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The Contributors ARI O’CONNELL, COLUMNIST has had work published in Australia, Japan and England, and is currently completing her first novel as part of a PhD project. Ari has recently given birth to her first child, Gabriel.

currently doing the breakfast show on 92.9 FM with Basil Zempilas and Sam Mac. As a mother, Lisa wants to “nurture, encourage, teach, inspire and give my love unconditionally... because the reward is so incredibly great”.

MELANIE HEARSE JOURNALIST and mother of seven and four year old boys, has worked on a range of local and national publications, focusing on parenting, health and lifestyle articles. She worked for 10 years in the public health sector before deciding to follow her passion to be a writer when her first son Max was born.

Claire Armstrong, Journalist a journalist of five years and a mother of two. “I love a challenge, journalism provides me with a mental challenge and motherhood has the ability to challenge every aspect of my being, and I wouldn’t have life any other way.”


DEVON PLUMLEY, MIDWIFE believes her work is most satisfying when she can empower a woman and her partner to birth their baby naturally; and the new little human being thanks his mummy with a squeal!

is financial controller for a Perthbased mining company. When not busy controlling the finances, he has had columns published on the challenging subject of the lighter side of accountancy, and has written for SBS TV. He has two young children, Ella and Sebastian. Tara Dryland, Journalist When she’s not managing the family business (Cafe 58), Tara is busy being a single mum to her beautiful one-year-old son, Jett. She loves working for Offspring, as it allows her to merge her passions for writing, parenting and kids fashion!

Kate Bullen, Dietitian



improvement, bridal and women’s lifestyle publications, but says Offspring enables her to combine writing with her new favourite hobby, being a mum to her beautiful baby boy, Caleb.

HEATHER ZUBEK, WRITER/TEACHER has worked in schools and the corporate arena in both Perth and Brisbane. Now a mother of two teenage boys, Heather works from home as a freelance writer for a variety of state and national publications. Heather loves discovering and writing about all things books, boys and family.

4 Offspring | spring 2011


is co-founder of www.doyoueat. and mum to two young children. Kate loves chocolate and pizza – usually eaten separately! Her passion lies in making healthy eating simpler for everyone, and you will often hear Kate saying that food should be enjoyed!

was an Award Winning Travel Manager for Flight Centre and Harvey World Travel for 10 years. After years of personal travel experiences and now with two young boys in tow, Jennifer writes about ‘Family’ Travel - where to go and how to get there with minimum stress! MIYA MAEDA, ARTIST/BLOGGER earned a BA in Fine Art and worked in the visual arts industry for over 10 years. Miya is the creator of the kids craft blog: She currently cares for her young family by day and writes for her blog by night.


’m testament to the axiom ‘Write

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come true’ because no sooner had the Autumn edition gone to print,

that bikini. This time I keep forgetting I’m

(wherein I had a small whinge about

pregnant...along with everything else.

failing to fall pregnant), the faint little

Too often I’ve done a double-take while

blue line of baby promise appeared.

casually reaching for a slice listeria-

of those “all baby” types or “don’t

laden cheesecake or thick cut of ham.

look pregnant from behind” women,

Now, fully into my third trimester

but rather a “blow out from cheeks

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Perhaps I should be ‘connecting’

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the baby. This time, remembering I’m

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pregnant is a feat, let alone playing

toes, backside and of course, tummy.

Beethoven to the tummy.

Perhaps I’m guilty of a ‘feeding for

How different it is second time around. Last time, I slept, ate, devoured

It’s been simpler though. Working

two’ mentality as I quietly justify why I need the after dessert, dessert.

pregnancy – I was consumed, barely

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the bulge. Indeed, I was the first

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we surrendered life’s finer things long

tummy areas (I was always very proud

No wonder it felt like the gestation

ago, so foregoing the Cabernet and

of the round tummy, just the sideways

life of an elephant.

Brie hasn’t been difficult either.

growth and extra sprinkle of cellulite

A dozen Pregnancy and Birth books

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So, second time around, rather than

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stacked on my bedside table was

difference this time – Baby Brain – but

depressed, I’ve discovered avoidance,

light reading - I was the perpetual

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and I’m not referring to chocolate.

pregnancy book hog at the local library

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baby mind didn’t require decision-

antenatal visits (some midwives will try

that special Day by Day Guide to Baby’s

making beyond painting the baby’s

to push you on them but it’s important

Development book for a whole fortnight.

room white, off-white or cream), but

to hold your ground). Avoid looking at,

this time, whoa, talk about early onset

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the pre-pregnancy wardrobe as they

Currently, I have one book beside

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Avoid scales at home and at

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mashed thoughts and gobbly gook half

Because after this little bun is

sentences ending in “Sorry, what was I

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talking about?” are frequent.

for Bali. A little more Yummy Mummy

Writing this now is a mammoth challenge as I am continually side-

and less Slummy Mummy, thanks Ari. Note: Please read Ari’s column for

tracked by what to have for dinner,

further explanation and to discover

whether it’s going to rain and what

what mummy you are!

day/month/year it is! I’ve observed one consistency in both pregnancies though - the way I carry a baby. Or rather, where I carry baby. Regrettably, I’m not one

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The Contributors

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Feature articles 12

Politics and Parenting Greens MLC Alison Xamon tells how she manages to achieve a work and family life balance.


Tizzie Hall Saves Our Sleep Melanie Hearse shares the international baby whisperer’s success story.


24 Spring fashion favourites Funky fashion that is sure to bring sunshine o your little ones this season. 28

Funny Mummy’s Business – Label World From Yummy Mummy to Scrummy Mummy – Ari O’Connell says every mum has a label whether they like it or not.

30 Off the Air – One Way Ticket to Hell... and Back


Travelling with toddlers can be tough! Lisa Fernandez takes us on her 31 hour journey to Nice, France.


6 Offspring | spring 2011

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In as little as 12 weeks you will see a difference in your child’s ability to learn.

Pregnancy & Birth 32

What’s in the Bag? Heather Zubek investigates what expectant mothers should pack for their hospital stay.

Special Early Childhood Feature 37 Investing In Childcare Tips to help you make an informed decision when choosing a childcare service.

42 Birth Choices One Perth mum tells how her three birth experiences ranged from euphoric to traumatic.


44 Internet Picks Our selection of websites offering gorgeous products for your kids.


Early Childhood Special feature – Children’s Parties 46 It’s Party Time Our comprehensive guide to organising children’s birthday parties in Perth.

58 Healing Words Widowed by suicide, Lori Dwyer shared


her experience in a daily blog.


Tara Dryland shares her story.

62 Boys Germs Frogs and snails and puppy dogs tails. A selection of stuff just for boys.

62 8 Offspring | spring 2011



Special feature – Children’s Sports 64 It’s How You Play the Game

Playing sport sets the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Our information guide will help you choose the right sport for your child. Cover photograph of Alison Xamon with sons Jackson (7) and Blake (5) was taken by Richard Barry.

70 Our darlings Gorgeous photos of Offspring readers’ children

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Letters to the editor

Bedtime stories

I absolutely loved Ari O’Connell’s article about the lack of sleep in her house. Actually, I am one of those tut-tutting parents whose kids have slept through the night since they were very small! But my sister has a two year old who doesn’t seem to go more than one or two nights in a row straight through, so there are lots of discussions in our extended family about a whole host of possible culprits - yes, it’s too hot, it’s too cold, she’s too hungry, dummy, no dummy ... etc etc! We’re all reading from the same script, I see.

I do sympathise, and I will endeavour from now on not to dispense advice to any struggling parents about how to get their kids sleeping through the night. May I also say that whilst my niece is a lousy sleeper, she isn’t nearly as loud, demanding and difficult to manage during the day as my kids are. So take some comfort from the probability that kids who are great sleepers probably make their parents pay in other ways!

We want to hear from you! If you would like to express your opinion in response to an article or feature in this edition of Offspring please write to The Editor, PO Box 724 Claremont 6910 or email Subject: Letter to the Editor. You can stay anonymous if you wish.

Irena Sikorska, Winthrop

Babycino guide for Perth Thanks to Melanie Hearse for some dining out ideas with toddlers “Eating Out With The Kids.”. Being not brave enough to venture out of the routine for dinner – it would be great to hear about some ideas for drinking babycinos! With our Number One son now approaching two years old and somewhat dethroned by new Number Two, we have been to several

cafes which have ranged from: a complimentary cup of warm froth, a very expensive cup of warm milky froth, a sweet cup of cocoa, and (our favourite) a well-priced cup of froth topped with a smiley face and served on a plate with a chocolate teddy bear popsicle. Can Melanie follow up with some ideas for drinking out morning tea in Perth? Elizabeth, Cottesloe.

Passion for fashion Thanks for yet another wonderful fashion spread in your Winter issue. You hit the mark yet again – fashion that is more unique than the junk mail catalogues but more affordable than in the other magazines. And cute to boot. It’s the first thing I turn to every issue. Laura Cullen, EDEN HILL

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10 Offspring | spring 2011

11/05/11 9:45 AM

with passion

By Melanie Hearse Photography by Richard Barry

Greens MLC, the Honorable Alison Xamon, is a busy mum juggling a hectic political schedule and raising a young family. She works hard to improve initiatives for mental health, passionately advocating for those who often can’t speak for themselves, including children.

12 Offspring | spring 2011


politics & parenting


ively Greens MLC, the Honorable Alison Xamon, is responsible for 17 portfolios and is the first Greens

member to have been successfully elected to represent the East Metropolitan Region in the West Australian Parliament. Alison is also the proud mother to two young boys, Jackson (7) and Blake (5), to husband, Luke, and older daughter Miette (15), from a previous relationship. With such a busy political life (Alison works anywhere from a 40 to 80 hour week), managing the work and family life balance is no easy feat. She credits her supportive husband, solicitor Luke Edmonds, as the main reason she is able to manage her demanding workload while remaining a committed mother to her children. Luke works part time and is the primary caregiver, organising his workload around school runs and play dates, and Alison fits in as many as she can around her often unpredictable workload. She explains that her office hours are far from the usual nine to five, in fact it is normal to leave work at 11pm during a parliamentary sitting week, so maintaining the balance is down to “smoke and mirrors”. “I do school pickups or drop offs where I can,” says Alison, “bringing the boys along to any work related events that I think they will be interested in. “As a Green, a lot of the events I am invited to are in parks or bushland, which the boys enjoy attending.” “I have wireless internet at home so that I can be in the lounge room with the kids, talking about their day and playing, but I can also be doing work, and I use Skype to call home during parliamentary dinner breaks. Basically I do what I can to minimise the impact of my job to the

“There are so many different types of family structures now, we should be celebrating and supporting diversity, not demeaning those who find themselves as single parents through various circumstances.”

boys, including strongly discouraging breakfast meetings. At night it is normal for me to be home for dinner and to put the boys to bed then leave for another meeting. Alison explains that even before becoming a local member for parliament her life was always busy. A couple of years before Alison met Luke she was a single parent to Miette. She says Miette brought untold joy into her life, and it troubles her when she hears single parents being judged and accused of being lacking, saying she cringes when she hears people commenting on the alleged disadvantages to children in single parent families. She is most emphatic that her daughter is one of the most amazing parts of her life, and it horrifies her when people belittle the experience of sole parents. “There are so many different types of family structures now, we should be celebrating and supporting diversity, not demeaning those who find themselves as single parents through various circumstances,” she says.

Offspring | spring 2011 13

In the past Alison has worked in the Union movement, which she jokes made for interesting discussion at her mothers’ groups meetings. During this time she worked as an organiser, Industrial Officer, Women’s Officer and Equal Opportunity specialist, before becoming a lawyer. “Even university was a juggle for me – my youngest son’s


January birthday was no accident, we planned his birth to fall between University terms.” Alison passionately advocates for those who often can’t speak for themselves, including children and those who are experiencing mental health issues. Mental Health is one of her portfolios and she pushes for improvement in this area. Having experienced trauma at the tender age of 11 when her father committed suicide, Alison has learnt first hand how damaging it can be to assume a child has the skills to move through tragedy without intervention. Phrases like ‘children are resilient during times of stress’ and that they ‘don’t experience grief like adults’ visibly trouble and upset her, and she strongly believes we need to reassess the way we think about children who have experienced trauma. When her father died, Alison recalls being told she needed to be strong for her mother. Those around her also did little to make sure she and her brother were moving through their grief and handling the fallout.

14 Offspring | spring 2011

“People often assume that when a child isn’t crying out, or acting out, when something traumatic has happened to them, they are dealing with it.”

“People often assume that when a child isn’t crying out, or acting out, when something traumatic has happened to them, they are dealing with it. In actual fact, they are probably just burying feelings they don’t know how to handle. I believe that a trauma that isn’t dealt with is simply a trauma delayed – it will eventually show itself and the longer it takes, the more deep rooted the damage.” As a result of her experience, and the fallout in her twenties when effects of the trauma finally caught up with her, Alison wanted to see strategies developed where

children to develop social and emotional skills, while

people in a position to identify children affected by trauma

promoting the implementation of practices that provide

(such as coroners, police officers and nurses) were trained

a stable, nurturing and protective environment that

to refer these children to counseling and other support

encourages good mental health.

services. She says parents or guardians often are not in a

Kids Matter also provides the tools to train teachers

position to recognise their children’s needs at the time, as

and support staff to identify early markers for potential

they are experiencing the same trauma themselves.

mental health issues and ensure they have access to and

The prioritisation of prevention and early intervention

knowledge of services to which they can refer students.

based initiatives for mental health is also part of her

She also advocates for more funding for school nurses

political platform, and Alison is keen to see improvement

and psychologists. For older school children, she would

in mental health services from children through to adults.

like to see better funding and promotion of programs

She explains that prevention initiatives include school

such as Headspace, believing services for adolescents

based programs such as anti bullying programs and “Kids

experiencing serious mental health issues are lacking

Matter” – a State Government program that supports

and in need of more funds and attention.

Offspring | spring 2011 15

“We are at the point now where the research is clearly

services for peri and post natal care. “When Jackson was

indicating that prevention and early intervention play a

first born, I had a lot going on in my life that I couldn’t really

key role in providing better mental health outcomes for

control – I had a newborn and found myself caring for sick

young people, and we have evidence based programs to

grandparents yet I was still working and studying and life

meet these needs, so the next step is adequate funding and

was chaotic. I found that I wasn’t coping, and I was fortunate

making them happen.”

to be referred to King Edward Memorial Hospital’s postnatal depression team. Their services and follow up procedures

Alison is also a supporter of improved mental health

were amazing and gave me the support I needed; I’d like to see this kind of service available to everyone who needs it.”

University for the little people in your life.

Despite the intensity of Alison’s convictions, and some of her earlier personal experiences, she has clearly arrived at a good point in her life, asserting that her life experiences make her a better Member of Parliament. While she leads a full and hectic life, her preferred way to spend her free time is much more sedate. Pottering around the house with her children and husband are her preferred way of chilling out. She’s delighted to watch her daughter grow and develop her own interests and politics, and enjoys kicking back with the boys in the garden. “My children keep me grounded, and I make it a priority that they know how important they are to me.”

you and your child : UWA CRICOS Code 00126G UWAESPPR110702 Image courtesy Baby Scarlett

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Bookings and information or 6488 2433

extension U WA

things to do

16 Offspring | spring 2011

places to go

people to see

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Tizzie Hall


our sleep Melanie Hearse talks to worldrenowned baby whisperer, Tizzie Hall about common issues with babies, building her brand and how having children cemented her faith in her methods.


izzie Hall’s pleasing Irish lilt could calm the grumpiest adult into good cheer, but it is the

success she’s had working her magic on unsettled babies that has sleep deprived grown ups under her spell. Originally hailing from Ireland, Tizzie started her Save Our Sleep™ (SOS) business in the UK in 1996, where she gained a following through word of mouth praise. “I could tell the difference between cries and what a baby needed from an early age, and this ability saw neighbours and their friends seeking me out for help,” she says. “I’d get calls from people because they weren’t sure what kind of cry their baby was making. This is when I started being called the baby interpreter and the baby whisperer.” Tizzie left her home town for Nottingham University to study verterinary studies, then changed to psychology, making extra money by babysitting. Shortly after leaving university, Tizzie helped a doctor and his wife whose 18 month old twins had never slept through the night. They thanked her with a cheque. Realising she could make a living doing what she loved, Tizzie made up some business flyers. After working with celebrities, she was suddenly in demand with the ‘A listers’. “I would go and see a football player and then the rest of the team would call on me, then I’d see a musician and the rest of his band wanted me to visit them too. It actually got to the point that some people simply had me visit so that they could say they’d had Tizzie Hall in to help.”

18 Offspring | spring 2011

Tizzie immigrated to Australia and began work as a nanny. Her name began to spread again as she helped out parents in the schoolyard and they saw her methods working. She was also still in touch with several of her Ireland contacts who would email her for help. Her business took on a new direction one night when a man in the bar leaned over and asked her what she was doing and explained that she was often emailing different clients with the same advice and it was taking up a lot of her time. He suggested she make a PDF of her emails and sell them, charging one dollar per copy. “I didn’t think much would happen, but I started selling more and more copies, and then Practical Parenting got wind of them.” They contacted Tizzie about doing a column each month, and the columns soon caught the eye of publishers Pan Macmillan, who approached her about creating a book. The book, Save Our Sleep, went on to sell more than 20,000 copies in one month and had to be reprinted. Tizzie’s brand has gone from

After working with a few celebrities, she was suddenly in demand with the ‘A listers’. “It actually got to the point that some people simply had me visit so that they could say they’d had Tizzie Hall in to help.”

strength to strength – she now travels the world giving private consultations to parents, has a successful website, as well as two books. She also sells ‘Tizzie Tick’ products through her site – a range of products that meet her criteria for safety and quality. It hasn’t all been a smooth ride. Tizzie recently opened a SOS Facebook page, that saw her brand develop at too rapid a rate. Despite moderating the page heavily, some fans were posting unsafe advice and she was concerned people would assume she had endorsed it. Tizzie made a decision to change the way the page worked and has now created a forum on her website that allows people to discuss problems and share their tips. She also hasn’t been without her fair share of critics, with plenty of forum members posting criticism and even sending hate mail. The most common complaints have been that the routines are impossible to keep to, that they don’t account for individual babies’ needs and that she advocates controlled crying, which she does not.

Offspring | spring 2011 19

“What my routines and books offer are the methods that I have found to work over more than 15 years of experience with many families and my own children. I always recommend parents adapt the routines to suit their family and their child’s needs and to use the routines as a

Pan Macmillan approached Tizzie about creating a book, which went on to sell more than 20,000 copies in a month and had to be reprinted.

guide only.” The thought of a 24 hour routine may be off-putting to many a parent envisioning days spent clock watching and the total inability to go out, but the reality is quite different. “Following a routine helps you schedule things in and if you have older children, it means they can look forward to some

time alone with you. A routine also makes your baby feel safe and secure, as they know their needs will be met and won’t need to cry as often to try and communicate what they want.” Tizzie comments that mixed media messages can make



parenting harder, especially when it contradicts what your baby is trying to tell you. “One of the most common reasons that babies wake is that they are too cold. When overheating was widely publicised as having a link with SIDS, parents started being really cautious about letting their babies get too warm. But babies getting cold is a SIDS risk too as they try to roll on their tummy to get warm, which also a known SIDS risk.” Another common cause for sleepless nights is hungry babies, says Tizzie. “Parents are told not to start solids until six months, but many babies fail to be satisfied by milk alone by 16 – 18 weeks of age. This hunger sets up a pattern of snacking and leads to poor sleeping, as baby wakes due to hunger.” Demand feeding is another area in which she feels

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20 Offspring | spring 2011

issue with demand feeding as such, but I do see a lot of problems caused when parents don’t understand their babies’ cries and try to feed them every time they are upset – this leads to snacking, poor sleeping and tired parents. Learning to understand what your baby is crying

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eehouse.indd 1

there is plenty of misunderstanding. “I don’t have an

for is important – and following a set routine means that your baby will be eating and sleeping regularly.” Rather than teach her a lesson, having her two children, Darragh and Cillian, has confirmed to Tizzie that her methods

30/06/11 8:46 AM

really work. Tizzie confessed to being terrified that when her

Tizzie has another

children came along, they were going to be impervious to her

plan in her future, but

methods – she even jokingly commented on the field day

it is more personal and

critics would have with the baby whisperer having children

less certain of success.

that roared day and night.

Having experienced

As it turned out, a trip to Ireland cemented her belief

significant trouble

in her own methods after getting home and experiencing

carrying pregnancies

jetlag. “I found myself up late at night, sleeping in until

to term (she has been

different hours each morning and Darragh, who had

pregnant more than 10

always been a good sleeper and contented child, suddenly

times), they would still

became cranky and would cry a lot and sleep poorly”.

like to extend their

Eventually, she put the Tizzie Hall routine back into

family further, joking that she’d happily have 10 children

practice. A couple of days later Darragh was back to his

if she could. “I hope more children are on the cards, but

happy self.

it’s a long road for us to get from conception to birth – we

Tizzie is currently working on a new book about feeding

have no trouble conceiving, but because of issues with my

that includes family-friendly recipes. She is continuing

immune system, staying pregnant is a problem, involving

to expand the range of products under the SOS umbrella,

a lot of bed rest and medication, so we’ll have to see what

which currently includes a Baby Diary, a comforter and


bamboo and cotton blankets.

For more tips and advice visit

Offspring | spring 2011 21

Here are a few of the questions Tizzie is often asked


My 15 week old wants to feed every three hours and I’m trying to stick to the routine, how can I stretch out the feeds? A It can be hard at first to change

can no longer distract them please

baby, place the bottle or breast

feed your baby and each feed this

on their lower lip and allow them

will get easier and closer to the

to drink, taking care not to wake

routine scheduled feed time.

them. When finished, sit them upright for a few minutes to


hours being the hardest. If you

How can I get out and about while following a routine? A It’s fine to put your baby in a

get your baby up at 7am and give

pram for their naps, so put them

them the first feed of the day, and

down at nap time and go for a walk

they wake from their sleep asking

– you can stop in a café and meet

for food, try to distract them for

friends – sunlight is actually great

as long as possible keeping them

for babies’ sleep, and getting out is

What do I do at night if my baby wakes up before the dreamfeed? A If your baby wakes within half an

swaddled and going for a walk, or

definitely good for Mum!

hour of the dreamfeed you should

a baby’s habits, but it normally only takes a day, with the first four

holding them and tapping their back to the rhythm of you heart beat. If you need to feed your baby before the scheduled time as you


allow wind to escape. Babies are usually so relaxed at this feed, they don’t gulp air and so don’t have much wind.


feed him. If there is over half an

How do I do the Dreamfeed?

hour to the dreamfeed when your baby wakes you should resettle

A Gently pick up your sleeping

your baby.

Stylish, educational gifts and nursery interiors for babies and children

15% off using code ‘offspring’ (does not include sale items or Il tutto bags)

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22 Offspring | spring 2011


Spring fever Spring has sprung! Help your little ones get back to nature with these flora inspired pieces. Perfect for playing in the sunshine! By Tara Dryland

24 Offspring | spring 2011


...Relax & rest

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For all your kids f ing, toys & gifts. ur niture, linen, cloth

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17/02/11 7:18 PM

Offspring | spring 2011 25

...Like a tiger


oh my!

By Tara Dryland

Release the animal within this season! This wild apparel is sure to inspire a roaring good time.

The Coffee Club Innaloo offering a welcoming relaxed meeting place enriching contemporary lifestyle good Food, great service and excellent coffee

our menu • All day breakfast

• Gourmet salads

• Burgers and light • Kid’s menu & meals with vegetarian combos. and lifestyle options • sweets range • Gourmet sandwiches and wraps

The Coffee Club Innaloo

shop 1005 Westfield innaloo ellen stirling Boulevard p: 9242 8995

Free Kid’s colouring pacK

with every full priced kid’s meal combo purchased must present voucher. one kids club offer per person. Valid until 31/12/11

The Coffee Club Innaloo shop 1005 Westfield innaloo ellen stirling Boulevard p: 9242 8995

26 Offspring | spring 2011

...Cheeky monkey



LEFT PAGE: 1 Bebe “Gentle Giraffe” tee / $26.95 / 2 Bluebird & Honey “Lazy Lion” rattle / $15.50 / 3 “Jungle Animal” paper art frame / $89.00 / 4 Cushie Tushie “Modern cloth nappy” / $35.00 / 5 Tiny Revolutiuonary “be kind to small things” tee / $34.95 / THIS PAGE: 6 Hatley “Grizzly” short & tee set / $39.95 / 7 Hatley “Naked Bear” romper / $24.95 / 8 My Friend Matilda “Tall Horse & Animal” Grow chart / $185.00 / 9 Zuni “Hippo” Bookend / $69.95 / au 10 Small Society “Animal Print” harem pant / $34.95 / 11 Hatley “Big Bear” socks / $14.95 / 12 Giimmo Night Light “Prince the tiger” / $44.95 /

Offspring | spring 2011 27

FUNNY MUMMY with Ari O’Connell


From Yummy Mummy to Slummy Mummy, Ari O’Connell says every mum has a label – whether they like it or not!


ne moment you’re on that travelator called your life –

Tummy Mummy: mummy with a baby on the outside

it could be a lazy lie-on-the-beach kind of life, it could

and a belly that’s still partying like it’s 1999. Who said you

be an up-at-5.00am-for-a-round-of-corporate-fisticuffs kind of life – but the important thing is, it’s yours and you

can’t rock your maternity outfits with a ten year old? Slummy Mummy: mummy who wears tracky bottoms

probably know who you are. Mostly. As does everybody

and pyjama tops to the shopping centre, which, frankly,

else, not that they pay much attention being too busy with

is why they design pyjamas to look like casual wear

their own travelator to bother with yours.

these days. Slummy’s hair usually looks as if something

Fast forward to that time where you have a baby or two, or even 10 or 15 (not all at once, obviously – that would be

is nesting in it, possibly a very small teddy or a rolled up onesie. Or a tissue or wipe, or toothbrush. It happens.

both excruciatingly un-fun and deserving of a prize that is

Granola Mummy: mummy who favours organic, hemp

not a nappy cake) and you’re catapulted into some parallel

fisherman’s trousers and those clunky shoes made out of

universe, where your travelator life is labelled. Actually, that

pumpkin skin and spinach. Granola doesn’t mind washing

is incorrect. Your travelator life is long gone. You are labelled.

modern cloth nappies or practising Attachment Parenting,

Yes you. Labelled and staring at that dust cloud that

which sounds as though it requires rather a lot of boobage

used to be your life, travelator and all. It’s called Motherhood, AKA, What Type Of Mother Are You, We’re Talking Labels Here. You’ve got a few options but you don’t really get to choose, because everyone else

for a longish period of time, and vast reserves of patience and serenity in the face of great sleeplessness. Hard. Admirable but hard. Helicopter Mummy: mummy who hovers around her

does that for you. In no particular order, your options-that-

child 24/7, and then some, for protective purposes only.

aren’t-really-yours go like this.

Helicopter will not let said child catch a bus until they are

Yummy Mummy: glammed up, pulled together mummy, who never has bits of food, or worse, stuck to her

28 years and four months old, and is possibly the reason no one leaves home anymore. Ever.

shirt, car, pram, hair or eyelashes. Clothes ironed, lipstick

SAHM: Stay At Home Mum who spends all day

on lips not teeth (that’s both lips in case you’re curious),

every day with the kids, without being able to escape

and a mani-pedi good to go. Yummy is as pristine as the

to a job outside the home for a cup of tea in peace and

Immaculate Conception, and just as puzzling. How. Does.

uninterrupted loo time. SAHM deserves a medal.

She. Do. It. Question mark. Scrummy Mummy: variation of the Yummy Mummy,

WAHM: Work At Home Mum who spends all day every day juggling work and the kids, without being able to

but with some extra letters, one of which is S. Make of that

escape to a job outside the home for a cup of tea in peace

what you will.

and uninterrupted loo time. WAHM deserves a medal. And a wife. Working Mum: mum who juggles a job outside the home, the daycare/kindy/school run, looking after the kids on her down time and ignoring the laundry basket. Working Mum deserves a medal. And two wives. Awesome Mummy: Every mummy I know, choose your flavour. Awesome is, well, awesome in the way the Grand Canyon is awesome and a pile of laundry folded by someone else is awesome and finding $50 bucks in your jeans is awesome. There are a lot of Awesomes around, I can barely keep count. It’s a new label. I made it up. I’m throwing it around. And I’m sticking to it.

28 Offspring | spring 2011


whiteman park’s 25th

anniversary. Wonderful.

You’re invited to help celebrate our 25th Anniversary in 2011 with loads of wonderful events and activities commemorating the many aspects of Whiteman Park.

Key Environmental Tours Kids Activities Special Events

We invite each and every one of you to come and experience all the ‘wonderful’ attractions and facilities we have to offer, whether it be for the first time, the first time in years or for your regular visit.

Silver Jubilee Events Special Activities Transport Heritage Tours and Open days

Join us as we celebrate 25 years.

Don’t miss our Anniversary exhibition, ‘Turning 25: The Importance of Whiteman Park’ at Revolutions. For detailed event information call 9209 6000 or visit

25 Years



OFF THE AIR with Lisa Fernandez

One Way Ticket to Hell...and Back Travelling with toddlers can be tough as Lisa discovers on her 31 hour journey to France.


ritish rock band The Darkness wrote a song called,


“One Way Ticket to Hell...and Back”. I took a similar

Hour 1 – Isabella had a good morning sleep so she is alert and

journey recently. The differences being the ticket I purchased

interested in her surroundings. Flight crew are fantastic and

was return, the trip there was hell rather than the destination

refer to her as a little sweetie. She smiles back accordingly

and I didn’t travel with tattooed roadies. So how did my brush

and says hello to fellow passengers in surrounding seats. The

with the darker forces of the universe start?

crew have provided colouring-in pencils, a pencil case, paper

That would be last September when I had a sudden epiphany. How terribly exotic and adventurous would it be if I

and a small deck of cards for the kids onboard. I am relaxed. Hour 2 – Food is served and Isabella indicates she doesn’t

travelled to Nice, with my adorable child and spent my mid-year break relaxing on the beaches of southern France instead of hanging around my house wearing tracksuit pants and watching endless Wiggles DVD’s? An epiphany indeed! As I gave my credit card details

like it by pushing her plate off the tray-

When cautioned for the fourth time by the military I become frazzled.

table as she reaches for my meal. I give her my food and she is happy. Her food is scattered on the floor and across the pillow I’d hoped to use. But I am relaxed. Our adventure is underway! Hour 3 – First nappy change. It’s all

to the lovely lady at Qantas, I thought, I

over the inside of her pants and smells

have a beautiful little girl who is about

bad. I have spare clothes so no problem.

to share with her mummy the adventure of a lifetime. We just

The toilets are tiny, she won’t lie down on the pull down

had to get there via a 31 hour plane trip.

change-table, so we struggle vertically for ages while I clean

Just some unsolicited advice for those who are

her up. She continually opens and slams shut the syringe

contemplating taking their child or children on a long haul

disposal box so I get cross and she starts to cry. Loudly. I did

flight. I would avoid reading websites with the heading,

the first change and it went ok. I am pleased.

“How to Fly Hassle-Free with Small Children” because, quite

Hour 4 and 5 – Isabella is getting restless so I let her walk

frankly, it’s not going to happen. There are lots of websites

up and down the aisle talking to passengers. Some are

aimed at helping parents travel with young kids (I know

kind enough to engage her for a few minutes and I use the

because I’ve read them all) so, rather than giving tips that

opportunity to pick up her food from the floor and scrape it off

might not be appropriate for your family’s situation, I felt it

my pillow.

might be more useful to relive my trip...hour by you can see what’s it’s really like.

TRANSIT – TWO HOURS IN SINGAPORE Our connecting terminal is 20 minutes away. Isabella runs like a maniac to every departure gate and is stopped by officials carrying guns. When cautioned for the fourth time by the military I become frazzled.

SINGAPORE TO LONDON 11.00pm Hour 1 – The crew provide colour pencils for the children and again, Isabella warmly greets all passengers and crew with a wave and a smiling hello. People from the Perth flight stop and tell me how angelic she is. I agree wholeheartedly and try not to look too smug. The man sitting next to us seems pleasant. I tell him I may need to get past him if Isabella requires the toilet and he is fine with that. Hour 2 – Isabella needs the toilet and is very tired. She

30 Offspring | spring 2011

keeps throwing her colour pencils on the floor and screams

with the lady directly in front of us so she keeps insisting the

when I don’t pick them up. Dinner service has commenced

man with her move. They are honeymooners who I sense are

but Isabella smells so bad that I apologetically ask the man

contemplating remaining childless. They try to ignore her but

next to us if we may get past and I

it’s hard as she’s standing on their feet.

spend the next 30 mins near the toilet as we can’t get back to our seats. I am starving. Hour 3 – Isabella wants more milk and begins crying hysterically but she won’t let me touch her and when I try she throws herself onto the window

Hour 12 and 13 – I am exhausted,

They are honeymooners who I sense are contemplating remaining childless.

and cries louder. The hysteria goes on for 40 minutess before she falls into an exhausted asleep. I am stressed. Hours 4-8 – Isabella sleeps and I try to do the same.

stressed and claustrophobic. Isabella fluctuates between clingy, teary, irritable and uncontrollable. I want to jump out of the plane. Hour 14 – We arrive in Heathrow and I still have to navigate from Terminal 3 to 5 before our 2 hour flight to Nice. I haven’t slept for 24 hours and am close

to breakdown. Isabella wants to be carried and as I have no pram this seems to be the only option but she weighs

Unfortunately this is not successful as I’m scared she’ll roll

a ton. And although our destination may be heavenly and

off the seat onto the floor and wake up.

I’m excited to be sharing it with my precious baby girl...just

Hour 9 – Isabella wakes up crying and soaked from all the

as we board the Heathrow transit bus and I hear the words,

milk she’s consumed so I am forced to wake up the man next

“Mummy, poo!”.... I realise, through my travel sickness, that 31

to us so we can go to the toilet. Isabella won’t stop crying.

hours has felt like a lifetime. Would I do it again? Probably. If I

Hour 10 – Isabella is still crying. I am close to tears and want

could fly business class!

to get off the plane. I can’t take any more. Hour 11 – Isabella has stopped crying but wants to sit

Offspring | spring 2011 31

Pregnancy & Birth

What’s in


Some expectant mothers have their hospital bags packed and ready in the car not long after discovering the faint blue line on their pregnancy test. Others wait until they feel the first twinge of contractions to decide what to pack. The hospital bag is the first real sign that something special is about to happen and each bag is as individual as its owner. Heather Zubek chats to a few Perth mums who have been there and packed that. y pregnancy book said I should pack my hospital

Julie Hosking, Editor, West Weekend Magazine, Mum to Aidan and Maya

bag and keep it by the front door by week 32.

I’m not a scented candles kind of gal and while I love


By week 12 you couldn’t get in or out of our house. I

music, I couldn’t think of a thing I wanted to listen to

had packed my cassette player and an old tape of Neil

while in labour. Surely I’d be too busy giving birth? So I

Diamond (it was 16 years ago) as I was determined to boogie

went to hospital the first time with the bare minimum

this baby into the world. In went an entire homeopathic

– toiletries and changes of clothes for the new baby.

birth kit complete with 70 remedies with a detailed booklet

The second time around, I was a little wiser

on what to use and when. Packed separately was a packet of

particularly as I was being induced again and I knew

six bottles of essential oils, again accompanied by detailed

it could take a while. I took a good book (there’s only

instructions for my husband. In went three novels, a pad of

so much TV you can watch) and remembered that I

writing paper, some toiletries, a baby singlet, nappies, and

also needed something comfortable to sleep in and

an entire winter wardrobe for the baby’s trip home. The fact

to receive visitors in - the nightie didn’t make it out

that it was in the middle of a Perth heat wave didn’t even

of the delivery ward. And even though the bottle of

occur to me. Everything was ready except, as I found out

champers that came along to go in the fridge each

when I gave birth, there wasn’t one piece of clothing for me.

time (not the same bottle I hasten to add) didn’t get

My second son was in such a hurry to be born the hospital bag didn’t even make it to the car. Some Perth mums explain what they took along for their big day in hospital.

32 Offspring | spring 2011

drunk because I was breastfeeding, it was still nice to have it there as a kind of symbolic celebration.

Pregnancy & Birth

Natasha Lester, Author and mother of Ruby, Audrey and Darcy and creator of blog With my first baby, I had read all the stories that said labour would take a really long time so I went in prepared with a slew of things to fill up the hours – books, playing cards, food, notepad and pen (in case inspiration struck, which of course it didn’t). My labour was only about five hours long so I used none of these. Instead, I should have taken some antinausea homeopathic medicine because I vomited quite spectacularly for a good couple of hours. The second time around I packed the anti-nausea remedy. It was the first thing I took out of my bag in the birthing suite and I waited, armed and ready for the first wave of queasiness to hit. It never did. For each birth I took the self-hypnosis tapes prepared for me by the wonderful Raphael Centre at St John of God Hospital and I was lucky enough to have the quick, drug free births I’d visualised. Also my acupressure

booklet which, as well as giving my husband something to do, helped with the pain. The third time, I should have taken some sleep with me. After two considerate girls who both arrived during the day I was not expecting the boy to decide that midnight was a good time to go into labour. Visit Natasha’s blog at

Offspring | spring 2011 33

Pregnancy & Birth

Claire Langlands, personal stylist and Mum to three year old Abriella (3)

Gillian O’Shaughnessy, presenter of Afternoons on 720 ABC Perth.

I took everything to cover

were all was 25 years ago…that soft

any scenario. You would

music and meditation would help with the

have thought that I was

birth process...along with a packet of raspberry leaf tea

going to be away for months.

that was supposed to help with labour pain.

Being a stylist it was most

I packed a really hideous mediation tape and an old cassette boom box thing that was so clunky I felt like a beat boxer...we

The meditation cassette had this man talking

important to me (I seriously

incessantly about beautiful seagulls on the beautiful

doubt anyone else cared) that

beach in a very strong American accent which was all

I didn’t look daggy! I lived in loungewear. I packed a few

very 80’s but it didn’t relax me at made me feel

pairs of ‘yoga’ style pants, made from lightweight cotton

slightly ridiculous and it kept making me giggle...not a

stretch, which were comfortable and practical. On the top

bad thing I guess but just not the intended effect.

half one of my favourite buys were breast-feeding tank

And it’s not retro and maybe a bit rude but I was

tops. These were purchased from an online maternity

always extremely flat chested when I was younger and I

store and were fabulous!

was excited about the prospect of having a cleavage for

Some of the other things I found really helpful were

the first time. Everyone told me when my milk came in

breastfeeding capes, moisturiser, a good book and

that all of a sudden I’d be channeling Pamela Anderson.

pamper products. Make sure you pack a good body

This was a very thrilling thought for me at the time, so

moisturiser, hand cream and lip salve. A good book also

I threw in a few low cut nighties...I carried vanity with

comes in handy.

me at the oddest moment.

BUBS CLUB Screenings to bring your little ones to

Bubs Club screenings happen every Wednesday morning (excluding school holidays), and are a chance for you to bring your bub along to enjoy a movie in a hassle free environment!


Kids 5 er Und E! FRE


Present this coupon at the box office to purchase a ticket to your nearest Bubs Club screening for just $5.

For movie session information, visit

34 Offspring | spring 2011


Only valid for discount entry into one Bubs Club screening. Bubs Club screenings happen each Wednesday morning excluding school holidays. Valid at all Grand Cinema locations until December 14, 2011. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Surcharge applies for 3D screenings.

Ticket Prices Playgroup WA Members, $6 General Admission, $8 Loyalty Members, $6 Children over 5, $8

Pregnancy & Birth

Cate Sutherland Children’s editor, Fremantle Press and Mum to Emma (10) and Rufus (9) Books! Books for you (but leave behind the guilt-inducing parenting manuals) and books for the baby. It’s never too early to start reading to babies. When they’re really tiny it’s such a lovely way to reconnect with your own childhood, rereading your old favourites to them and discovering new treasures together. The Other Bears by Michael Thompson is a gorgeous book for babies, and A Sausage Went for A Walk

Rebecca Carmody, past Stateline presenter for ABC TV and editor of Mum to Oscar and awaiting Number Two

is a perennial favourite.

I’m afraid my list is rather dull. I’m expecting next

upstairs labouring away, our car was downstairs getting

month and have a bag (sort of) packed. The first

broken into and cleaned out – bag and all!

But, having said that, it wouldn’t have really mattered what I’d packed for the hospital, because while I was

was unnecessary and took up precious space so this time around I’m going for the minimalist approach. Toiletries, my little Sony radio & headphones, a

ARE YOU PREGNANT? 20% off pregnancy massage

few outfits for the new arrival (Size 0000), favourite

upon presentation of this ad

moisturiser from The Body Shop (Mango) and new PJs, so I don’t have to subject any of the doctors/ midwives or nurses to my old PJs with holes. A bottle of apple juice as well. Someone recommended it last time and I drank it all, so I figure why not bring again. This time, we’ll also be packing a present for my 18-month-old son Oscar from his new baby brother. It will be a nice way to introduce the pair.

Phoenix Therapies

time around I packed the kitchen sink and most of it

Pregnancy, Labour and Postnatal Massage • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Reduces stress and anxiety Promotes relaxation Prepares muscles & joints for childbirth Eases aches & pains associated with pregnancy Increases circulation Aids in reducing swelling Helps with sleeplessness Increased flexibility and movement Safe stretches and labour techniques Meditation and visualisation techniques Hypnotherapy for birthing Labour massage classes for mother and partner We use the safe, orthopaedic bodyCushion® Support System for pregnancy massage

Qualified Therapists specialising in pregnancy massage and maternity care Vicki Hobbs

Diploma Remedial Massage • Diploma Pregnancy Massage & Maternity Care • (Health Fund Rebates available)

Phoenix Therapies Phoenix Therapies.indd 1

9303 9111

28/04/11 3:09 PM

Offspring | winter 2011 35

Pregnancy & Birth

Packing for the big day A spokeswoman from King Edward Memorial Hospital said the hospital recommended women bring the items listed below for themselves and their babies during

 Clothes and a blanket to take the baby home in  A baby car seat/capsule of your choice must be fitted into your car before taking the baby home During your stay the hospital or birth centre will supply:

their stay:

• Sanitary pads and nappies for use following delivery Requirements for mother

(we recommend you bring your own supply as well)

 Current medications  Medicare card and/or private health insurance

• Blankets for your baby • Towels and other linen

membership information

 Health Care card (if applicable)  Loose, comfortable day clothes  Nighties or pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers  Nursing bras and one box of disposable breast pads  Maternity (large) sanitary pads – two packets  Toiletries including soap, shampoo, deodorant,

The hospital staff does see some of the more unusual items sneaking into the hospital bag. “We do hear funny stories about women packing unusual or impractical items such as g-string underwear for use after the birth,” the spokeswoman said. “Sometimes women might bring in things to help them through their labour like massage oils and calming music, only to

toothbrush, toothpaste, brush/comb. Requirements for the baby

find they have a quick labour and there was no time to use

 Nappies for use during your stay in hospital and for

any of it. One thing to remember is that space in hospital

going home

 Baby soap  A packet of cotton wool balls and cotton buds

rooms tends to be limited so it’s important not to pack too much; your partner or family members can bring in any extra items that you might need during your stay.”

Fun and Learning too! “An innovative Australian Program” American acadamy of Pediatrics

Gymbaroo centres Booragoon: Debbie 9330 3836 Balcatta: Pauline 9240 4220 Joondalup: Fiona 9301 4282 Nedlands: Brenda 9386 9944 Malaga: Natalie 9249 7443 Canning Vale: Debbie 6254 2254 Mandurah: Zoe 0431 998 319 • • • • • •

Structured program supported by current research. Movement, music and specially designed equipment. Encourage critical skills for early learning and literacy. Professionally qualified instructors/educators. Parent information and home activities. 22,000 children & parents attend this program every week.

BabyROO (from 6 weeks) Toddlers (1-3 yrs) Preschoolers (3-4 yrs) School readiness (4-5 yrs) Accepted as sole major sponsor AAMCFHN (Maternal Child and Family Health Nurses) National Conference 2005/7/9

Program approved by Institute Neuro-Physiological Psychology – UK

36 Offspring | spring 2011

Offspring ad_91x130_print.indd 1

2011/08/12 12:31 PM

Special Feature

Investing in

child care By Ngala Education Team

Changes to child care (Early Learning Centres) Important changes are being made to early childhood education and care to give our children the best possible start in life and to help families make informed choices

about the childcare services. This is being done through the introduction of a National Quality Framework, which is an early childhood curriculum that will guide early childhood educators in developing quality early childhood education programs.

Choosing a child care service A good way to make an informed decision about which childcare centre is going to best meet yours and your child’s needs is to arrange a tour of a service and take a checklist with you. When visiting child care services, some questions to ask are:

What to observe when visiting a child care centre

• My child’s routine is.... will you be able to follow my child’s routine?

Good Relationships

• How will I know how my child’s day has gone?

You should be able to see good relationships between

• Can I call during the day to see how my child is going?

adults and children, as well as between the people who

• What happens if my child becomes unwell?

work at the service. Adults in the service should speak to

• Can I come and breastfeed my child?

children, families and each other politely and respectfully,

• Do I need to bring any food, what meals are provided?

and the general feeling of the service should be welcoming

• Do I need to bring nappies for my child?

and friendly.

• What happens if my child gets hurt or bitten by another child?

Effective Communication

• What are your fees and what do they include?

Services should be able to tell you and show you how they

• How do you share regular information about the service?

will provide you with information about the service and

• Is your service accredited, can I see your quality rating

your child’s care. They should also let you know how they

scale? • How do children learn and how will my child’s needs and

will find out important information from you about your child and family.

interests be met? • How do educators set boundaries and limits; and what happens when children don’t do this or are not listening? • My child has a special need (medical or developmental) how do you cater for this?

Children’s Learning and Development All services are required to support children’s learning and development. Even though every service will do this differently, they should be able to tell you what they do to

• What happens in the event of an accident?

plan activities and experiences that will help your child to

• Can I come to your service with my child to settle them in?

develop and to extend their learning.

Offspring | spring 2011 37

Special Feature

• Plan a goodbye routine • Voice concerns • Develop an understanding of differences in routines your child will experience between home and in the service and discuss continuity of care • The more confident you feel leaving your child the more secure your child will feel.

Tips when Care Commences Health and Safety

• Build up time if possible before leaving for full days

All centres must ensure their environments are safe, are

• Always say goodbye

clean and properly supervised. They should also promote

• Discuss the transition your child is experiencing

healthy eating.

• Talk with other parents about their experiences • Call the service during the day to see how your child


settled, what they are up to, how they are going

Services should provide information about any management decisions that will affect you and your

What to Expect

child. There should also be procedures in place for

Protests are normal

managing any grievances or complaints you may have,

Children in secure relationships will express that they

and opportunities for you to be involved in developing

love their parent the best of all! Some children protest

and reviewing the service’s policies and philosophy.

when their parent leaves, others protest on their parent’s

Tips prior to your child starting child care

return as they do not want to go home at the end of the day. Protests are a sign of healthy attachment and do not mean your child is not coping with the transition. This

• Visit the room and service

is normal, although can bring forth feelings of guilt and

• Read stories with your child, about childcare, drive past

frustration in parents. Forming relationships is important for children, especially within the context of a supportive

and wave • Become familiar, share information about your child

caring environment.

(interests, settling toy etc)

Quality signs to look for when visiting child care services Babies • Cater for individual



• Cater for

• Cater for individual

routines? (solids/



routines (toileting/

• Familiarity that builds with those working • One-to-one interactions • Play and social story telling songs, rhymes

sleep) • Understandings about developmental

school transition) • Supporting group interactions, maintaining individual development • Support for conversations;


problem solving in co-

supporting social

operative settings

• Physical contact

and emotional

• Distress is responded


to in an appropriate

routines (rest/relax time,

• Positive guidance

• Positive guidance of behaviour and opportunities to engage in play

time and comfort

of behaviour; clear

individually and groups,



choice and contribution

38 Offspring | spring 2011

Quality care for your family

• A short conversation each time you drop off or pick up

Whitfords Occasional Care Centre offers daycare by the hour or

your child maintains tabs on the general experience your

day for children aged 1-6 years. This licensed, community-based

child has, while showing your child there is a team that

centre is located a stone’s throw from Whitford Shopping Centre

is interested in their wellbeing. If you would like a longer

and provides quality child care from Monday to Friday.

conversation with staff to discuss your child’s learning,

Special Feature

At the End of the Day

The centre’s staff are trained in early childhood learning

development or any concerns, make an appropriate time to

and they have been providing much needed free time to

talk to staff and address any issues confidentially.

parents in the northern suburbs for over 10 years. The centre is divided into age appropriate sections where

Websites to visit for more information:

your child can participate in the day’s structured activities

My Child

from the moment they arrive.


It looks forward to providing high quality care for your family! For more information visit

Quality child care the natural way

or phone 9307 4977.

If you’re looking for quality child care that’s affordable, offers flexibility and is in a safe and secure environment, there’s no better place to start than with Elite Childcare. Elite Childcare offers day, overnight and weekend early education and care for children aged 0 to 12 years in over 55 licensed home environments throughout WA. Services are owned and operated by experienced and qualified educators who believe happy and healthy children develop when they are given opportunities to learn and play in a nurturing and naturally creative environment. Activities are planned to suit each child’s individual needs. Whether it’s painting a picture, exploring the garden or going for a walk, children are encouraged to learn and play through nature and everyday life. Opportunities also exist for individuals interested in operating their own service. For more information about enrolment opportunities or starting your own service contact Elite Childcare on 1300 796 399 or visit

Day, overnight and weekend family day care in licensed home environments for children aged 0 to 12 years old. Owned and operated by experienced and qualified professionals. Child Care Benefit and Tax Rebates apply. Career opportunities available. Member of Family Day Care Australia.

Call us on 1300 796 399

Offspring | spring 2011 39

Special Feature

The Learning Bee: a positive start in education The Learning Bee offers young children and

experienced, passionate and believe in

with ease as they

their parents innovative, progressive and

learning through play. Meaningful games

build successful,

sequential early literacy programs. With

are used in every session to develop visual,

confident and

a focus on consolidating letter sounds,

sensory and cognitive skills necessary for

happy children.

children find learning to read, spell and write

the development of literacy.

an easy and enjoyable experience.

For further

In addition, The Learning Bee works


actively to strengthen children’s fine motor

on the many

are uniquely Australian. Children

skills. This aids in the development of well

programs and

learn quickly, while gaining a love and

formed letters and neat handwriting.

their benefits for

The Learning Bee’s literacy programs

understanding of language. The Learning

The Learning Bee advocates a belief

2-7 year olds in small group classes or

Bee fosters a love of learning in a fun and

that all children can achieve success in

for individual tuition please visit

friendly environment.

reading, spelling and writing.

The Learning Bee’s teachers are

The Learning Bee delivers that success

Family Support cares

care and foster care experience and all

Family Support Services can help you

relevant qualifications.

with a range of activities and family needs

Support for you and your family can be

including looking after children, tidying your

arranged on a casual, as-needed basis and

home or taking your children to activities

the rates are very affordable.

and appointments and much more.

For more information please phone

The owner, Cheryl, has extensive child

40 Offspring | spring 2011

9314 5831 or 041 222 4975.

or call Leslie 0403 434 645.

Special Feature

ABC childcare: committed to high quality outcomes and care of Australian children.

In May 2010, a group of leading

GoodStart is a not-for-profit

community sector organisations – Mission Australia, The Benevolent

organisation that operates with strong

Society, the Brotherhood of St Laurence

business disciplines, with operating

and Social Ventures Australia –came

surpluses invested into initiatives that

together to form GoodStart Childcare to

support children in their early years. The

own and operate ABC Learning Centres,

organisation is strongly committed to

with the aim of improving the education

supporting the access and inclusion of vulnerable children and communities in order to provide high quality outcomes for all children.

childcare providers and parent and

Through its network of approximately 660 centres, GoodStart provides high

community groups. GoodStart values the role of

quality, accessible, affordable, community-

parents as the first and most important

connected childcare that promotes

carers, and works alongside families

children’s development and learning in a

by promoting their involvement in its

fun and friendly environment. With centres

centres to ensure the best possible

in each state and territory of Australia,

foundations for their children. This

GoodStart is uniquely placed to drive

family engagement, coupled with the

greater collaboration across the childcare

passion and commitment of its carers

sector, by reaching out to government and

and educators, is critical to creating an

policy makers, academics, other

environment where children thrive.

Just for Nicolas... Just for Scarlett...

each ams are tailored to k, gr ro p ng ni ar le ed ewor ualis ars Learning Fram entres, our individ At ABC Learning C cluding yours. Based on the Early Ye n and grow and then ar in and every child – l something that helps your child le operating as a not-foria w ec no sp BC g learning And with A we’ll find that nce just for them. ting a stimulating, safe and nurturin fessionals ie er p ex an op el dev pro our focus is on crea ality early learning profit organisation, ur child. And thanks to our high qu e right decision. th environment for yo rograms you’ll know you’ve made p ed lis r, and individua cal Centre Directo

with your lo today. ca ild Drop in for a chat ch te si b e w r or visit ou call 1800 222 543

is a not-for-profit organisation

Offspring | spring 2011 41

Pregnancy & Birth


Real Life



A Perth mum describes how her three birthing experiences ranged from “traumatic” to ”euphoric”; and how education on birth choices improved her experience.


y first birth was in a public hospital, an obvious

experience. My daughter was posterior, my back was in

choice at the time as the hospital was close

agony and contractions were one on top of the other with

to home and I had a straightforward, uncomplicated

no break in between. My waters were ruptured when I was

pregnancy. I had done little reading or research and didn’t

7 or 8 cms dilated as labour had slowed. I then heard my

think to question anything about my care during pregnancy

doctor saying to the midwives I had a cervical lip at 9cms. I

or labour; I just trusted everyone to do their best by me.

desperately wanted to push but was told not to. The doctor

Unfortunately, my first birth was a rather traumatic

proceeded to try and “flick the lip away” and I remember that being incredibly painful. Finally I was allowed to push, but one and a half hours into pushing the doctor decided a vacuum extraction was required. She returned with a white apron over her clothes, my feet were put into stirrups by the midwives and the vacuum applied. A couple of pushes later my daughter was born.  The experience left me so deflated. I felt like I’d failed, that if I’d tried harder I could have done it myself. The feeling of disempowerment did not fade, eventually providing a catalyst for a Post Natal Depression breakdown two years later.  For my second pregnancy I was more careful in considering my choices. Birthing at the nearest public maternity hospital

42 Offspring | spring 2011

held little appeal and private obstetric care didn’t seem

twins, how to negotiate my care and how to ask questions

warranted for a low-risk, uncomplicated pregnancy.

so I received straight-forward answers that wouldn’t

I decided to take more charge of my birth and looked into

confuse or scare me and result in automatic compliance with hospital policy.  

hypnobirthing. One of the many books I

I hired a wonderful doula to provide extra

read was an eye opener and I started to look at areas where my birth perhaps may

support for the big day. My partner was very

have been handled differently. I became

well prepared, having learnt a lot at CMWA’s

quite angry with many unresolved issues

“Dad 2 Dad session.” I had a preterm labour scare and, while

from my daughter’s birth.

this was an awful experience, the registrars

At 12 weeks pregnant while floating

and midwives in the hospital’s Maternal

in my heated outdoor spa, staring up

and Fetal Assessment Unit were wonderful,

at the stars, I realised that’s where I wanted to have my baby. My husband was luckily very

filling me with confidence I was being listened to and my

keen for a homebirth. I still carried doubts that I could

wishes would be accommodated where possible.

push this baby out myself, feeling I had “failed” previously. I booked into the Community Midwifery WA (CMWA)

Amazingly, I was able to deliver the twins vaginally. I was ecstatic at the birth, and happy overall with the

program and the care I received was exceptional. The

care I received. I felt I

rapport built up with my amazing midwife helped to ease

was able to negotiate

fears and when I pushed my boy out into my hands and

my way through the

up to my chest, the euphoria was unbelievable. I still cry

pregnancy as I had

when I think or speak of the sheer joy and magic of his

educated myself and

birth. The continuity of care was wonderful and at not one

could advocate for the

time during my pregnancy, birth or while receiving follow

birth I wanted, despite

up care did I feel like a “number” or “just another birth”.

it not being a low

Third time around with my new partner, a homebirth was

risk, straight-forward

our first choice but fate had other ideas when we realised I

pregnancy. I accredit the

was pregnant with twins! The education process had to start

wonderful experience

anew. Although I could still homebirth with an independent

birthing my twins to

midwife, I felt hospital was the right choice with twins.

educating myself and

I needed to feel safe and secure at hospital so it was

the amazing support I

important I built a good relationship with hospital staff.

received from my partner,

CMWA provided great support, educating me about birthing

CMWA and my doula.

For more information on birth choices visit

Offspring | spring 2011 43


OUR INTERNET PICKS SHOPPING online is fun and convenient. Now there is fantastic range of fashion items and great buys for the family. However, looking for good-quality sites can be overwhelming with such a large number from which to choose.

Finding your way around can be daunting! We’ve provided a few good Australian sites, including a couple of WA sites, which offer a great range of stylish, beautiful and practical items to help point you in the right direction.

HeavenLee Creations is a Perth-based business run by one WAHM. Do you need a gorgeous swimsuit for your little one? Our popular Floppy Ruffle Swimsuit comes in 5 colourful fabric designs sized 000-6. Join us on Facebook to receive discounts and take advantage of FREE our sales. Come and see us at the following POSTAGE markets - Perth Upmarket, Mathilda’s, Market Girl and Chatterbox, plus many Australia more to come! wide For more information please visit our website or phone Lee-Anne on 042 113 8506 or

Inspired Paper is a premier source of hand made and fill-in invitations, gift-wrap and custom goodie bags, paper craft supplies, fine Japanese paper and boutique stationery. With a major focus on promoting the best in Australian designer stationery and paper products, IP has sourced or created the most beautiful and unique items from home and around the world. Babes by the Beach offers the best of both worlds – the opportunity to visit their gorgeous children’s clothing and gifts boutique in the picturesque Mandurah Ocean Marina, specialising in sizes NB to 14 and open 7 days 10am to 4pm; or shop online anytime. Brands include Guess Kids, Bebe, Ouch, Seafolly, Marquise, Bobbleart, Penny Scallan, Walnut and much more, plus huge SALE sections for great discounts!

FREE express post delivery with order over $100. Offer Expires 30.11.11 Contact: Shop: 08 9582 8522 – Jodie Kostarelas 0414 535 842 – email:

44 Offspring | spring 2011

BLING is essential to ANY SPACE!!!!

3 Dimensional Interactive Play Rug - No Batteries Required!

‘Ship Ahoy’ Ubabub Print

‘Garden Party’ 5 Piece Cot Set

Bring your children’s interiors alive with the right accessories that make you stop and take notice. • Decor • Baby & Kids Bedding • Wall Art • Furnish


Personalised Night Lights

We invite Offspring Readers to shop online, enter the code OFFSPRING and enjoy 10% off storewide! Offer ends 30 November 2011. or and subscribe to our Join us on newsletter for new releases & more exclusive offers. Contact Marnie on 0414 455 348 or

FREE Avidiva is the home SHIPPING of handmade, ecofriendly and organic Australia baby products. wide Avidiva offers a wide variety of products including organic skin care, bed linen, blankets and wraps, BPA free and Glass baby bottles and sippy cups, a beautiful range of bamboo clothing and so much more. All products must meet Avidiva’s high quality standards and all items are trialled before they make it into the store. You can expect high quality personal service from this Perthbased family business. Contact: 0404 592 991 stork’s corner offers a truly inspiring range of unique items for babies and children aged newborn to 7. Our concept store hosts an ever changing selection of Clothing, Shoes, Bed Linen, Room Decor, Toys, Books and Gifts. Visit our beautiful store in Myaree, or shop online at and enjoy FREE shipping and a bonus gift, just for OFFSPRING readers! Brands include Oobi, Purebaby, Bebe, Rhubarb, Skeanie, Walnut, Patersonrose, Tiger Tribe, Penny Scallan, Love Mae and many many more! Be sure to sign up for our monthly E-Newsletter to receive information about instore events, Sales and NEW Products arriving. Also checkout our Facebook page for regular updates and competitions!

FREE Shipping Australia Wide, plus a FREE Penny Scallan Hair Accessory (while stocks last). Simply enter OFFSPRING in the comments section of your order, and choose the FREE Freight* option at Checkout (valid until Nov 30 2011). p - 08 6161 9123 e - Shop 11/47 McCoy St Myaree WA 6154 (enter via Hulme Court) Firstfeet know feet are important. Learning to walk is hard work for developing little soles. Our range is super practical, ultra stylish and made for comfort.100% soft leather leather non slip suede soles. They are soft, flexible and have great “foot feel” giving a positive grip on floor surfaces when learning to take those first steps. Elasticated ankles... They slip on and stay on! Sizes from 0 to toddlers up to 24 months.

Funky Bunches $29.95

Jumpin Joggers $29.95

FREE SHIPPING for the Offspring readers. Enter OFFSPRING at checkout. Wholesale enquires welcome. Phone: 0404 428 883

Primaballerina $29.95

Offspring | spring 2011 45

Special Feature

time to

Party! By Brooke Evans-Butler

46 Offspring | spring 2011

Special Feature

Birthdays are a time to celebrate but the thought of organising can sometimes be daunting for parents. Our guide puts the fun back into birthdays!

without one additive, without serving carrot sticks and lettuce.” Julie says the key is to go back to basics. “Many people go for packet food, but kids don’t


want fancy

Choosing a theme can actually make a party easier to plan, as

food.” Julie says

it keeps you on track and can tie everything together nicely.

snacks such as

Kate Bellomo from Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations

fruit kebabs with

says the most popular theme this year has been ‘Circus/

white marshmallows,

Carnival’. “It’s perfect for boys and girls of all ages, is

fairy bread made with

bright, colourful and so much fun,” she says. “We did a

sprinkles that have natural

Circus theme for my boys last year and it was fabulous,

colours, and plain chips are popular, without being full of

there are so many fun decorations and accessories

additives. She says home-made is always a plus and that

available, not to mention the yummy must-have Circus

the benefits of being aware of serving food free of additives

party foods – hotdogs, popcorn and fairy floss!”

means children are less hyped up, which makes for an

Incorporating a theme does not mean you have to go

enjoyable time for all.

overboard – simply matching the tableware, decorations,

Photos Supplied by Piece of Cake Parties

invitations and the cake can be incredibly effective.


Remember to specify both a start and a finish time on the invitations. Two to three hours is usually plenty of time for a

child’s party – any longer and you run the risk of children becoming tired and over-stimulated.

Food Some people automatically associate party food with highly processed, sugar-laden foods that leave children bouncing off the walls. However, according to Additive Alert director/founder, Julie Eady, you can prepare a tasty spread of popular party food, free from additives. “Many people think that harmful additives are in soft drinks and lollies – but they are in other foods as well,” Julie says. “In a typical party setting your child could be exposed to 100 additives – but you can still have a beautiful spread

Offspring | spring 2011 47

Special Feature

Cake The cake can be the centrepiece or statement of the party – and the options are endless! “For girls birthday cakes it’s usually all about princesses,


A tower of cupcakes is a popular alternative to a large statement cake – and saves the hassle of cutting the cake or the need for

ladybugs and butterflies or characters like Tinkerbell - and

plates or cutlery. Check out Smiley Cakes,

I think every little girl would love a bit of edible glitter on for a range of colourful

their cake! says Julie-Ann Deane from Queen of Cakes.

novelty cupcakes especially for kids.

“Boys birthday cakes tend to be brightly coloured dinosaurs, pirate ships or cars and trucks.” For unisex options, zoo/farm animals

Entertainment Young children will probably not be interested in

or ABC Kids and Sesame

structured activities, and

Street characters work well.

may be just as happy

“Chocolate cake can be quite

playing in a sandpit,

heavy so something plainer

blowing bubbles or

is recommended. It can also

colouring in.

be fun to match the cake with the rest of the party, including invitations and decorations.”

For older children with longer attention spans, the options are endless. Specialist entertainers, such as face-painters or organising costume

Smiley Cakes fulfils children’s wildest dreams

hire for dress ups, bouncy castles or even a visit from a fire engine will make for a memorable party.

Smiley Cakes can create your child’s

Location, location

wildest dreams on a cupcake. From

Away from home birthdays can be more expensive than a

fairies to Scooby Doo and anything in

party at home but are a great option if you want someone else

between, no design can be matched.

to do the clean up! Consider some of our ideas:

Their popular Birthday Balls are

Book a gazebo or undercover area at a popular park, so

based on the traditional ‘Dolly Varden’ cake. The Birthday

there will be plenty of room for the kids to run around. Pack a

Balls feature a doll in the top, which is surrounded by mini cupcakes. The most requested designs are Barbie, Dora,

Happy memories

the Birthday Balls to suit your child’s favourite toy.

Remember to take the

For more information, please contact Narelle on

camera with you to record

0413 666 319, email at or visit

happy memories of your

the Smiley Cakes website at

child’s birthday! If you want to do something really special to mark the occasion, some Perth photographers, such as

Smiley Cakes novelty cupcakes for kids!

Dilkarra Photography (www. offer ‘cake smash’ sessions, where the child eats, plays with or destroys a cake in front of the camera – resulting in some wonderfully messy and fun photographs. These are especially great as a first birthday memento.

Free Gift Cake

on presentation of this advertisement on orders of 12 or more cupcakes. Valid to 31, December 2011

0413 666 319

48 Offspring | spring 2011


Photographs can also be used as a centrepiece at the party. Kate suggests a pin-up board of photos of

the birthday child from birth.


Ariel, Tinkerbell or Sleeping Beauty. However, they can adapt

Special Feature picnic or see if barbecue facilities are available. Try Whiteman Park Take the kids to a play centre – there is so much for the kids


Hosting a party away from home can take the stress off parents, knowing everything has been organised for you – and there are so

to do, in indoor comfort, and many offer party packages with a

many options! Some other ideas, depending on your child’s

party room and food.

age include a kids party bus, pony rides, go-karting, a trip to

Have some animal fun! Visit the zoo or Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm caters for birthday parties and allows children to get up close and personal to some very cute farm animals.

the movies, an arts and craft class or a cooking class.

Lolly bags Lolly bags are always a favourite, but parents often appreciate lolly-free alternatives. The key is to think age-appropriate. For

Party hire just for kids Created in 2009, Just For Kids Party Hire offers a great selection of decorative table cloths, child size

toddlers, skip the lollies and include a packet of sultanas, a child-sized muesli bar or a box of juice. An age-appropriate toy like blowing bubbles or a small book will be a hit Older children will love a small amount of lollies, a balloon, colouring pencils or a small toy to take home.


Keep a record of gifts received so the child can call or write a Thankyou note later on.

tables and unique, colourful chairs for your child’s birthday party or themed event. It is every child’s dream to have a magical party and with their unique settings, they certainly put a smile on not only a child’s face but parents’ faces too. With the convenience of delivery right to your party location, the tables and chairs are set up and then collected when the party is finished. It’s one less thing to worry about on the day! For more information phone 0408 821 535 or visit

Offspring | spring 2011 49

Special Feature

Fun party food ideas By Miya Maeda, creator of For full recipes and instructions visit

Party Spoons

Wobbly Presents

Try using plastic spoons to serve mini portions of party food. These filled spoons have been inserted into a foam cone. This is a cube of jelly decorated with writing icing and served on an iced sweet biscuit.

Coloured Lamingtons

Party Cups

These are made from store bought sponge cake. Instead of chocolate sauce the cake pieces are dipped Simple and effective. These cute cups are made using mini disposable

in syrup made from icing sugar

shot cups and an assortment of off-the-shelf ingredients.

and jelly crystals.

Peacock Cake

Football Party Favours

Not for the faint hearted! The peacock feathers are iced cupcakes and chocolate covered marshmallows threaded onto skewers. The body of the peacock is carved and

For handing out the treats at a

decorated florist’s foam.

sports themed party. The ‘ball’ is actually made of paper mache.

50 Offspring | spring 2011

A chance for girls to Glitter and Gloss

Fire Engine Fun

If you love to have your girl

principal, Kevin,

feel special, pampered and

has been providing

full of joy with girlie fun for

entertainment at

her special day , while taking

children’s parties for

the pressure off yourself

10 years with his 1960

working out what to do

retired fire engine. In

for entertainment, hold

this time, he’s noticed

a Glitter and Gloss Party for her next birthday or special

one major shift in

event. Suiting 5 to 10 year olds, their parties include creating

his client demographic - more girls than ever before want

hairstyles with spray glitter, tiara and hair piece fitted to

the Fire Engine experience too. “It seems that these days

keep, painting a ‘Glitter & Gloss’ face (age appropriate, no

girls want adventure just as much as boys, while at the same

adult makeup used), nail polish, bead and craft workshops,

time enjoying all the little girly things,” he says. “Increasingly

colouring in, mini puppets and games with prizes. And the

I have a fire engine full of mums, dads, mermaids, fairies,

birthday girl receives a free gift!

princesses and little people with copious amounts of plastic jewellery. ” Kevin believes he has the best job in the world,

Special Feature

Not just for Boys

For more information phone 0412 411 789 or visit

attending parties, having fun and bringing great joy to families. Kevin also visits kindys, playgroups and daycare centres with his fun routine. For more information phone 0413 569 698 or visit

Pretty Paper makes great impression The Pretty Paper Co. is excited to announce the release of their ready-to-write party range especially for kids. These fun and playful designs are printed on a gorgeous textured paper stock and will be sure to make a great first impression for any party. Designed and printed right here in Perth, each design comes in a pack of 10, matched with eco-natural envelopes, and are also available in matching mini Thankyou cards. Visit their website to see the full range available to celebrate life’s loveliest occasions with The Pretty Paper Co.

Offspring | spring 2011 51

Special Feature

Party food made easy, fun and healthy

The Fairies - Perth’s latest craze

Would you like to serve fun party foods that not only look

The Fairies Birthday Parties

great and taste delicious but are nutritious too? Hungry

are the latest party craze

Little Monsters believes tasty food doesn’t have to be

sweeping WA for little boys

unhealthy – you can have great tasting food that is

and girls alike. With six

nutritious and fun to eat!

different party options on

Their fun meal boxes make transporting and serving meals quick and easy. You can serve your guests just about anywhere, including the park, beach or your own backyard. As an added bonus, cleanup is a snap! Their food is available in individual boxes or on platters that will become a statement in itself on your party table. For more information visit www.hungrylittlemonsters. or phone 0414 927 529.

offer, there is a party tailored to every fairy’s needs. “The best fairy party ever!” say the birthday girls and guests. Just like the TV Fairyland, the parties are hosted by the magical Rainbow Fairy, or Blizzard the Wizard! With special invitations, a fairy helper, fairy food and drink, fairy games and party prizes, special gift and party bags, and the best part of all – it is all done for you! A stress-free, mess-free, magical party experience, this will be the party your fairy child and guests will remember forever! The two fan-fairy-tastic locations – Rockingham and Joondalup - are open for parties Saturdays and Sundays, with a special mid-week option for fairies under the age of three. The parties are all fully hosted, so the children are completely entertained and occupied for the duration of the party. This allows parents and guests to sit back, relax and enjoy a coffee, or of course join in on the fairy fun! For more information or bookings, please phone visit their stores at The Fairies Joondalup 9300 9512, 5/157 Winton Road Joondalup, or Rockingham 9592 9009, U1/31 Council Ave Rockingham or visit and follow the Party link.

52 Offspring | spring 2011

Special Feature

Ladybird Entertainment creates birthday magic Relax while Ladybird Entertainment entertains your guests. Meet a beautiful fairy and her shy little possum, all the way from the Fairy Forest. They will

Planning a party can be a Piece of Cake

create magic in

Would your child enjoy a Circus Extravaganza, a Stylish

no time, with a basketful of instruments, magic

Tea Party, a Jungle Safari or perhaps a Fairy Garden?

words, singing and dancing. 

No matter what your theme, Piece of Cake Parties and

Embark on a treasure hunt and share all sorts of Fairyland

Celebrations, an online children’s party boutique, have

secrets and games. There is even a special gift in the magic

everything you need to style and host a gorgeous and

trunk for the special birthday child’s magical day.

memorable birthday party or celebration. They offer a stylish and diverse range of themed and

Welcome all fairies, wizards, elves, mermaids, even spidermen, pirates, princesses or whatever you dream to

traditional decorations from balloons and buntings to

be, dare to giggle, sing, dance, tickle, scream, play and

gorgeous gumball machines and candy jars - perfect

have loads of fun with Ladybird Entertainment.

additions for any party or dessert table. Party essentials such as cups, plates and napkins are

For more information phone 0410 329 507 or visit

available in themed and designer styles and party bags have never been so easy with their range of ready-made party bags, DIY party bags and boxes and fun, exciting novelties and fillers. Your baking accessories are also taken care of with a range of bright baking cups, cupcake toppers and cake stands. With their easy to use online ordering and strong focus on prompt, reliable and personalised customer service, Piece of Cake Parties take the stress out of planning your next event, leaving you to focus on making special memories and having a great time with family and friends! For more information phone 0457 965 334, email or visit

Offspring | spring 2011 53

Special Feature

Timeless. Exclusive. Unique. Vintage inspired invites for littlies

Party at the Cuddly Animal Farm

Created from the memories

offers fantastic value

and nostalgia of children’s

parties that children love

parties of days gone by, Billy

and where grown-ups

Lids Invites recaptures an era

have a great time too.

The Cuddly Animal Farm

They provide lots of

of simple, wholesome fun and

friendly farm animals


to cuddle, bottle and

They will introduce your theme while embracing

bucket feed, unlimited

the traditional,

tractor/train rides, a big

uncomplicated and timeless

bouncy castle, pony rides, play areas, BBQs, party rooms,

nature of children’s parties. Created by Perth mum-of-

catered or self-catered parties and invitations.

three Chantelle Formby, Billy Lids Invites combines vintage charm with contemporary taste. “A lot of children’s parties are becoming so

A fabulous farm experience for city kids, situated in the Swan Valley just 30 mins from the Perth CBD at 128 John Street Henley Brook. Alternatively, the Cuddly Animal

commercialised and when I thought back to my own

Farm has mobile units to visit your home party, event,

parties as a child, it was all about the birthday cake, the

school incursion, fete, fairs or shopping centre.

old fashioned games we would play and the endless fun we would have with all of our friends!” Chantelle says. Their invite designs range from themed parties to

The farm is open from 10.30am until 5pm every day of the week (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day). For more information call ‘Farmer’ Lin 0424 209 730.

baby showers and christenings. For more information visit

Play centre mindful of food allergies Let’s Play Centre, indoor play centre for children, caters for children and adults with nuts and gluten intolerances (outside food is not permitted). Drinks and foods are served to the tables. There are regular activities such as Let’s Move (Konga) and Let’s Learn Music. For more information phone 6296 PLAY (74 29) or visit Let’s Play Centre on Facebook, Twitter or or the premises at 28 Comserv Loop, Ellenbrook.

Open 7 days a week

FUN - PLAY - HAPPY check our calendar events on for activities and events 28 Comserv Loop Ellenbrook WA 6069 Phone: 6296 PLAY (7529) Email:

Bring this voucher for a

Valid at Let’s Play Centre Ellenbrook until 30/11/2011 30/08/2011

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Lets Play Centre.indd 1

18/04/11 1:13 PM

party with Glass

Your little girls’ ‘Princess

by Gina. Gina has

Fairytale Dreams’ can

created Krafty Kids

now come true, coming

Korner which offers

to life in your own home,

a safe and exciting

in one magical day!

way to make a

Special Feature

Host a Glass Art

Enchanted Princess Parties new to Perth

New glass art parties

Fairy Tinkerbell,

variety of glass

Princess Tiana, Cinderella,

pieces that the

Ariel, Sleeping Beauty,

children take home

Belle, Jasmine, Snow

at the end of the

White & Tangled Rapunzel arrive in full costume along with


gifts, prizes and an amazing one and a half hour interactive

There’s a large

performance. All princess parties are specially created and

variety of activities

designed for two to eight year old girls.

to choose from

There are Silver, Gold & Platinum packages which

including making

include music, storytelling, princess/fairy makeup time,

mosaics, sun catchers, jewellery and name plaques.

games, craft activities, photos, singing by a professional

Krafty Kids Korner caters to children aged six years and

vocalist and much more.

over. Gina has children of her own so understands the challenge of parties and keeping children engaged and

For more information 0412 145 547 or visit

their minds busy creating. Your kids will love giving their friends an opportunity to make a creation that they can be really be proud of. Gina is booking parties fast, so book now and book early to make sure your child does not miss out. For more information phone 0412 724 127 or email gina@

Offspring | spring 2011 55

Special Feature

Celebrate with Melicious Cakes

Active Structured Birthday Parties

There is nothing the staff

classes for children aged 6

at Melicious Cakes love

months to 13 years, and a Judo

more than seeing the joy

– Martial Arts programme, My

on people’s faces when

Gym Children’s Fitness Centres

they see their cake for

also offer structured, fun and

the first time. They enjoy

active birthday parties for

talking with their clients

children aged 1 to 9.

and helping to shape

In addition to weekly gymnastics

Your child will delight in this amazing private celebration

their ideas into unique

with excitement for the entire family and your guests. These

creations that reflect their

are the parties that children talk about at school.

personalities. Passionate about

For more information phone 1300 469 496 or visit

desserts and cakes and all things sweet, Melicious Cakes is happy to make everything from spiderman cupcakes to a five-tiered-wedding-cake-masterpiece! Every cake helps


celebrate a special event in someone’s life and they would

When organising your next

love to be part of your next special event.

party, check out the huge

For more information phone 0421 705 609,

range of themed party

email or visit Melicious

supplies at the Partyzone

Cakes on Facebook.

online store. An unmatched selection of party themes makes Partyzone a Number One source for birthday party supplies! Choose from over 100 themes like Ben 10, Transformers, Elmo, Mickey & Minnie, Scooby Doo and lots more. Partyzone prides itself on having very high quality products, great prices, excellent customer service and super fast delivery. Their motto is “Order TODAY, Pay TODAY, Sent TODAY!” Order before 12noon on any business day (Mon- Fri) pay with a credit card and your order will be dispatched the same day! For more information visit or phone 08-9339 1852.

- Structured PRE-GYMNASTICS CLASSES for children ages 6 weeks to 13 years. Fitness Made Fun for Kids. - Best CHILDREN’S BIRTHDAY PARTIES in town (1-9 yrs) - Active & Fun HOLIDAY programmes - Judo - Martial Arts - Learn Self Defence - Book your FREE Trial Class ANYTIME !! Visit for more information or call 1300 4 MYGYM, 185 High Road, Willetton

56 Offspring | spring 2011

won’t find elsewhere.

If you are organising your child’s 1St

you will also be happy to know The Baby

Birthday party then The Baby Shower

Shower Shop offers a gorgeous range of

Shop in Willetton is a must-visit!

baking cups, cupcake wraps , picks, cookie

You will find everything you need from invitations, balloons and

If you are looking for baking ware then

cutters, baking tins and cupcake stands. Owner, Richelle Chapman says, “Over

decorations, loot bags, party hats, high

the last couple of years, we have had so

chair decoration kits, table covers,

many customers come back to us asking

blow outs, plates, cup, novelties, gifts,

us to offer First Birthday ranges”. “They

bake ware and so much more.

were so happy with how easily they were

They have a great selection of

Special Feature

Celebrate a 1st birthday in style

able to organise their baby showers and

themed tableware so you can coordinate

now that their baby is turning one, they

The Baby Shower Shop has absolutely

everything from the invites to the

wanted to have that same experience with

everything you need to host your

thankyou cards. Alternatively, you can mix

their baby’s first birthday.”

perfect baby shower, all in one

and match to create your own theme. The Baby Shower Shop offers

The Baby Shower Shop is continually on the look out for gorgeous new

convenient location! You can either shop securely

gorgeous stationery from companies

products and ranges with new offerings

online at www.TheBabyShowerShop.

such as Paper Eskimo, Hipp, Alannah

being added weekly. or visit them at Shop 3, 183

Rose, Creative Expressions. They also source boutique gifts that you often

Of course, if you are looking to

High Road in Willetton. For more

celebrate baby’s pending arrival, then

information phone 1300 797 530

Offspring | spring 2011 57

Healing words Widowed by suicide, Lori Dwyer shared her experiences in a daily blog. Tara Dryland shares her story. Note: This article is a raw account of one woman’s loss of her husband from suicide and might be confronting for some. It contains some graphic details and offensive language. Please be aware that the issues presented and some elements within the story may offend.


hursday, January 6th 2011 was just like any other day for blogger Lori Dwyer and her family. A day

like any other, until her husband, suffering from a violent and random psychotic episode, hanged himself in the backyard of the family home.

Are you:

c c c

Getting frustrated and ‘wound up’ by your kids behaviour? Disagreeing with your partner about discipline? Wanting to be a more calm & confident parent?

We offer advice, courses and workshops that can help...

• 123 Magic® & Emotion Coaching Our most popular

A calm, flexible & effective approach to discipline with 2-12 year olds (Age specific course are available for parents of 2-5 yo)

• Growing Your Kids Socially!

NEW in 2011

Both informative & help parents nurture good social skills and assertiveness in children aged 3-7 & 8-12.

• Protective Behaviours

NEW in 2011

Educating parents to empower children in regards their personal safety. Help your kids to stay safe from abuse.

• Private Consultations & Courses Available

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Lori is the voice behind “Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum” (RRSAHM), a popular blog that began 18 months ago on familiar “mummy blog” turf and took on new significance after the death of her 34 year old husband, Tony. The young mother of two wrote about her husband’s unforeseen attempt at death and published the experience in graphic detail only hours after the incident occurred. Lori continued to blog as Tony lay in a coma - he was pronounced dead four days later. It was suicide - raw and real, and Lori disclosed some of the most intimate details for the world to see. “That’s when I realise- he’s not mucking around. His eyes are bulged, rolled back in his head. He’s unconscious already, and he’s not fucking around. His feet are touching


the ground, but he’s unconscious and this is real. And my life is shattered. I ran, screaming, hysterical, into my back

No long waiting lists...Courses start regularly

Call Now 9382 1182

lane, ‘Help me, help me, he’s hung himself’. My neighbors run, it seems like they’re there before I call them. One of them runs into my backyard, runs out again, shaking his head, saying ‘Call an ambulance’ over my shoulder. ‘Cut him down! Cut him down!’”

58 Offspring | spring 2011

The change in direction caused traffic on her blog to soar from 8000 to more than 200,000 hits per month. “I guess it’s a bit like a car-crash for people,” shares Lori. “It’s hard to look away. And people are intrigued in a way, it’s almost voyeuristic. This is happening for real. Suicide is a real issue in our society but it’s never talked about.” The tragedy occurred in front of Lori as she sheltered her then 16 month old daughter Daisy and awoke her three year old son, Tyler. Without warning, Tony’s psychosis had reached boiling point. Neighbours performed CPR on Tony before the paramedics arrived, and while they revived Tony’s heartbeat, he never resumed breathing on his own again. At the age of 29, Lori became a widow. She posted entries on her website of the moments he was declared brain dead and of the fall-outs that ensued. And, she makes no apologies for doing so.

“It was suicide - raw and real, and Lori disclosed some of the most intimate details for the world to see.”

I Need Your Prayers I don’t know how to write this post . The Lori you know is gone. My husband is currently in the Inte nsive Care Unit, fighting for his life. He is in a critical condition. No one what will happen.


Please, I’m begging. Pray for my husband. His name is Tony. His birthday was just yesterday. He has two tiny children who desperately need him . And a wife who loves him more than anything . So, please. I need your prayers. Pray

for my husband to be bought back to the fam ily who needs him, who love desperat ely and unconditionally. Every little bit. I need your help. I’ll let you know as I do. Thank you.

Offspring | spring 2011 59

“I had blogged every day for the past year before Tony’s death so it was either I continue to write or I never write again,” she explains. “Writing is what I do. It’s like therapy for me, a way to process the trauma and it helped me get through those first weeks and continues to help me make sense of my thoughts.” Lori’s first post after the tragedy was a brief entry, asking the blogging community for prayers. More than 300 followers responded to the post with messages of support. Lori says the online community was “amazing”, rallying around to help her get through her ordeal. “Blogging keeps me connected to these people, and I’m not about to stop and give up my place to vent or the friendships that blogging has given me.” Although she barely remembers the chaos of the weeks following Tony’s suicide, she credits her blog with giving her new life consistency and describes it as a treasured memory of her previous life that she says is now over. “My life changed in an instant. It went from completely normal, to over. The fact that there were no warning signs helped in a small way, but I am definitely grieving for everything I had and have lost.” Lori vents this grief with distinct frustration, giving raw insight into her emotional rollercoaster of thoughts.

“It’s a bit like a car-crash for people, it’s hard to look away...people are intrigued in a way, it’s almost voyeuristic. This is happening for real. Suicide is a real issue in our society but it’s never talked about.” “As much as I love you, Tony, I fucking hate you right now. For doing this to me, to all of us. For leaving such a huge fucking hole, that nothing will ever be able to fill. The only hope is, life will get bigger, and that hole will feel smaller, as time goes on.” Not everyone has been impressed with Lori’s heartbreakingly honest and, at times, graphic account of the suicide and the events surrounding it, and she has lost friends as a result of her decision to continue blogging. “Obviously, we had mutual friends, and so that changes but I think it’s because I’m a reminder of Tony and of the fact that he’s gone. Also, suicide is a taboo subject, society won’t talk about it. But the more we talk about it, the less scary it becomes.” Undeterred by judgment, Lori has hit back at critics

60 Offspring | spring 2011

who have said she shouldn’t be publishing details for her children to see. “I’ll let them read it when they’re old enough, it’ll be a good thing for them to know exactly what happened. It’ll definitely help to answer some questions.” On a positive note, RRSAHM has become a meeting point of sorts, for those dealing with similar issues and tragedies. It is now a forum for fellow bloggers to discuss issues such as suicide, depression and most importantly, says Lori, of grief. “I’ve had literally hundreds of emails and comments from people saying ‘thankyou for writing, I’ve got help because I read your story, I won’t put my family through what you’ve been through’. Or, just thanking me for talking about suicide in general. It takes the sting off my grief just a tiny bit.” Recently announced winner of the Personal & Lifestyle category in the Best Aussie Blogs 2011 competition, as well as regularly being credited in the Kidspot Top 50 Blogger list, it is clear Lori is making a profound impact in cyber land. For now, Lori is “just going along for the ride” and is open to see where blogging takes her, but does mention her hope for change in relation to the way society handles suicide. “We need to talk. We can save lives by being there and supporting each other. It’s so important in dealing with circumstances like mine.” You can read Lori’s incredible journey at Readers seeking support and information about suicide prevention can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or SANE Helpline on 1800 18 SANE (7263).

Offspring | spring 2011 61

Put the books away and make up your own bedtime stories with this Knight Hand Puppet. Bedtime will never be the same. Available from for $32.95

This little rocket loves to sit at your door and wait for the blast off countdown. Rocket Door Stop available from for $24.



By Alana Blacka

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Keep the monsters away with this cute BabyZoo Turtle Timer Night Light. Available from for $29.95

Childhood memories transformed into gorgeous illustrations. Available from for $35.

To the rescue. Your boys will love this Everyday Heroes Police and Fire Station Wooden Playset from for $249.

This eye catching Feltball Rug is sure to add some colour to a playroom or bedroom. Available from au from $269.


Offspring | spring 2011 63

Special Feature

you play It’s how

the game By Tara Dryland


ustralia is a nation that’s obsessed with sport. Today, 63% of Aussie kids aged 5 to 14 have a go at

at least one sport and most will take on several different codes during their youth. Sport allows your child to keep fit and have fun and can also lead to increased self esteem, improved academic performance and a reduction in risky behavior such as crime and drug taking. Joining a sports team helps your child to stay active, practice and learn sportsmanship, improve their social skills and concentration, and develop a hobby they can enjoy for life.

Parents should casually expose children to a wide variety of physical activities and let their abilities and desires act as a guide to further commitment.

Learning new skills:

Sports help children develop

basic skills and promote self confidence.

Rules & regulations: All team members learn to follow basic rules which teach children about sharing and fair and orderly play.

Exercise: Sport will improve your child’s strength and endurance, build healthy bones and muscles, control their weight, reduce anxiety and stress and can even improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Self image: Learning new skills and making friends outside their school circle will help children to feel better about their physical and mental state.


“Learning to work within a team dynamic

and cooperate with others for the greater good is very important life skill – team sport instills that.” says Charles Hayne, Communications Manager from the Department of Sport and Recreation.

64 Offspring | spring 2011

Special Feature We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you choose the sport that best suits your child.

AFL It’s arguably our nations’ favourite sport – Aussie Rules! The NAB AFL Auskick program is the first step your little


one can take to participation and is the key introductory

Little Athletics is a uniquely Australian non-contact

program for boys and girls aged 5 to 12 years.

sport for children aged 5 to 16 to begin participation in

Consisting of two programs, Rookie and Pro, Auskick

athletics. Based on athletics or track and field, activities

ensures all children develop the fundamental skills

include running, jumping, throwing and walking; with

needed to participate in AFL. With modified rules

an emphasis on fun, fitness and achieving personal best.

including smaller ovals, no tackling and six-a-side games,

Events are modified to suit children’s age and ability.

children can improve their AFL skills in a fun and safe

For more information visit



considered when signing up.

Children can begin tennis lessons as soon as they can

To find your local club visit

AFL is classed as a contact sport, which should be

demonstrate good hand/eye coordination. Tennis Australia recently launched the MLC Tennis Hot Shots program that is aimed at introducing children aged 5 to 12 years to the sport. With smaller courts, nets and racquets, the program is a fun way for children to become involved with tennis at an introductory level. As well as being a great aerobic workout, tennis is a safe sport with minimal risk of injury.


For more information visit

SWIMMING Swimming is an excellent whole body workout that is suitable for all ages. A low impact, endurance sport, swimming promotes fitness, can aid in weight loss, can help to relieve body pain and joint inflammation and also help with the symptoms of childhood asthma. Lessons run year round and are often included in the Education Department’s summer school curriculum. For more information contact State Swim Swimming Schools: 9339 4520. Swimming Western Australia:


N GET IN H ON T E ACT! • Dramatic Dra amatic P Play lay • Creative Movement • Story Telling • Songs • Language Skills • Confidence

CLASSES NEAR YOU! Northern Suburbs Duncraig, Greenwood, Banksia Grove

Ph: 9402 8744 Justin.Lowson

Central Suburbs Karrinyup, Leederville, Mt Hawthorn, Subiaco, Wembley

Ph: 9242 4722 Helen.Davey

Netball enables children to develop basic motor skills at an early age. The San Remo Net Set GO! Program, run by Netball Australia was developed to provide children aged 5 to 10 years with the best possible introduction to the sport, ensuring enjoyment and continued participation as they get older. proficient ball skills and life-long friends amongst team mates. For your nearest Net Set GO! Program visit

ds Classes also held for 5 - 17 year olds throughout Perth

021511-280 2 21511 -280

Netball can provide your child with fitness, agility,

Offspring | spring 2011 65

Special Feature

SOCCER A great low-contact sport, soccer is suitable for both boys and girls, with children as young as five years old able to participate. The Optus Small-Sided Football competition is a modified form of soccer that offers fun and enjoyment by way of smaller fields and simplified rules, more shots on goal and more playing time, which can help to maximise individual participation. Playing soccer can improve ball skills and agility and is a great aerobic workout. For more information visit

MARTIAL ARTS Martial arts work under the concepts of respect and discipline and allow your child to progress at their own pace. One of the few sports where competition is not necessary, a martial arts discipline can be a great activity for kids lacking in self-confidence, concentration or fitness. In addition, your child will learn invaluable personal safety, defense and awareness techniques. Karate and Tae Kwon Do are the most popular martial

progress through various stages based on their skills and learning rather than relying on age or class level.

arts for children, however kickboxing, judo and jujitsu are

For more information visit for

also classed within the arts. Many centres offer free trials

more information.

to see if your child is interested. For more information visit

RUGBY Classed as a high contact sport, Rugby can teach your


child discipline, tolerance, and determination and can help

Gymnastics offers fun activities such as acrobatics,

them to control anger or aggression within the rules of

trampolining, sport aerobics, dancing, rhythmic and

a game. Jungle Rugby is a program designed for children

artistic gymnastics, and cheerleading.

aged 3-7 and teaches basic rugby skills in a fun, safe, and

The sport is great for young children to develop coordination, balance, fine and gross motor skills. Children

structured environment. Children are introduced to the game gradually through a more modified and non-contact version. For more information visit or

CRICKET Commonly known as “the thinking man’s game”, cricket can help children to develop physical as well as mental skills. Your child can get involved from as young as five with the help of the MILO in2 CRICKET program run by Cricket Australia. The initiative delivers an introductory program for young children to 10 years of age and introduces basic cricket skills in a structured 6 to 12 week program. Along with fitness, your child will gain social skills and sportsmanship. For more information visit

66 Offspring | spring 2011

Little Kickers incorporates early learning goals

Jungle Sports has the best fun

Little Kickers is a popular indoor pre-school toddler soccer program

sports development programs

and is a great way for children to let off a little steam and get fit.

for children aged 18 months

Developed by child health specialists and qualified coaches,

to 7 and is held at seven

pre-school teachers and proactive parents, the program works

indoor venues in Subiaco, Mt

on the basis that children are much more likely to learn if their

Lawley, Joondalup, Melville,

imaginations are engaged and skills are introduced through

Rockingham, Guildford and

games, rather than formal drills.

Success. Choose from 18 month to

So, rather than focusing purely on soccer, Little Kickers incorporates early learning goals such as sharing, teamwork

3 year old Jungle CUBS, 3yr

and listening to instructions in a fun environment. Classes also

to 7yr Soccer, Multi-Sports or

enable children to develop agility, coordination and balance

Rugby. Jungle Sports is unique

and provide a positive introduction to sport.

with parental involvement in the

Special Feature

Jungle Sports offers range of programs

For more information on NOR and central locations

sessions, giving parents a fantastic hour of structured fun

contact 9246 1602 or or for

with their child. Every program is age specific and tailored

SOR locations contact 9474 9846 or cweeks@littlekickers.

for maximum enjoyment and learning. or visit

Australian Cricket Legend and Jungle Parent, Adam Gilchrist is impressed: “The team at Jungle Sports and the programs they run are fantastic. The development of skills combined with the lessons of interaction with other children, all in a fun environment, make kids extremely keen to keep coming back. Our children certainly do!”   For more information and to register online visit or phone 9499 1800.

Fit 2 Cheer offers cheerleading and dance programs Fit 2 Cheer is a community based cheerleading gym that promotes the spectacular athletic sport of All-Star Cheerleading! It offers both CHEERLEADING and DANCE teams for toddlers through to teenagers - and has competitive and recreational programs for all skill levels. Fit 2 Cheer offers kids the opportunity to have fun, whilst working hard to reach personal and team goals, meet lifelong friends, build self-confidence and accomplish amazing skills! Do you want to see what all the excitement is about? Contact Fit 2 Cheer for a FREE TRIAL session on 9409 4889 or For further information visit

The besT sports programs for 18 months - 7 years

R 9499 1800

Follow us

Offspring | spring 2011 67

Special Feature

Tennis coaching excellence Tennis Excellence provides the highest quality and professionalism to its tennis coaching programs where kids will receive a new level of individual attention. Tennis Excellence specialises in teaching tennis to children aged from four years old. With Tennis Excellence centres all over the Perth Metropolitan area and the South-West you’ll find and the facilities first class.

VenuesWest offers huge range of children’s programs

Tennis Excellence coaches

VenuesWest has everything kids and parents want. They’ve

are fully trained and retain current Working With Children cards.

developed an extensive range of quality children’s program

the locations convenient

Secure enrolment into all Tennis Excellence coaching programs can be made online at au or by phoning 1300 42 45 44.

all designed to help keep your children healthy, happy, active and entertained. With activities held daily during the school term and holidays every child has the opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends and have lots of fun, all in a safe and secure environment. Their programs cater for children aged 18 months to 17 years and are suitable for all abilities and skill levels. With everything from swimming lessons, gymnastics, dance, sporting clinics, holiday care and many more you’re sure to find something your child will love. They’re friendly and professional coaches, instructors and support team are focused on ensuring your child’s experience at VenuesWest is rewarding, educational and fun. Children’s programmes are held at Arena Joondalup and Challenge Stadium. Please visit for full details on the children’s programmes.





FREE sign up when you r for a Junio* Program

*At participating centres

68 Offspring | spring 2011

• Ages 4 years and up • Convenient Locations • Professional Tuition • All Skill Levels • Small Groups

1300 424 544

Special Feature

Karate kids learn life skills Shobukan Karate has a unique program where they not only teach kicking and punching, but have developed unique teaching methodologies to embrace education and martial arts together for your children in programs that are exciting and fun. The beginner

If there was a real way... to make fitness fun, would YOU want to know about it??? This is what fitness should be about - fun! We all know we’re

classes are for children

meant to be doing 30 minutes of exercise every day but as a

aged three and

parent there is always a ton of things to do and exercise seems

older. Children learn

to be last on the list. What if there was a way to combine fun and

traditional martial arts

fitness, with your little one, while getting you out of the house?

in a formal but fun environment. The curriculum is enhanced to suit their skills and age-specific learning capabilities. The programs are designed to help develop attributes such as self esteem, self confidence, respect and self

This is the secret of getting back into basic fitness with your little one. In fact, you probably won’t even know its exercise! Jazzie Cazzies combines a fun mix of singing, dancing, playing and music. For more information phone 0407 671 444 or visit

discipline. The martial arts belt system is one of the greatest goal setting tool you or your child will experience. It teaches both children and adults to set goals, attain them and see the visual results of their achievement. The goal setting skills gained at Shobukan Karate are taught and encouraged to be used in real life as well. When you combine intense physical exercise with the proper teaching of mental skills like focus and concentration – then add the core life skills training - you can’t help but create a winning formula. For a FREE trial phone 9309 1444 or visit

Offspring | spring 2011 69

OUR darlings

Snapshots supplied by our readers!

Please send high resolution, good quality images for publication to Subject: Our Darlings

Charlotte (4 mths) of Kalamunda

70 Offspring | spring 2011

Mia (4) & Jordana (7) of Piara Waters

Steele (6) and Natasha Baker (6)of Applecross

Cassandra (2 years) and Sebastian Bowyer (7 weeks) of East Fremantle

Madden Ryder Pivac (1) and Hudson Xavier Pivac (4) of Wellard dressed up in their John Deere gear.

Diesel Addison (3) of Tapping

Alyssa (4) and Alexis (2), of Willetton. Photo courtesy of Butterbomb photography.

Riley (3) & Mitchell (5) Brennan of Wembley

Harry Bellamy (15 mths) of Victoria Park B. Photo courtesy of Lauren Caporn

Offspring | spring 2011 71

Children in

The boom state

By David Zarb, CEO Playgroup WA


e all hear how well WA is doing on the economic

that is only now being rolled out in some states through

front but do you know how our children are

federal government funding. Our child care services have

going? The answers are disturbing. In the first snapshot of

also had some of the highest staff ratios in the country

children starting at school, the Australian Early

for many years.

Development Index in 2009 ranked WA

Start looking elsewhere and the picture

sixth behind Vic, NSW, ACT, Tas and SA.

isn’t so rosy. Did you know that there

The research found that one in four

are approximately 250 births for every

WA children was developmentally

Child Health Nurse in WA compared

vulnerable on at least one of the five

with only 79 in Victoria? Depending

domains measured, and one-in-

on where you live the situation is

eight children was developmentally

even worse, particularly outside

vulnerable on two or more domains.

Perth. Our child health system

These results carry on to the school-

‘officially’ provides free development

based National Assessment Program Literacy




for Years Three, Five and Seven where WA children consistently perform under the national average and ahead of only NT and QLD.

checks for all 18 month and three year olds yet according to the WA Auditor General, only 30% and 9% respectively of children receive these checks. It’s a concern that these checks have not been promoted enough due to a

At face value these results are hard to understand. Our

lack of resources in this area whereby the health system

four year old school kindergarten program is the envy

is already ill-equipped to deal with the large number of

of most other states and provides a level of free access

babies requiring early checks.

72 Offspring | spring 2011

Not only are these checks critical for saving children

urgently needed an additional 105 Child Health nurses

and families potentially from lifelong struggles by

and 135 school health nurses. Yet, nothing has happened!

identifying problems early, they also save families and

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not just child health that has been neglected

taxpayers substantial amounts of money as the costs and

either. Other states have also invested heavily in creating

effectiveness of treatment simply increase the longer it

integrated children and family centres. We have none.

takes for treatment to begin. The report also found that the

So far all we have is a headline from the Premier last

majority of child health contact occurs before children are

December saying we will have one stop shops for early

eight months old, well before a whole range of different

childhood services on or near school sites. Not one cent

developmental issues that come with toddlers.

was allocated to these centres in the recent budget.

The thing that should have all of us concerned is that

Several other states have for many years had extensive

our governments have known about these and other

ongoing supported playgroup programs for disadvantaged

issues for many years. Between 2002

groups. We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t. Most of our family support services are

and 2010 alone the birth rate in

increasingly skewed towards high risk cases as funding

WA rose 35%. However, no new funding was implemented.

doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t allow real preventative work to be done. You might wonder why our Members of Parliament


have been able to let this situation continue. Quite

brewing for 20 years despite

simply it is because we all let them! If we want our

a number of government

governments to take children seriously then we have



to make them do it. Write to your local politicians and

In 2009 one parliamentary

newspapers, ask some questions, send some emails.







that that


Take our children seriously!

Offspring | spring 2011 73



for Offspring Revive Clinic offers the community, affordable, simple and convenient healthcare for minor illnesses and general wellbeing. Coupled with the fact that Medicare rebates are now available for all patients and the walk-in nature of the clinic, it is just like visiting your doctor, but without the waiting. For more information visit Obesity Risks


I am wondering if you can look into the growing trend of larger babies. What is average birth weight in today’s healthier society? I had a 9lb 7oz baby and worry if I did something different this pregnancy. I did get gestational diabetes but all my blood sugars remained below the levels 90% of the time? I worry if he is at a greater risk of obesity when he’s older. My previous baby was 7lb 11oz (different daddies and 11 years gap). Lauren, Ascot

A Your baby’s birth weight is affected by many factors such as your and your partner’s ethnic background, size, general health, mother’s age, nutritional status, smoking and alcohol intake. Gestational diabetes (GDM) is a temporary form of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy and is usually diagnosed in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. It often starts around the 24th to 28th weeks of pregnancy and resolves after the baby is born. This increases the amount of glucose that crosses the placenta and influences growth and fat in the developing baby. In 2004 the average birth weight for babies born in Australia was 3,370 grams (7Ib 7oz) , similar to the average of 3,350 grams (7Ib 6oz) recorded in 1991. Children of women with GDM may have an increased risk for childhood and adult

74 Offspring | spring 2011

MEDICAL ADVICE FROM LEAH HANSEN Chief Nurse Practitioner, Revive Clinic

obesity and an increased risk of glucose intolerance and Type 2 diabetes later in life. Hence a healthy lifestyle and diet from childhood through life may prevent many chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes. Ensure as your child grows and develops that he has a wellbalanced healthy diet, as per the Australian recommended dietary guidelines along with plenty of play, fresh air and exercise.

New Dr phobia


I recently called the Locum out to visit my four year old son (flu/chest infection). He was absolutely petrified of the doctor, even though I told him in advance that the doctor “our friend” was coming just to give us all a nice check-up. He was hysterical and the doctor could barely hear to listen to his chest through his screaming, “Don’t hurt me, don’t touch me”. The doctor said it was the worst case of ‘Doctor Trauma’ she had seen! He hasn’t had the need to visit a doctor in a couple of years, and is only just due to have his next immunization needles, however he happily plays Doctors with his toy set, and loves playing “Doctor Tom”. This has never happened before. I must mention that his dad recently had to visit hospital for four days, but we kept reiterating that the doctors were lovely and helping Daddy get better. I don’t know whether this has had an impact or not, he has never had any negative connotations with doctors before yesterday’s visit. Can you please suggest any ways to help me overcome this, especially as he is due to be immunized soon? Elizabeth Barnes, Carine

A Perhaps underlying his fear this time was a fear that he may go away to hospital like his daddy and be away from his mum and dad (a fear of separation). Be sure that your child’s fear is of the visit and not the doctor. If your child is exceptionally fearful, observe whether the fear is justified by the doctor’s behaviour. A doctor should be gentle with children, not intimidating. If your child is still unusually fearful consider changing doctors. 2. Explain what is going on As children age, they become fearful when they come to associate


the doctor’s office with certain things. Throat swabs, immunisations and blood tests are often painful or generally uncomfortable. Be honest with your child about what to expect and then explain why each procedure is necessary. Ask your doctor to explain things as they are done. Offer to hold your child’s hand. Fear of the unknown is usually scarier than knowing the truth. Pretend check-ups at home can help alleviate some of your child’s fear, as can reading books about visiting the doctor. Children learn best during play, and this may be a time when they feel most comfortable asking any questions regarding fears they may have. You can use a doll or teddy bear to show a young child how the nurse will measure height and weight or demonstrate parts of a routine examination. 3. Watch your own reactions Non-verbal communication is understood by even the youngest children. Stay calm and relaxed as much as possible. Many children learn fears from watching others. Children are very sensitive to subtle cues in their parents behaviour. Even if the parent doesn’t say anything, children can pick up on their parent’s distrust of doctors--and start acting on that distrust. What you say can have a big impact on your child’s feelings toward going to the doctor. Try referring to the appointment in a positive manner remembering that how you say things is as important as what you say, for example we’re going to go see Dr Smith today. I wonder if you’ll get another sticker after our visit. 4. Think ahead Children’s fears may increase as they sit in the waiting room. Hearing other children cry may instil fear that they did not have on their own. Call ahead to be sure that appointments are running on

schedule to avoid long waits. Bring your child’s favourite books, toys or healthy snacks to relax them while they wait. Avoid telling children about their appointment too far in advance. Too much build-up can increase anxiety. The general rule is: tell a two-three year old child the day of the visit, a four-five year old the day before, and older children several days in advance.

To have your medical questions answered by Leah please send an email to: Subject Heading: Revive column

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DAD’S WORD with Gary Ausbruch

Hitting the snotbergs Gary reveals how kids and colds can add to the winter blues


ou’re on the couch tonight, mate,” the wife

to escape the hacking throughout the night as well as the

said to me. By the tone of her voice I knew

higher risk of being the next one to go down.

I’d be up against it trying to change her mind. “Again?” I

In any case, I had a sneaking suspicion that by the

protested. “Look. Can’t we talk about this? Come to some

third night, the offer was not made with as much love as

type of arrangement? I really don’t see why I should...” One

it had been on the first night. “I feel as if the house is like

eyebrow was raised and I knew there was no point taking

the Titanic,” she’d reflected wistfully during dinner that

it further. Reluctantly, I picked up my pillow, trudged

evening. “But a much smaller, less luxurious version –

downstairs, and tried to settle down for the night.

maybe more like a houseboat – and instead of hitting an

Let me explain before I get myself into trouble. The kids

iceberg, it hits a snotberg and now the snotberg’s melting

had been sick for the past week. This was the third night

and it’s slowly drowning me in sticky green snot. And you

straight that the wife had very kindly offered to have a

aren’t exactly Leonardo DiCaprio...” As you can see, I am

coughing Ella sleep in our bed with her, in return for me

very perceptive in reading the wife’s thoughts.

taking Sebastian’s baby monitor with me downstairs, so I

She was right though. When kids are sick, their noses are

was fresh to face a busy period at work. Any reluctance I felt

like taps you can’t turn off and they cough like pack-a-day

to accept her offer was because I felt guilty being the one

smokers. It’s a pain to get them to eat, tough to get them settled, and going outside risks compounding the problem. The larger the family, the greater the risk of reinfection; as the final person falls, the now well ones become vulnerable again. It means all plans to get on with everyday life must be cancelled, and during winter it starts to feel like you’re helplessly trapped in a cycle that seems never-ending. But there are those parents to whom excessive green nasal discharge is no impediment to their children continuing to enjoy a normal life of school/playgroups/ playgrounds, much to the chagrin of those who choose not to mingle when their kids are sick and instead are left pondering the source of their child’s latest ailment. A few weeks back I was at a playground with the kids when I noticed one of those children playing with Sebastian in the sandpit – a river of snot streaming from nose to mouth. Panicking, I quickly grabbed the kids and threw them into the car. I madly started going through the calculations. How long had he being playing with the snotty one? Were they close enough for the snot particles to be transferred? And most importantly, would The Omnipotent One be able to trace the source of any subsequent cold the kids got to the time they were in my care? These worries were pretty far from my mind as I tossed and turned, focussing on trying to get warm in the slightlytoo-cold lounge room and get comfortable on the slightlytoo-small couch. As I finally found a suitable position, I heard the faint sound of a fit of coughing in the distance, and started to drift off thinking how lucky I was to have been turfed out of the marital bed.

76 Offspring | spring 2011



By Kate Bullen

the best way to start the day!

We’ve all heard that breakfast is pretty important but do we know why? Kate Bullen reveals why it’s essential for children to have a good meal at the start of every day and shares some ideas for what to serve.


am a big fan of breakfast – as are my two kids. My five year old will sometimes happily play for up to

an hour before wanting breakfast, but my 22 month old demands breakfast as soon as he wakes. My children have their evening meal at 5 to 6pm, which means it is 13 hours before they next eat, hence it really is “breaking a fast”. Breakfast provides us with fuel to get the brain and body into gear while helping to improve attention, memory, mood and even motivation, and consequently is often referred to as the most important meal of the day. As a dietitian and mother I am very aware of the importance of role modelling; if I didn’t eat breakfast then my five year old daughter would be questioning this. It is rare that we sit down as a family to eat breakfast together due to hectic morning routines including early work starts, school runs and exercise classes, but breakfast is always a given.

Offspring | spring 2011 77

food & nutrition

Evidence suggests children who eat breakfast are more likely to have a healthy diet than those who skip breakfast; and children who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight or obese. Why? The most likely reason is that if we don’t feed our body soon after waking up, then those hunger pangs – often displayed as poor behaviour or lack of attention in children – can result in less healthy food choices over the day, resulting in increased weight gain. The good news is that 85% of WA primary school aged children eat breakfast – of course that leaves 15% that aren’t having breakfast. It becomes more of a concern at secondary school where only 72% of boys and 62% of girls eat breakfast. Good habits start young so it is important to

Breakfast inspiration

If you are looking for some breakfast inspir ation that goes beyond cer eals, how about: ● Tinned spaghetti with wholegrain toa st ● Baked beans ● Boiled, scrambled or poached eggs with wholegrain toast ● Wholegrain or wholemeal English muffins with glass of milk ● Yoghurt and fruit with a couple of pieces of wholemeal/wholegra in toast ● Whizz some frozen berries and a cup of milk to make a smoothie. Have with a couple of slices of wholegra in toast. ● Apple pikelets (se

e recipe) ● Grilled tomatoes an d mushrooms on whole grain toast.

encourage breakfast from a young age.

What nutrients does breakfast provide? A typical healthy breakfast provides a good source of wholegrain cereals. The less processing the better as this means more of the nutrients and fibre remain. If you have taken a recent trip down the breakfast aisle at your supermarket you could quite possibly be confused and bamboozled by the huge selection of cereals. And we are not even including bread in this discussion. Add to this breakfast drinks and breakfast bars as a growing supermarket selection and you could (almost!) be forgiven for wanting to skip breakfast.

“A typical cereal and milk breakfast provides our body with a good source of carbohydrate, calcium, iron, zinc, thiamin, riboflavin, folate and fibre, which are all essential for good health.”

78 Offspring | spring 2011


A typical cereal and milk breakfast provides our body with a good source of carbohydrate, calcium, iron, zinc, thiamin, riboflavin, folate and fibre, which are all essential for good health. My advice when choosing a breakfast cereal is: • Choose a cereal that isn’t overly processed eg: Weetbix or oats. Simple really is the best. • Ignore all the marketing claims such as ‘no artificial colours or additives’. Instead check the nutrition information panel and compare between products using the per 100g column. • Use price as an indicator. You have probably noticed that pricing on the supermarket shelves now includes the packet price and also the price per 100g. Use this! The more expensive the cereal per 100g then chances are the more processing involved as this is often what you are paying for.

Apple Pikelets Makes 20 pikelets

Ingredients 1 cup wholemeal self raising flour 1 tablespoon sugar 1 egg, lightly beaten 1 cup reduced fat milk ½ cup tinned apple, chopped. Or you could use grated apple Margarine for frying Method Combine flour, sugar, egg and milk in mixing bowl. Whisk until all mixed. Stir through apple. Heat fry pan over margarine to medium heat. Add 1 teaspoon espoons of mixture. tabl 1-2 add ted frypan. When mel turn over until Cook until bubbles appear then keep warm. cooked through. Remove and er. Any leftovers are batt ng aini rem Repeat with great for snacks!

Kate Bullen is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Mum to a five year old and 22 month old. More information can be found at

Offspring | spring 2011 79


into travel

By Jennifer Black

Domestic Destinations The Gold Coast – escape the winter chill! September to November is a perfect time to travel to the Gold Coast. Experience the thrill of theme park rides and close encounters with ocean creatures at Sea World. Meet The Wiggles and your favourite movie characters at Dream World and Warner Bros Movie World, or simply relax in the sun on long white sandy beaches.

• Your holiday is generally more affordable if you stay in selfcontained apartments as you spend less money on food. • Two and three bedroom apartments are more relaxing as there is more room than in a hotel room. The kids also have garden, playground and pool areas to play in. • Think carefully before booking high rise apartments or hotel rooms if you have a ‘climber’, it can be quite stressful. • There are shuttle buses available to all the theme parks so you may not need to hire a car for your whole stay. Sample Pricing: 2 adults and 2 children 2 – 11 yrs Qantas return flights Perth to Brisbane, airport transfers to the Gold Coast, 3 day shuttle pass, 5 nights at Seaworld Resort & Water Park in a 2 bedroom apartment, 2 day Dream World family pass: $4995 total*

80 Offspring | spring 2011


Ski Falls Creek – embrace the last of the winter chill! Ski holidays are fantastic fun and an energetic way to spend cold winter days. All kids love snow and the endless fun they can have with it. Tobogganing and building snowmen are top of the list and throwing it around is not far behind. For mums and dads, sipping mulled wine in front of the fire is a lovely way to end a great family day.

• Most ski resorts only take Mon – Fri bookings or weekend bookings Fri – Sun. • Hire a car in Melbourne and enjoy a beautiful scenic drive to the ski slopes. • Most resorts cater for families and offer inclusive ski and clothing hire as well as lessons. • You can also hire ski clothing in Perth if you want to save precious ski time. • September is renowned for its sunnier days and lowcost skiing and boarding.

Pricing Falls Creek – Fabulous September Special! Five nights apartment package 5 Nights apartment style accommodation 2 Bedroom 5 share premier 5 Day lift pass. 5 Group lessons per adult. 5 Full days of snowsports school per child. 5 Days ski Or board rental

• Go with some friends, you will have more skiing time as you can take it in turns to mind the kids on the beginners slopes and have a night out on the town each.

From $666 per Adult & $598 per Child (3-14yrs) Valid 9 Sept - End of Season

Offspring | spring 2011 81


Looking to add to your passport? Singapore is known as the melting pot of its region with many different Asian cultures living together. If you have been one of the many enjoying Master Chef then this fantastic colourful city is for you - the cuisine is second to none. Singapore is very family friendly with many hotels offering special family or interconnecting rooms. There are great attractions to enjoy such as the famous Singapore Zoo, the night safari or the Aquarium, and Singapore is clean, safe and easy!

• The Singapore Grand Prix is on 23 – 25 September 2011. If you’re not going to see it, avoid it as accommodation is booked out months in advance. • The Christmas Lights festival is fantastic and this year is on between 19 Nov 2011 and 2 Jan 2012. • Don’t miss China town – the kids will love the noodles and ‘people watching’. • If you have ever wanted to experience a Club Med, hop over to Bintan Island for two nights, an easy and inexpensive way to sample the Club Med experience. • Singapore celebrates the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival with cultural shows and a vibrant parade of dragon dances, lantern-carrying children and fireworks. (Sep – Oct 2011, dates to be confirmed)

Girls weekend or parents retreat

Sample pricing for 2 adults and 3 children 3 – 11 yrs

As mothers we give ourselves fully to everyone we care

Perth to Singapore return economy airfares, return

about, which can be very draining. Recharge the batteries

airport transfers and 4 nights at the Rendezvous Hotel

and enjoy some pampering by booking a night in a hotel

in interconnecting rooms.

with a girlfriend. Everyone will benefit as you will come back happy and relaxed. Or, if you need some ‘couple time’

$4955 Travel quoted for October School holidays

take your partner and rekindle the romance! The Parmelia Hilton hotel is offering a Friday Night special up until November. A new pool and the hotel’s close proximity to shops, bars and the river will make this a lovely way to unwind and start the weekend. $109 per room – Great Value! Useful websites

All prices are correct at the time of printing. They are subject to change, variances and conditions at the vendor’s discretion. All prices quoted are for travel ex Perth in September 2011. Prices do not include airport taxes which vary until the time of payment.

82 Offspring | spring 2011

CALENDAR OF EVENTS TUESDAY 6TH SEPTEMBER 2011 Baby Massage Class This baby massage class is being run as part of Physiotherapy Week. It is for newborns through to toddlers and will run for 1 hour. Our physiotherapist will teach you baby massage skills and there is the opportunity to practice them with your baby. Please bring 2 towels, everything else is provided. Bookings essential. COST TIME VENUE CONTACT

Free! 1.30pm Perth Wellness Centre, 9 Colin St, West Perth 9321 1964


(also Friday 14th October and Friday 11th November) Free Newborn Mothers Workshop Whether you are pregnant and preparing for motherhood or you have just welcomed a new sibling to your family join us for nourishing traditions from around the world, real life stories of new mums, the brain science and hormones behind coping with the biggest change in your life and three simple, practical ways to feel more supported, confident, healthy and loved. COST TIME VENUE CONTACT

Free 10am Community Midwifery WA North Fremantle Julia 0450 067 036 or visit

calendar of events MONDAY 3RD to 15TH OCTOBER WHO ARE YOU Who are You is a project that asks young people and their families to think about their identity and to express that in a graphic format. Each drawing station will have materials placed in front of a hanging mirror so that participants can sit down and sketch themselves from their own reflection. Children will also be able to work with an artist to sculpt a self-portrait bust of themselves which they can paint and place on display. COST Free TIME 10am to 2pm VENUE Forrest Place CONTACT

FRIDAY 14TH OCTOBER (also Friday 18th November) GHOST WALKS The City of Gosnells’ Ghost Walk provides a chance to meet friendly Ghosts on a 5.5km moonlit track. The walk leaves from Hardinge Park Picnic Area in Orange Grove and takes approximately 3 hours to complete. A delicious supper is provided by the Maddington Scout Group at the conclusion of the walk. COST TIME  VENUE CONTACT

$16 adult, $10 children (under 16) and $42 family (2 x adults, 2 x children) 7pm, 7:15pm, 7:30pm, 7:45pm Hardinge Road Picnic Area, Orange Grove 9397 3111


FREE (registration before the day) 9:30am Bibra Lake Reserve, Cnr Progress and Gwilliam Drive, Bibra Lake Brendan McNally 9411 3654

Please submit events for the Spring calendar to: Subject: Spring Calendar

Please submit events for the Spring calendar to: Subject: Spring Calendar

Offspring | spring 2011 83

calendar of events SUNDAY OCTOBER 23RD 2011 CITY OF MELVILLE LITTLE HANDS FESTIVAL This event has something for everyone with the main target audience being children aged 0 to 10 years. Most activities are free including face painting, bouncy castle, arts and crafts, pony rides, performances a mime artist and many more. Come along for a great family day out. COST FREE (some activities have fees associated) TIME 10:00am to 1:00pm VENUE John Creaney Reserve, Benningfield Road, Bullcreek CONTACT Kate Schilling on 9364 0286 or via

WEDNESDAY 26TH OCTOBER 2011 TEDDY BEARS PICNIC Free rides, entertainment, animal farm, face-painting, bouncy castles, prizes and competitions. Food and drink available or bring a picnic and share with your teddy. COST FREE TIME 10am to 1pm VENUE Manning Park, Azelia Rd, Hamilton Hill CONTACT Sandy Edgar Event Officer 9411 3650

SUNDAY 30TH OCTOBER 2011 CITY OF JOONDALUP LITTLE FEET FESTIVAL The Little Feet Festival is the region’s premier event for children under 12 and their families. This year’s theme is “In the Garden” and a range of free entertainment will be on offer. Activities will include a mad hatter’s tea party, pony rides, gardening workshops for children and much more. COST FREE TIME 1:00pm to 5:00pm VENUE Edith Cowan University, 270 Joondalup Drive, Joondalup CONTACT 9400 4705 or visit our Website:

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 4TH 2011 CITY OF MELVILLE VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION EVENT This free event recognises the neighbourhood stars in our community that volunteer for a range of services and organisations. Enjoy some light catering along with the smooth sounds of Libby Hammer and Hip Mo Toast as a thank you for all your efforts.

COST FREE for City of Melville Volunteers TIME 5:00pm to 7:00pm VENUE Outdoor Quadrangle at City of Melville Civic Centre, 10 Almondbury Road, Booragoon CONTACT Kate Schilling on 9364 0286 or via Email:

SUNDAY 6TH November 2011 SPRING FAIR COST FREE TIME 11am to 8pm VENUE Manning Park, Azelia Rd, Hamilton Hill CONTACT Bridget Norton 9411 3433

SUNDAY 6TH NOVEMBER 2011 JAZZ IN THE PARK Kick off the Let’s Celebrate Belmont Festival at one of the city’s favourite parks, Tomato Lake. Patrons are encouraged to bring a picnic rug and soak up the sun, the sounds and the scenery for an afternoon to remember. COST FREE TIME 4pm to 6pm VENUE Tomato Lake, Oats Street, Kewdale CONTACT Marielle Azzopardi 9477 7248 or via Email

FRIDAY 11TH NOVEMBER 2011 MOVIE UNDER THE STARS Pack a picnic and enjoy a free family movie by the river! COST FREE TIME Approx 6.45pm start VENUE Garvey Park, Fauntleroy Avenue, Ascot CONTACT Marielle Azzopardi 9477 7248 or via email

SATURDAY 12TH NOVEMBER 2011 CITY OF JOONDALUP SUMMER CONCERT The City of Joondalup Summer Concert Series is a series of three free community concerts in local parks that take place between November and January and feature free children’s activities. COST FREE TIME 7:00pm to 9:00pm VENUE Mawson Park, Hillarys CONTACT 9400 4705 or visit our Website: for more information

SUNDAY 13TH NOVEMBER 2011 CITY OF SOUTH PERTH DOGS DAY OUT / MICROCHIP DAY Dogs fun day with educational stall, subsidised animal micro chipping and family fun. COST Free TIME 10am to 2pm VENUE Sir James Mitchell Park, off Coode Street, South Perth CONTACT City of South Perth Ranger: Paul Fromont 9474 0835 or 9474 0777

84 Offspring | spring 2011

calendar of events SUNDAY 20TH NOVEMBER 2011



FREMANTLE FESTIVAL From 18 November to 4 December Fremantle comes alive with fringe events as part of the Fremantle Festival. This is a family friendly festival. COST Free (Some events may require a fee) VENUE Fremantle CONTACT 9432 9999 or visit our Website:

These free family concerts are a great way to unwind on a Sunday evening over summer. Enjoy a picnic and live music. COST FREE TIME 5:00pm to 7:00pm VENUE Limestone Amphitheatre, Melville Civic Cnt, CONTACT 9364 0286 or

SATURDAY 26TH NOVEMBER 2011 WARDARNJI FESTIVAL Wardarnji Indigenous Festival is a Nyoongar tradition, a contemporary cultural celebration for families.

SATURDAY 19TH NOVEMBER 2011 KITE EXTRAVAGANZA Family event including kite flying, sand sculptures and musical treats COST Free TIME 12pm to 4pm VENUE South Beach CONTACT 9432 9999

COST Free TIME 12pm to 5pm VENUE Fremantle Arts Centre CONTACT 9432 9999


SATURDAY 19TH NOVEMBER 2011 TWILIGHT CONCERT Embrace Hawaii and the islands and celebrate with live music and dancing. Wear an Hawaiian outfit for your chance to win great prizes. COST FREE TIME 6pm to 9pm VENUE Garvey Park, Fauntleroy Avenue, Ascot CONTACT Marielle Azzopardi 9477 7248 or via email

The Festival Finale brings a close to the Festival and offers a carnival type atmosphere. A fitting end to the month long Belmont Festival with a spectacular fireworks display and multicultural food fest. COST FREE TIME 6pm to 9:30pm VENUE Faulkner Park, Progress Way, Cloverdale CONTACT Marielle Azzopardi 9477 7248 or via Email:



Enjoy a day of community group stalls, photos with Santa, carnival rides, food and many more!

CHILDRENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S FIESTA COST Free TIME 10am to 3pm VENUE Samson Park, McKenzie Street, Samson CONTACT 9432 9999


Free 4:30pm to 8pm Claremont Town Centre or 9285 4300

Have you seen our new website? Are you a Facebook fan? We have many competitions only available via Facebook. Please join us today!

Website Third.indd 1

8/11/10 2:21 PM

Offspring | spring 2011 85


Lose weight and keep it off Improve eating habits Address fussy eating Free healthy & tasty recipes You and your family deserve good nutrition

Fairtrade Jute Notebook $24.95

Free delivery offer for Offspring readers Promo Code: SpringOff! Expires: November 30

Hire o affor r Buy d good able, q costu uality mes!

Ballo acces ons & also a sories vailab le!

Diana Panucci

0419 173 200

Christening Attire for both Boys and Girls Please phone to arrange an appointment

86 Offspring | spring 2011




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Offspring is Perth's only family lifestyle magazine

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