard to come by at that time, the class was moved to Maple Creek. Since the hospital in Maple Creek had recently burnt down at that time, the Board took over what had been the Military Hospital. Parts of the hospital were not being used, so they were quickly turned into classrooms and a dormitory. On October 15, 1946, twelve young ladies arrived in Maple Creek to start their training with Miss L. Marie Young, an ex army nurse. Two of them soon quit, leaving ten to complete the course. According to Mrs. Audrey Hopkins, these ladies became like sisters and to this day still remain close. They graduated in May 1947 – 65 years ago. Four of these ladies are still with us today, enjoying retirement. Despite the distance between the four, they still talk on the phone on a regular basis.

Graduating Class of 1947 (left to right)

Kay Dack , Audrey (Gasser) Hopkins, Pearl (Owen) Kriwoken, Norma (Gust) Henderson, Ann (Leslie) Morrison, Miss L. Marie Young, Helen (Rudd) Briggs, Marie (Schaeffer) Helmer, Margaret (McKnight) Wadsworth Missing: Doris (Heath) Walker, Lil (Mcdonell) Coulliard

Graduating Class of 1947 Picture taken in May 2007 (left to right) Pearl (Owen) Kriwoken, Ann (Leslie) Morrison, Doris (Heath) Walker, Audrey (Gasser) Hopkins


My maternity leave began in June. Will I need to obtain Continuing Education Points? All SALPN members who held a Practising license for the entire 2012 licensure year must collect the required 5 Continuing Education Points (CEPs). This applies to LPNs who were on a maternity leave, for example, and held a practising license. SALPN members who renewed in the Non-Practising category and changed their status to Practising at some time during the licensure year will have to collect CEPs according the pro-rated guidelines below.

Length of Practicing License

Required points

Seven to Twelve months licensed Three to Six months licensed Less than Three months licensed

5 3 1

SALPN members who renewed in the Non-Practising category and remained in that category for the entire year do not need to obtain Continuing Education Points. Questions can be forwarded to: Lynsay Donald LPN Practice Consultant

LPN Excellence Lorna Miskolczi, LPN, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Eleven years ago, Lorna Miskolczi was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia, a cancer of the white blood cells. With strong will and determination, she overcame the odds and returned to doing what she loves, nursing. Lorna is currently working at the Saskatoon City Hospital and has been an LPN for over 25 years. Lorna says “I truly love and enjoy every bit of being an LPN.” People often say Lorna puts her whole heart and soul into what she does, and that she’s an inspiration to many. In the September publication of Best Health Magazine, Johnson Insurance announced its selection of three nurses from across Canada for its 2012 Nurse Excellence Awards. Johnson asked Canadians to nominate a special nurse who has gone above and beyond for patients. Lorna was the only one selected in Western Canada. She received $1,500 to give to the healthcare charity of her choice in which she gave to the Saskatoon Cancer Centre.


2011 Licensure Audit The results are in and the 2011 Annual Licensure Audit was another great success! In March 2012, 10.6% of the SALPN membership was randomly selected to be participants. The audit requires LPNs to provide the appropriate documentation or verification regarding the specific audit for which they were chosen. The SALPN may audit members for; Actual Hours Worked, Continuing Education Points (CEPs) or both Actual Hours Worked and CEPs. Again this year the SALPN is pleased to report that many members who were audited for CEPs had well more than the 5 that are required to be eligible for annual renewal. This displays a high level of professionalism within our membership and truly is confirmation of the value and importance that Continuing Education plays in the role of today’s LPN. Excellent work to you all and thank you for your participation!

Don’t forget to renew your license! LPNs that have not renewed prior to January 1, 2013 are unlicensed and can not be employed as LPNs. LPNs attempting to renew following January 1st are charged a $200 reinstatement fee as well as the $100 late fee. Any Practical Nurses found to be working without a current license are investigated and then disciplined by SALPN.


SALPN Holiday Closure Information

Does SALPN Have Correct Contact Information?

Please note: The SALPN office will be closed from 4:30 PM on December 21st until 9:00 AM on January 3rd of 2013.

Do we have your correct address? Phone number? Email address? Please make sure all of your contact information is up to date with SALPN. Personal information can be entered and updated online by clicking “Member Profile” at

2013 SALPN Conference & Annual General Meeting Date April 16th & 17th, 2013 Location Evraz Place Queensbury Convention Centre 1700 Elphinstone St. Regina, SK Banquet Regina Ramada Hotel (April 16th Evening) Hotel information Regina Ramada Hotel 1818 Victoria Avenue (306) 569-1666 or 1-800-316-8704 Ramada Room Rate $124/night* *Guaranteed hotel room rate till March 15, 2013

LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES! Another summer has come and gone, and with the arrival of fall so does the work of the Nominations Committee. During the upcoming months, the Nominations Committee will be looking for interested individuals to have conversations with about opportunities of serving on the SALPN council and its committees. If you would like more information, or are interested in exploring these possibilities, please contact any member of the SALPN Council or the Nominations Committee. Cynthia Gutek • Chair Nominations Committee Al Chaisson • Member Nominations Committee Kari Pruden • Member Nominations Committee


Facilitating Learning That Promotes Collaboration And Maximizes Productivity FALL AND WINTER WORKSHOPS COMING TO SASKATCHEWAN LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS MANAGING PERSONALITIES - Myers Briggs for Leaders

Regina: October 31, 2012; Saskatoon: November 2, 2012 Utilizing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), this workshop focuses on the skills needed to guide and direct differing and sometimes difficult personality types. Participants will learn how to tailor communication to best fit the various expressions of personality, understand and utilize effective means of motivation, and structure the work environment to best optimize the strengths of diverse personality types.


LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT - The Essential Foundations

Regina: December 12, 2012; Saskatoon: December 13, 2012 This workshop is designed to help new or existing managers increase their abilities to lead teams. They will gain skills to assess team dynamics and to improve trust and influence with those they are leading. At the completion of this workshop participants will be equipped with the necessary tools to motivate their team to achieve desired results.



Regina: November 22, 2012; Saskatoon: November 22, 2012 This workshop will analyze what is happening in exchanges with difficult people and demonstrate how people can adapt their strategies to bring about more productive conversations with those they find difficult. Participants will also learn how to change their interactions with difficult people in order to influence their behaviour, resulting in more positive outcomes.

- An Informal Process for Conflict Resolution


This skills based workshop is designed to give participants the understanding to work with disputing parties to identify interests, clarify issues and work towards options for resolving the conflict. Participants will have the opportunity to experience scenarios that will help prepare them for intervening in various conflict situations.

Being assertive in communication is the ability to express positive and negative ideas and feelings in a transparent, welcoming and direct way - to state clearly and without defensiveness what one needs. Participants of this workshop will build an awareness of their communication patterns and learn to deal confidently with people around them.

Saskatoon: December 11-12, 2012; Regina: December 13-14, 2012

Regina: November 23, 2012; Saskatoon: November 23, 2012



- Myers Briggs for Conflict Resolution

Regina: February 27, 2013; Saskatoon: February 28, 2013


Regina: October 30, 2012; Saskatoon: November 1, 2012 This workshop explores the habits and tools necessary to be productive, as well as the attitudes that support a successful work environment. Participants will learn how to represent their organization well and how to streamline systems and procedures, plan out work tasks and focus with renewed energy on the expectations of the workplace.

Understanding the various personality styles and their impact on workplace dynamics will help people work successfully with others and fosters strong teamwork. Utilizing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), this workshop provides participants with a personal assessment, equips them to understand personality styles that are different than their own and provides strategies for building healthy work environments.


- Increasing Workplace Productivity

Regina: February 25, 2013; Saskatoon: February 28, 2013 Left unmanaged, stress can lead to unproductive patterns and result in loss of focus and productivity at work. This workshop will help participants identify personal stress factors and introduce them to practical methods for successfully managing stress. Participants will create a plan for stress management that centers on enabling them to function at their best in the work environment.


To register or for information about our Spring Workshops coming to Saskatchewan, please visit our website at:

Please scan the QR Code for detailed information on workshops coming to Saskatchewan


Executive Director Career Opportunity

Regina, Saskatchewan The Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses is seeking a highly competent and motivated individual with a proven track record in leadership, communication skills and a deep passion for the nursing profession to join their organization as the Executive Director. There is no better time than right now to be a part of the SALPN organization. As the governing body for LPN’s in Saskatchewan, the SALPN supports collaborative practice and patient centered care utilizing best practice approaches. The past few years have seen the SALPN make significant strides in achieving recognition of the LPN profession by working collaboratively with the Ministry of Health, other regulated healthcare provider organizations, educators, employers, members and unions to collectively work towards excellence in nursing care for the people of Saskatchewan. The new Executive Director will have the opportunity to continue building on these strengths while bringing unique ideas to the table. Operating in conjunction with the SALPN Council, the Executive Director will implement strategic direction for the organization, prepare the financial budget for Council approval, build a relationship with the membership, interact with external stakeholders, and review all matters relating to the LPN profession. This position will appeal to candidates who have a sound knowledge and vision for nursing, a solid understanding of regulatory organizations, and experience working in a management or administrative role requiring strong leadership qualities. The ideal candidate should be dedicated to helping the organization achieve its vision and goals, and have a proven ability to develop and foster collaborative, professional relationships. Preference will be given to candidates with a Post-secondary Education, Certificate, Diploma, or Degree in a relevant discipline. The position is located in Regina, Saskatchewan, with some travel being required. Closing Date for applications is October 5, 2012 @ 4:30 p.m. For more information about the Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses, please visit Mail, Email, or Fax Resumes to: Pauline Mason, Interim Executive Director SALPN 700A – 4400 4th Avenue Regina, SK S4T 0H8 Fax: (306) 347-7784


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Mon-Fri 9 am to 5:30 pm Sat: 10 am to 4:30 pm

2012 Professional Development Day Join us in a great day of Professional Development. Our Keynote Speakers are: Steven Lewis

Details Date • October 23, 2012 Location • Travelodge Hotel and Conference Centre • Regina, Saskatchewan Member Fee Early Bird • $80.00 After September 30 • $95.00 Student Fee • $50.00

This Professional Development Day is worth 2 CEP points. See next page for registration form

Sara Londono-Sulkin

For Guest Room Reservations Contact Travelodge Hotel & Conference Centre 4177 Albert Street Regina, Saskatchewan 306.586.3443 Block ID: 1155029 Block Code: CGSLPN Hotel Room Cost: $124. 95 (Guaranteed rate until September 22)

2012 Professional Development Day Registration Form (Fee is non refundable) Name Registration Number Address City Postal Code Phone Number Dietary Restrictions Method of Payment Cheque Money Order Credit Card No. (Visa / Mastercard) Expiry Date For planning purposes, please return before October 15, 2012 to: SALPN 700A - 4400 4th Avenue Regina, SK S4P 2M7 (Please complete and send separate form for each registrant) Canada Post Publication Mail Agreement # 40010212

Hand in Hand Newsletter - Sept/Oct 2012  

Sept/Oct 2012