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foreword Chubb Insurance is delighted to once again support Salon Privé for the sixth year as the Concours d’Elégance sponsor. Salon Privé is, without question, one of the most exclusive occasions in the motoring calendar and, as a leading insurer of the oldest classics to the rarest supercars, it is the perfect event for us to sponsor. We know that all cars are not created equal – and neither are Concours events. Salon Privé is a quintessentially English affair with a stunning setting, glorious vehicles and wonderful hospitality - all offered to you and your guests. Whether you be an avid collector of classics, drive a supercar or just simply admire these beautiful machines, there will be something for everyone at the 2014 Salon Privé. What could be more pleasurable than savouring the elegance of a classic Ferrari, whilst sipping Pommery champagne? Over the past years, we have been delighted that many Chubb clients have entered the Concours competition (several with great success) and we’ll be encouraging more to enter in 2014. As always, the Salon Privé team will ensure that entering a car or bike into the event will be effortless. Salon Privé will give you and your guests an exceptional experience, so we do hope that you’ll join us for a most memorable day. Simon Mobe y European Personal Insurance Manager



welcome Now uttered in the same breath as Villa d’Este and Pebble Beach, The Chubb Insurance Concours d’Elégance at Salon Privé is the most established, prestigious and significant of all true Concours events in the UK. Every September, our three day spectacular attracts collectors, owners and enthusiasts from all over the world to marvel at the vehicles we are so proud to display. It is a serious competition prompting our entrants to fully prepare and authenticate their historic vehicles in readiness for entry. Only after our selection committee has ratified the history and information provided are vehicles accepted. On the day of judging, a comprehensive points system operates to score vehicles correctly, not only on their elegance and style, but also on their originality, authenticity and heritage. As the judges themselves are all internationally renowned automotive professionals, historians or journalists, their specific knowledge of key marques and experience in judging qualifies them enough; of course, they also bring boundless enthusiasm when adjudicating over the priceless array of rare motor vehicles. With daily classic car parades, impeccable hospitality, an enthusiastic crowd and an overall feeling of elegance, style and authenticity, Salon Privé is far more than a motor show and Concours d’Elégance. We are a wonderful social occasion to strengthen and forge friendships amongst the finest machines on the planet; a garden party to rival the very best.

The Salo n Pr iv é Te am


Class A Winner: 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Tourer

Class B Winner: 1978 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Class C Winner: 1975 Lamborghini Countach LP400

Class D and ‘Most Sensitive Restoration’ Winner: 1963 Jaguar E-Type Lindner Nocker

Class E Winner: 1974 Ducati 750 SS

Class F and ‘Most OTT’ Winner: 2013 Flying Millyard Board Racer

Class G and ‘Most Elegant Design’ Winner: 1954 Bentley R Type Continental Fast Back

Class I and ‘Best Interior’ Winner: 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

Class J Winner: 1970 Ferrari 246 Dino GT Series II

Class K Winner: 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.8 RSR

‘Most Original Pre-War’ Winner: 1932 Aston Martin Le Mans

‘Most Exciting Design’ Winner: 1972 Lamborghini Miura 400 SV

‘Most Creative Design’ Winner: 1946 Tatra T87

‘Most Original Post-War’ Winner: 1956 Mercedes-Benz 300Sc

‘Most Iconic’: 1964 Porsche 901

05 ‘Most Original’ Winner: 1926 Ariel Model B

programme* Tuesday 2nd September C H U BB I N SU RAN C E TO U R D’ ELÉG AN CE: 8 .3 0 AM – 5 .0 0 PM Drive from The Royal Automobile Club (Woodcote Park, Epsom) to Salon Privé. Registration and positioning of Concours entrants on the lawn at Syon House. Open to all Concours

Class H and ‘Best of Show’ Winner: 1959 Ferrari 250 California Spyder LWB

entrants; exceptions are made for owners of classic or rare cars. Tour ≈ 50 miles.

Wednesday 3rd September C H U BB I N SU RAN C E C ONC OU RS D’ ELÉGANCE JUDGING DAY: 1 0 . 00AM – 7 . 00PM • Formal Judging Parade for all vehicles (AM) • Official Judging of all vehicles (PM) • Awards Presentation & Winners’ Lap of Honour (PM)

Thursday 4th September B o od l e s L a dies’ Day: 11. 00am – 5. 0 0 pm • ‘Best Dressed Lady’ Parade & Prize-giving • RCA ‘Concours of the Future’ Judging & Awards

People’s Choice Award – Classic Car Winner: 1933 Jaguar SS1

Friday 5th September Au d e m a r s Piguet S upercar S ho w: 1 1 .0 0 a m – 5 .0 0 pm • Supercar Parade Dis m a n t l e : 5.30pm – 7.30pm Concours Entrants & Vehicles to leave the event

* This programme is provisional

06 People’s Choice Award – Concept Car Winner: Ford Evos

The Historic Brooklands Banking

Mercedes-Benz World

11 The Royal Automobile Club, Woodcote Park

Tour d’elégance* The 2013 Salon Privé Tour d’Elégance set off from The Royal Automobile Club at Woodcote Park to mark the grand opening of the 8th Salon Privé. Before breakfast, 50 stunning classic cars, most of which were entered into the Concours d’Elégance, were parked around the beautiful fountain before embarking on a 35 mile tour via Mercedes-Benz World and the famous Brooklands Museum, then finally travelling to Salon Privé, Syon Park. Later that same evening the participants enjoyed a champagne reception and three course dinner before being regaled with stories by David Piper and Derek Bell MBE. Tue s d ay 2 n d Septemb er 2014

We are inviting participants to: • Arrive early at the Royal Automobile Club to take breakfast and meet the other

participants, their guests and vehicles.

• Depart mid-morning for a drive into the countryside which stops at specially chosen

places of interest for lunch and refreshments before carrying on to Syon House.

Check into the on-site Hilton Hotel at Syon Park with a couple of hours to relax in the

spa or take a walk around the gardens before dinner.

* This tour programme is subject to change


entry package We have put together a Concours entry package which is summarised briefly below: • Tour d’Elégance Entry (including entry and activities for all points of interest as well as breakfast, lunch and refreshments throughout the day for the driver and their guest) • 6 Salon Privé daytime tickets valid for the entire event (for the owner and their guest). There will also be exceptional discounts offered for further daytime purchases. • Accommodation (room for 2 people) for the night of the 2nd September 2014 at the Hilton Hotel. • Complimentary on-site detailing service by Swissvax For












where you will find the additional ticket

prices and associated discounts available only to Concours entrants. Payment for your Concours entry package can be made either by credit card or by cheque to Performance Events Limited. This is only due once your vehicle has been accepted, not before.


how to enter T H E DEADL I NE F OR RE G IS TRATION F ORMS TO BE RECEIVED IS FRIDAY 7 TH MARCH 2 0 1 4 To enter a historic car or motorcycle into the 2014 Concours d’Elégance please complete a ‘Potential

Entrant Registration Form’ which you will find on our website. When prompted to submit photographs, please provide the following: 1 x Front, 1 x Back, 1 x 3/4 Profile, 1 x Interior and 1 x Side-view shot. Studio / professional shots are preferable but in case these cannot be provided, please ensure a clear backdrop with no other vehicles in the photograph. You may submit as many potential entries as you like providing each is entered using a separate form. At this stage you may i) also indicate whether you will be driving your Concours car in the Tour or another classic vehicle, and ii) whether you wish our official detailing partner, Swissvax, to care for your vehicle during the three days at Syon House. This complimentary service can include everything from making sure the vehicle is dust-free, to handling the vehicles’ covers when appropriate. If you do not have online access, please contact

David Hayhow on 01753 827 632 to obtain a hardcopy of the ‘Potential Entrant Registration Form’.

Our Selection Committee will assess all potential entries by undertaking appropriate investigative work and research on your vehicle’s history and data. You will then be informed of its suitability for the 2014 Concours by letter before 7th April 2014. If successful, this will allow you sufficient time to prepare your vehicle and organise your own diary. Please note that you must be able to comply with the 4 principle obligations of entry listed below before completing your ‘Potential Entrant Registration Form’. A full list of obligations will be distributed in your entry pack upon acceptance of your vehicle. •

Vehicles must be delivered on Tuesday 2nd September either by joining the Tour d’Elégance or by separate arrival directly to Syon House

Vehicles must not be removed before 5.00pm on Friday 5th September and must be picked up that same evening before 7.30pm without fail

Vehicles must participate in the formal Concours Parade on Wednesday 3rd September

• Your vehicle will NOT be judged on Wednesday 3rd September without you or your representative present 


testimonials ‘The event and the cars were spectacular - Hope to enter my car next year’. Alex Senft - Guest ‘Great people, great cars and, as always, all of it delivered with a smile and an extremely helpful attitude makes it a must do event’. Pascal Maeter - Concours Entrant

‘Thanks for being so helpful and putting on a first class event’. Allen Millyard - Concours Entrant ‘Thanks for a great event - very well organised as usual, and thoroughly enjoyable!’ Mike Jopp - Concours Entrant

‘Both the car and Hannah enjoyed themselves enormously (as did I).’ Adrian Berry - Concours Entrant ‘A big thanks for a great event. We really enjoyed the whole week’. Tony Best - Concours Entrant

‘We had a wonderful time last week, Cindy and I loved the tour, and the entire event was simply brilliant.’ Allan Fuller - Concours Entrant ‘We think you do a fantastic job and can honestly say that anyone who has even the slightest interest in cars will have found plenty at Salon Prive to enjoy. The quality of the catering was superb as were all the other facilities and frankly we struggle to think of any improvements.’ Sarah Allen - Concours Entrant

‘Padma and I had a fantastic time and we both feel that this was the best event we ever attended with one of our classic cars.’ Jurgen Wilms - Concours Entrant ‘Almost everyone we spoke to throughout the event commented on how wonderful you all are and how much effort you make to ensure everyone is having fun.’ Chris Lee - Guest


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Front & back cover shot courtesy of Michael Ward

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2013 Best of Show: 1959 Ferrari 250 California Spyder LWB

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