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“How to be independent and run your own business” Read on…


World leading sugaring expertise for 35 years


The Zahra method of hair removal With skill, the treatment removes the entire hair, re-growth is slow and the skin soft. Based on the expertise learned during the training, the skin is supported so that very little, if any, discomfort is felt. Due to the gentle nature of the method the area may be repeatedly treated, even on sensitive skin. After experiencing the Zahra method of hair removal, 98% of your clients who used to be waxed will be regular customers.

What will you spend your new income on? Experienced Zahra Practitioners are earning between £20 and £30 an hour. Add a whole range of Zahra retail products, such as Zahra Deodorant, UltiMitt, and a whole host of supporting creams, oils and washes, it all adds up to a great business. With such high rates of pay you can choose to work part-time

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around your personal circumstances or maybe you would like to work full-time and have long exotic holidays every year. The choice is yours. I know this sounds too good to be true, but would you believe that Diane said that in 1988 when £200 was worth a lot more than it is now!

I've been working for a couple of months, but the clientele builds up very quickly by word of mouth. You can easily earn £200 a week working part-time. D.G., Zahra practitioner

Modern Practitioners earn considerably more, for example Tina says: I am not happy unless I make £100 a day. That’s my average. T.G., Zahra practitioner

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Who is Zahra? Read on… -2-

Zahra - a company unlike any other Having a wonderful product and earning an enviable income is not enough. If your supplier lets you down, you let your customers down. You have to have the backing of a large international company whose sole mission is exceptional customer service. Since 1983 the Organisation has successfully trained over 1,400 practitioners world-wide. Regular communication from the company, with important news and offers, keeps you abreast of the industry. Close ties with the Department of Health and the British Medical Association, which means your technical questions are answered accurately and quickly. Practitioners have secured flexible, rewarding work, many of whom can no longer take new clients as they are completely booked. At Zahra we only support and supply Zahra Accredited Practitioners. This makes the service and products you offer completely exclusive.

Should I invest? Read on‌ An investment in a proven business At Zahra we are passionate that only the highest quality products and standards of service are acceptable - and, so that we don't stand still - we're always looking for ways to improve, even after some 19 years. For example Zahra talcum power has the smallest particle size commercially available in the world. this may sound boring, but this means it's unbelievably silky when applied and most effective in preparing the skin for treatment. As the powder passes through the selection system it's checked 21 times to ensure that only the best quality is ever available for Zahra Practitioners. To keep prices in check, we personally import this brilliant talcum powder, which means that we are able to cut out the exporter profit, the

importer profit and wholesaler profit and pass the saving directly on to you. After 248 separate tests we released our Zahra Deodorant/Anti-perspirant. This product allows clients to use an effective deodorant in that 48 hour time period after being sugared when you can't use any other deodorant. Many, many women now only use Zahra Deodorant as, like all our products, it's gentle and naturally formulated. It contains no perfume so it won't clash with proper fragrances, a real boon for your clients. We operate a total satisfaction guarantee on all our products. Should you not be completely happy with any product, simply return it for a full refund or exchange.

Who will teach me? Read on‌ -3-

How does the training work? Training is run over a minimum of an 8 week period with 2 three day intensive training sessions; these are usually run over weekends. In between training sessions you need to practise and do home study, to develop the skills you have been taught. Your Instructor is Claire Garcia, who heads the training at the Zahra Organisation and has over 9 years experience in sugaring at an examination level. She has worked with every new trainee that has qualified in the last 9 years to see them through to qualification. She is also the Senior Examiner for the Zahra Organisation and has worked with ITEC in developing the NVQ in Sugaring. Her passion for sugaring and knowing how you can make it successful with your own business will glide you through to your own success. In her own words...


Sugaring is not just about the skill, it’s your whole approach to your client and your work. If you genuinely care about your client, want to prove your skills are the best in your area, you will succeed. It’s more about you and what you want to achieve. We look at this very closely in our training program. C.G., Zahra instructor & senior examiner


Claire is on call during your training and well on into your business. She offers support and guidance as and when you need it and her main objective is to help you run your own sugaring practice professionally with loyal regular clients.

Train in the comfort of your own home with your personal instructor Alternatively, we have a fully qualified instructor who works alongside Claire who can train you at home in the comfort of your own treatment room. The benefits of this option are that you don’t need to travel or incur costs for an overnight stay. Your personal instructor will also guide you in setting up your room and finding models who become your future clients. It is a relaxed environment in which to train as you know it well (for those within a 100 mile radius of the training centre there is an additional cost of £300). If this is your preferred option, spaces are limited so please let us know as quickly as possible by completing the form at the back of this information.

What’s included? Read on… -4-

Zahra Treatment Couch x 1

Zahra Treatment Trolley x 1

Couch Roll Holder x 1

Single Wax Heater 1000cc x 2

What do I get? For your investment of ÂŁ2,495 you get an opportunity to run your own business. In effect your are buying for yourself a new income, something you can do whether you are old or young, part-time or full-time. You can work around your children or just work hours to suit you, take time off when you want, no boss to answer to. You can choose to work from home and keep your overheads low, or go for it and run your own salon whether it be in a gym or hairdressers or your very own shop. The choice is yours!! Nearly every woman in this country uses some form of hair removal, think of the population in your own town alone. With your proven skill of sugaring and

enthusiasm it’s easy to covert them into a better form of hair removal. We can show you ways to get clients and keep them loyal. With over 19 years experience we know what works and this will be some of the subjects you cover in your training. Also Included in your investment is the Zahra modular training manual, course notes, practice models and stock used in training at the centre. Lunch is provided for you on all days, with ongoing refreshments available throughout the day. You also receive loads of products to use while you are practising on your models at home while training and enough to carry on with once qualified.


It also includes your licence to practise and use the Zahra Method, Name and all the benefits of its good reputation, Public Liability Insurance for 12 months, examination and certification, Zahra uniforms, entry into the Zahra database, all necessary equipment, and stock to get set up, everything in fact to get more than all your money back. Everything you will need to build a successful practice is included, and most importantly you will have the exclusive backing of the Zahra organisation. We will help you get new customers and show you how to keep them.

The start up package includes:

Mild Bactericidal Wash 500ml x 1; 150ml x 2

Purified Witch Hazel 500ml x 1; 150ml x 2

Healing Moisturising Cream 500ml x 1; 150ml x 2

Soothing Bactericidal Liquid 500ml x 1; 150ml x 2

Tea Tree Moisturising Cream 500ml x 1; 150ml x 2

Grapeseed Enriched Oil 500ml x 1; 150ml x 2

Tub 560 Levertex Wipes

Talc 700g x 2

Tea Tree Bactericidal Wash 500ml x 1; 150ml x 2

Talc Shaker x 1

Body Mitts x 2

Medic Clipper Spray 200ml x 1

Sugaring Pallettes x 6

Pack of 100 Sugar Strips x 6

Pair of Tweezers x 2

Zahra Sugar Safe Deodorant 50ml x 2 -6-

Mirror x 1

Pure Tea Tree Oil 11.5ml x 2

Multi Surface Cleaner x 1

Multi Surface Cleaner Trigger Spray x 1

Pump Dispenser x 8

Zahra Travel Treatment Paste x 2

Appointment Book x 1

Economy Couch Roll x 1 Premium Couch Roll x 1

Deluxe Eyebrow Brush x 1

Hand Sanitising Gel 250m x 1

Pack of 500 Cotton Wool Pads x 1

Water Bottle x 1

Appointment Cards x 100

Headband x 2


Pot of Soft Treatment Paste 1.4 kilo x 10 Pot of Firm Treatment Paste 1.4 kilo x 2 Plastic Protector Pillowcase x 1 Plastic Protector Sheet Lightweight x 1 Plastic Protector Sheet Heavyweight x 1

Pair of Scissors x 1

Pack of 100 Spatulas x 1

Pack of 40 Eyebrow Sticks x 1

Training Manual

Bath Towel x 3

Zahra 2011© NN9



Training Manual x 1

also… £2,000,000 Public Liability Insurance x 1 Pack of Zahra Record Cards x 1 Uniform x 1 Laminated Retail Price List Poster x 1

Jug Kettle x 1 Zahra A - Z Guide Cards Business Cards x 50 Zahra Record Card Box x 1 Tabard x 1 Sweatshirt x 1 Price Lists (available on qualification) x 100

After Care Leaflets x 200 Information Leaflets x 200

All of the above is despatched to you prior to you starting your training. You can organise your room and familiarise yourself with your products and equipment and check all uniforms fit comfortably. You can even have a sneak preview at the Zahra Manual. If you think back, potential earnings from 1 kilo pot of treatment paste is £100. Today you get 1.4 kilos to a pot, money you can expect about £140. You have 12 in this kit.


You can start this year - no need to wait The first module of your training course will be mutually agreed between yourself and the trainer. Thereafter, you have a break to study and practise. By this stage you will be feeling more confident and sure about your treatments and realising your potential. A break is taken so you can prepare for your final two days and enjoy your new skills. We finalise your training and qualification on the dates you have agreed. The work you do here is assessed throughout the two days and counts towards your final grade. A small written, practical and oral assessment finalises your qualification. There is a possible grade of Pass, Merit or Distinction. This weekend calls for celebration because you are now ready to go home and start earning the income you deserve. What a great start to the New Year - a new business with you leading the way. And just in time for the summer rush.

So, what next? Read on‌ -9-

Getting started With any decision you make with your life’s future it should be taken seriously. We at Zahra are not in the business of just taking your money and hoping for the best.

• In between your intensive training sessions, you will need to practise on models and friends. Are these available to you? If not start networking now.

This training requires commitment and dedication. At the end of it you will be a Zahra Accredited Practitioner and carry our reputation on your shoulders. If you let us down we let all the other Zahra Practitioners down. Therefore, we have to know if you are right for us and very importantly if we are right for you.

• You need a private professional environment to practise from. Is this available to you? If not, can you convert a bedroom, garage, conservatory, summer house or even speak to a local gym or hairdressers who have a spare room.

We will give you 100% commitment and in return we ask that you do the same.

• There will be points of theory to learn. Have you got the time and inclination to do this? And be honest with yourself.

Think about… Running your own business means you are in charge. This is a wonderful thought, but stop and think for a minute. You are ultimately responsible for your own self motivation and for your own actions. • The amount of effort you put in is what you will get out of it. We can put you in the right direction and offer you advice on what to do, but unless you do it, it’s not going to happen.

• How do you feel about working on the human body? To start with this can be a bit daunting, but are you confident that it is something you can deal with? Finally we are more than proud to say that becoming a Zahra Practitioner has provided a genuine means of financial independence for over 1,800 individuals worldwide. You could be next.

• For a while you will be working very hard but not actually earning any money until qualified. Do you have the support of your family? If not, can you do it without this?

How do I let you know? Read on… - 10 -

Keep for your records

Application Form zahra

To help us and help you‌ Before we take on any new practitioners we need to know more about you. These questions also help you think through this in more detail. A right answer is an honest one from the heart.

Name Address

Postcode Telephone No.


Email Qualifications Marital status

No. of dependants

Do you work full-time, part-time or not at all? Have you any previous experiences of sugaring or the beauty industry?

How did you hear about Zahra?

How long have you been interested in becoming a Zahra Practitioner?

Why do you want to become a Zahra Practitioner?

- 11 -

Driving licence? YES



Keep for your records

Application Form continued.


What motivates you to work for yourself?

How do you plan to fit in your training?

Have you worked with the general public before? If yes, tell us more

How would you make a stranger feel relaxed?

- 12 -

Keep for your records

Application Form continued.


Do you have any potential clients? If yes, who are they and how do they know about sugaring?

What are you expecting to earn on a yearly basis?

What is your opinion of working on your own?

I would prefer to be trained in my own treatment room with my personal instructor



What happens now? Read on‌ - 13 -



- 14 -

Finally… So you’ve decided this is right for you. Return the application form to us today. We will evaluate your application and let you know if you qualify to become a Zahra Accredited Practitioner. Should you be accepted we will organise for an enrolment form to be sent to you immediately. Once received please return with payment so we can secure you a place on the course and organise for your training kit and equipment to be dispatched. We wish you every success and look forward to hearing from you and, more so, working with you.

Adelphi Corporation Limited (home to Zahra products and training) Waterside House, Nene Park Business Centre, Station Road, Irthlingborough, Northants NN9 5QF Telephone: 0800 0181 171 Fax: 01933 410033 Registered address: Waterside House, Nene Park Business Centre, Station Road, Irthlingborough, Northants NN9 5QF

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