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24 Dr. Rondrick Williamson, DPM

Sexy, Smart and Successful 29 Dr. Nina “BeautifulBrwnBabyDol” Ellis-Hervey

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20 Cynthia Rohrenbach

Model of the Month 33 Gerard Fairley

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13 Why Hair Salons Fail? 20 Model of the Month: Cynthia Rohrenbach 24 Dr. Rondrick Williamson, DPM: Sexy, Smart and Successful 27 Host a Salon Info Party 29 Self-Made Media Mogul: Dr. Nina “BeautifulBrwnBabyDol” Ellis-Hervey 33 Market Your Salon by Gerard Fairley 37 Natural Hair Journey: Heather and Amber share their story 42 Your Guide to Romantic Getaways

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Welcome to another exciting issue of Salon World USA! I am very grateful that you have selected to read our magazine because we have put a lot of effort into bringing you exciting articles and features to equip your business as well as shine the spotlight on others who are doing their thing In this issue, I had the pleasure of reaching out to the very sexy, smart and successful, Dr. Rondrick Williamson who has been featured on the hit talk show, ‘The Doctors’ and has been chosen as this February’s Most Beautiful Doctor in the World! Purchase the calendar today and see all the beautiful doctors featured Two very beautiful ladies are also sharing their natural hair journeys with us in this issue. I know that you will be enlightened with their stories and get some tips for your own journey Our model of the month; Cynthia Rohrenbach graces our pages with her exceptional beauty as she displays her latest photo shoot and a little about her career as a model We also was able to reach out to the beautiful Dr. Nina “BeautifulBrwnBabyDol” Ellis-Hervey who is a self-made media mogul. She shares her incredible story with us of her journey to fame As with every issue, we also have a line of articles to enhance your business as well as some terrific-romantic spots to spend with your loved one We sincerely hope that you enjoy this issue just as much as we have creating it for you Stay Beautiful!

Page 12 | Salon World USA Feb/March 2013

by Jennifer Saenz

Why Hair Salons Fail?…………… Look in the telephone book or browse online under the heading of ‘hair salons’ and you will find a vast number of salons. Each salon guarantees that they can help you achieve the look and style you want at the best price possible. However, many consumers leave these salons feeling unsatisfied because what they walked in and asked for was not what they actually received Is the blame the consumer or the stylist? Consumers have stated that they would prefer a stylist to bluntly state they cannot perform a task than to cut, color and what have you and create a fiasco with their hair. “I would respect a stylist more for being honest, than for them to mess my hair up which I have to wear everyday’ states one consumer. Situations like this can cause a hair salon to lose business and eventually lead to the closing of its doors In this article, we will explore what consumers have stated they dislike about a hair salon and why if these items are present, might lead to the failure of your business. So, let’s begin….. When they’re gone, they’re gone


Story by Karen Owens

My name is Cindy Rohrenbach. I am outgoing I love having fun! I enjoy modeling and want to do it as long as I can I am open to anything always looking to try new stuff. My work involves, but is not limited to: fitness modeling, commercials, underwater, lifestyle, runway, high fashion, music videos, internet commercials, calendars, oil & paint, and other print work

Cynthia Rohrenbach Page 20 | Salon World USA Feb/March 2013

Cynthia Rohrenbach has been modeling for a year and this has been her dream since she was a little girl Lauren Kisner, a model from Florida encouraged her one day after reviewing one of her photos and told Cynthia that she should model. Ms. Kisner told her everything about how to get started Cynthia stated that she didn’t want to look back at age 40 and regret not doing what she desires Cynthia’s very first modeling job was 208 Tat2Fest and she took full advantage of that opportunity by ensuring that everyone remembered her. 208 Tat2Fest was a 3-day event which she wore a bathing suit and little shorts, people loved it. She stated that on day 3 people really loved the painted on jeans! Since then things have definitely changed for the best for Cynthia. She has met a lot of people and has done things she never thought she would do such as have 2 calendars, been in 5 fashion shows and worked alongside Keith Stone and Dylan Hyde Cynthia states that people in the industry have been very supportive. Her make-up artists, Spencer Mcbride, Delila Gutierrez and Jose Martinez have changed her life and taught her to be confident, humble and of course appreciative. Through her modeling career, she has gained a big family including Jayded Bombshells which are like her sisters Cynthia hopes her future will eventually lead to a major modeling contract signed by an agency in LA and one day to begin acting. “I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I will continue to work at it. Until then, I prepare for my second round at 208 Tat2Fest, 2013, but this time with friends!”

For booking information: Bookings: Cindy @ Prints: Calendars: Website: Salon World USA Feb/March 2013 | Page 21

If you’re

not happy don’t

with yourself, expect others to

appreciate you Love yourself


Article by Jewel Turner

Smart and Successful Rondrick Williamson recalls his childhood as, "kind of rough." His mother struggled to make ends meet and at times we had to go without, but modest beginnings didn't get in the way of his goal of having a successful career as a doctor. His mother struggled alone to provide for her three boys. He lived in public housing

"That was very good for me to see her do that," Williamson said. "To see her struggle and still raise us.�

"We had things that we needed," Williamson said, "but a lot of the 'wants' we weren't able to have. ...I don't remember my dad even being in the home. But we had a really close-knit family, and I guess that's what brought us through." Williamson became a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and is a staff physician with Village Podiatry Group in Atlanta. He treats anything that relates to the foot or ankle. Williamson understood at an early age that education was the ticket to his future. He studied hard and made good grades. He was fortunate to have a good role model. Despite the hardships at the time, his mother, who had worked in factories in Mullins, S.C., moved to Columbia, S.C., because she wanted an opportunity to improve her situation. She then put herself through college and made a better life for her sons. "That was very good for me to see her do that," Williamson said. "To see her struggle and still raise us."

"It really makes you appreciate the fruits of your labor once you have had an opportunity to go through something like that," he said. "You had to struggle a little bit as opposed to having something handed to you. ...Working hard for something makes the reward on the other end much, much sweeter. ...I can look back on it now and see it was just a process I had to go through.― Story continued next page Salon World USA Feb/March 2013 | Page 25


"It really makes you appreciate the fruits of your labor once you have had an opportunity to go through something like that,"

Williamson has been featured in the January 2012 issue of SHAPE Magazine http:// and also the February 2012 issue of EBONY Magazine. He has been featured on the Emmy Award winning daytime talk show The Doctors as one of America’s Most Beautiful Perspectives TV is a 30 minute informative show hosted and produced by Dr. Rondrick Williamson, designed to address topics that penetrate into American pop cultural, intended to provide a positive, spiritually uplifting experience to its viewers. The show initially launched and aired weekly being broadcast to television viewers throughout the Middle Georgia area. Perspectives TV Show is now being revamped and the shows host Dr. Williamson and his team have been in discussion with several local cable networks in an effort to find the perfect broadcasting outlet. For more information on Perspectives TV, visit PerspectivesGA He's not only a successful physician with Village Podiatry Group in Atlanta but an entrepreneur, TV talk show host for Perspectives TV ( , Philanthropist as the founder of The Rondrick Williamson Foundation, and blogger for a popular entertainment blog "The Coffee Shoppe" which he launched last summer

Host Dr. Rondrick Williamson

Host a Salon Party!

story by Victoria Black

A Salon Owner I really admire hosts between 5 to 7 salon parties each month and has boost her clientele by 110%. You too can host a salon party and generate more clients because salon parties are business mixers between you and your staff and potential customers When hosting a salon party, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. In this article we will display ideas that should get your motor running and geared up for your first party In preplanning a salon party that everyone will talk about for months, you must plan every detail right down to the thank you notes that are sent immediately after. Let’s explore the steps to planning...

1. Before hosting your first salon party, first decide on the date. You want to ensure that nothing is happening in the community that will supersede your event 2. Select a Theme – everyone loves a theme party and you can have lots of fun. Think about the time of year you are hosting your salon party and select something that would be appropriate. You can always host themes such as costume parties and Valentine’s Day. Remember, it’s a party, have fun 3. Prepare for your event by ensuring that your place of business is adequate to accommodate your guests. Make sure you have plenty of seating. If you need extra chairs, rent them from a party supply. Whatever you do, don’t

over invite where you are having to turn potential customers away. This would not be viewed as a plus, but a minus 4. Food – Deciding on what type of food you will have at your event will depend on your budget. Choose light snack items such as chips with dip or cheese and crackers with a vegetable tray. Don’t forget to include beverages like tea, coffee or punch 5. Invitations – When sending out invitations, it should display your theme. It should also have a direct contact number to RSVP as well as the RSVP date. In business, we must stick to our cut-off date to ensure that you have enough food and beverages. Invitations should also include the place, date and time frame of the event 6. Activities – Hosting a salon party, your potential customers would like to know what services you offer, so include a few demonstrations of something that can be done in a short time. Offer an incentive such as a shampoo and conditioning treatment for attending

“Have plenty of fliers on hand with your current specials as well as business cards” Page 28 | Salon World USA Feb/March 2013

“Don’t over invite because turning away a potential client is not a plus, but a minus” 7. Music – As with everything, music can make or break a party. Select music that is not offensive and be aware of your guest list. Try to play music that is both soothing as well as entertaining 8. Marketing Materials – The reason for hosting your salon party is to gain more clientele, so make sure you have plenty of fliers on hand with your current specials and business cards with your operational days and time 9. And, finally, have fun! It’s a party. Mingle and get to know your guests. Pass out fliers of specials you are currently running and business cards. Greet every potential customer and thank them for attending and don’t forget to be stationed at the door to again thank them for coming

Dr. Nina “BeautifulBrwnBabyDol” Ellis-Hervey Story by Barbara Koontz

With over 90,000 subscribers and over seven million video views nationally and internationally, twenty-eight year-old Dr. Nina ―BeautifulBrwnBabyDol‖ EllisHervey is making her mark in the world Her wealth of solid, beneficial information as well as her brand, BeautifulBrwnBabyDolTM LLC, has catapulted her loyal audience and prevailing fan base Just in the year of 2011, Nina was named one of the top five ―YouTube Natural Hair Care Vloggers‖ by the Huffington Post and was also named St. Louis’s Delux Power Players of 2011. In January 2012, her YouTube Channel was named one of the top ten by the Natural Review. In addition to this media recognition, her ambitions prove to be spot-on, as she has graced the magazines of Essence, Ebony, Black Hair Magazine, Sister 2 Sister, Hype Hair and several international magazines.

Also, check out Nina’s recent features in People Magazine and TV shows Jeff Probst Show, HLN, Inside Edition and Extra!

Page 30 | Salon World USA Feb/March 2013

“A reminder of where I’ve come from and where I’m headed.” Educational Powerhouse Nina sees her work as necessary, significant and loves to help others grow while reaching their potential. Through her YouTube channel and Facebook page, Nina focuses on inspiring and motivating others to achieve their holistic health and beauty goals through fitness tutorials and her popular ―Confessions of an Ex Fat Girl‖ series as she has lost more than 100 pounds and has maintained this weight for over six years. She is also a keynote speaker and has hosted a number of successful conferences As her brand continues to evolve, she remains true to her quest of holistic health while educating and touching as many lives as possible. In a cinch, from completing her Doctoral degree at such a young age in May of 2011 to building a business and a well-known, admired brand along the way, this modern day renaissance woman is on her way to conquering the world, or as Nina’s favorite saying states, ―Dream Big, or Not at All.‖

“Some may think I speak with a lot of force...It's not force, it's passion. It's confidence, it's surety. It's joy, pain and all that I've been through. It's the celebration of an around the way girl who has evolved into a stand-up WOMAN. This voice is only getting stronger...most of all, it's the GOD in me.”

audience with ways to stay healthy and take control of their lives, bodies, minds and souls. She works hard for her business and brand and the proof can be seen through the loyalty of her fans

Ambitious Entrepreneur As an ambitious entrepreneur and CEO mastermind, Nina’s talents have been unveiled to the world. Many of her viewers have coined her ―The Next Oprah,‖ and ―The Hardest Working Naturalista.‖ Her journey, which initially began in 2008 when she took her talents to YouTube, has now transformed into a prosperous brand in which Nina has created her own blogging site ( where you can purchase her full hair product line, which has branched out to secure various partnerships and endeavors. Furthermore, Nina became interested in expanding her brand even more through modeling.

In 2009, she won ―Ms. November Eye Candy Model‖ in St. Louis, Missouri and also participated and placed in America’s Next Natural Model Competition hosted by Overall, she is a confident individual who continues to inspire her

“Being beautiful makes you beautiful. Being beautiful AND smart makes you lethal.”

Website: Youtube: Twitter: @ButflBrwnBbyDol Facebook:

Sponsor a child and help us to increase the awareness of suicide among our youth and teens

18th Annual Celebration of Life Walk-a-thon and Rally Saturday, March 2, 2013 Someone Does Care Page 32 | Salon World USA Feb/March 2013

Originally from New York City Entrepreneur Salon Marketing Consultant Mission – Helping Salons - Spa Owners, and Stylists engage and grow their customer base using the latest Mobile Internet Marketing Techniques, Tools and Strategies

Market Your Salon Story by Marcus White

Salon World USA Feb/March 2013 | Page 33

Free Tutorial Videos Internet Marketing Tips Learn How to Make More Money with Less Effort Networking forum with other Salon, Spa Owners Updates on the latest mobile marketing tools

“Its important to be where your customer is. Approximately 90% of your clients (women), will be on Facebook. Why not be where they already are ?”

I’m originally from New York City, and I came to Atlanta back in 2006 with my family in order to write a new chapter in our lives (I know, it sounds very cliché, but it’s true). I travelled about once a month from Atlanta to NYC and teleconferenced the rest of the month For another 9 months or so, I maintained my long distance job (as an account manager for a small family owned moving company) and as a hobby, I started dappling more into this Internet Marketing ―Stuff‖. My hobby became my passion. I think I was pulled to it because of my background in MLM, where networking and list building is so critical to your success. For me, it was easier to build an online list or network, rather than go out to recruit people in person. This was when we were still on and Social Network Marketing was still a relatively new science (Facebook was just starting to really get popular). Before I actually severed ties with my prior employer, I convinced the owner that he absolutely needed a website to be competitive and get new business. He grudgingly agreed, and gave me a small budget to work with. I built the company website (using Dreamweaver), implemented a lead generation system, and purchased online advertising from relevant websites in the moving industry. Slowly we started seeing results; we were able to track sales that came in directly from the website (via special coupon codes) and integrated email blasts (to get referrals) But what really spun me around and launched me into this Mobile Marketing specialty was when my wife got her new iPhone. In the coming months after its introduction, there was a definite shift from desktop to mobile. Back in 2007, the very

fabric of the Internet changed, and most small business owners didn’t see it or feel it (and they are still trying to catch up in 2013). The Mobile Internet was here; people have this gadget in their pocket or purse that literally changed the way we do business Now let’s fast forward to 2009-10, I had been in Atlanta for a couple of years. During this time I had been doing freelance website design (now I was using SEO friendly WordPress) and social media management for local clients. In my spare time I would spend hours every day, just studying different aspects of Internet Marketing. I just loved how the Google and Facebook algorithms - techniques and marketing strategies were constantly changing and expanding. The Internet was alive and growing rapidly. It was evident that apps and mobile search were taking over. I spent a small fortune in time and money on workshops, seminars and webinars. Stephen Pierce gave a seminar in Atlanta one day and really inspired my crazed zeal for learning more about Keywords, Domain Names other Internet Marketing concepts

“You have to have a website, this is the nucleus of your Brand and all “digital breadcrumbs” should lead back to it” During this time there was also a subplot brewing in the background. My wife (who has dreadlocks, and was developing her own natural hair product) was thinking of starting her own business and asked for my help with Internet Marketing. So at the top of 2010 or so, I began teaching myself about the beauty industry; understanding it’s demographics and its customer base. But the more I dug into the business just from the point of marketing her; I also saw the efforts of her competitors as well. It became a hobby of mine to click on to a stylist’s or salon Facebook Fan Page and see if I could wind up at their website. I found that many didn’t even have websites. I did further research and started viewing spa and salon websites on my cellphone. Of the ones that did have a website…95% didn’t have a mobile optimized website. Big difference ! Most had the “old” desk top view websites or had a flash script in their banner (which doesn’t display on iPhones). So anyway, one day (early 2011) a neighbor of mine who recently moved into my complex, asked me for directions to the nearest Post Office. During that quick 5-10 minute conversation, she proudly revealed that she was the new part-owner of a local nail salon and had to send a copy of her license off to the State. Story continued next page

license off to the State. She said she just signed up for Twitter and “couldn’t even find a video on YouTube”… about how to do Twitter specifically for salon owners. I was like “Really?” So I told her 1-2 quick things and sent her off on her way. As she was about to drive off, she thanked me….then as an afterthought she laughed and said “You should put together a website or something.” That afternoon, my Salon Consultancy Business was born! I realized at that point that an alignment had taken place. I had been looking for something to focus on Something where I could utilize my passion for the Internet and my business marketing skills. I knew that I was very good at social media, email marketing, text message marketing, list building and I could build websites… but so what ? How do I use it, without being all over the place? I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I did know about the power of specialization. Finding or creating your niche and owning it. Happily, I stumbled by “accident” into the beauty industry. I found that this business group was so hands on, that the average stylist or salon owner was a little bit behind when it comes to fully utilizing all of the available Internet Tools and strategies that the Smartphone era had quickly ushered in. It was my humble opinion that I found my niche and could really be of assistance. My mom always said, “If you bring increase to others, they will usually return the favor”

“Your high-end clients are also less price sensitive, so your 30% off coupons may not work as well. Use a market leader email service provider like Aweber, ConstantContact, MadMimi or MailChimp to automate this process. ”

For more information about Salon/Spa Marketing, you can contact Mr. Gerard Fairley by visiting his website – or visit his Facebook page at – Email -

Natural Hair Journey Transitioning from Permed, Relaxed and Damaged Hair Story by Monica Dorsey

“I didn’t choose ‘natural’, natural chose me”

Now, I’m thinking my transition story is not as unique as I might think. There must be quite a few girls like me – we have pretty good hair and because of that we don’t think too much about it or take very good care of it! That used to be me: effortlessly gorgeous relaxed hair. I used to relax my hair but then over a few years, without me even realizing it, it got thinner and shorter. It looked awful! I got braids

That was another boo, boo – apparently, braids and relaxer don’t play well together, you need to choose one or the other. When I took those braids out an involuntary big chop (had) happened: all the relaxed hair at the back had fallen out. I looked like Tintin’s adopted sister. I was upset but even in that situation I was ready to go out and buy relaxer, what stopped me? My little sister. She suggested I go natural. I couldn’t for a second fathom how that would work (my hair had been relaxed since before I was 5) so she took me online and introduced me to prettydimples01 and kimmaytube’s YouTube channels. That was March 2011 and I haven’t looked back since.

I am still learning about how to keep my hair soft, moisturized and healthy looking but there is one crucial lesson I have learnt: do not take anyone’s word as gospel, even if their hair looks like yours play around to see what is best for your hair: no two heads of hair are identical. I decided to start writing natural hair blogs as more of a notebook for myself and although I started in May 2012, I only got serious in November 2012. Since then I have been writing a blog or making a hairrelated video almost every day. I have reached out to the natural community in a big way. When I decided to get serious about hair blogging I started getting the odd query from people who wanted some help with their own hair;

two to three queries a week has now turned to about 10 a day! Transitioning can be an emotional journey – many including myself have had to deal with backhanded or downright derogatory comments but in the end it’s all worth it. I feel a lot more authentic than I ever did before. The decision to go natural was made for me by poorly performing relaxed hair but the decision to stay natural has been entirely my own: I love the way I look in my afro

Heather’s Product Line-up – I've used many products: I started my natural journey with Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo and the Conditioner. I liked the smell but I couldn't get over the fact that the shampoo didn't foam up. Currently, my favorite products are LUV Naturals detangler, Kinky Curly Come Clean shampoo, LUV Naturals conditioner and both the leave-in conditioners of LUV Naturals and Kinky Curly. I moisturise with the leave-in followed by shea butter then I seal with Neno Natural's Hair Growth Stimulator.

I also massage my scalp with Neno Natural's Hair Growth Stimulator every other day to stimulate healthy hair growth Visit Heathers Blog at – and get this free ebook Salon World USA Feb/March 2013 | Page 39

“When I reached 29 I was fed up with seeing my hair slowly creeping to the nape of my neck�

Throughout my childhood and teenage years I enjoyed long and healthy hair. By the time I reached 18 I was fully committed to the press and flat ironing routine, my healthy bra strap length hair was reduced to shoulder length, thin strands which started to not even curl during my washing process. Periodically I would hear my hair in a bun until my hair grew long and then I was right back to my destructive heating regimen, this went on for 11 years. When I reached 29 I was fed up with seeing my hair slowly creeping to the nape of my neck and having lost my curls so long ago, I decided to give my hair a rest, my first protective styling attempt was a weave, this decision would have been great if I went with a full weave but I decided to leave the crown of my hair for me to style. As the year passed the hair I left out to style with my weave continued to shorten but I was happy with seeing the rest of my hair grow. By the time I reached my 31st

birthday I was getting tired of spending almost $400 to get my hair done, I decided I had enough, I noticed that the hair I left out was barely 3 inches and my stylist refused to leave the hair out, I kept the weave for another 3 months and in April 2011 I freed my hair from heat and my journey to return to the healthy long hair I once enjoyed began. I am very excited to have reached 21 months of being heat free and now having a full head of healthy curls, the uneven hair I once endured are long gone!

Amber’s Product Line-up – Shampoo: Terressentials Hair Wash (Lavender Garden) Conditioner: Homemade conditioner (mayo, honey, egg) or Conditioner: Tresemme naturals ACV rinse: ½ cup apple cider vinegar + 1 ½ cups water Oil: Homemade mixture (EVOO, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil & water) Moisturize Stlying Product: Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie

These are the products I use today – ACV rinse: ½ cup apple cider vinegar + 1 ½ cups water Shampoo: Terressentials Hair Wash (Lavender Garden) Conditioner (co wash weeks only): Tresemme naturals Sealing Moisture Oil: Homemade mixture (EVOO, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil & water) styling Product: Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter Visit Amber for more details on how to begin and maintain your natural hair at – Blog Website launching April, 2013 Facebook YouTube Channel –

“I am very excited to have reached 21 months of being heat free and now having a full head of healthy curls”

Romantic Getaways Your guide for this up-coming

Valentine’s Day by Jonathan Beckmon

Charleston, SC

For a spot that's as suited for sweet nothings as it is sweet tea, Charleston hits the mark. It's impossible not to swoon over this Southern belle, whose Boone Hall Plantation hosted the secret nuptials of Hollywood heartthrobs Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in September. But A-list glamour aside, Charleston beckons with an easy charm and laid-back vibe, as well as one of the hottest culinary scenes around—shrimp and grits are just the start. Prepare to fall as much in love with this lovely Low country metropolis as you will with your honey. Stroll hand-in-hand along the city's historic Battery district, brimming with Victorian homes and quaint shops. As the sun sets, settle in for handcrafted cocktails and fresh oysters—two sexy staples in this neck of the woods.

Romantic Get-away’s, 2013 Plan a romantic rendezvous for two on the scenic South Coast of Maine. The Cliff House Resort & Spa is located just an hour north of Boston, but you’ll feel a world away. Enjoy gourmet cuisine, pampering spa services, nearby beaches, golf and shopping. Or just sit back and relax while soaking up the views from your guestroom balcony or sipping cocktails on the terrace. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, or just celebrating each other — The Cliff House Resort & Spa is the perfect romantic retreat.

The Cliff House Resort & Spa

Cruise in New Orleans Perhaps it's the timeless sounds of jazz or the mysterious glow of centuries-old lamp lit streets that make New Orleans so desirable. It could be the rich flavors of seafood gumbo and the historic streetcars that meander up the avenues, or the mild winters and sun-filled summers that make New Orleans the perfect vacation spot-and a great place to begin and end your cruise vacation. Whether you are a foodie, a music lover or a history buff, New Orleans' diverse offerings and relaxed island vibe make for the perfect place from which to set sail.

Romantic Get-away’s, 2013 There’s a reason guests have been staying at The Grove Park Inn for one hundred years. They come for relaxation, rejuvenation and to breathe in the clean mountain air. The Inn, set atop Sunset Mountain, features guestrooms with spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and its lush Donald Ross–designed golf course. Choose one of the Inn’s oldest rooms in The Main Inn furnished with Roycroft Arts and Crafts décor. Or, opt for something larger and more modern with a room or suite located in our newer Sammons and Vanderbilt Wings, including our exclusive Club Floor.

Relax in the Mountains at Grove Park Inn

Explore Minnesota Over 20,000 miles of groomed trails beckon snowmobilers to cruise on a sled amid the sparkling scenery of Minnesota’s parks, lakes, and forests. It is easy to find resorts and hotels that welcome snowmobilers and make a home base for exploring, and to locate businesses that rent snowmobiles to guests.

Romantic Get-away’s, 2013 San Diego is a very romantic city. With its beautiful harbor, signature skyline, and sunsets on the Pacific...there is no better place to escape with the one you love. Spoil yourselves by the pool, take a cruise on the Bay, enjoy fine dining, or relax with mine-and-yours spa treatments. For a romantic getaway you won't forget, try one of our top picks for San Diego’s most romantic hotels.

Romantic San Diego

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Interview with the Doctor's Rondrick Williamson, Mr. February, 2013 and Self-Made Media Mogul, Dr. Nina "BeautifulBrwnBabyDol" Ellis-Hervey...