Salon Magazine, Summer 2020

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Luis Pacheco

Medulla & Co, Toronto In Ontario, many salons were closed for more than three months. While there was a lot of initial uncertainty regarding how long the closures would last, no one could have guessed it would be late June before many would begin reopening their doors. During their salon’s closure, Pacheco (@luiscolourist) and his team decided to make a powerful statement on Instagram with their video, #WaitforUs, in which they asked people to wait for their hairstylists and avoid the urge to colour or cut their hair at home. “Being away from the salon, you can feel disconnected,” he says, “so I wanted to connect us as a team virtually and send a message to our clients that let them know we understood it was a scary time for everyone. The message was, ‘You’re thinking about us and we’re thinking about you, too.’” The idea began when clients started reaching out to inquire about purchasing professional colour kits. While some salons offered these during their closures, the Medulla & Co. team decided against it, opting to band together in a video as a way to help ease their clients’ concerns while also supporting the professional hair community. “We’re in a situation where we’ve lost a lot of control. Our ability to control the things that we do and the way we look has significantly changed and that can cause people to go into panic mode, which is what I saw happening,” he says. “We wanted to look

after our clients as much as we could, and help them not feel abandoned during this time of crisis. It’s so important that we all stand in solidarity.” To create the video, 20 members of his team submitted clips sharing heartfelt messages and words of encouragement that Pacheco edited together to create one cohesive and unified message. “From a visual perspective, I wanted it all to mesh together. I sent them all a guideline but told them to feel free to put in their own identity, which made it really difficult to edit. For so many of them, I could have used their whole monologue,” he says. “Putting it together was the emotional part. It all worked because I saw my team come together in a time when we needed to come together. I was so proud of them.”

Paulina and Samantha Truong

as offering private at-home or in-salon services during the pandemic’s stay-athome orders. Making a bold statement on their Instagram page (@bluegeminihairstudio), the team posted two graphics: Why We Don’t Send Clients Hair Colour? and Why We Don’t Do Private Service in Salon or at Home? “We wanted to stand behind our profession,” says Samantha. “When [the pandemic] is over, you will have to work extra hard to rebuild your business and not just try to get clients back in the door. You have to protect the industry.” After seeing a slew of salons across North America offering root touch-up kits, it motivated the Truongs to begin promoting root touch-

ups sprays as an alternative. “We understand that clients were anxious to get their roots done but we want those clients to come back to the salon [for these services],” says Paulina. As for the post about not offering private at-home or insalon services, the motivation came from their team. After receiving messages and requests from clients to offer these services, the salon didn’t think twice about posting in support of their team’s and clients’ health. “We were proud that our stylists stepped up to say no,” says Samantha. “They didn’t want to risk [the health of] clients, themselves and their families. It defeats the purpose of why salons closed in the first place.” While their salon has now reopened, it’s still not quite business as usual. “It’s probably going to take a good half a year to reorganize the flow of the salon again,” says Samantha. Paulina adds that it’s a good opportunity for their team to think about how they want to run the business differently and look at ways to improve it. “We always want to do better, so it’s going to give us an opportunity to evolve. A situation like this can teach you patience and help you come back to the salon with a fresh perspective.”

Blue Gemini Hair Studio, Edmonton, Alta.

After hearing concerns about COVID-19 from their team and clients, sibling powerhouse Paulina and Samantha Truong decided to close their salon a week before the provincial mandate. Being ahead of the curve, the Truongs took to social media to stand up for the hair community and speak out against selling professional colour kits to clients, as well / Summer 2020 61