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INTELLIGENT ENERGY EUROPE Applying for funding: where to focus? W. Gillett and V. Berrutto Heads of Unit Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation




> To reduce energy use and încrease thé share of renewable énergies by: > Creating favourable market conditions > Shaping polïcy development and implementation > Preparing thé ground for investments > Building capacities and skills > Informing stakeholders and fostering commitment

WorkProara to'support "promet: (generally upjo 75% c"

=n projects" costs) Main deadline 8 May 2012

> €.39 million "ELENA" facilities for project development services via banks (EIB, KfW, CEB and EBRD)

>€ 19 million to purchase services (tenders) and support activities not subject to calls (e.g. standards)

Energy efficiency

Energy use în transport (STE >•:•:: |

• ;.2>.


Renewable energy sources f ALIENER ~ 1 million €} Integrated initiatives

i M r tM. L i G e M t E N £ n 8 Y E U R O P E

Energy effîciency

IHTiii,LieEHT £ H £ R G y »»w"-^^

Actions aimed at: > Small and médium size industries in spécifie sectors > providing them with tailored infprmation/training > and/or developing appropriate incentives


t U

I N T E L L I G Ê H T $

£ H £ fi 0 V E U R O P E

* H

Actions aimed at: > market surveillance and networking among compétent authorities and testing fabs > irinovative solutions stimulating behavioural change amongst spécifie consumer groups

I N T E L L I G E N T E H En Gï E U R O P E

Actions aimed at: > boosting thé energy services market by increasing its transparency > making energy services accessible to small end-consumers .•... -••>',•-.

> empowering households to ensure thé success of smart meters and informative billing

I N T E L L I G E N T E M E K G ï


Energy use in transport.(STEER)

I N T E L t t O E H T

£ H E 8 0 Y E U R O P E

Actions aimed at: thé take up of Sustainabte Urban Mobiliîy Plans

replicating proven major transport or approaches for or interchanges and significant energyurban freight efficient modal shift terminais

Actions aimed at: > promoting policies and prof non-conventionaiiy fui jj ! 11| j^;: j| ; :,:-"^-

| Renewable energy sources



Actions airned at:

> grid issues: policies, régulations, incentive schemes for intégration of large volumes o e, and best practices for small scale distribuiez RES ? ; - «rators > speeding up and streamlining permitting proc iur and enhancing public acceptant ls & ge ning, monitoring marketframew >rks (eg: . e 3f scth 3 sui j ')rt schemes and rn-M/o;: ;'VÏ-L : '\l ï|licHil pcës ;"• costs, integrated stre i « shorewind) - • . - - . j|p 3 i 1erthi$KeyAction^

1 H T E 1. L I 0 E K T E H En» Y E U R O P E

Actions aimed at: > Stratégie initiatives: and beyond (sustainuh;

;; 7020 use changé,

>Soiid biomass: increa . supi lies "rorfi sustainal . managed foi ests, a ic:| I y-; 1 ^.^-^ : i? ;;i wastes Biogas: production from w: injection, and/or trar

< 5 i CHP, grid

Actions aimed at: > Good practice rnodels for multi-level governance (foster collaboration between local, régional and national public authorities) > Capacity building for national and/or régional town planning associations

I N T E L L I G E N T E N E I) 0 V £ U B 0 P £

Project development assistance for public authorities on energy efficiency and/or renewable energy projects identifiée! in SEAPs or équivalent > Applicants may be Irom 1 MS; Goordinator a public authority > Leverage factôr: >15 > Evidence of launch of investment after max 36 months > Rriority - high organisational innovation & replication potential > Spécifie criteria, application forms and deadlineS

Replication of successful innovative financing solutions Dlemented by public authorities




Actions aimed at: > Energy ! srfQrmai ce C îrtifi ijonasa driv irf r »tep by-step rénovation . >Orte- nj i mil : -:';- jWsf|| building •-,.; "stoc,;>: inf . a|| •••..;.;:••-" |||y build > Or improving quaiity and c©r conÉÉctiôn ïll




Intelligent Energy Europe Info Day - 2012 01 24 Bruxelles 1/3  

Intelligent Energy Europe Info Day - 2012 01 24 Bruxelles - presentation1/3