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Intergerated Staratgic Communication COM 451 501

Strategy Plan for Anti-bullying Campaign Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sara AlMadani Â



COM 451 501

Strategy Plan Anti-bullying Campaign

Goals •

Increase awareness among teenagers about bullying and its effects.

Explain the causes and types of bullying to the public.

Decreasing the phenomenon of bullying in the UAE.

Position The biggest/longest campaign against bullying in the UAE, that will emphasize the importance of bullying and its effects on people.

Objectives • To have an effect of the awareness; specifically to increase their knowledge that bullying is lethal and can produce prolong effects on a person being bullied. ( 75% of selected high school students during the two months of the campaign)

• To have an effect of the acceptance of the UAE society; specifically to generate their sense of compassion and affection toward others. ( 25% of selected high school students and selected workplaces during the two months of the campaign)

• To have an effect of the action; specifically to reduce the amount of bullying that happens in the UAE. (60% of selected high school students during the two months of the campaign)

Proactive Strategy •

Audience participation: Involve the public by having a video ( or voice recorded or written) on what do they think of bullying and how serious do they think it is.

Alliances and coalitions: Join forces with other smaller campaigns against bullying in the Anti-bullying month (November).

Special events: Hold competitions and artistic programs that will reflect Anti-bullying behavior. 2


COM 451 501

Strategy Plan Anti-bullying Campaign

Activism: Hold a walkathon in one of the public parks to support the Anti-bullying campaign.

Publicity: Issue news releases and informative pieces of the activities plus events so it can be published in the news. In addition to that a user-friendly website with regular updates and a strong base of social media support that is regularly updated as well.

Reactive Strategy Since it is a humanitarian campaign that benefits the people of the society, and work towards a better humanity in spreading awareness. It is unlikely to get criticism or inflect damage to the society. Unless there is a mistake in the information that is given in the campaign that might cause some problems, which is improbable since the campaign have a strong research base. However in case that happened our strategy would be the vocal commiseration strategy. Where we issue we show our genuine concern, then condolence to this misfortune and then regret followed with an apology.

Message source and Spokesperson The model that will be used in the communication process will provide and act as an interest point for the public’s to be drawn to the campaign, as well as it will help in spreading awareness faster and easier since the public’s are seeking us instead of us seeking them.

Spokesperson #1: Samineh Shaheem , Assistant Professor of Psychology and Cross Cultural Consultant at the Human Relations Institute. Samineh Shaheem, is a good choice because she concluded seminars and counseling services for parents, health care professionals, teachers, educators and other concerned people in the community. In addition to she is the founder of the “bolt down on bullying” campaign which is the first anti-bullying campaign in the UAE, as well as she is a well credible source since she is an assistant professor in and institute and fairly charismatic.



COM 451 501

Strategy Plan Anti-bullying Campaign

Spokesperson #2: Tom Cruise & Christian Bale, Famous actors. Cruise and Bale, are good choices because they both experienced bulling when they were younger and have grown out of it to be really famous and loved by many people. As well as they have a huge charismatic appeal and they are popular therefore people would be drawn to the campaign.

Message Appeals The anti-bullying campaign will be using both rational and emotional appeal. Rational Appeal •

A policy proposition will be used to set a new course of action and encourage its implementation in schools and workplaces to stop bullying.

A factual proposition will be also used to support the campaign and give evidence of the happening.

Emotional Appeals A combination of both negative and positive emotional appeals will be used to support this campaign. •

Positive by showing love and bravery appeals by showing them that it is okay to seek help about bullying.

Negative appeal by using the fear appeal via showing the statistics of people who hurt themselves due to bullying.

Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Verbal Communication •

One point of view will be presented: “Towards a bullying free environment”

Message clarity will be enhanced by Fog Index level of 8th grade.

Message will use power words such as “ The right to be”, “humanity evolution”, “hand in hand”, “together we rise”.

Messages will relay on facts and documentation rather than empty claims. 4


COM 451 501

Strategy Plan Anti-bullying Campaign

Nonverbal Communication •

Spokesperson #1 would be wearing professional clothing’s to show credibility and spokesperson #2 would be wearing a more casual and flexible clothing so the audience could relate to them.

The campaign logo which will be colorful and attractive will be featured in every print the campaign produces.

Pictures would reflect bullying in all forms so will the video related to the campaign.


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Strategy Plan  

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