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Salolammen Sanomat

The Concordia Finnish Language Village


NEW! NEEDS-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS FROM KIPINÄ KERHO A generous grant from Kipinä Kerho (Finn Spark) increases Salolampi’s opportunity to make needsbased financial help available to more villagers. For many years, the Salolampi Foundation has received similar annual contributions to the scholarship fund from Finn Spark, but this new grant allows us to expand our efforts even further. In cooperation with Concordia Language Villages, this fund will be incorporated into an established needs-based program for the Foundation. Kipinä Kerho (now Finn Spark, Inc.) is a unique Finnish-American club founded in Washington D.C. in 1949, inspired by Edith Harth and like-minded women born in Finland or of Finnish descent. Their aim was to promote Finnish culture and language, and to offer material assistance to their wartorn homeland. Today, the mission of Finn Spark is to: • engage in charitable, educational, and cultural activities • raise funds to benefit the elderly and children’s causes • give scholarships to educational and cultural institutions in Finland and the United States. Proceeds from these undertakings have grown steadily and now fund medical, educational, and elderly care institutions and scholarships in the U.S. and Finland. Finn Spark president Kekku Lehtonen writes about the desire to serve a specific Salolampi need: “We do not want to get involved in how you split the funds. That is up to you.” The deadline for applying is February 28, 2013. For information and an application, contact Concordia Language Villages at 800-222-4750, ext. 4, or INQUIRE EARLY! (See Check These Scholarships on page 3 for a description of the Kipinä Kerho Scholarships.)

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! NOW! CLV early registration will receive the ✗ REGISTER 2012 tuition rates until December 1, 2012. Increased 2013 rates are in effect after December 1, 2012. Needs-based requests are due by February 28, 2013. ✗ INQUIRE EARLY! Salolampi Foundation Early Discount Scholarship ✗ The deadline is April 1, 2013. See other scholarships on page 2. applications at or ✗ Download

A blue and white väiski is Salolampi’s identity for International Day.

Reflections… From Our New Dean By Amy Iida Tervola Hultberg, Salolampi Dean Heta, Aarre, and I were thrilled to share our first summer as a family with so many friends of Salolampi. In this role, Salolampi really

never begins or ends, but rather there are pauses. As we began our summer planning, I had the good fortune of meeting new and returning staff members via paper and electronic communication. We also used technology and social networking tools to build a virtual community of counselors prior to the official start of summer. This allowed us to share good ideas before physically being on site and making the most of our physical preparation time once we all arrived. Our village boasts great rates of returning villagers, and we are very proud of how welcoming villagers and staff are towards brand new families and villagers. The ability to freshen past friendships with new ones proves to be a critical skill for many facets of the villager’s life. I observed many moments of life-skill building among villagers while acquiring the Finnish language this summer. Of course, Aarre and I also accompanied perhaps the youngest villager on site this summer. Our infant daughter Heta is a fortunate Finn to have so many good friends at Salolampi. As parents and teachers, we are so grateful to all families who shared their children with us this summer. We are thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow together!

Salolammen Sanomat