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July 2012

SALPN Council

SALPN Award Winners

Council Members

LPN of Distinction Award

President Rachel Kennedy, LPN

Carolyn Morris

President Elect Pauline Mason, LPN

Greg Wagner

Members at Large

Lifetime Achievement Award

Zone 1, West Wrangler Hamm, LPN

Bernadette Wildeman

Zone 2, North Karen Disiewich, LPN

Margie Rushka

Zone 3, Saskatoon City Gwen Coburn, LPN

Sharon Motter

Zone 4, Regina City Nancy Hanson, LPN

Mentorship Award

Zone 5, East Janice Wagner, LPN

Esther Li

Public Representatives

Chapter Award

Don Robinson


Sharon Clarke Bonnie Hartman

Executive Director Colin Hein, RN

SALPN Staff Executive Director Colin Hein, RN Registrar Cara Brewster, LPN Assistant Registrar Bonnie Downes Practice Consultant Lynsay Donald, LPN Communications Consultant Travis Pool Investigator Della Bartzen, LPN Office Manager Adele Gangl Administrative Assistant Stephanie Kavas


Congratulations to all that received awards and thank you for the hard work and commitment you give to your profession. Thank you to the individuals that took the time to send in nominations. Information on nominating an individual can be found on the SALPN website at

2012 Professional Development Day Primary Health Care: Looking After Ourselves. Looking After Our Patients Date October 23, 2012 Location Travelodge Hotel & Conference Centre Regina, Saskatchewan Member Fee Early Bird $80.00 After September 30 $95.00 Student Fee $50.00 Join us for a day of focusing on our professional image and how we present ourselves and our profession to others. Our keynote speakers will focus on the primary care of ourselves and our patients.

Sara Londono-Sulkin HEALTH AND INTEGRATION A NECESSARY REVELATION Sara Londono-Sulkin describes “true health as the integration between proper nutrition and life balance.” Her work reflects this perspective, as she weaves and integrates food concepts with those aspects of our lives that are essential to our personal well-being. In her workshop “HEALTH AND INTEGRATION A NECESSARY REVELATION”, she takes us on a journey of self-exploration and insight. Her workshop will increase attendant’s awareness about their own ways of navigating their life-balance boat, and their relationship with food. The second speaker will be announced at a later date. Visit for regular updates and registration information.

For Guest Room Reservations Contact: Travelodge Hotel & Conference Centre 4177 Albert Street Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 3R6 306.586.3443 Block ID: 1155029 Block Code: CGSLPN Hotel Room Cost: $124. 95 (Guaranteed rate until September 22) This is a scent free event. Registration form at the back of this newsletter.


SALPN Leadership & Innovation Challenge

Do you have an innovative idea for your ward or department with a patient and family centered care focus? Who

For all LPNs


A challenge that focuses on leadership and patient and family centered care


Submissions Submissions should be detailed ideas/ proposals that state how your ward, department, and/or workplace can be improved by focusing on patient and family centered care

Guidelines • Must be a new idea or process to the ward • Must have support from management • Must demonstrate patient and family centered care

Your ward/department/workplace



$500 will go towards the implementation of the winning idea

Deadline to submit your idea/proposal is September 15th, 2012


To inspire LPNs to focus on patient and family centered care and demonstrate leadership within the profession by coming forward with innovative ideas


A complete submission is also worth two (2) CEP Points!

Submit Please submit your complete idea or proposal to This challenge is sponsored by the SALPN Education Committee

I hear a lot of talk about “Primary Health Care”. I am unsure I have a thorough understanding of the concept: Primary health care refers to the basic tools for health improvement, illness care, and the gateway to other healthcare services. It describes the services we receive at first contact to the health care system. This may be in a physician’s office, wellness clinic, pharmacy, or community health centre. Well- baby clinics, public health – disease screening, telephone help services are also examples of this type of care. Many providers can and do contribute to the primary health care team in multiple settings. The ultimate goal is continuous promotion of health with continuity in the services provided. Below is a comparison of medical care and primary health care.

Medical Care

Primary Health Care

Focus on illness

Focus on health

Focus on cure

Focus on prevention, care, and cure

Focus on treatment

Focus on health promotion

Provides episodic care

Provides continuous care

Care focuses on specific problems

Care is comprehensive

Care provided by physicians in solo practice

Care provided by teams of health professional

Health care system responsible for outcomes

Multiple systems and the patient collaborate to improve health outcomes

Don’t forget to wear your name tags! The SALPN encourages the use of a name tag displaying your first and last name with professional designation. Be proud of who you are and the care you provide.


Mandatory Competency Reminder The Health Assessment mandatory competency deadlines are drawing near: LPNs in Saskatchewan are aware of the Health Assessment mandatory competency requirement in place. All LPNs must complete an approved health assessment program by December 1st, 2012 in order to be eligible for licensure for the 2013 year. LPNs choosing to not obtain the competency will remain licensed until December 31, 2012. There will be no extensions or exceptions made. To the Licensed Practical Nurses choosing to retire in the near future, we wish you all the best in your retirement. We thank you for your many years of service to the people of Saskatchewan.

Next Health Assessment Course NURS 227 Health Assessment for the LPN September 4 – November 26th, 2012 Registration available July 3rd – August 24th Registration Services: (306) 798-4314

Saskatchewan Institute of Health Leadership (SIHL) The Saskatchewan Institute of Health Leadership (SIHL) is coordinated by the Centre for Continuing Education, University of Regina. The aim of SIHL is to bring together healthcare professionals from all disciplines and all levels to foster leadership potential, skills and the creation of a leadership community that works together to promote, support and sustain good health. The SALPN has been involved in SIHL from its inception. Since 2007, the Council has been awarding up to two SIHL Scholarships available to practicing LPNs. For information on applying for a scholarship please visit the SALPN website – Professional Development – SIHL Scholarships. This year’s SIHL program with be taking place November 5th – 9th, 2012 with a week long retreat. The closing retreat and graduation will then take place April 25th & 26th, 2013. Applications must be received in the SALPN office by September 17, 2012.


2012 SALPN Conference and AGM

The SALPN Conference and AGM was held April 24th & 25th in Saskatoon. The turnout from the members, students, shareholders, and exhibitors was excellent. Keynote presenter, LeAnn Thieman shared her “Chicken Soup” stories which motivated, encouraged and honoured the nursing profession. With the compassion and humour LeAnn incorporated into her presentation, attendees found themselves both laughing and crying. Keynote presenter, Dalmar Lynds was well received by the attendees. His presentation was very informative and educational as he moved through the nursing process with various scenarios and diagnosis routinely seen in the Emergency Department. The below two resolutions were passed at the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday April 25th, 2012. 1. Administrative & Fee Bylaw Amendment The assembly approved the SALPN Administrative & Fee Bylaw Amendments 2. Whereas: LPNs have advanced education and learn from the same body of nursing and possess many of the same skill sets as RNs and Whereas: False comments posted in the February issue of SUN Spots about LPNs such as: • Registered Nurses require less supervision reducing costs through decreased length of stay • Reduced morbidity rates and sufficient levels of registered nurses reduce rates or readmissions and infection control • And SUN workshop discussions on the role of an LPN  hereas: The government has asked the three nursing bodies to create a collaborative W environment. Therefore, I move that the SALPN Council respond to the false, damaging comments made about LPNs in the February 2012 issue of SUN Spots. Motion resolved due to SALPN’s involvement


2013 SALPN Conference & AGM will be held in Regina on April 16th & 17th at Evraz Place


2012 Professional Development Day Registration Form (Fee is non refundable) Name Registration Number Address City Postal Code Phone Number Dietary Restrictions Method of Payment Cheque/Money Order Credit Card No. (Visa / Mastercard) Expiry Date For planning purposes, please return before October 16, 2012 to: SALPN 700A - 4400 4th Avenue Regina, SK S4T 0H8 (Please complete and send separate for each registrant) Canada Post Publication Mail Agreement # 40010212

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Hand in Hand - July  

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