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Tiffany Cook Up Close Interview with a FASHION MODEL FROM BOISE, IDAHO

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Prada handbag Vernice Bowler - Red Black fade A standout Prada handbag styled of soft patent leather in luminous Purple to black fade Price: $253USD

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Contributing Writers Jennifer Saenz Erika Thomas Barbara Koontz Marcus White Karen Owens Neena Wells Arnold Motts Tammy Young

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Tiffany Cook


Relationship Tips


Fall Fashions


Contents Exposed 13 Local Businesses You Should Get to Know Relationship Tips 24 7 ways to make him fall head over heels for you From Paris with Love 28 2012 Fall Fashion Trends Erika Thomas 44 Fashion Blogger Dating on a Budget 46 9 Ideas You Should Try 2012 Fall Hairstyles 47 Tiffany Cook 50 Boise, Idaho Fashion Model Fall Fashion Fab 55 Styles we crave Confessions 58 True Stories of Love, Betrayal & Sacrifice Hair Guide for all hair types 62 Poll Question for Women 68 Will our attitude keep men at bay? Monthly Horoscope 70

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68 Women with Attitudes



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EXPOSED Businesses You Should Get to KNOW


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7 ways to make him fall head over heels for you By Marcus White



f you’re like most women, you desire to be the center of attention to your man. However, many women become clueless in discovering what makes their man crazy about them. In a poll conducted, we have comprised the most popular

is true today. A man doesn’t want what other men have had, so keep those panties up until you are sure that he is worth it. It will pay off in the long run. Rule #3 – Keep your panties on!

“How Don’t reveal to make him too much skin are very jealous by nature and fall head over Men desire for your delicate body parts to be for their eyes only. If other men are heels for you?” given the opportunity to see your most answers to the question,

First, sit down and take a deep breath, you don’t want to do something that will totally turn him off. So now that I’ve got your attention, let’s explore what men have stated turns them on about a woman.

Be a Lady Yeah, you read right, men are turned on when they see a woman representing herself as a lady. Nothing tells a man ‘Don’t Pursue’ like a woman who wears the pants in a relationship. Now let’s be clear on what men are saying. They don’t mind a woman stating her opinion or giving advice, but what turns them off is when a woman does not compromise and demands to have things go her way. So, Rule #1 - ‘Be a Lady!’

Don’t play hard to get While some men may like the challenge, most men don’t have the time or energy to devote to you playing the game. If you like a guy and you know he is interested in you, spend more time trying to get to know him. Rule #2 – No Games!

Don’t give it up too fast Men like a challenge and when the 'panties' are dropped too quickly, in their eye sight you’re easy and therefore gets him to thinking that if it was easy for him, then it’s been easy for other men! Remember the saying ‘only a good girl will go home to Mama’ well the saying

Nothing drives a man crazy than to discover that you are staring at him especially if you are smiling. All sorts of thoughts is beginning to race through his head. It’s like the ultimate icing on the cake because he’ll be wondering what you are thinking and can’t wait to engage in conversation to find out why. Final rule #7 – Stare and smile! Story by Marcus White

precious parts without having to put time in; which is being your man, then why should your man have to put time in? So remember, keep his imagination steamed by revealing just enough to get his attention. He’ll appreciate it. So, Rule #4 – Cover it up!

Text or call him throughout the day Men like to know that you are thinking about them just as much as we do, so throughout the day, text him ‘I miss you’ or ‘I’m thinking about you’. On your break or in between play, call him and tell him that he was on your mind. This will not only put a smile on his face, but also make him feel real special. Rule #5 – Make him feel special!

Compliment him Men love to receive compliments from their significant other, so lay it on him, but do it with taste and at the right moment. Nothing is more awkward than to compliment your man by saying something totally off the mark. Rule #6 – Make what you say count!

Stare at him or look his way

Best Inexpensive Dating Tips that won’t spoil your Budget

46 25



Fall Fashion Trends


he Style-Makers! Vera Wang and others share this years fall fashions from Paris with Looooooovvvvveeee! By Tammy Young


Pieces from Mugler, Sportmax, Ashley Rowe and Mawi Hair by Susana Hong Makeup by Diana Carreiro Model: Yasmin

Francisco Garcia Captures Fall Power Dressing for Fashion October 2012 the fall trend of broad shoulders and boxy cuts with high impact images

The new season offered lightweight layers with a sensual, skin baring appeal in the form of sheer fabrics

Model: Mackenzie Drazan

Model: Daria Strokous

Model: Kati Nescher

Model: Ros Georgiou

Vera Wang embraced slinky silhouettes in autumn hues of wheat, marmalade, blue and ink black

Designers Shane & Falguni Peacock

Fall Fashion is Edgy, Dark and Glamorous for 2012

Michael Kors presents this fall’s fashion with plaid, tweed and tartan garments

Color palette Crimson, chocolate, camel and inky black

Dries Van Noten brings in an Asian theme with designs influenced by London’s Victoria and Albert Museum

Streamlined silhouettes in floral prints adorned with fur parkas

Veronica Etro presented hints of fur, ruffles and leather to her Autumn collection

Color palette light blue, burgundy, navy, marmalade and ink black

Kenneth Cole presents the Ultimate Collection of our unique Style

Victor Cruz brings back true Pinstripes in his Fall 2012 Collection

Chantal Thomass Winter 2012 lingerie collection with gorgeous stockings, tights and accessories

Erika Thomas: Fashion Blogger Erika L. Thomas always loved fashion, as a little girl she played house and created the sound of her heels clicking as she played. Not sure of her future she went to school to become a teacher and worked in retail to put herself through school. Being surrounded by clothes and trends season after season, her love for fashion grew. She quickly became the person her friends looked to for fashion advice. With limited funds, Erika learned to dress on a budget. She loves to shop sales, clearance and thrifted items. Friends always asked for her fashion advice she created a note on her personal Facebook page 10 items every woman should own. She had several friends tell her she should start a blog. She started her blog Love of style by Erika in June 2010. She offers style tips, shares her outfits, and recipes. One year later she met another blogger and together they created Fash-DET-a network for all Fashion Bloggers in metro Detroit area.

She can be contacted by email She’s also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram LoveAlwaysErika

“Fall is here. It’s time for jackets, tights, and boots. The stores are full of items and if you are interested in updated your fall wardrobe, you might be wondering what to add to it. I have a list of the items you won’t go wrong by making them an addition to your closet”

Leather: Leather pants, leather shirts and of course leather handbags. Leather is all over the place this season. On a budget, faux leather does the trick.

Metallics: You will see chain detail on accessories, metallic purses and nail polish

Lace: Lace detail is seen in everything from clothes to accessories. Lace is a cute way to incorporate girly details into any outfits

Wine/Oxblood/Burgundy: Whatever you want to call this deep red. You will see it in shoes, clothes and handbags. It’s also in the makeup counter with cool nail polishes and lipsticks

Want more style tips?: Visit or


If you're like many people, finding the best, inexpensive way to spend time with each other can become a challenge in today’s society. Instead of eliminating dating all together, one must become creative and budget conscious. Below are a few budget conscious ways to date on a budget by Arnold Motts




Take a walk in the park together and enjoy the beauty of nature

Rent a movie and pop some popcorn and enjoy this time together

Check out a book from the library and read it out loud to each other




Buy a bottle of bubbles and see who can blow the bigger bubble

Eat ice cream together. Try a different flavor to discuss like or dislike

Go bike riding across town or ride to a place you both haven’t been to before




Attend court together and pretend that you are the judge and jury

Go window shopping together and try on different outfits

Play a video game together and see who can play the best


2012 Fall Hairstyles


Model of the Month Interview with Fashion Model Tiffany Cook by Jennifer Saenz 50

Salon World USA Presents Tiffany Cook Fashion Model Salon World USA magazine had the opportunity to speak with Mrs. Tiffany Cook about her exciting career as a Fashion Model

SW: “Thanks for meeting with us Tiffany” TC: “Thank you” SW: “To begin our interview, let’s begin with the basics; how old are you?” TC: “26” SW: “Where are you originally from?” TC: Boise, Idaho

SW: “Are you married?” TC: “Yes, for about 4 years now” SW: “Do you have any children?” TC: “Yes, 3, 2 boys and a girl”

SW: “As a model, do you also work a side job?” TC: “Yes at AT&T Inventory Control Account Manager” SW: “Growing up, what did you want to be?”

SW: “Low self esteem, but you are beautiful” TC: “Yes I suffered from low self esteem growing up, I was sort of a loner” SW: “That’s hard to believe”

do you eat brown rice and vegetables and drink a lot of water?” TC: “Yes, but I eat other things as well. Definitely no sweets or chocolate because that’s not my thing, but I definitely eat meat, I love meat”

TC: (Laughs) SW: “What was your first modeling opportunity and how old were you?” TC: “I was 23 and a friend who was attending college for photography asked me to pose” SW: “Tell me about your tattoos” TC: “I have 6 total, but the one on my arm represents my friend who committed suicide. It’s to represent her beauty and life”

SW: “What has been the highlights of modeling?” TC: “Meeting people, promo jobs, I was able to go to Las Vegas to do a trade show as a model. I also was published in my first magazine ‘ SnapMatter’”

TC: “Since I was 4, I’ve always wanted to be a model”

SW: “Has there been any modeling opportunities you have rejected?”

SW: “Who inspired you to become a model?”

TC: “Absolutely not. Modeling is my passion, I love what I do”

TC: “Heather Doss from Sacramento, California changed my life because of low self esteem”

SW: “There’s this saying about models that they only eat brown rice and vegetables as well as drink a lot of water,

SW: “Are you treated differently by your friends and family because you are a model?” TC: “Definitely not, everyone is very supportive” SW: “Where was the weirdest place you had to model?” TC: “Oh my gosh, it was just me and 4 photographers in this house that had not been lived in for a while. There were empty beer bottles everywhere, the place was very gross, but that shoot produced some of the greatest photos I’ve ever done. Oh and there were a lot of spiders too” SW: “Spiders, I don’t like spiders, so I would have been like, no way and had to go” SW/TC: (Both laugh) SW: “Have you ever modeled nude?” TC: “No” SW: “If the opportunity would present itself, would you model nude?” TC: “Not really, not my forte” Continued on page 35


Salon World USA Presents Tiffany Cook Fashion Model SW: “Have you had the opportunity to act?”

SW: “What runway show(s) have you done?”

TC: “Yes”

TC: “Boise Fashion week and RAW Artist Fashion Show, both were in Boise, Idaho”

SW: “What film were you a part of?” TC: “Actually I shot a commercial for Mazda”

SW: “What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a model?”

SW: “Do you have a website?” TC: “No and actually website, but I do have a Facebook page” SW: “Any other print articles you had the opportunity to be a part of ?” TC: “Besides ‘SnapMatter’, I had a short photo and bio in the publication ‘Missy Ink’ SW: “You are selling calendars, tell us about that” TC: “One of the photographers

thought it would be great to market and make extra money…but, it’s been ok, but a little too early in the year”

SW: “Ever had a run in with another model?”

TC: “Don’t be afraid to ask people where and when they got started. Don’t get jealous, but get inspired by others and have an open mind” SW: “Tiffany it was a pleasure interviewing you for Salon World USA magazine and we do wish you the best of luck in your modeling career” TC: “Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of your magazine” Mrs. Cook is available for bookings and interviews. Visit her Facebook page at: Modeltiffanycook

TC: “No” SW: “How often do you travel as a model?” TC: “Don’t really travel that much, but I’m looking forward to traveling to Las Vegas and California, but most of my modeling has been in Boise, Idaho. I would love to travel” SW: “Have you done any runway shows?” TC: “Yes”

By Jennifer Saenz

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Salon World USA Magazine Presents

True Stories of love, betrayal and sacrifice In every issue of Salon World USA Magazine Due to the graphic nature of some stories, parental guidance is encouraged


Must have products for your type of Hair


This beauty guide is packed with products for all hair types You set the stage to define who you are everyday so we want to make sure you are using the best products for your hair type Take a peek inside, you’ll be surprised what we found for you


“My hair is naturally curly. What would be the best product to provide me with moisture without leaving my hair feeling greasy or heavy?”

Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Smoothie


“After showering my hair becomes extremely tangled and I’m afraid that I’m loosing a lot of hair combing it, please tell me what product can I use to detangle my hair naturally?”

Black 15 in 1 Miracle Hair Treatment Adds shine, softens and detangles while preventing your hair from frizzing and flying away. Also protects against humidity $13.00


“My hair grows extremely slow and I’m tried of wearing wigs, weaves and braids, but would like to wear my own hair. Is there a product that will grow my hair fast?”

Wild Growth Hair Oil Only a few drops are needed 1-3 times per week for longer, fuller, softer, enriched and controlled hair. Then comb or brush $17.89


Our bye-bye tangles recipe contains naturally moisturizing oils of Olive, Shea, Cocoa and Buriti. Detangles and Conditions for healthy shine $8.70


“My hair is so thin and limp and I’ve tried many techniques only to be disappointed. Can you recommend a product that is true to their word?”

Redken Body Full Instant Bodifier Volumizing Foam


“Rollers, sprays and bumping irons, all just don’t work for me. Help, I’m really desperate to achieve fullness to my hair without having to do a workout every morning!”

Nexxus Headress Thickening Leave-In Volumizer Conditioner Exclusive time-released technology helps build thicker, fuller hair giving you that Salon-healthy hair at home result $9.00


“I’m not sure what you can suggest, but my hair frizzes a lot. I live in an environment which has lots of humidity, what would you suggest that would not leave my hair weighed down, but would control the frizz?”

It's A 10 Miracle Leave In Adds shine and controls frizz while protecting your hair from heat. Seals and protects hair color $12.00

Want more body

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“I recently colored my hair, but I’m afraid to wash it with just any shampoo, can you suggest a good cleanser and conditioner that won’t dull the color?”

Hair One Jojoba Hair Cleanser Conditioner is a salon quality sulfate-free product that leaves hair cleansed, conditioned and in optimum shape $16.00


“Can you suggest a product that will give my colored treated hair shine?”

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo 8.5oz and Hydrate Conditioner 8.5 oz duo by Pureology Helps dry, colour-treated hair retain its fresh-fromthe-salon vibrancy with ZeroSulfate® shampoos containing the exclusive AntiFadeComplex®. $51.00


“What product can I use to color my hair that’s natural and not animal tested?”

Naturtint Hair Color, 2n Black Brown by Naturtint It's revolutionary formula provides 100% coverage, even of grey hair, permanently, from the first application. It's the first hair colorant that is both healthy and effective and no animal testing $10.00

Colored Treated Hair

Hair One Jojoba Hair Cleanser Conditioner For Color Treated Hair by Fiske


“I’m afraid that wearing braids will break my hair off. What can I do to ensure that my hair is nourished properly?”

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Replenishing Hair Milk by Palmers


“What shampoo is best for braids that also has a leave in conditioner?”

Pantene Relaxed & Natural Dry to Moisturized Shampoo by Pantene Pantene’s unique shampoo & conditioner system with oil-enriched formulas helps defend and moisturize each strand $7.00


“I’m sure this is a stupid question, but what product would you suggest to stop my scalp from itching while wearing braids?”

Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14 in 1 by Hawaiian Silky Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14 in 1 features special moisturizing and activating ingredients to help solve all hair problems associated with curly looks, braids and natural hair styles $5.00

Braided Hair

Coconut oil helps softens yet strengthen and promotes your under growth. It also promotes hair growth $10.00


“Is there a way to naturally dye the gray in my hair without it turning yellow?”

Light Mountain Natural Color The Gray! Hair Color & Conditioner, by Light Mountain A natural hair color that covers the gray and conditions your hair $18.00

Alberto VO5 Conditioning Hairdressing for Gray/White/Silver Blonde Hair by Alberto VO5 Pantene’s unique shampoo & conditioner system with oil-enriched formulas helps defend and moisturize each strand $23.00


“Is there a shampoo that is specially formulated to nourish and condition gray hair without spending a lot of money?”

PANTENE Silver Expressions Daily Color Enhancing Conditioner by Pantene Helps restore shine to leave your silver hair looking bright $10.00

Gray Hair


“My gray hair is my glory, but it gets very dull looking. What can you suggest to use?”

“Geez Lady Call us at 1 - 714 - 228 - 9627 Get involved in the discussions by visiting our Facebook page or our website at

I'm going to have to agree with most people, because that's the projection that I see on so many. And, it 's all women from all walks of life who display negative attitudes and because of their attitudes they are alone and in want. Try smiling for a change and see what results you will get- VB I'm not going to apologize for my answer. From experience, I've known some women who like to criticize other women for being with a man and even have tried to bring chaos into others relationships because of their jealousy– KO Not all of us are single. I'm a black woman and I've been in a relationship for 4 years– MD Not all black women have attitudes, but there are a lot that do- MW Straight Up.... Yes. women need to soften up... baby mama drama, all that brash and clash beat your ass attitude needs to change. Otherwise there will be only women who become mothers but never wives. A lot of men flock to women because they say some women are too combative and controlling. I know ...not all women are this way but look at "Basket Ball Wives", "Bad Girls Club". Then when they see a couple who really love one another and gets along, they say something is wrong with him, or she must be this or that instead of saying oh wow, isn't that awesome, true love. Anyway enough said - EJ




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