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11 HARMONY continues from pg. 10 caring for an elder or an emergency. Patty Gibbons, special events committee chairwoman of the neighborhood association, said she chose to live there three years ago because of the ambiance and the proximity to the business she owns with her husband. “When we first moved in, we wouldn’t lock our doors. We’d leave and come back; we never felt any need to,” Gibbons said. She added the North Side neighborhood has 22 entrances, which makes it more vulnerable. A social media site for neighborhood conversations,, helped keep the community informed about the crimes. Users logged in on their computers or through the mobile app. The Internet also provided resources to pay for damages. A single mom of two who is an unemployed student posted a narrative describing hundreds of dollars in damage to her vehicle after an attack Sept. 26. Gibbons used, a crowdsourcing site, to gather donations to help. On Nov. 8, she was able to give the beleaguered mother a financial helping hand. Gibbons said neighbors came together to fight back. On Oct. 6, the neighborhood held its National Night Out, with almost 400 residents attending to get to know their neighbors and police. Though the vandals remained at large at the time, the communal gathering helped soothe and comfort many. “There was a real neighborhood effort to care for each other, care for our neighborhood, and the peace that we had,” Gibbons said. “I don’t know how many other neighborhoods do that, but I was really surprised.” Apolinar met with District 9 Councilman Joe Krier, McManus and other concerned residents to talk about the crimes and how to put a stop to them. Within a week of meeting and gathering information, arrests were made. “I am thankful to the SAPD for their diligent work in stopping the wave of property crimes that plagued Harmony Hills recently,” Krier said. “This disappointing episode in Harmony Hills once again highlights the need for homeowners to watch out for and report suspicious activity in their communities. Vigilant Harmony Hills residents helped bring these accused vandals to justice.” The investigation is continuing, with victims waiting for compensation to cover damages. Krier’s office has offered to purchase more Citizens on Patrol signs for the neighborhood after the price rose.


IF YOU GIVE A MOM A MINUTE... ... she’ll use it wisely. She’ll burn calories. Extinguish cravings. She’ll strive for progress, not perfection. She’ll set goals, and a good example. She’ll let go of the thoughts that don’t make her strong, and hold on to the idea that she can do anything. At the Y, we’ll help you make every second count. Join us!




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LOCAL: Hollywood Park, Hill Country Village, 78247, 78232, 78216 December 2015  

Hollywood Park’s drone pilot is working and seeking to reinforce positive of using unmanned aircrafts, Five Churchill students were investig...

LOCAL: Hollywood Park, Hill Country Village, 78247, 78232, 78216 December 2015  

Hollywood Park’s drone pilot is working and seeking to reinforce positive of using unmanned aircrafts, Five Churchill students were investig...

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