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NEW! NEEDS-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS FROM KIPINÄ KERHO A generous grant from Kipinä Kerho (Finn Spark) increases Salolampi’s opportunity to make needsbased financial help available to more villagers. For many years, the Salolampi Foundation has received similar annual contributions to the scholarship fund from Finn Spark, but this new grant allows us to expand our efforts even further. In cooperation with Concordia Language Villages, this fund will be incorporated into an established needs-based program for the Foundation. Kipinä Kerho (now Finn Spark, Inc.) is a unique Finnish-American club founded in Washington D.C. in 1949, inspired by Edith Harth and like-minded women born in Finland or of Finnish descent. Their aim was to promote Finnish culture and language, and to offer material assistance to their wartorn homeland. Today, the mission of Finn Spark is to: • engage in charitable, educational, and cultural activities • raise funds to benefit the elderly and children’s causes • give scholarships to educational and cultural institutions in Finland and the United States. Proceeds from these undertakings have grown steadily and now fund medical, educational, and elderly care institutions and scholarships in the U.S. and Finland. Finn Spark president Kekku Lehtonen writes about the desire to serve a specific Salolampi need: “We do not want to get involved in how you split the funds. That is up to you.” The deadline for applying is February 28, 2013. For information and an application, contact Concordia Language Villages at 800-222-4750, ext. 4, or www.concordialanguagevillages.org. INQUIRE EARLY! (See Check These Scholarships on page 3 for a description of the Kipinä Kerho Scholarships.)

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! NOW! CLV early registration will receive the ✗ REGISTER 2012 tuition rates until December 1, 2012. Increased 2013 rates are in effect after December 1, 2012. Needs-based requests are due by February 28, 2013. ✗ INQUIRE EARLY! Salolampi Foundation Early Discount Scholarship ✗ The deadline is April 1, 2013. See other scholarships on page 2. applications at www.salolampi.org or ✗ Download www.concordialanguagevillages.org

A blue and white väiski is Salolampi’s identity for International Day.

Reflections… From Our New Dean By Amy Iida Tervola Hultberg, Salolampi Dean Heta, Aarre, and I were thrilled to share our first summer as a family with so many friends of Salolampi. In this role, Salolampi really

never begins or ends, but rather there are pauses. As we began our summer planning, I had the good fortune of meeting new and returning staff members via paper and electronic communication. We also used technology and social networking tools to build a virtual community of counselors prior to the official start of summer. This allowed us to share good ideas before physically being on site and making the most of our physical preparation time once we all arrived. Our village boasts great rates of returning villagers, and we are very proud of how welcoming villagers and staff are towards brand new families and villagers. The ability to freshen past friendships with new ones proves to be a critical skill for many facets of the villager’s life. I observed many moments of life-skill building among villagers while acquiring the Finnish language this summer. Of course, Aarre and I also accompanied perhaps the youngest villager on site this summer. Our infant daughter Heta is a fortunate Finn to have so many good friends at Salolampi. As parents and teachers, we are so grateful to all families who shared their children with us this summer. We are thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow together!


Family Week



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2013 Dates

June 10–15

June 10–15

June 17–22

June 17–29

July 1–13

June 17– July 13

June 17–21 July 1–4


























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2-Week 4-Week Finnish + Int’l Day + Int’l Day Day Camp

Concordia Language Villages 2013 BASE FEES Register after December 1, 2012 Register by December 1, 2012














Salolampi Early Registration (by 4/1/13)






Allie Luoma Family Week Scholarship















Salolampi Automatic Scholarship


(based on early registration)



Deposit – $300 for residential sessions, $35 for Adventure Day Camp. Deposit non-refundable after December 1, 2012.


Check other scholarships on these pages for additional savings or visit Salolampi website (www.salolampi.org).


Tuition for July 1–4 Finnish Day Camp session is $180, because it is one day shorter than the June 17–21 session.

Look at those Net Costs! REGISTER NOW! CLV early registration receives the 2012 tuition rates until 12/1/12.

CHECK THESE SCHOLARSHIPS……… We encourage you to study these scholarship offerings. By planning, you can reduce tuition costs substantially. HELMI NIEMINEN PALO SCHOLARSHIPS Scholarships of $375 are offered to two, ONE-WEEK 7–11-year-old villagers. If interested, send a copy of your Salolampi application and a paragraph or video describing why Salolampi is important to you and your family. Send materials to Peggy Boyles, 9705 Briarcreek Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73162; 405-722-8461. Application deadline: APRIL 1, 2013. TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIPS Enrollees in the two-week and four-week sessions from the east, west, and south coastal states, plus Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico, and Hawaii, receive $125. Enrollees from all other states, excluding Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin, will receive $75 (available until $2,000 is expended).


GO FROM ONE WEEK TO TWO WEEKS A villager who has attended a one-week session and enrolls in a TWO-WEEK session will be eligible for a $100 scholarship (available on a first-come basis until $1,000 is expended). UPPER PENINSULA SCHOLARSHIPS Youth from 497, 498, or 499 zip code areas are eligible to apply on a first-come basis for either a $159 one-week, $250 two-week, or $450 one-month session scholarship (available until $2,000 is expended). SUOMI-KOULU SCHOLARSHIPS A $100 scholarship for a villager who has attended a Suomi-koulu. (Finnish Saturday School). Download an application from www.salolampi.org or write to info@salolampi.org or the Salolampi Foundation by APRIL 1, 2013. ALLIE LUOMA FAMILY WEEK SCHOLARSHIPS A $50 scholarship will be awarded to each family member who registers for the Family Week, June 10–15, 2013. continued on page 3

Holiday Gift Idea Are you thinking of a meaningful, lasting gift to give your child or grandchild this holiday season? Consider awarding that special young person a week or two at beautiful Salolampi! Simply go to www.salolampi.org or call 800-2224750 for information and application forms.

Check These Scholarships continued from page 2

NEEDS-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS Information for all Needs-based Scholarships is available from Concordia Language Villages at 800-222-4750, ext. 4; or go to www.concordialanguagevillages.org and connect to the Needs-based page for information and application.

NEW FOR SUMMER 2013: KIPINÄ KERHO (FINN SPARK) SCHOLARSHIPS will provide assistance to Salolampi families primarily based on financial need, also taking into account multiple members of an immediate family (available until $2,000 is expended). Application deadline: FEBRUARY 28, 2013. CONCORDIA LANGUAGE VILLAGES Assistance primarily based on financial need, also taking into account multiple members of an immediate family. Application deadline: FEBRUARY 28, 2013.

REGIONAL DONOR SCHOLARSHIPS FINNISH AMERICAN CULTURAL ACTIVITIES (FACA), Twin Cities, offers scholarships of $100 to ONE-WEEK VILLAGERS and $200 to TWO-WEEK VILLAGERS who are children or relatives of a FACA member. Request information and application from Kathleen Jackson, 3225 Century Ave. S., Woodbury, MN 55125; 651-739-3102. Application deadline: MARCH 1, 2013. GEORGE A. KÄKELÄ SCHOLARSHIP will award a minimum of $250 to a ONEMONTH villager with preference given to a villager from northeastern Minnesota or with ties to a 557 zip code area. Those interested should send a copy of their Salolampi application form, information on their connection to northeastern Minnesota, and 300–500 words why Salolampi is important to them. Send materials to Karen Michael, 25024 S. Desert Trail Court, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248 by MARCH 1, 2013.

HELEN SALO MITCHELL SCHOLARSHIPS Needs-based scholarships available to Salolampi villagers and determined by Concordia Language Villages. Application deadline: FEBRUARY 28, 2013.

DEAR SALOLAMPI – letters from villagers… The funny thing that happened to me at Salolampi was when I was walking back from the sauna, a deer jumped right in front of me! I wanted to go to Salolampi because my family speaks Finnish. – Caroline (2011 villager) [Excerpted and edited, drawing by Caroline]

Salolampi! The first thing that comes to mind is: What an AMAZING camp! I love going to Salolampi for many reasons: friends, GOOD food, awesome counselors, schooling. Kiitos! – Abigail Jokela (2011 villager) Monet kiitokset lahjoituksestanne Salolammelle! Oli kiva käydä kielileirillä läpseni kanssa. Vaikka puhunkin Suomenkieltä läpsilleni, Salolampi on ilahduttava paikka ja kokemus varsinkin lapsilleni. Heille jää mukavia muistoja! Toivomme Teille paljon SISUa ja SIUNAUKSIA Salolammen menestykseen! – Kiitäen ja Rakkaan Terveisin, Minna Silvola Richardson, Annika ja Benjami (2012 Family Week) [English translation is available at www.Salolampi.org]

Salolampi Scholarship Phonathon 2012 November 13, 14, and 15 (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) Salolampi Foundation Board members and friends of Salolampi will make hundreds of calls nationwide again this year for the scholarship program from the phones at the Lutheran Community Foundation in the Thrivent Financial building in downtown Minneapolis or from their homes. This year, your support is more critical than ever. Keeping the Finnish heritage alive for future generations is a truly worthwhile legacy. Currently every villager receives scholarship assistance to reduce the real cost of attendance. The Phonathon began many years ago when everyone had land line phones. Today, many people use cell phones and communicate via electronic media. This is a challenge to us. Consequently, we will reach out to folks in three ways this year. You may receive an email message if we know your email address, OR you may receive a letter if we do not have a working telephone number or email for you, OR we will continue to try to call our Finnish friends for whom we have a working phone numbers. A postcard will be mailed in late October or early November as a reminder of an upcoming call, email, or letter. If you will not be available or cannot be reached, you may send contributions directly to the Salolampi Foundation, P.O. Box 14480, Minneapolis, MN 55414-0480. You may donate online via our secure website: www.salolampi.org – click on “Phonathon Donation.” You may use Thrivent Choice Dollars for scholarship contributions. The Phonathon is carried out by volunteers. We need volunteers for the mailing, data entry, and calling. The first two tasks need to be done in the Twin Cities, but calling can be done from anywhere in the country. If you can call from home or the Thrivent location, or can help with data entry or the mailing, please contact Linda Warpula Davis (763-4203237, ldavismn@hotmail.com) or Ruthann Swanson (612-788 3905, ruthann@ars-services.com). Please help send villagers to Salolampi to experience and learn more about our rich heritage.


96 STUDENT VILLAGERS FROM 14 U.S. STATES Salolampi villagers came this summer from Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nevada, Washington, and Wisconsin.

FAMILY WEEK: June 13–16, 2012 13 children, 11 adults NAMES REMOVED FOR PRIVACY REASONS



ONE-WEEK SESSION: Youth Exploration 7–11 years old, June 18–23 NAMES REMOVED FOR PRIVACY REASONS

TWO-WEEK SESSION: Youth Immersion 8–15 years old, June 18–30 NAMES REMOVED FOR PRIVACY REASONS

TWO-WEEK SESSION: Youth Immersion 12–18 years old, July 2–14 NAMES REMOVED FOR PRIVACY REASONS

Concentrating on learning Finnish.

Counselors present a meal in Marimekko ponchos… on Marimekko Day.

PROGRAM STAFF 2012 FROM FINLAND: Elina Elina Heimala, Credit Teacher; Victor Victor Mattsson, Counselor; Katja Katja Soikkeli, Credit Teacher. FROM MARYLAND: Ann Raili Huisentruit, Youth Leadership Intern. FROM MASSACHUSETTS: Elsa Elsa Laskorski, Peer Leadership Intern; Tuula Tuula Murto Laskorski, Credit Teacher. FROM MINNESOTA: Elizabeth Helvi Brauer, Waterfront Manager & Two-Week Counselor; Katherine Marjatta Brauer, Counselor; Kaisa Kaisa Oja, Business Manaager & Counselor; Kylie Säde Pieczonka, Counselor; Lisa Aino Romano, Counselor; Laura Viivi Ruuska, Counselor; Adam Aarre Tervola Hultberg, Staff Counselor. FROM MISSOURI: Kerry Pekka Jarvi, Lifeguard & Counselor; Tracy Josefiina Matteson, Youth Leadership Intern. FROM NEVADA: Sam Väinö Feldman, Counselor.


Learning how to make a perfect sauna vihta.

KITCHEN STAFF 2012 FROM CALIFORNIA: Kaiko Maija Nishimoto, Baker. FROM MINNESOTA: Andrea Annikka Berkeland, Assistant Cook; Curtis Kurpitsa Makela, Kitchen Helper; Erin Erin Sisson, Head Cook. FROM NORTH DAKOTA: John Juhani Laitinen, Assistant Cook.

Maija’s excellent pulla, warm from the oven.

Living Salolampi By Amy (Iida) Tervola Hultberg, Salolampi Dean Summer at Salolampi is always a magical opportunity offering new and returning friendships and unique memory making. This summer was exactly that for villagers and staff alike. We learned and tried new activities, methods, and ideas. Of course, some of the traditional Salolampi activities are so critical to our programming that we must participate in opportunities such as kesämökki päivä two or three times each summer! We had strong enrollment in our one- and two-week sessions this summer. This provides evidence of the powerful beginning families experience in family programming and the additional opportunity we offer through our high school credit program. We worked hard to begin rethinking curriculum this summer as well as offering intentional cultural education to all vilGreat friendships are made at Salolampi! lagers. Our focus on meals and cultural authenticity will continue to be an area of growth and change. You will find that our Village Page on www.concordialanguagevillages.org is active throughout the academic year; so when you are lonesome for Salolampi in March, there will be new photos and videos to carry you until your next summer session! Since I referenced kesämökki päivä earlier, I also want to let you know about a small milestone we want to celebrate next summer. Our “new” Salolampi site will be 20 years old next summer; and we want to invite former Salolampi staff, villagers and friends to join us for kesämökki päivä on June 23, 2013. Please watch our Facebook page to stay curTeho (credit) rent on details and the spring Sanomat. villager’s project and demonstration on the kantele.

JOIN US at Facebook.com/Salolampi

“Saamilaiset,” teho villager’s project features her Saami heritage.

Shopping is fun with the unique wares in the kioski.


ADULT WEEK SCHOLARSHIPS 2013 FINDER/FINDEE ADULT SCHOLARSHIPS A former Salolampi adult villager (the Finder) is eligible to refer one first-time villager (the Findee) for a $50 reduction in tuition and also to receive the $50 reduction. Scholarships are awarded upon receipt of Finder and Findee applications by the Villages office.


An adult villager traveling more than 500 miles to a Salolampi Adult Week is eligible for a $50 travel scholarship.

FROM CALIFORNIA: Katariina Lahti; Raimo Lindstrom. FROM DELAWARE: Kyllikki Hendrickson. FROM ILLINOIS: Esteri Corombos; Karolina Tanner. FROM INDIANA: Annikki Hanson. FROM MANITOBA, CANADA: Riku Castro; Tommi Watrous. FROM MICHIGAN: Jussi Makinen. FROM MINNESOTA: Janika Carlson; Jaakko Hanson; Jussi Hanson; Oona Kovala; Lari Morrison; Viivi Rahkonen; Eliisa Rahkonen; Linnea Reini-Grandell; Jiini Swope. FROM NEW YORK: Jenna Navelet. FROM PENNSYLVANIA: Henriikka Grosz; Viljo Grosz. FROM NORTH CAROLINA: Eino Hanson. FROM TEXAS: Liisa Carr; Anne Smith. FROM WISCONSIN: Mirja Hendrickson; Aune Lowery.



A first-time villager who volunteers during a spring or fall work weekend is awarded a $100 coupon, which will be credited toward tuition for Adult Week.

FROM ARIZONA: Vanja Hendrickson. FROM CALIFORNIA: Janika Coggiola; Alina Hyland. FROM DELAWARE: Kyllikki, Mikko, & Rami Hendrickson. FROM FLORIDA: Liisa Adkins; Alma Jackson. FROM ILLINOIS: Impi Wood. FROM MICHIGAN: MariLoviisa Hunt. FROM MINNESOTA: Ireni Bergman; Kaisa Chambless; Sofie-Elle Kmett; Oona Kovala; Kaisa Middleton; Lari Morrison; Aki Pemberton; Siiri Robinson; Leena School; Väinö & Terttu Swanson. FROM NORTH CAROLINA: Maija Ross. FROM NORTH DAKOTA: Elina Liddle. FROM NEW YORK: Yrjö Winkky. FROM SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA: Liisa Knuutila. FROM VIRGINIA: Hilma McMahon. FROM WISCONSIN: Pirkko Doherty; Mirja Hendrickson; Aune Lowery; Johanna Stanley.


For Adult Week scholarship application forms, visit the Salolampi website: www.salolampi.org or call 800 450-2214 to request forms or information from Sara Williams.

Miriam Hendrickson Holds Adult Week Attendance Record

The Hendrickson family: Randy Rami and Michael Mikko Hendrickson, Cheryl Aune Lowery, Jean Kylliki Hendrickson, Juli Impi Hunt, Duane Vanja, and Miriam Mirja Hendrickson.

Miriam Hendrickson holds a special place in the hearts of Salolampi Adult Week participants—and holds the attendance record as well, having completed more than 30 sessions. Miriam (Mirja) and her husband George (Yrjö) participated in many Adult Week sessions together, spring and fall. After George passed away, Miriam continued to attend, along with family members from Arizona, California, Delaware, Illinois, and Wisconsin—plus France and China. Her adult children and grandchildren and their spouses have come to dozens of sessions with Miriam, the family matriarch, who turned 93 this year. She and six members of her family were among the 30 participants at the Fall Adult Week in September 2012. “It’s a real treasure to be here with relatives,” said Miriam’s niece, Cheryl (Aune) Lowery, from Wisconsin, explaining why she returned to Adult Week for a third time. Nine-time attendee Jean (Kyllikki) Hendrickson, Miriam’s daughter-in-law, added, “You can have a week-long family reunion at Salolampi.” Miriam summed it up with these words: “This is my second home.”

PLAN TO ATTEND A TALKOOT IN 2013 May 10–12 and September 13–15 By Paavo Taipale, Director

Volunteers are a vital part of talkoot.


A great way to support Salolampi is to volunteer at a spring or fall work weekend (talkoot). Past work weekends have had over 20 volunteers at each. At recent weekends, floors have been repaired, picnic benches built, windows washed, gardens weeded, wood split, staining and painting done, and coat hooks built. Many other projects have enhanced the programs at Salolampi. There are tasks for all ability levels. Food, lodging, and sauna are provided. There are special projects planned for future work weekends. If you have expertise in masonry, painting, or carpentry and are willing to donate that skill, please contact me. Talkoot starts Friday evening and ends Sunday at noon. Bring linens, a towel, and any tools for the skills that you have. RSVP to Paavo.Taipale@salolampi.org

SCHOLARSHIP DONORS February 18, 2012 – August 31, 2012 The following contributors added to their past scholarship gifts or gave first time scholarship gifts to the Salolampi Foundation during the past 7 months. If you have lost count of your total gifts, please contact info@salolampi.org with your question.

PLATINA ($2,000+)


Cumulative Total

ABOVE: Weaving at the beach on kesämökki päivä (summer cabin day).





February 18, 2012 – August 31, 2012

BELOW: Making a joulumuisto – a Christmas souvenir.



KULTA ($1,000–$1,999) Cumulative Total NAMES REMOVED FOR PRIVACY REASONS

HOPEA ($500–$999)

Cumulative Total



Salolampi Foundation is a secure 501C-3 nonprofit organization, separate from Concordia Language Villages.


SALOLAMPI FOUNDATION Officers Joanne Bergman President Angora, MN Tiina Watts President Elect Coon Rapids, MN Jack Rajala Past President Bigfork, MN Arlene Putikka Tucker Treasurer Hermantown, MN Dana Halberg Secretary Roseville, MN Mauno Silpälä Assistant Treasurer Edina, MN

Directors Michael Anuta White Bear Twp, MN Marlene Banttari St. Paul, MN Sara Ahlgren Bogie St. Paul, MN Erikki Daniels Minneapolis, MN Ken Daniels Blaine, MN Linda Warpula Davis Maple Grove, MN Evelyn Eskeli Minneapolis, MN John Hanson New Brighton, MN Susan Harstad Minneapolis, MN Gil Kinnunen West St. Paul, MN Beverly Kallio Kmett Cook, MN

Armi Koskinen Nelson Sanomat Edina, MN Donna Kovala Osage, MN Jim Kurtti Houghton, MI Steve Leppälä Hermantown, MN Ove Lilja Stillwater, MN Ruthann Swanson Minneapolis, MN Paavo Taipale Lauderdale, MN Ed Watts Coon Rapids, MN

Advisory Committee Mary Ann Gomsi Hibbing, MN Eric Mäki Hayward, WI Ivy Nevala Cedar Grove, WI Marvin Nevala Amery, WI Rosann Wulff Angeli Ironwood, MI Daniel Karvonen Crystal, MN

Emeritus Directors Elaine Anuta White Bear Twp, MN Ernest Banttari St. Paul, MN Miriam Hendrickson Muskego, WI Ken Lahti Eveleth, MN Claire Seppi Virginia, MN Mark Wirtanen Hibbing, MN

Salolampi Foundation PO Box 14480 Minneapolis MN 55414-0480

Non-Profit Org U.S. Postage


Permit No. 2805

Dean Amy Tervola Hultberg New York Mills, MN

Adult Programs Susan Harstad Minneapolis, MN

ExOfficio/ Concordia Language Villages

Christine Schulze Vice President for Concordia Language Villages Moorhead, MN Patricia Thornton Director for Summer Programs Regional St. Paul, MN Representatives Martin Graefe Jean Chapman Director for Year Escanaba, MI Around Programs Dennis Harrington Bemidji, MN Fairfax, VA Sara Williams Beatrice & David Meyers Registration Specialist, Holiday, FL Adult Weeks Karen Käkelä Michael Bemidji, MN Sun Lakes, AZ

Salolammen Sanomat is a publication of the Salolampi Foundation, PO Box 14480, Minneapolis, MN 55414-0480, written & assembled by volunteers. PRODUCTION: Armi Nelson, Consulting Editor; Marlene Banttari, Joanne Bergman, Evelyn Eskeli, John Hanson III, Susan Harstad, Wendy Johnson, & Gil Kinnunen. PHOTOGRAPHY: Villager photographers & John Hanson III. GRAPHIC ART: Design & computer layout by Wendy J. Johnson, Points Of View, Inc. Orono, MN. Points Of View generously discounts its prices for the Salolampi Foundation. SALOLAMPI VILLAGE is located at 10915 Ojutkangastie NE, Bemidji, MN 56601, NE of Bemidji, Minnesota, on Turtle River Lake, County Hwy 20.

On Vihaset Linnut, “Angry Birds” day.

MISSION STATEMENT The Salolampi Foundation is committed to sustaining the Finnish language and culture through scholarships and program support at the Salolampi Finnish Language Village.

PLAN NOW Family Fun Weekend 2013 February 15–18, 2013 Spring 2013 Work Weekend May 10–12, 2013 Spring 2013 Adult Week May 12–18, 2013 Family Week Children Ages 0–18 June 10–15, 2013 One-Week Session Ages 7–11 June 17–22, 2013

Two-Week Sessions Ages 8–15 June 17–29, 2013 Ages 12–18 July 1–13, 2013 Credit Session Grades 9–12 June 17–July 13, 2013 Finnish Day Camp June 17–21, 2013 July 1–4, 2013 Fall Work Weekend September 13–15, 2013 Fall Adult Week September 7–13, 2013

The popular worldwide game was created in Finland.

CONTACT US TO RECEIVE SANOMAT NEWS ONLINE, visit www.salolampi.org or www.concordialanguagevillages.org TO REMOVE A NAME FROM THE MAILING LIST, e-mail info@salolampi.org or write Salolampi Foundation* 2013 REGISTRATION YOUTH SUMMER SESSIONS – FAMILY WEEK – DAY CAMP www.salolampi.org or www.concordialanguagevillages.org, find “Finnish” 800-222-4750 ADULT SPRING & FALL WEEKS – FAMILY FUN WEEKEND e-mail: swilliam@cord.edu or call 800-450-2214 SALOLAMPI SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS e-mail: info@salolampi.org or write Salolampi Foundation* or visit www.salolampi.org SALOLAMPI ENDOWMENT FUND SALOLAMPI HERITAGE SOCIETY e-mail: info@salolampi.org or write Salolampi Foundation* *SALOLAMPI FOUNDATION PO Box 14480, Minneapolis, MN 55414-0480 www.salolampi.org • e-mail: info@salolampi.org

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Salolammen Sanomat  

Fall 2012 Newsletter of the Salolampi Foundation

Salolammen Sanomat  

Fall 2012 Newsletter of the Salolampi Foundation