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How Chef Sal Energizes with Alkaline Water The sight is strange - a 73 year-old man with tan skin, ripped muscles, and black hair. Though he has lived in America for over forty years, he still has a distinctly European voice. He grew up in Amsterdam during the tragedies of World War II, losing his parents at the young age of two. Exiled to a farm, he fell in love with the fresh fruits, vegetables, and well water. Ever since, he has not been interested in just “health food,” but the highest quality nutrition available. Chef Salomon Montezinos is convinced he has found it. The recipes he prepares are not only “raw,” but also “alkaline.” In fact, he pioneered the combination. The latter movement has been more influential - offering him optimally-nutritious food and the highest-quality water. It has allowed him to perform up to four hours of the following exercises - weightlifting, biking, running, performing yoga, and ... here is where it gets interesting ... swimming. Not only can he swim a mile-plus in the pool, often after other exercises, but he does so only in alkalized water. He does not bathe in unfiltered tap water either, which he also alkalizes with a filter. Chef Sal implores that if he cannot drink it, he will not put his body in it. Gone are his days as a young boy playing in a dirty farm lake. Indeed, alkaline water is found throughout Chef Sal’s house. After exiting the pool, he often re-energizes with alkaline water from the custominstalled machine in his fridge. He appreciates too well the extra kick of energy it gives. As strange a sight a 73-year old man swimming for an hour is, 12+ hours of professional work is even stranger. Yet, that is precisely what he did when working on his “Raw Alkaline” recipes. He credits his alkaline water system for keeping his body energized and his passion piqued; after all, the body is 60 percent water and the brain contains 70. Overall, Chef Sal’s life is pretty abnormal. Yet, this is the new paradigm of health today - passion, productivity, physical fitness, and a body to enjoy life well past the age of seventy. It is a lifestyle that profoundly rejects the status quo of acidic foods, contaminated water, and more than we have space to name.

Chef Sal is proof that the “alkaline” lifestyle, and especially alkaline water, is not the latest marketing gimmick. Market growth is explosive in this industry because people are achieving results. As more people let go of conventional health paradigms, stubborn as they are, alkaline water systems will continue to grow in popularity. Chef Salomon “Flavor” Montezinos is committed to advancing both the “Raw Foods” and “Alkaline Diet” movements. For free videos and articles, as well as information on Chef Sal’s book, “Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine: One Chef’s Journey,” please go to

How Chef Sal Energises with Alkaline Water  

Learn how Chef Sal Energises with Alkaline Water, to keep himself in top health at age 73! Chef Salomon “Flavor” Montezinos is committed to...