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When you think of the perfect golf swing, which player comes to mind? Some would probably say Tiger Woods, while others might bring up names like Hogan or Jones. The golf swing of Tiger Woods is the result of a ton of natural talent, a lot of work, and the schooling of some of the world's best swing coaches. No matter who you think of when you envision the perfect golf swing, there are things that just about all of them have in common. Each of these players has a natural ability to strike a golf ball with power and precision. Clubhead Speed If you listen to the golf analysts talk about a perfect golf swing, you will hear the term, "clubhead speed" time and time again. Golfers have different ways that they go about generating power. For Tiger Woods, power comes from tremendous physical strength as well as excellent shoulder rotation. For some guys, generating clubhead speed is all about the hips. Whatever the case, the perfect golf swing must have an element of clubhead speed. Without that, there is no chance of generating any power at the point of contact. Balance All of the great golfers will tell you that the perfect golf swing must be a balanced golf swing. Without balance, a golfer cannot generate the power necessary to hit it long and they have no chance of hitting the ball straight. A balanced player will have a chance to repeat his swing motion each time he hits the ball, while an off-balance player will always play with a level of inconsistency. If you aspire to the perfect golf swing, then you must take steps to keep your entire body on balance from the beginning of the golf swing all the way through the end. Follow Through The perfect golf swing is not complete without a good follow through. All of the great players finish high and they have the same follow through on all of their swings. One exception to this is Tiger Woods, who sometimes cuts off his follow through when he is trying to hit the golf ball on a low plane. Other than for that purpose, Woods and all of the other masters of the perfect golf swing have high, consistent follow through motions. This helps those players stay through their swing and it helps them generate the spin necessary to conquer some of today's difficult courses.

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==== ==== Free Tips and Video's ~ The Simple Golf Swing ==== ====

Golf Swing Drills to Help Develop the Perfect Golf Swing  

Free Tips and Video's ~ The Simple Golf Swing

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