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“Everyone- from industry star to brand new student – will be a platform artist, on the world’s largest stage, because everyone has something to share!”

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The Future of the Beauty Industry Create an Industry Specific Profile Today!

TM was created by Beauty Industry Entrepreneur, Salon Owner, and Hairdresser Arthur DiGiacomo, as a video content media site and beauty industry social networking community. Along the lines of many other popular social networks, profiles can be created and used as marketing, branding, and networking vehicles. Every profile created on the site is very specific to all the category segments of the beauty industry.


is a media site, and beauty industry specific social community used to unite the beauty industry for the purpose of communication, networking, education, and information.� -Art

Artists - Salons - Students - Beauty Schools - Manufacturers - Distributors Organizations and Media profiles are very in depth and specific to that segment of the Beauty Industry. Created to unite the entire industry and promote values, integrity and professionalism, TM is the stage and platform for all valued and inspiring contributors to the beauty industry who deserve to be showcased. With the future of branding, marketing, advertising on the internet, and the greening of the Planet, we have seen and can expect print advertising to drastically decline in the near future, TM thereby increasing use of industry specific social sites like as potential networking, marketing, branding, and advertising mediums. Along with the ability to create your industry specific profile, there are many other facets to TM . You can write and publish articles, add awards, promote products, deliver information to the world, and upload marketing videos and pictures. Artists post your Collections - Salons post your Services - Manufacturers and Distributors add your Products Organizations keep people Informed, and Consumers stay connected with your Stylist and or your Salon. We invite you to join in the excitement! Create your FREE attention grabbing profile and network with those you have something in common with. Network with people with the same passion and talent to create and be a part of what is one of the largest most exciting industries TM in the world: The Beauty Industry! is for us! The stage and platform for the entire Beauty Industry. A media site and beauty industry specific social community used to unite the beauty industry for the purpose of communicating, networking, education, and information. Advertise and brand your company and network with a demographic that is important to your success.

“Come Grow With Us� SALONGALAXY.COM, the fastest growing media & social member-based site, is dedicated to making your advertising campaign a successful one. Advertise and brand your company to a demographic that is specific to the Beauty Industry. Let us help you to create the perfect advertising campaign for your company. You will have many options to choose from, including Banner Ads, Featured Videos, Video Intro Ads, Email Blasts, and much, much more! 1526 Anne Drive West Chester, Pa 19380 (610)506-8159

Members add a Resume to a Profile! Add Videos and Pictures!

Add a Video Resume also!

Add an Events & Seminar’s Add Articles and Press Releases! 1526 Anne Drive West Chester, Pa 19380 (610)506-8159

Target Audience - Industry Specific Profiles:

Salon Profile

 Salon  Artist (stylist, colorist, manicurist, photographer, model etc)  Student  Manufacturer  Organization  School  General: Clients

Artist Profile

Add an Event

My Events

…and the Profiles belong to: Industry Professional Type:

Artists (stylist, colorist, manicurist,


photographer, model etc)

Salon Owners Manufacturers Distributors Organizations/Media Schools Students Consumers Male 19%

22% 5% 3% 3% 3% 9% 13%

Female 44% The other 36% are Organizations or Businesses.

Age Group:

18 - 25 26 - 35 36 - 45 46 - 55 55+

24% 28% 23% 10% 14%

Networking: Posting Video Adding Images Posting Articles Adding Events Salon Directory School Directory

50% 70% 38% 60% 300,000 + 9,000

…and the Traffic Social Networking One of the main values of social networking sites is SEO (search engine optimization). The more sites that include your name and link back to your web site or blog, the higher your profile raises in search engines, where more and more of your customers are likely to find you. The many Industry contributors on increase your SEO

Unique visitors:

Traffic: Launched in May 2008, SG in under two years is currently getting 300,000 page hits per month. This is the most important factor because it directly impacts the visibility and effectiveness of your advertising over time. And it shows the incredible growth available.

2009 – 1,972,336 2010 – 944,181 (1st QTR) Information Visitor Traffic - This is the most important factor

A unique visitor is a host that logged in and has because it directly impacts the visibility and effectiveness of made at least 1 hit of a web site during a specific your ad Crucial for ad buyers looking for more brand period, if this user makes several visits, is counted 2009 –exposure. 1,972,336 only once. of Ad on a site - Ads placed above the fold are 2010 –Position 844,181 (1st

2009 – 107,336


January 2010 – 8,460 February 2010 – 9,048 March 2010 – 11,907 does not require visitors to join the site to view content, and ads. Securing more page hits.

generally more attractive and valuable to those who are looking for traffic/exposure.

Website niche - Websites in specific industries that suite an advertisers needs, generally create higher Returns on Investment (ROI).

Size & Type of Ad - Is your ad rich media (video/animation) ad or is it a static ad (banners and text links)? What size ad? This factor concerns ad visibility and can influence results.

NOTE: Personal blogs or websites about obscure topics do not usually attract high paying advertisers unless they command strong traffic. Stay Specific to your needs.

Video: “On The Scene” segment is your path to getting your message out in video format. Let us cover your events and Feature them in “On The Scene” on! ” featuring Amy Michleb and Art DiGiacomo, Interviews with some of the industry’s most prestigious icons,


Photographer: Add’s exclusive award winning beauty industry photographer’s shooting your images, along side of the video coverage. Any of our award winning photographer’s can be brought in without video content. 1526 Anne Drive West Chester, Pa 19380 (610)506-8159

“On the Scene”


Artists Interviewed Vivienne Mackinder, Robert Cromeans )(Paul Mitchell), NAHA 2009 Contestants, BABAK, Nick Arrojo, Martin Parsons, Elan Sassoon, Orlando Pita, Christopher & Sonya Dove, Woody & Amy Michleb, Stephen Moody (Sassoon), Patrick McIvor (Matrix), Ammon Carver (Matrix), Nick Stenson (Matrix), Sue Pemberton & Damien Carney (JOICO), Edwin Johnston , John Simpson (Goldwell), Tabatha (name show), and many more.

Have SALONGALAXY.COM “On The Scene”© at your next:          

Trade Show Press Conference Photo Shoot Fashion Show Grand Opening Charity Event Educational Seminar’s Product Launch Company Launch And more…

Company Coverage:

Redken, Scruples, Matrix, Vavoom, P&G Professionals, Enzo Milano,

Farouk, Joico, Rusk, SO.CAP. USA, MORROCANOIL, Metropolis Technology, Great Lengths, White Sands, Cinderella Hair, Professional Beauty Association (Brad Masterson).

‌On Line Promotional Advertising 1526 Anne Drive West Chester, Pa 19380 (610)506-8159

"A Picture is Worth More Than a Thousand Words" Photos Shoots, Events, Trade Shows and Magazine Publications....'s™ "Picture Gallery" is a stage for the artwork of the Beauty Industry Professionals. “ The eye of a skilled photographer in the beauty business can translate the work of a stylist into fine art and create communication amongst the masses. A truly gifted photographer gives us the ability to eradicate time and feel as if we were there for the event.

No other Beauty Site does it better than SALONGALAXY

Our photographers capture the moments and let us feel as if we were part of the creations. They depict the world of beauty in such a way that they transcend into an art form worthy of a museum. is the definition… …We Got You Covered From All Angles!

“On The Scene” Video Brings Your Message To Life! Innovation and change being the primary ingredient in the Beauty Industry, it is no wonder that the video segments on’s “On The Scene”© is fast becoming the favorite among professionals. The first and only media site and beauty industry specific social community to take a firsthand look into the behind the scenes world of the beauty industry online, has become the number one choice of the industry for their photo shoots, events, shows, and grand openings.

Host and founder Arthur DiGiacomo has discovered the audience, and the audience has discovered

The “On The Scene”© coverage by Art DiGiacomo and Amy Michleb (Shear Genius finalist)has the entire industry buzzing, and Thewanting processmore. has started and the future of online video, with the interactivity and ability of creating a dynamic personal experience for creative artists, manufacturers, members and viewers is the order of change that the Beauty Industry is in need of. has brought the future of video in our industry to you!

The Message Join the Dazzling Brilliance and Alluring Energy of – “Get Featured” Have your event, SG Video-mercialed, which will be FEATURED as part of the shoot. Unlimited exposure, and SEO on the Web, and Manufacture's, and Distributors, Feature your company products, event, video, article, press release, product, social profile...

Email Blast Dedicated Sponsor Email Newsletters: Includes a banner or news release to thousands of industry professionals in one of the upcoming newsletters. Redirect to your website or promotional pages. newsletters are like no other in the beauty industry. Creating interest thru “On The Scene” video trade show, and event interviews and news. $550.00 per emails blast – minimum of 12,000 -17% opens

Banner Ads

Image ads Leaderboard (728 x 90) – $495.00 per mo.

S k y s c r a p e r

Banner (120 x240) - $400.00 per mo. Skyscraper (120x600) - $650.00 per mo. Wide Skyscraper (160x600) - $550.00 per mo. Small Square (200 x 200) - $375.00 per mo. (Home Page) Large Square (250 x 250) - $525.00 per mo. (Home Page) Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) – $425.00 per mo. (Home Page) Large Rectangle (336 x 280) $565.00 per mo. (Home Page) Event Banner – $950.00 per mo. (view NAHA HP)

1 2 0 x 6 0 0

Event Banner 468 x80

Leaderboard 728 x 90 Medium rectangle 300 x 250 Square 250 x 250 Square 200 x 200

Except where noted - Banners are on a rotating basis, throughout the entire site. Home Page banners are available upon request.

- Video Shoot - Video Shoot Costs Available upon request - must include Travel (Hotel + Airfare) Domestic Video shoots will be edited and Featured one video will be Featured on 4 weeks per year. Studio Costs paid by Client

- Photography Shoot Costs Available upon request of proposal - include Travel (Hotel + Airfare) Domestic Studio Costs and Post production could be extra.

- Video Intro Advertising $350.00 – Supplied by Client - 15 second promo before start of video

- EMAIL Blast $550.00 per blast minimum 12,000 with a 17% open rate

Coming Soon - all new site design (with link back’s links to facebook and twitter)

Information email Art -

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Fill in Form and return, or email electronic copy to 2. Sign Where Indicated. Print Page. 3. Submit by Fax to 484-581-2250 Attention: Arthur DiGiacomo Pay by check, please submit to: 1526 Anne Drive West Chester, PA. 19380 Attention: Arthur DiGiacomo 610-506-8159

Company Name: Telephone: Email: Authorized Amount: Credit Card: MasterCard Visa Amex Card Number: Cardholder Name: Expiration Date:


Contact /Signature: Date: The above Cardholder / signer agrees that they have the authority to contract to all terms and conditions set forth in this proposal including any recurring charges detailed in the terms, but not specified in the authorized amount.

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All prices are net. First-time advertisers may be required to pre-pay. Rates are subject to change at any time. ROS (run of site) – Ads appear on a random rotation throughout the site. Email sponsorships – Ad unit will display for all available impressions for the specified placement. Impression levels vary according to user base, transaction activity and seasonality. All creatives must be submitted five business days before start of campaign. Media Magazine Media Magazine Media Magazine