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Decorative cushions


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Decorative cushions Fabric: 100% silk or 100% cotton. Monochromatic or decorated fabrics. Manufacturing: finished with or without trimming. Available in all sizes.

“Car� model To drive by car with superior comfort to sit down easier on an armchair Dimensions: 35x35 approximately


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Upholstery cushions

Cushions for the upholstery industry In this field, SALPI (since 1964) is known as indisputable world leader with the realization and production of all types, shapes and measures of feathers and/or down cushions, including the patented cushions "SPRINGDOWN速". This is possible where the labor force is still largely guided by the "Masters" who jealously guard the secret techniques of the artistic processes which create Sofa and Arm-chair of incredible beauty and durability too. At home or wherever you are, is known that natural materials (cotton, wool, silk, linen and down+feathers) when they get old, can improve with age, evincing a sense of belonging, of having been lived with. They can even be more beautiful than when they were new!!! Moreover, SALPI means RELIABLE PRODUCTS. Filling of the pillow wiewed from the top Sectioned wiew


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Upholstery cushions Some examples from our range

Bergère - Louis XV

Bergère - Louis XV


SALPI decorative cushions  

Decorative cushions, and cushions for the upholstery industry

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