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3" Paring Kyocera Revolution Series Knives - Specialty Cutlery Kyocera knives feature advanced ceramic blades and ergonomic resin handles.9; Ceramic's strength and density allows it to be ground to a microscopically precise, rock-hard edge.9; Stays razor-sharp 10 times longer than conventional high-carbon steel blades.9; Ceramic blades never rust and are impervious to acids, oils, and salt, so they never absorb flavors or alter food's taste, smell, or appearance.9; Typically half the weight of their steel counterparts, ceramic knives are exceptionally comfortable to use, even for lengthy, repetitive cutting tasks. 9; Cleanup is a snap! Just rinse and wipe. 9; Made in Japan. Department: Cutlery > Specialty Cutlery Brand: Kyocera Manufacturer: Kyocera Price: $24.95