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GENERAL Self contained. wall mounted refrigeration training unit equipped with an hermetic compressor having a capacity of 240w, a convection cooled condenser and a mid temperature evaporator (-15 C°) fed by a capillary tube and ozone free refrigeration gas charge. The particular balance of each component and the wide, high accuracy instruments allow a good experimental performance and educational efficiency in a normal laboratory period. All the components are visible from the front of the Unit and easily controlled. The Refrigeration circuit is clearly displayed and typically coloured for an easy and rapid comprehension of the domestic refrigeration system. The unit is equipped with an instruction manual to carry out all the experiments listed below. No particular maintenance is required. INSTRUMENTS ¾ Capillary thermostat with manual defrosting ¾ N°.2 digital thermometers with mobile bulb probes ¾ Ammeter ¾ Low pressure manometer with saturation temperature indication ¾ High pressure manometer with saturation temperature indication ¾ N°.6 temperature taps for different positioning of thermometer bulbs. Upon request fault simulation tubes and valves are available. Every component and instrument is assembled and positioned for a safe student use and designed specifically for teaching purposes.

DIMENSIONS in meters Lenght : 0,5 Width : 0.4 Height :1.3

TYPICAL EXPERIMENTS ¾ Plotting of the singular point of the cycle (Mollier diagram) ¾ Refrigeration cycle efficiency ¾ Compression efficiency C.O.P. ¾ Electric motor efficiency ¾ Calculation of Glide temperature related to different zeotrophic gas charge (R409A, MP49, ISCEON49) ¾ Measuring of Superheated and Subcooling ¾ Continuous electric consumption measuring ¾ Plotting of discharge temperatures at different compression ratio ¾ Practical exercises on charging, vacuum, system trimming ¾ Possibility of charging with R12 alternative gas for comparing experiences. Upon request, the GRD/1T unit is available in a kit version for practice and exercises upon: ¾ Refrigeration technology and component assembling ¾ Welding ¾ Electricity We reserve the right to modify and improve the unit shown in this leaflet without any notice

I - 16153 P.D. da Bissone 36r. GENOA - ITALY - Tel.: +39 010 6501969 Fax: +39 010 6501969 e-mail: patrone@


I - 16153 P.D. da Bissone 36r. GENOA - ITALY - Tel.: +39 010 6501969 Fax: +39 010 6501969 e-mail: patrone@ http://www.gia...

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