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OSRAM SYLVANIA BTH 575w 115v P28s Medium Prefocus base Halogen light Bulb OSRAM SYLVANIA BTH 575 watts 115 volts P28s Medium Prefocus base 300 hours Halogen light BulbThe BTH is a 575W lamp operating on 115V and is a replacement for the 500W, 120V BTL lamps, providing a brighter, whiter light with 30 percent more lumens and a higher color temperature. Additionally, the rated output of the BTH of 15,500 lumens is much higher than the output of a BTL lamp at 11,000 lumens. At an average rated life of 300 hours, the BTH has the same life as most major SSTV lamp types. Department: Stage Lighting > Stage Light Bulbs > Halogen Bulbs Brand: Osram Sylvania Price: $20.07