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New! Helmi Nieminen Palo Scholarships The family of Helmi Nieminen Palo, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, will launch a generous $375 annual scholarship to two 7–11 year-old one-week villagers Helmi Nieminen this summer. (See page 3 for a description.) All 7–11-year-olds, whether registered or still to register, are eligible to follow the instructions and apply for one of the scholarships. Helmi’s daughter, Peggy Boyles writes this about her mother: “Helmi Sigrid Nieminen, was born on September 30, 1914, in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents, Oscar and Tilda Makitalo Nieminen, were immigrants from Finland. Helmi was very proud of her Finnish heritage, spoke Finnish fluently and maintained contact with family members in Finland. She cherished everything Finnish. Her home was filled with the aroma of Finnish pulla baking in the oven every weekend and with her stories of growing up in a Finnish community. It would be a great legacy to her to know that she was supporting two young children each year in discovering the roots of their Finnish heritage.”


Two Estate Gifts Total $300,000 By Joanne Bergman, President During 2011, friends of Salolampi, the late Elsie Kalionen and the late Irja Lindgren, each left bequests of $150,000 to the Salolampi Foundation endowments. Members of the Salolampi Foundation are enormously grateful for these gifts, which allowed us to add significant sums to the Foundation investment portfolio and allowed us to award record levels of scholarship assistance to young villagers. As a result of these and all 2011 donations so generously directed to Salolampi, the current Foundation budget finds us more comfortably in the black as we focus on the needs and programs of summer 2012.

The men of Lappi cabin assume the standard serious Finnish pose for men.

In the library.


Salolampi serves all ages—happily.

Amy Tervola Hultberg, husband Adam, and daughter Heta.

Adult Week Dean Susan Harstad Terve, kaikki – my name is Susan (Susanna) Harstad, and I am excited to take on my new role as Salolampi's Director of Adult Programs and Family Fun Weekend, a position formerly held by Larry (Lauri) Saukko. I was a villager and credit villager at Salolampi from 1987–89, have worked on Salolampi's summer staff in many different roles since 1990 and have instructed during Salolampi adult weeks and Family Fun Weekends. My interest in Finnish language and culture which began at Salolampi has shaped my life. To earn a Masters Degree in Art History (University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota) I wrote my final paper on the work of three Finnish women artists. Those of you I have met know that I'm a fan of Finnish art, music and films, the Finnish brand Marimekko, and the lawn game mölkky. I am also Salolampi's self-proclaimed queen of birch bark (tuohikuningatar). Salolampi villagers who attend year after year end up becoming lifelong friends with staff members, cabin mates or classmates. I invite you to attend Salolampi's May or September adult weeks or attend the relaxed yet lively Finnish Family Fun weekend each February over Presidents' Day weekend. Bring your siblings, your spouse, your children and grandchildren and your friends. There is something for everyone at Salolampi's sessions – Tervetuloa!


New Dean: Amy Tervola Hultberg By Gil Kinnunen Meet the new Dean of the Salolampi Finnish Language Village. Amy (Iida) Tervola Hultberg, former villager and longtime staff member, succeeds Larry (Lauri) Saukko, who served as dean for 26 years and continues to serve on the staff of Concordia Language Villages. Amy is a native of New York Mills, Minnesota, and grew up in a Finnish household. Her parents, grandparents, and close relatives spoke Finnish. She has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to exploring her Finnish-American roots and promoting awareness of Finland today. At 15, she enrolled as a Salolampi villager for the first time. Over the years, Amy has attended Salolampi as a villager, credit villager, counselor, business manager, high school language credit facilitator, and assistant dean. In 2006, she became a director on the Salolampi Foundation board, most recently serving on the executive committee as secretary. “As I greet you from this new leadership appointment,” says Amy, “I want to take another moment to reflect on the visionary leadership of Lauri Saukko and the Salolampi Foundation. Individually and collectively, they have been a huge part of my life, and I look forward to the continuation of both relationships and our common passion for Salolampi.” For more than twenty years, Amy has volunteered at the Finn Creek Open Air Museum in rural New York Mills. She orders merchandise for the Finn Creek Gift Shop and serves as store manager and food service supervisor of the Minnesota Finnish Historical Society Chapter 13. Amy is a trustee candidate of Finlandia Foundation National. For thirteen years, Amy has taught elementary students in all primary grade levels in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, and has served as the primary literacy coach and coordinator in her school district for five years. Amy earned her B.A. from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, where she was also a student worker in the Concordia Language Villages office. She has an M.A. in education from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota, and K-12 administrative licensure from St. Mary’s University in Minneapolis. She began her doctoral work at Ohio State University and has completed her Ph.D. coursework at Capella University in Minneapolis. She expects to finish her dissertation later this year. “Last spring I worked through the application and interview process to assume leadership at Salolampi. I realized I am both a product and process of Salolampi,” says Amy. “My Finnish language and culture have been cultivated at the Village. This learning never ends, and every summer I am fortunate to learn and grow with incredible staff and villagers as they come to acquire new Finnish dimensions. No summer is ever the same, and I look forward to another life-changing experience during Summer 2012 at Salolampi.” Amy and her husband Adam live in New York Mills with their infant daughter Heta, a future Salolampi villager. “All in all,” says Adam, “Iida is committed to Salolampi as much as most Finns are committed to sauna.”


Family Week



2-Week 4-Week Adventure + Int’l Day + Int’l Day Day Camp

Ages or Grades

Ages 0–18


Ages 7–11

Ages 8–15

Ages 12–18

Grades 9–12

Ages 6–11

2012 Dates

June 11–16

June 11–16

June 18–23

June 18–30

July 2–14

June 18– July 14

June 18–22 July 2–5

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Concordia Language Villages 2012 BASE FEES








SCHOLARSHIPS & INCENTIVES Concordia Language Village Scholarship Salolampi Automatic Scholarship















Salolampi Early Registration (by 4/1/12)


Allie Luoma Family Week Scholarship


















*Deposit – $300 for residential sessions, $35 for Adventure Day Camp. Deposit non-refundable after May 1, 2012. **Check other scholarships on these pages for additional savings or visit Salolampi website (www.salolampi.org).

CHECK THESE SCHOLARSHIPS… We encourage you to study these scholarship offerings. By planning, you can reduce tuition costs substantially.

NEW SCHOLARSHIP FOR 2012 HELMI NIEMINEN PALO All those who have already registered, and new ONE-WEEK 7–11-year old villager applicants are eligible to apply for one of the scholarships. Note: Winners’ tuitions will be adjusted after June 1. Scholarships of $375 are offered to two ONE-WEEK 7–11-year-old villagers. If interested, send a copy of your Salolampi application and a paragraph or video describing why Salolampi is important to you and your family. Send materials to Peggy Boyles, 9705 Briarcreek Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73162, 405-722-8461 by April 30, 2012. TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIPS Enrollees in the TWO-WEEK and FOURWEEK sessions from the east, west, and south coastal states, plus Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico, and Hawaii, receive $125. Enrollees from all other states, excluding Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin, will receive $75 (available until $2,000 is expended.)

GO FROM ONE WEEK TO TWO WEEKS A villager who has attended a ONEWEEK session and enrolls in a TWOWEEK session will be eligible for a $100 scholarship (available on a first-come basis until $1,000 is expended.) UPPER PENINSULA SCHOLARSHIPS Youth from 497, 498, or 499 zip code areas are eligible to apply on a first-come basis for either a $159 ONE-WEEK, $250 TWO-WEEK, or $450 FOUR-WEEK session scholarship (available until $2,000 is expended.) SUOMI-KOULU SCHOLARSHIPS A $100 scholarship for a villager who has attended a Suomi-koulu. (Finnish Saturday School). Download an application from www.salolampi.org or write to info@salolampi.org or the Salolampi Foundation by April 30, 2012. ALLIE LUOMA FAMILY WEEK SCHOLARSHIPS A $50 scholarship will be awarded to each family member who registers for the Family Week, June 11–16, 2012.

NEEDS-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS Concordia Language Villages assistance primarily based on financial need, also taking into account multiple members of an immediate family. Contact Concordia Language Villages at 800-222-4750, Ext.

808, for information. Deadline for financial assistance is February 29, 2012. HELEN SALO MITCHELL SCHOLARSHIPS are needs-based scholarships available to Salolampi villagers; determined by Concordia Language Villages. Call 800222-4750 for information. Application deadline: February 29, 2012.

REGIONAL DONOR SCHOLARSHIPS KISARIT FINNISH AMERICAN FOLK DANCERS will award one $500 scholarship to a FOUR-WEEK villager. Request information from Kathleen Jackson, 3225 Century Ave. S., Woodbury, MN 55125; 651-739-3102. Application deadline: March 15, 2012. FINNISH AMERICAN CULTURAL ACTIVITIES (FACA), Twin Cities, offers scholarships of $100 to ONEWEEK VILLAGERS and $200 to TWOWEEK VILLAGERS who are children or relatives of a FACA member. Request information and application from Kathleen Jackson, 3225 Century Ave. S., Woodbury, MN 55125; 651-739-3102. Application deadline: April 15, 2012. continued on page 9


WISH LIST Salolampi has received many generous donations over the years which enhance the village experience. Among the donations have been dishes, craft materials, ryijy wall hangings, costumes, sewing machines, appliances, a piano, etc. All have been used and very appreciated. Salolampi’s new wish list includes… • Large wood-fired brick grill with muurinpohja and stainless steel grate • Volunteer labor to build grill • 2 basic sewing machines with no extra features • 1 good quality tambourine, not wooden • Percussion instruments, kazoos or other musical kid-friendly instruments • 2 to 5 music stands • 1 Finnish potkukelkka • Finnish or Nordic-looking stacking stools • Clean dark or bright colored bed sheets to be cut into strips for rag rug weaving • A Finnish folk costume from any region • Salibandy (floor hockey) sticks and balls • Modern Nordic chairs • Concrete paint for sauna dressing room floor • 100 small coffee spoons for dessert and coffee by Hackman • Sturdy woven rag rugs for floors • Karjalan piirakka rolling pins • Baking materials and utensils • Ironing board • Mölkky sets, homemade or purchased • Sami flag and other Sami-related items – reindeer antlers, books, etc. • Used electric range for craft room • Picnic tables for sauna and main building areas If you have a donation, contact Dean Amy Tervola Hultberg at atervola@cord.edu.

UPPER PHOTO: Maeve (Aila) Wikstrom and Amelia (Amalia) Wikstrom.

PHOTOS Top: Director Tiina Watts explains how toPHOTO: play MIDDLE Finnish Uno at an Adult Week session. Oona, Ireni, and Kyllikki are dressed for their presentation Middle: Claudia Atkins, Tampa Florida. at Adult Week. BOTTOM PHOTO: Right: Kari and his aunt enjoy a Family Week Riku and his back-up singers session. performed “Odota Mua” at Adult Week.


Adult Week, Family Week and Family Weekend Prove Popular Choices

2012 TALKOOT May 11–13 & September 14–16 By Paavo Taipale, Director There are many ways to support Salolampi. One of those ways is to volunteer at a work weekend (Talkoot). Work weekend volunteers keep Salolampi looking great through projects big and small. Log cabins Karjala, Lappi, and Savo were erected by volunteers at some of the first work weekends. Painting, construction of shelves, installation of shelves, and hanging of curtains and hooks have been more recent tasks. Projects range from simple painting to more complex woodworking, sewing, general cleaning, and maintenance. Volunteers chop sauna and fire ring wood for all the sessions. All skill levels are welcome! Talkoot starts Friday evening and ends Sunday at noon. Bring linens, a towel, and any tools for the skills that you have. Cabins, sauna, and meals are provided. RSVP to paavo.taipale@salolampi.org.

ADULT WEEK SCHOLARSHIPS 2012 FINDER/FINDEE ADULT SCHOLARSHIPS. A former Salolampi adult villager (the Finder) is eligible to refer one first-time villager (the Findee) for a $50 reduction in tuition and also to receive the $50 reduction. Scholarships are awarded upon receipt of Finder and Findee applications by the Villages office. ADULT TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIPS. An adult villager traveling more than 500 miles to a Salolampi Adult Week is eligible for a $50 travel scholarship. WORK WEEKEND COUPONS. A first-time villager who volunteers during a spring or fall work weekend is awarded a $100 coupon, which will be credited toward tuition for Adult Week. For Adult Week scholarship application forms, visit the Salolampi website: www.salolampi.org or call 800-450-2214 to request forms or information from Sara Williams.

An Invitation to College Students The Salolampi Foundation extends an enthusiastic invitation to college students to attend an adult week about Finnish language and culture. Immersion programs of oneweek sessions will be May 13–19 and September 8–14. For an application and more information, go to www.salolampi.org.

Paljon Kiitoksia! By Linda Warpula Davis and Ruthann Rintala Swanson, Co-chairs of Salolampi Foundation’s Scholarship Phonathon The Salolampi Finnish Language Village will continue to thrive first, because several generous gifts were received for the endowment fund, the Salolampi Board approved a $20,000 increase to the automatic scholarship fund for summer youth sessions in 2012. Second, because this year’s scholarship Phonathon was a big success. Volunteer callers reached out to more than 1,500 households between November 1 and 3, 2011, bringing in more than $40,000. The generosity of all of the donors is greatly appreciated, and we humbly thank each and every one. The Phonathon could not have been accomplished without the dedicated help of the following: Lutheran Community Foundation! This wonderful organization again generously allowed us to use their phones free of charge for three evenings. This enabled 31 volunteers to call across the United States and Canada. In addition, there were 17 people who called from their homes in many parts of the country. Thank you, thank you, volunteer callers! On-site callers: Stella Arola, Carole Backman, Marlene Banttari, Junelle Bernard, Sara Ahlgren Bogie, Edith Boos, Ken Daniels, Marlyn Ervasti, Ruth Ervasti, Bernie Fligelman, John Hanson, Richard Harju, Susan Harstad, Curt Jackson, Gil Kinnunen, Lila Koivisto, Aili Kultala, Jim Kultala, Theresa Lund, Dixie Luoma, Wayne Mikkola, Carol Pesola, Pam Rahkola, Seija Rahkola, Urho Rahkola, Bette Ruskanen, Dan Salin, Delores Salin, Adrian Swanson, Arlene Tucker, and Tiina Watts. Off-site callers: Elaine and Michael Anuta, White Bear Lake, MN; Joanne Bergman, Angora, MN; Frank Hanson, Raleigh, NC; Kathleen Imbriano, Baltimore, MD; Fran and Ken Lahti, Eveleth, MN; Karen Kakela Michael, Sun Lakes, AZ; Beatrice Myers, Holiday, FL; Marvin Nevala, Amery, WI; Floyd Niskanen, Minneapolis, MN; Mildred Prince, Rochester, MN; Robert Pemberton, Eden Prairie, MN; Jack Rajala, Big Fork, MN; Vergene Ollila Routhe, Shoreview, MN; Mauno Silpala, Edina, MN; Richard Winkky, Horseheads, NY; Julie Wood, Chicago, IL; and Mary Wurzer, Darien, IL. The annual Salolampi Foundation Phonathon is conducted for the sole purpose of raising funds for scholarships that enable children and adults to experience the unique and special place that is Salolampi Language Village. If you haven’t yet experienced it yourself, now is the year to give it a try. Check out the scholarship opportunities for adults on the web site, www.salolampi.org. Readers who would like to contribute to the scholarship fund can send gifts to: Salolampi Foundation, P.O. Box 14480, Minneapolis, MN 55414-0480. If doing it online is easier, donations are accepted at the secure website, www.salolampi.org.




HISTORY 1976–2012 Early Leaders of Salolampi Language Village Jeanne Maki Darrel Nicholson Timo Riippa* Velma Doby Ahvo Taipale Jerry* & Fannie* Jyring Leo Liiste* Borje Vähämäki, First Dean Tuulikki Sinks, Second Dean Pirkko Gaultney,* Third Dean Larry Saukko, Fourth Dean Leo* & Ivy Nevala Armi Koskinen Nelson Ken Lahti

Salolampi Foundation Presidents

Tiina uses various techniques to teach verbs at adult week.

Leo Liiste* Lester Ristinen Kenneth Lahti Irja Hanson* Robert Pemberton Kenneth Daniels Armi Koskinen Nelson Leo Nevala* Michael Anuta Ray Pesola Marlene Banttari Marvin Nevala Evelyn Eskeli Gilbert Kinnunen Jack Rajala Joanne Bergman


35 years of Salolampi history at www.salolampi.org… Salolampi Foundation – History


High School Credit Villagers and instructor Siina Vieri, met with Ambassador Pekka Lintu (back row, middle). In this month-long program, students receive a high school credit to transfer to their choice of college. The structure behind the group is the dance pavillion named in honor or Past Dean Lauri Saukko.

Enrollment for 2012 Peaks Early

MEMORIALS September 16, 2011 – February 17, 2012 (Names removed for privacy reasons.)

ABOVE: Family Week Villagers enjoy new friendships. BELOW: Counselors meet with groups of villagers to explain new activities. Joona stands ready with props.


Learning Happens

Everywhere Adult Week group 2011.

Counselor Ahti plays the game as he interprets rules.

The Ladies of Savo make a fashion statement.

Note‌ New Scholarship on page 3!


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Breakfast buffet. Check These Scholarships, continued from page 3

THOMAS M. SEPPI SCHOLARSHIPS award two $100 scholarships for a ONEWEEK SESSION, one $300 scholarship for TWO-WEEK SESSIONS, one $500 scholarship for FOUR–WEEK SESSION. Priority to residents of Minnesota, priority to St. Louis, Itasca, Koochiching, Lake, and Cook counties. Write to: Claire Seppi, 820 S. 3rd St., Virginia, MN 55792. Application deadline: April 30, 2012.

GEORGE A. KAKELA SCHOLARSHIP will award a minimum of $250 to a ONEMONTH villager with preference given to a villager from northeastern Minnesota or with ties to a 557 zip code area. Those interested should send a copy of their Salolampi application form, information on their connection to northeastern Minnesota, and 300-500 words why Salolampi is important to them. Send materials to Karen Michael, 25024 S. Desert Trail Court, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248 by March 1, 2012. (Note: Winner has been selected.)

Director Paavo Taipale supervises Work Weekend. Food on a stick.


SCHOLARSHIP DONORS The following contributors added to their past scholarship gifts or gave first time scholarship gifts to the Salolampi Foundation during the past 6 months. If you have lost count of your total gifts, please contact info@salolampi.org with your question.

(Names removed for privacy reasons.) Memorials – see page 7


September 24, 2011 – February 17, 2012

Scholarship Donors continued

(Names removed for privacy reasons.)


SALOLAMPI FOUNDATION Officers Joanne Bergman President Angora, MN Tiina Watts President Elect Coon Rapids, MN Jack Rajala Past President Big Fork, MN Arlene Putikka Tucker Treasurer Hermantown, MN Dana Halberg Secretary Roseville, MN Mauno Silpälä Assistant Treasurer Edina, MN

Directors/Chairs Armi Koskinen Nelson Sanomat Editor Edina, MN

Directors Michael Anuta White Bear Township, MN Marlene Banttari St. Paul, MN Sara Ahlgren Bogie St. Paul, MN Erikki Daniels Minneapolis, MN Ken Daniels Blaine, MN Linda Warpula Davis Maple Grove, MN Evelyn Eskeli Minneapolis, MN John Hanson III New Brighton, MN

Susan Harstad Minneapolis, MN Gil Kinnunen West St. Paul, MN Beverly Kallio Kmett Cook, MN Donna Kovala Osage, MN Jim Kurtti Houghton, MI Steve Leppälä Hermantown, MN Ove Lilja Stillwater, MN Ruthann Swanson Minneapolis, MN Paavo Taipale Lauderdale, MN Ed Watts Coon Rapids, MN

Advisory Committee Mary Ann Gomsi Hibbing, MN Eric Maki Hayward, WI Ivy Nevala Cedar Grove, WI Marvin Nevala Amery, WI Rosann Wulff Angeli Ironwood, MI Dan Karvonen Crystal, MN

Regional Representatives Jean Chapman Escanaba, MI Dennis Harrington Deland, FL

Beatrice & David Meyers Holiday, FL Karen Käkelä Michael Sun Lakes, AZ

Emeritus Members

Salolampi Foundation PO Box 14480 Minneapolis MN 55414-0480 www.salolampi.org

Elaine Anuta White Bear Township, MN Ernest Banttari St. Paul, MN Miriam Hendrickson Muskego, WI Ken Lahti Eveleth, MN Claire Seppi Virginia, MN Mark Wirtanen Hibbing, MN

Non-Profit Org U.S. Postage


Permit No. 2805

Dean Amy Tervola Hultberg New York Mills, MN

ExOfficio/ Concordia Language Villages Christine Schulze Vice President for Concordia Language Villages Moorhead, MN Patricia Thornton Director for Summer Programs St. Paul, MN Martin Graefe Director for Year Around Programs Bemidji, MN Sara Williams Registration Specialist, Adult Weeks Bemidji, MN

Salolammen Sanomat is a publication of the Salolampi Foundation, PO Box 14480, Minneapolis, MN 55414-0480, written & assembled by volunteers. EDITORS: Armi Nelson, Editor; Marlene Banttari, Asst. Editor; with Joanne Bergman, Evelyn Eskeli, John Hanson III, Susan Harstad, Gil Kinnunen, & Ruthann Swanson. PHOTOGRAPHY: Joanne Bergman, John Hanson III, Susan Harstad, & Village photos. GRAPHIC ART: Design by Armi Nelson; computer layout by Wendy J. Johnson, Points Of View, Inc. Orono, MN. Points Of View generously discounts its prices for the Salolampi Foundation. SALOLAMPI VILLAGE is located at 10915 Ojutkangastie NE, Bemidji, MN 56601, northeast of Bemidji, Minnesota, on Turtle River Lake, County Hwy 20.

MISSION STATEMENT The Salolampi Foundation is committed to sustaining the Finnish language and culture through scholarships and program support at the Salolampi Finnish Language Village.

PLAN NOW Spring 2012 Work Weekend May 11–13, 2012 Spring 2012 Adult Week May 13–19, 2012 Family Week Adults Children Ages 0–18 June 11–16, 2012 One-Week Session Ages 7–11 June 18–23, 2012 Two-Week Sessions Ages 8–15 June 18–30, 2012 Ages 12–18 July 2–14, 2012

Credit Session Grades 9–12 June 18–July 14, 2012 Adventure Day Camp 2012 Schedule June 18–22, 2012 July 2–5, 2012 Fall Work Weekend September 14–16, 2012

CONTACT US TO RECEIVE SANOMAT NEWS ONLINE, visit www.salolampi.org TO REMOVE A NAME FROM THE MAILING LIST, e-mail info@salolampi.org or write *Salolampi Foundation SALOLAMPI FOUNDATION* PO Box 14480, Minneapolis, MN 55414-0480 www.salolampi.org e-mail: info@salolampi.org 2012 REGISTRATION

Fall Adult Week September 8–14, 2012

YOUTH SUMMER SESSIONS – FAMILY WEEK – DAY CAMP www.salolampi.org or www.concordialanguagevillages.org, find Finnish 800-222-4750


ADULT SPRING & FALL WEEKS – FAMILY FUN WEEKEND e-mail: swilliam@cord.edu or call 800-450-2214

Study Scholarship Opportunities on Pages 3 & 9.

SALOLAMPI SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS e-mail: info@salolampi.org or write Salolampi Foundation* or visit www.salolampi.org

Students: Download Applications www.salolampi.org

SALOLAMPI ENDOWMENT FUND SALOLAMPI HERITAGE SOCIETY e-mail: info@salolampi.org or write Salolampi Foundation*

Profile for Salolampi Foundation

Salolammen Sanomat  

Salolampi Finnish Language Village & Salolampi Foundation Newsletter Spring 2012

Salolammen Sanomat  

Salolampi Finnish Language Village & Salolampi Foundation Newsletter Spring 2012