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THE CONTRIBUTORS SALLY HINCKS, JOURNALIST started journalism with the old Daily News in Perth and today freelances for the Countryman. “It is the best work in the world – you’re meeting people and writing their stories.” She has four gorgeous grandchildren.

LISA FERNANDEZ, RADIO ANNOUNCER is a Perth girl who is currently doing the breakfast show on 92.9 FM with Basil Zempilas and Sam Mac. As a mother, Lisa wants to “nurture, encourage, teach, inspire and give my love unconditionally... because the reward is so incredibly great”.

MHAIRI FLAY, FEATURE WRITER has worked in marketing and advertising for 11 years, most recently as Marketing Manager for Channel 9, and is now marketing for Sunshine FM radio.

CLAIRE ARMSTRONG, JOURNALIST a journalist of five years and a mother of two. “I love a challenge, journalism provides me with a mental challenge and motherhood has the ability to challenge every aspect of my being, and I wouldn’t have life any other way.”

GARY AUSBRUCH, ACCOUNTANT is financial controller for a Perthbased mining company. When not busy controlling the finances, he has had columns published on the challenging subject of the lighter side of accountancy, and has written for SBS TV. He has two young children, Ella and Sebastian.

ARI O’CONNELL, COLUMNIST has had work published in Australia, Japan and England, and is currently completing her first novel as part of a PhD project. Ari has recently given birth to her first child, Gabriel.

JOHANNA GARNETT, FOOD & NUTRITION is the owner of JVG Events and created Yum In My Tum, which is the only food festival dedicated to children in Australia. Yum In My Tum is devoted to educating children on growing, cooking and tasting food.

DEVON PLUMLEY, MIDWIFE believes her work is most satisfying when she can empower a woman and her partner to birth their baby naturally; and the new little human being thanks his mummy with a squeal!

BROOKE EVANS BUTLER, JOURNALIST has written for home improvement, bridal and women’s lifestyle publications, but says Offspring enables her to combine writing with her new favourite hobby, being a mum to her beautiful baby boy, Caleb.

KELLY EXETER, DESIGNER & BLOGGER is the Creative Director and owner of Swish Design.

HEATHER ZUBEK, WRITER/TEACHER has worked in schools and the corporate arena in both Perth and Brisbane. Now a mother of two teenage boys, Heather works from home as a freelance writer for a variety of state and national publications. Heather loves discovering and writing about all things books, boys and family.

4 Offspring | autumn 2011

Constantly seeking that elusive state of “work-life balance”, she divides her time in-equally between work, little boy Jaden, husband Anthony and her totally “self indulgent” blog at

Editor’s Note WE had been trying for a while to have another baby and I just discovered again it hadn’t worked. I felt really disappointed, perhaps all the more because this time I’d convinced myself I was pregnant. I had all the signs – sore breasts, faintness, tiredness and lethargy (although, my husband might add that the latter symptoms were all too common!). I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and worrying about the yawning age gap between my almost–three-year-old and a sibling, which still wasn’t

to face and listen to the little girl looking up at me

even conceived. Goodness at this rate, my daughter

earnestly, I snapped at her. I told her I was busy, I would

would be anatomically able to create her own baby by

read it later and she was to go out and play on her own.

the time this one came along.

{Yes, a woman running a parenting magazine, of all

I had recently turned 35 and, now officially on the 40 side of 30, was starting to worry about my own age and

things, just snaps at her daughter because she’s “too busy” to give her the attention she needed.}

potential problems with having a child – like getting up

Then “bing” – a new email sounded. It was Claire’s

15 times a night when already I struggled to function

article for this edition. And I stopped and read. That’s

from disturbed sleep. Let’s face it, when you’re in your

right, I didn’t stop and read the book my daughter

twenties, living on 21 hours of sleep across a seven

wanted me to read, but I stopped and read the article I

day week might hurt a bit but whack a couple of Red

had to edit – “An angel on loan” (page 51).

Bulls into you and you’re good as new. Now not even

And all I can say is “Thankyou, Martina”. (Claire did

Red Bulls, coffee, or even probably No Doze would get

a great job too.) Martina Kerr is a woman who lost her

me moving after one night of broken sleep, let alone six

child and has so selflessly shared her story. Martina, you

weeks with a newborn. The clock was ticking and we’d

gave me a pertinent reminder of not only how precious

missed the bell, again.

life is, but also how privileged I am to have the beautiful

On top of that, deadlines were looming and I was

daughter I have.

under more pressure than usual to get the magazine

After shedding some tears, I turned off the computer,

out. It was hard getting back in the saddle again after

went and found my darling daughter who had obeyed

the Christmas break and I was still determined to make

my commands and was reading a book to herself, sat

this edition an improvement on the previous, as I try

down with her on my knee, gave her a cuddle and read

to do with each edition. Naturally, this creates a lot of

a family favourite “Kiss, Kiss!”.

pressure, not only on myself, but on those working with

Thankyou Martina, I dedicate this edition to you

me (and perhaps living with me, sorry Darling!). The

and to your beautiful angel, Aurora and you gave me

tension was mounting.

perspective when I needed it most. You reminded me

After yet another hiccup with my internet system I was

not to take family for granted and to treasure every

getting pretty irate, to be precise, words were muttered

moment, not just when suits me. I’m sure many other

that ‘good mothers’ should certainly not be using.

readers will be just as touched.

Agitated wouldn’t describe the mood that day, let’s just say Cyclone Yasi had a twin sister brewing somewhere in the Fremantle region and it was getting scary. At that point my almost three year old walked in wanting me to read her a story. And instead of stopping what I was doing and turning away from the computer

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Feature articles 12

Kicking new goals Fremantle Dockers recently-retired football star, Paul Hasleby, introduces his baby daughter Stella and discusses his new career path


Chick lit mum Sensational bestselling Irish author, Cathy Kelly, acknowledges her greatest achievement is being Mum to her young twin boys




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Funny Mummy’s Business – Food Moods Ari O’Connell provides a hilarious discussion of selecting suitable foods for baby


I love pretty things Perth blogger reveals some of her loveliest local product finds

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“My Poor Fanny” I would like to preface this by saying I really like your magazine! I have just read the article “My Poor Fanny” (Issue 3 Spring 2010). I had a second-degree tear after the birth of my daughter last year. Despite my obgyn confirming that the tear had healed nicely without complications, I continued to experience pain during intercourse for months afterwards. In fact it is only now, 11 months later, that the pain has finally subsided. For months after the birth, I endeavoured to find information about pain during intercourse after childbirth. I found very little information out there - all I found was “If you still experience pain six months after the birth, see your doctor”. I was therefore too afraid to see a doctor, thinking something was horrendously wrong and that I would need surgery. (I just didn’t want to risk hearing bad news - I also had Postnatal Depression and was not mentally strong enough to deal with another blow.) Thankfully, it appears that all I needed was more time to fully get back to normal.

I think the lack of information on this subject is due to women not wanting to talk about it, because it is both painful and embarrassing. I was only able to find a little information online in parenting forums, with real life anecdotes from women in similar situations. What made the situation even more upsetting, was the fact that before the birth, the only information I found was about vaginal tears being “no big deal”, that the vagina was “meant to open” etc. Thankfully in most cases, vaginal tears really are no big deal. But unfortunately, for what appears to be a small minority, they ARE a big deal. Afterwards, I felt really quite angry about being overly reassured about my labour and birth. It still upsets me that no one talks about complications that DO arise. I don’t believe in scaring expecting mothers with horror stories however, I do believe that overly reassuring them, and not informing them about possible problems, is equally as unhelpful.

For me, it would have been nice to know that I wasn’t the only one to experience this - but the information I had been given made it seem as though I was. I hope my story is helpful to other women out there. Anonymous, Perth

I don’t believe in scaring expecting mothers with horror stories - however, I do believe that overly reassuring them, and not informing them about possible problems, is equally as unhelpful.

“Balancing Act” I recently really enjoyed the story about the owners of Morrison (Summer edition) and how they have built their empire into a multi million dollar business and how they manage to have a successful work family balance. As a mother of a two year old, both my husband and I have careers that we are passionate about, it can sometimes be a struggle to balance family life with our careers. It’s inspiring to hear about families who are successful at doing this and that it is possible to have both.

10 Offspring | autumn 2011

I love hearing about families, parents following their dreams as individuals and as a couple, building great family values and also about the struggles they face or have faced and how they overcome them as a family unit. As a new parent is can be hard to know what is the right thing to do or if you are being selfish wanting the career and the family, no one tends to talk about things unless you ask or read about situations like this. I think it’s very admirable and I also aspire to be as successful at this family. Lisa Fox, Success

cloth on the comeback! Reading your article made me smile!! I have been a full time cloth user for my two year old son and my eight month old girl. I have converted my friends and am now working on my family! I, too, use the saying “one less disposable going into landfill and more money going to you!!” I have had both positive and negative reactions about my choice to use cloth, some mothers ask why I bother and I tell them it’s because I care about the world my children are going to be living in once I have gone. And cloth is cute! And there is no going past it with me!! Krystal Harris, Port Kennedy

Cover photograph of Paul Hasleby, partner, Nicole and their baby daughter, Stella, was taken by Angelique Lee

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Offspring | autumn 2011 11

Kicking New


Paul Hasleby is one of the greatest players to wear a Fremantle Dockers jersey. Since retiring at the end of the 2010 AFL season, his fiancée Nicole gave birth to their first child, daughter Stella and, due to exciting new career developments, the 29 year old’s workload is now starting to rival the level it was at as one of the league’s premier midfielders.

12 Offspring | autumn 2011


Left: Paul Hasleby salutes the Subiaco faithful after announcing his retirement. PICTURE: LINCOLN BAKER, COURTESY WWW.PERTHNOW.COM.AU

THERE’S just over a minute left in an intensely fought

next move, the 29 year old’s workload is now starting

out Western Derby between the West Coast Eagles and

to rival the level it was at as one of the league’s premier

Fremantle Dockers in Round Six, 2006, with the Eagles


leading by a solitary point. Fremantle win the ball in

“I like to perform different roles and not get stuck

the midfield and took to their forward line, where all

doing the same thing from day to day,” Paul says, relaxing

players look to be marked up. But wait! The ball is kicked

at home at the end of the working day.

forward, and a Dockers mark is taken 45 metres out! 42,213 fans crane their necks and squint to see in whose hands the ball (and their happiness) is in. A deafening roar goes up around the ground…“Hase!”

“I spent about three months after I retired making sure I found what I really wanted to get in to.” Perhaps to the disappointment of the supporters of WAFL club East Fremantle, who he played with for a

Paul Hasleby is one of the greatest players to wear a

season prior to being drafted by the Dockers, Paul has

Fremantle Dockers jersey. Retiring from the AFL at the

accepted a role at the South Fremantle Football Club.

end of the 2010 season, he played 208 games, averaging

In addition to playing, he will act as the club’s high

22 disposals a game, and kicked 131 goals over his 11 year

performance coach, a role he is excited about.

career. Accolades include winning the AFL Rising Star award

“The role will involve trying to improve the level of

in his first season, being selected to the All Australian team

performance by passing on the skills and knowledge I

in 2003, and finishing in the top 10 of the Fremantle Fairest

gained from playing in the AFL. I also have a group of 14

and Best award in each season he played.

young and talented guys who I run extra sessions with

Since his fiancée Nicole gave birth to their first child,

and constantly review their games via video footage to

daughter Stella at Attadale Private Hospital in November

try to fast-track their careers. Hopefully they’ll make it

last year, and after a short break contemplating his

into the AFL and experience what I have.”

Offspring | autumn 2011 13

Paul is also extending his coaching and personal development capabilities off the football field and into the corporate world as a training officer for an engineering and mining services company, where his role involves facilitating workshops around teamwork, leadership and communication. And expect to hear him commentating on the Eagles and Dockers games during the football season on radio station 6PR. He explains that his next move after retiring from AFL football involved careful consideration. “I think it was important that once I left footy, not to

It’s this humble, positive attitude that has made Paul enormously popular and well respected both within the football industry and among fans

go into a full time job straight away, as it could have been a bit of a culture shock after playing football for all those years. I think I’ve found a really good balance.”

draw upon his experiences in his new roles, especially his

Paul grew up in the town of Northampton, 475km

ability to learn from disappointments. He is contemplative

north of Perth. Identified by his parents as a promising

when reflecting on a serious knee injury sustained during

sportsman when a teenager (Paul describes his parents as

the 2008 pre-season competition.

being his main inspirations in life, – his early footballing

“That was a really tough time in my life, I’d come

memories were of tough encounters with two older

through a couple of years of probably not getting the best

brothers. He boarded at Mazenod College in the Perth

out of myself, and wasn’t too happy with where I was at

hills and worked his way through the state junior squads,

in football, and life in general.

before winning the award for the best player at the

I’d made a lot of sacrifices and worked really hard over

1999 Under 18 Carnival and being drafted as the second

the pre-season, where I got to the point I was in career

selection overall in the 1999 AFL Draft.

best training form and fitness.

It wasn’t always an easy ride, and the ups and downs


of a professional sporting career have enabled Paul to

To go down before Round One and miss the whole season was a hard pill to swallow.”

14 Offspring | autumn 2011

“Having said that, 2008 was one of the best years in my life, as I got to experience life without footy. As

are in the spotlight have problems as well, it helps them realise that there are ways of overcoming them.”

a person I learnt a lot of different things and I spent a year challenging myself in numerous, varied ways.”

Being a positive role model has taken on an even more meaning for Paul with the arrival of baby Stella, and it’s

It’s this humble, positive attitude that has made

clear from talking to him that his focus has clearly shifted

Paul enormously popular and well respected both

from footy to family. He cites the importance of family

within the football industry and among fans. He takes

as being the most valuable quality he and Nicole wish

a serious view of his role in the wider community, and

to instil in Stella. Having a baby has also enabled Paul to

embraces the fact that he is a role model to kids.

review what is important in life.

“I feel privileged to be in a position where in some

“It’s been a really big transition from full time football,

small way I have an influence over kids out there,” he

to new jobs, to the baby; lots of different emotions,”

says. “Perhaps some are lacking direction or someone

he reflects. “A lot of my team mates used to say when

to look up to, and I’m very blessed that I get the chance

they had kids it put football into perspective and I now

to make a difference in their lives.”

know what that means. Sometimes we get caught up in

Paul also speaks passionately about the work he performs for community service organisation

all these micro-problems, but Stella makes them seem insignificant. She’s a bundle of joy.”

Centrecare, in raising awareness about suicide and

Speaking of joy, after bringing so much to football fans

assisting with developing individual and community

over his 11 year AFL career, there’s no arguing that Paul

based suicide prevention strategies. He has been

deserves plenty of his own. And was there any joy in the

a member of the Ministerial Council for Suicide

final minute of that Western Derby in 2006? As every

Prevention since its establishment in 2009.

Fremantle fan will tell you, as is befitting of his easy-

“Lots of footy players go through tough times and I’m no different. If people can see that others who

going style, Hase calmly went back, booted the goal, and won the game for the Dockers.

9œÕÀÊwÀÃÌÊ ÜiiŽÊ, t ­>˜`ʘœÊV…>À}iÊvœÀÊœ˜`>ÞÊ*ÕLˆVÊœˆ`>ÞÃt® /…iʏˆÌ̏iÊ̅ˆ˜}ÃÊÀi>ÞÊ`œÊmean an ÜʓÕV…Ê>ÌÊ Õ}}iÃÊV…ˆ`V>Ài°Ê At Buggles, we believe that children are never too young to start learning or socialising. We also believe they deserve the best level of care that Perth has to offer.

Ê ˜ÀœÊ˜œÜ Ê Ã i V ‡Ê«> wˆ˜}Êv>ÃÌ°

Every centre is safe and secure with flexible educational programs incorporating fun, learning through play and social interaction. We pay attention to all the little things to make sure every parent and child leaves at the end of the day with a smile.

˜ÀœÊ̜Ê܈˜°°°Ê Ì ˆ Re-enrolments and new enrolments for 2011 will go in the draw to win some great educational prizes because at Buggles, we love our children to always be learning! Visit for competition details. Limited places are available for each age group, so call soon to avoid disappointment.

/>ŽiÊ>ʏœœŽÊ>ÌÊ̅iÊ Õ}}iÃÊ`ˆvviÀi˜Vi°°°ÊLÕ}}iðVœ“°>Õ iVŽi˜…>“Ê™ÎxÈÊnäÈÈÊUÊ i`œ˜Ê™{äÎÊÇÓääÊUÊ œœLiÕ«Ê™ÎΣÊ{n££ÊUÊœÀÀiÃÌwi`ʙÎx™ÊÓÇÈÈÊUÊ>``ˆ˜}̜˜Ê™{x™ÊΙ££ >˜`ÕÀ>…Ê™xnÈÊΙÇÇÊUÊœÀiÞʙÓǙʣ£ÇÎÊUÊ,ˆÛiÀ̜˜Ê™{xÇÊÇ£™™ÊUÊ-œÕ̅Ê>Žiʙ{£{ÊÇxÓÓÊUÊ-«i>Àܜœ`ʙ{£nÊÓÇÇÇ

Offspring | autumn 2011 15


Cathy Kelly is a UNICEF Ireland Ambassador for Africa

Chick lit Mum Sensational Irish author is used to seeing her books on the bestseller lists but says her greatest achievement is being Mum to her young twin boys.


MOMENTS before I was to interview

a natter with a good friend rather

Ireland, just 15 minutes drive from

visiting ‘chick lit’ sensation Cathy

than an interview with a bestselling

Dublin. Waiting for her there is her

Kelly I had an all out row with my


husband John, their twin 7 year old

two teenage boys. Now I don’t know

It was the last day of a 10 day tour

whether it was Mother’s Intuition or

of Australia promoting her new book

being Irish that gave Cathy a sense of

Homecoming and the petite blonde was

“I haven’t been away from home

my distress but as soon as we were

missing home. Home is a delightful

this long for such a long time so I’m

introduced out came the coffee and

cottage with glorious views of rolling

feeling rather homesick.”

cookies and what followed was more

hills and the sea in County Wicklow,

16 Offspring | autumn 2011

boys Murray and Dylan and three Jack Russell puppies.

With nine bestsellers and her latest

is set in a fictional village in Ireland

heights, the former journalist views

and it promises the same best friend

herself as just a normal mum madly

comfort and sense of community that


trying to get the washing done each

is found in all her books.

worldwide is that as women we all

day and trying to keep her kids happy.

“Basically its set around this lovely

that is going on.” Cathy is adamant that the reason stories





book looking at achieving similar lofty


have the same hopes and fears for the future. “I get letters from women who live in countries I assumed would be so

“As women we all share the same hopes, feelings and dreams,” she says... I think there is comfort in reading about people going through pain who are coming out the other side.”

“I get home from dropping the boys off at school and I’m exhausted!” she tells me, “it feels like I’ve done a day’s work already.”

just shows that the planet is so small.”

says Cathy. “It





Eleanor Levine, a psychoanalyst who

“I put the washing on – always so

left Ireland in the ‘30s when she was 11. Her family was incredibly poor

to answer emails. The phone rings and

and they went to New York and the

it’s a friend wanting a natter so there’s

only thing she still has is a diary her

another hour gone and I’ve written

mother wrote.” “She has come back and she’s in her

Cathy Kelly has sold more than

70s and she’s a bit mysterious and she

four million copies of her books

rents an apartment in this square and


she sits and looks out at everything

Her latest, Homecoming

they relate to my stories so well. It

made-up place called Golden Square,”

much washing – and then settle down

four words. Bad words at that!”

different to my own experience and

Offspring | autumn 2011 17


“As women we share the same hopes and feelings and dreams,” she says, “and I think there is comfort in reading about people going through pain who are coming out the other side.” “It’s all about female empowerment.”

“I took a photo of this tiny baby in the clinic and I still have it up in my kitchen. I look at it and think that that baby could be dead now. Many don’t reach their fifth birthday.” Another theme through Cathy’s

and her writing. It’s also one of the

basic stuff.”

books is the sense of community

reasons she became a UNICEF Ireland


shared by many of her characters.

Ambassador for Africa.





ambassador is to paint the picture

“A true sense of community is

The Kelly family was asked to

for people who can’t get to Africa to

missing in today’s world. I grew up

be involved in a picture book being

see for themselves what’s happening

knowing everyone in our street and

published by UNICEF Ireland.


when I went to visit Grandma on



“The most awful thing is the

the west coast of Ireland we knew

and her husband to do whatever was

epidemic of HIV/AIDS,” she says,

everyone in the village so I try to create

needed to help the organisation. It was

“and the biggest group of people who

a little sense of place in my stories.”

at this time that Cathy was asked to

get this disease is the women and

become a UNICEF Ireland Ambassador.


The greatest joy for Cathy Kelly





“UNICEF came at a brilliant time of

“In Mozambique, there are 400

her twin boys at the age of 37 years

my life,” says Cathy, “I’m not saying

doctors for 19 million people. Huge

had a profound influence on her life

that it would not have touched me so

numbers of babies die from tetanus

much before becoming a mother but

because the cord is cut by something

being a mother made it even more

not sterile. They die 10 days after

important to me.”

birth for the lack of a shot that costs

though is being a mother.

The author has been on two trips visiting projects in Mozambique and

All this talk of children reminded Cathy of what is waiting for her back

Rwanda. “When I went to Mozambique my


own boys were just two years old and

“I hate being away from my family.

visiting the Mother and Baby Clinics

I was such a mess on the plane flying

there reminded me so much of the

over.” It was time for me to make a quick

clinics back home.” beautiful

dash to the shops to pick up dinner

children. I took a photo of this tiny

for the kids and for Cathy to ring hers

baby in the clinic and I still have it up

before we head off in the morning.

in my kitchen. I look at it and think

After a generous hug my new friend

that that baby could be dead now.

called out some more motherly advice.

Many don’t reach their fifth birthday.”

“You look after yourself now darlin’,

“These babies die from measles

and remember we mothers must stick




and they die from diarrhoea. Basic,

18 Offspring | autumn 2011

us around $10.”

together!” 2993

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AROUND the time my eldest son turned one, I began

Perth (check the sites for regional deliveries) and they all

to visibly flinch at the thought of doing the weekly food

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bro brother, and food shopping has become

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Breaking up fights, debating the

ms like cleaning products, toilet paper and grocery items

merits of various chocolate bars (by

yshop is a good choice. The fresh food comes nappies, Ezyshop

debate, I mean constantly explaining

m the Canning Vale markets, picked up each directly from

why we’re not bringing any home) –

nd the quality is very high. You can also save a morning and

not to mention the extra money spent

sing meats and vegetables based on specials. lot by choosing

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eed to buy a lot of tinned goods, cleaning If you need

giv giving up and admitting defeat at the

nd packaged or frozen foods with only a few products and

checko checkout. You won’t be surprised to know that I became an

fresh items,, Coles offers consistently low prices. Their p is well laid out, in which items are easy online shop

online food shopping convert almost before receiving my

d they have a good range of delivery to select and

first order. Here are some tips on getting the most out of

able. times available. Finally, if you need

your online grocery shop, and our road test of Perth’s top three one-stop grocery shop options.





fresh and packaged,


’s Woolworth’s

Coles, Woolworths and Ezyshop all service metropolitan

eems to be produce seems

20 Offspring | autumn 2011


and they offer low prices on m packaged goods, making them a good choice. In terms of customer service, all three again have offered good ag of fruit and experiences. I received a very dodgy bag d after calling the wrong meat from Woolworths, and to complain they credited the amount immediately. ms and they Coles usually add some extra sample items have often substituted out-of-stock items with more expensive brands, charging the lower price. Paul Slee, owner and operator at EzyShop gives flawless and enthusiastic customer service – if there was ever anything you felt would make your shopping experience better, contacting him through the website is highly recommended as he is always very accommodating and open to suggestions. The other bonus of shopping with Ezyshop is that you’ll be supporting a WA owned and operated business. Please note that these comments are based on my experiences and it’s well worth trying them all out to see what fits your family best.

Online shopping s afety


of a higher quality than Coles,

Online sho pping is ge nerally con be safe, bu sidered to t as with anything, ways of ma there are king it safe r: • Make

sure the s ite has a certificate secure serv (your com er p u te r they use o will tell y ne for the o u if ir checkou three sites t – a ll o f above do). the If you are email the not sure, company and ask w measures hat securi they use. ty • Log out after you have finis –you don’t hed an ord want peop er le seeing card numb your credit ers. • Avoid u sing publi c compute online. rs to buy • Print or c opy and pa ste your co record into nfirmation a word doc ument and the order h save until as arrived .

Offspring | autumn 2011 21



store, making it a more enjoyable and memorable activity for the kids.

• Access to online shopping 24/7 – and no car park hassles


or crowds. • The same products are generally available online as in

If an item is out of stock you usually won’t find out

store, and sale prices are effective online as well. Coles

until the day of delivery, which can be a problem if this

sometimes offers online only specials as a bonus.

product is essential. While there is an option to have a

• It can be easier to comparison-shop online as you can take your time, and go back to it later, if you’re

replacement selected, this doesn’t always work out. You can’t examine fruit and vegetables to pick the ripest or freshest item.

interrupted. • Planning menus as you go is easier and you can save

If you run out of a few items, online shopping isn’t a

money by choosing menus based on specials. Many

cost-effective way to get them – but a 10 minute run is

stores offer meal planning tools online to make it even

easier than the full monty! Many stores require a minimum order, so you have to

easier. • It is easier to avoid impulse buys online and you are more likely to go through your basket and put things

spend a certain amount in order to use the service.

back if the total goes over budget. No pester power for


the children!

Just to give you a rough idea of what an online shopping

• Help the environment – less plastic bags and petrol used, especially if you team up with your neighbors and • If you want to encourage your children to eat more fruit and vegetables involve them in the selection process. • You can use online shopping to do the bulk of your shopping and just do the fruit and vegetable shop in

across the stores. The items were selected before the comparison was done, so savings can be made across the stores by making choices based on specials. Woolworths


500gms scotch fillet steak




500gms sausages




500gms chicken breast




1 medium fruit and vegetable box*




750ml Radiant Laundry Liquid




1 Jumbo Box Huggies nappies




1 Spray and Wipe multipurpose trigger




5 jars Heinz baby food




Comment by a parent on the HEALTHY TEETH book:

2L Brownes HiLo Milk




“My 4 year-old needed dental treatment under general anaesthesia costing $4,000. I wish I had read the HEALTHY TEETH book earlier and prevented this from happening.”

1 loaf Sunblest wholemeal sandwich bread












“Children with healthy teeth – almost a marker for being a good parent! This book is informative and relevant.” PROFESSOR FIONA STANLEY, CHILD HEALTH SPECIALIST

Parents who buy the book ($30) can email and speak to Dr Theo about children’s teeth/dentistry (no fee for this consultation)

To order the book go to:

22 Offspring | autumn 2011

comparison shop shows that prices are fairly similar


The New Preventive Dental Care begins BEFORE your baby is aged 6 months

t why ‘soothing gels’ should not be used for ‘teething’ t why ‘major brand’ children’s toothpastes should be avoided t how parents can prevent fluorosis (“mottling”) of children’s permanent teeth

items and shopped for them all on the same day. (Prices below were accurate on the day of the shop.) The

all get deliveries on the same day!


basket can cost, we selected some typical household

* comes prepacked with a range of seasonal fruit and vegetables ** Woolworths does not offer a mixed box, but was able to create a similar combination with $25 Please note prices are indicative at time of time of publication.

BVg`Zi<^ga^hi]ZeaVXZl]ZgZVaai]^c\h]VcYbVYZ! Wdji^fjZjc^fjZXdbZid\Zi]Zg[dgndjgh]dee^c\eaZVhjgZ

13th February, 21st August & 4th December - Joondalup Reception Centre 29th May, 13th November - Melville Recreation Centre Sundays 10am - 3pm Free Entry · Free Parking · Food & Entertainment

B^aaVG jWn9Z







AdkZan 7jcX] D[ 8] llll dXdaViZh #adkZan WjcX]

BjaWZggnAV lll#bjaWZ





A^iiaZHXZci h




lll#[ 9jbbnI^Z VXZWd d`#Xdb Y $9jbb nI^Z





cZ lll#XgV[i n_VncZ#Xdb

I]ZIdnHV` lll#idnhV`#Xdb#Vj





dgi] g^ciC db#Vj e aa V b e#X H #hbVaa lll


#V jiZjgZ#Xdb lll#b^c^X

cY EaVnhiV[dg@^Yh


j 6g "HVcYaVnhVcY#Xdb#V

daV ;VXZh7nC^X aV#Xdb

gi^Zh V`ZEVch 8 [ d Z E^ZX ZaZWgVi^d h#Xdb#Vj ^Z 8 `ZeVgi

ch#Xdb ll#^cj`YZh^\









OFF THE AIR with Lisa Fernandez

A TOUGH JOB IT’S not often a family member

You may be a little confused

objects to the content I provide on

right now so let me start at the

radio or in magazines. My family is


incredibly supportive of my sometimes

Most brekky radio people have

bizarre radio escapades and they

their one big holiday for the year


furiously nod their heads in agreement

in December. For me, that meant four

some kind of ritual on my sweet child,

when I tell them that sliding down a

whole weeks of not getting up at 4am

turning her into an evil presence who

stripper pole wearing a clown-suit

and I was looking forward to sleeping

suddenly hated water.




whilst holding my breath underwater for 10 mins is a great career move. So after discussing the subject matter of this column over Boxing Day lunch, I was surprised when my cousin Kym called to voice her objections. “Firstly,





mention me and secondly, you don’t

Week Three I spent sleepless nights trying to write a song for, “Stay at Home Mums” knowing they needed an anthem goddammit! A tribute song that would give them greater recognition, greater praise and greater adulation.

need to make yourself look bad in the process,” she said, while calmly I found myself standing in the

navigating a shopping trolley through

in, relaxing and spending quality time

some supermarket God knows where

with my gorgeous 15 month old baby


buying God knows what with two

girl Isabella. Those were my thoughts

my eyes closed and my forehead

smal, screaming children.

on Monday.

pressed up against the tiles, seriously




“Lots of people do what I do Lise.

By Friday I disliked all babies,

wondering if I could endure three

It’s no big deal. Why don’t you write

especially the girl ones. I prayed to

more weeks of Satan-baby without a)

about your abseil down the WACA

God to please give me the ability

collapsing from exhaustion, b) going

lights instead?” Great idea Kym. Except

to hold my breath for a whole hour

completely out of my mind or c) both.

that stepping off a platform into sheer

because that way I’d be able to stick

I felt overwhelmed with sadness,

nothingness and then plummeting 80

my head into the overflowing bath

but there was enough room for a sense

metres supported only by a thin rope

and not hear the guttural screams of

of failure to sneak in and complete

was easy compared to what I have



the triumvirate of misery. My holiday

endured over the past four weeks.

from the bedroom, where Satan had

was turning into a nightmare when I

T 9444 4586 or M 0408 524 818 E

24 Offspring | autumn 2011

had envisioned it as a special time for Isabella and myself. A time of bonding and nurturing and of holding her little baby hand in mine as we walked to the park to play on the swings. Instead, one week had passed in a blur of dirty nappies, teething fevers, restless nights and whingy, I-hate-all-thefood-you-give-me-Mummy days. I was tempted to search the internet for childless couples wanting a small Satanbaby with the ability to completely ignore the word NO! Ok, I’ll admit I did search and nothing came up. But it was the morning that I was almost blinded by a chunk of WeetBix which had left Isabella’s mouth in a projectile motion, landing on my retina (after telling her 17,000 times not to “spit food at mummy because it’s naughty”). So I searched with vision in my right eye only. By the end of Week One I wanted to go back to work. It was a lot less stressful. In Week Two I was hoping witness protection might be an option but was informed by the police-officer I spoke to that I would need inside information on a BIG crime being committed and unfortunately knowing the characters from ‘Underbelly’ [Series One] didn’t count. She did sympathise but unfortunately was unavailable to babysit. When I asked for her gun, she hung up. Week Three I spent sleepless nights trying to write a song for, “Stay at Home Mums” knowing they needed an anthem goddammit! A tribute song that would give them greater recognition, greater praise and greater adulation. Now if I could just get the second verse right.... By Week Four I was completely exhausted. Realising I was going round the bend, my mum flew over from Hong Kong and saved me from a breakdown. I’m not quite sure what happened over those four weeks to my already tenuous hold on sanity but one thing became crystal clear. I realised how incredibly difficult it is to be a stay at home parent. I wanted to shout it from the rooftops, “Do you know how bloody hard this job is??!!?” but I got scared that once I got up there I may throw myself off. And I only did it for four weeks. So if you are a stay at home mum reading this...I take my hat off to you. Your job is a million times harder than mine and you have my utmost respect. And to my cousin Kym, yes, I’m good at abseiling down the WACA lights and I’m proud of that fact. But just this once I’d prefer to write about you. Being a great stay at home mum to two children under three is a big deal and it is necessary to acknowledge. I’m sure a lot of mums will agree with me. If they manage to find the time to read this, that is!

Offspring | autumn 2011 25

What’s Hot?

Are you a captivated by anything new and exciting to hit the market? We've spotted some of the hottest items around at the moment that we think you might like.


Zigo Leader X2 Carrier Bicycle

An Aussie invention, the Cubeo is an innovative way to help children remember what they need to bring to school.

Imagine that you could ride to the shops, detach the stroller, do your shopping, reconnect and ride home again.

The brightly coloured cubes attach to schoolbags and backpacks and with over 80 reusable stickers plus clever drop down cards, they are designed to display both everyday items as well as things for specific days of the week.

Heading outdoors with your small children is now easier, safer and more enjoyable with the arrival of the Zigo Leader carrier bike – an innovative ‘pram-bike’ which can also separate and convert into a standalone stroller and bicycle. The Zigo Leader allows you to ride with one or two small children sitting safely in front of you. They cost $2795. Price includes delivery to Perth metro area. Additional accessories are available from $29.95-$99.95.

The Cubeo is suitable for all school grades as well as a range of extra curricular activities. Available online at au/ in a range of colours the Cubeo is $19.95.

For a demonstration call Juana from Zigo Kids on 0488 345 620 or visit www. for more information.

Have you seen us? Ball and Skittle Emporium for Children is where you’ll find thoughtful wares of whimsy for curious lads and lassies today, with tomorrow in mind.

“It’s a treasure trove of interesting products, even my husband likes coming here!” Sue & Olive

Phone: 08 9444 7175

Ball & Skittle.indd 1

26 Offspring | autumn 2011

3/11/10 9:18 PM

Photography by Angelique Lee

LEFT Minti top. Little Rivet jeans $69.95 (supplied by Little Posh) MIDDLE Base Ink hat, Tommy Rocket orange check shirt $59.95 (Little Posh) BOTTOM Frankie Ray sunglasses $29.95; Rock Your Baby Fedora hat $24; Zephire vinyl disco jacket $96; Ouch jeans $55; Ouch ballet flats $32.95 (Little Posh)

Offspring Offspring || Autumn autumn 2011 27

BOTTOM Boatneck Sorbet and Charcoal Marle top; Tulle skirt $94; Charcoal Marle/French Navy Yoga leggings $40; Gauge knit Dusty Rose Scarf $44 (eeni meeni miini moh). Ouch ballet flats $32.95 (Little Posh)

28 Offspring | autumn 2011

BOTTOM Violet/pink rainbow hoodie $40 and rainbow pants $25 (Agoo)

Offspring | Autumn 2011 29

T-shirts $59, pants $90 and gauge knit beanie $44(eeni meeni miini moh). Converse shoes (Little Posh); black Fedora hat $24.95 (Baby Base Ink).

30 Offspring | autumn 2011

Agoo Electric Blue Galaxy hoodie $50 and Energy Grey hoodie $60 Baby Base Ink BB King and Cat and Mouse caps $24.95

Offspring Offspring || Autumn autumn 2011 31

Baaaa Longleeve T-shirt $39.95; Velveteeeen Chubba Jean $62.95; Gorgeous Me Longsleeve T-shirt $39.95; Star Flower Skinny Jean $59.95 (Oishi-M) TOP Gauge knit beanie ($44); Signature White Chocolate dress $94; necklace $29; T-shirt $59 and pants $90 (eeni meeni miini moh).

32 Offspring | autumn 2011

Olive Marle beanie $29 and pants $37 (Eeni meeni miini moh); Red monster organic cotton T-Shirt (Scoops Designs) LEFT Rock Your Baby peasant Tshirt $28 (Little Posh);Raspberry/Black tutu $80) Spunkerella; bamboo leg warmers $14.99 (Agoo).

Stockists Agoo and eeni meeni miini moh Little Posh Minti Oishi-M Scoops Designs Spunkerella

Offspring Offspring || Autumn autumn 2011 33

Funny Mummy by Ari O’Connell

Food moods Food Paranoia is alive and well, and coming to a pregnancy information pamphlet near you.

THERE are some universal truths when you’re a first

on the fast track to Meltdown. There’s certain to be a health inspector lurking, who will bombard you with statistics

time mum. 1. Food Paranoia is alive and well, and coming to a

about Listeria-laced delis, and no doubt some stranger will rant about overeating and link it to global warming. You’ve

pregnancy information pamphlet near you. 2. The Information Highway is a misnomer. We’re talking

got enough to be worrying about with the salami side of things, without simultaneously spasm-ing about The End Of

Hellways not Highways. 3. Google is not a MD. Even at 2.00am, when you wake in fright and remember you accidentally ate three salami and salad rolls from the local deli for

The World As We Know It. And it’s not just salami... When pregnant there’s a very long list of foods you should hurry past in the supermarket, eyes averted, in

lunch. In other words, after your epiphany about

case they chase you down the aisle and jump down your

your salami tsunami, logging onto a chat

throat. Soft cheeses, coffee, meats, salads, cut fruit, sushi,

forum and typing, “I am six months pregnant

unpasteurised juices, peanut butter, animal organs, various

and ate three salami and salad rolls from the

types of fish and all manner of herbal teas. And that’s the

local deli! Do I have Listeria?!?” won’t help.

short version. You should also avoid anything in any deli.

In fact, waiting for a bunch of random online

Anywhere. Ever. The End.


insomniacs to reassure you will only put you

Once you’ve had your baby, Food Paranoia segues seamlessly into Allergy Anxiety which, when your bub hits solids, sees you eyeing off egg whites with the trepidation you once reserved for Camembert. I suspect it’s a generational thing. My mother, who had four children under the age of four and no time to worry about the Listeria content of lettuce, has no such fears. I know this because she babysat Gabriel the other day, and blithely trod her own Food Road. This is despite being a passenger on my Fridge Food Tour, where I pointed out several containers of anxiety-free fruits and vegetables prepared especially for bub. Top shelf. Smack bang in the line of sight. I even provided a running commentary of useful facts such as, “the Child Health Nurse says pear is very well tolerated by babies and so is sweet potato,” while gesturing at the pear and potato.

Affordable Dead Sea Mineral adiant Skin Skincare for Beautiful Radiant

No need to stress about looking for a babysitter or finding someone to care for your children whilst you work night shift. Elite Childcare’s loving and caring licensed home environments give you peace of mind while your children sleep safe and sound.

1300 796 399

34 Offspring | autumn 2011


BOOK TODAY! Contact us: T: 9294 2793 M: 0438 005 594 Facebook

FREE HOSTESS GIFT VALUED OVER $70 + $25 GIFT VOUCHER with every party booked. Limited time only



she said. “We’re trying to get Gabriel to sleep through,” I explained. “Try and get as much into him as you can.” Mum


“Mum,” I said, “I’m not one hundred

my Tupperware

pyramid. “That’s rather a lot of food,”



persistent ability to Not Sleep Through is another generational glitch and, quite

“When pregnant there’s a very long list of foods you should hurry past in the supermarket, eyes averted, in case they chase you down the aisle and jump down your throat.”

about being tortured. Apparently all four of us kids slept through, in the same

think strawberries might be a Major Allergen.” “Really? Strawberries? An allergen?” Mum thought for a moment. “Like peanuts?” she asked, hopelessly. “Not as bad as peanuts,” I said. “But not good. Not like pear, which is very well tolerated apparently.”

frankly, she’s tired of me flopping around with my eyes at half mast muttering

per cent certain about this but I

We looked at Gabriel swinging in

she added. That reptilian thing that was rearing its head in my head had a seizure.

his chair and gurgling, in enormous and rude health.

bedroom in individual cots, when just

“Honey?!” I repeated, staring at the

“He seems ok,” I said, doubtfully.

a few weeks old. I suspect we were so

jar of unprocessed, organic, found-on-

“I suppose if he was going to have a

exhausted by having so many siblings

a-yak’s-mountain honey perched on

reaction, he would have had it by now.”

so close in age that we regularly fell into

the bench.

quite long stupors. Mum too.

Mum looked a little tense around

“Oh, he loves honey,” said Mum. She

But I digress.

the mouth, probably from the effort of swallowing her words. Like I said,

glanced at me. “Are you okay?” “There’s

there were four of us under the age

showed me a bowl containing the

something about honey and botulism. I

of four. Botulism-filled honey and The

remnants of strawberries.

don’t think you’re supposed to give it to

Strawberry Effect are foreign concepts.


babies. That honey hasn’t even been heat

“I’m sure he’s fine, Mum,” I said,


treated. It’s probably full of...of...botulism.”

crossing my fingers behind my back.


Mum seemed surprised. “Are you

“I’ll keep an eye on him and let you

When I came home Mum proudly



Gabriel’s I


discovered strawberries



mashed them up for




sure? I gave you kids honey when you

know if there’s a problem.” Gabriel giggled and blew Mum a

were babies.”

him.” She gestured

I tried to remember what botulism

raspberry. Two raspberries for good

at the bowl. “He ate

was, exactly, and if I had encountered

measure. When she left I sprinted to

almost everything.”

it at five months from eating yak’s-

my laptop and Googled, “My baby just

Something stirred

mountain honey. It was a complicated

ate strawberries and honey, should I

in the reptilian section of

memory to nail, what with the yaks and


my brain. “Strawberries?” I asked. Mum nodded. “And honey!”

everything. I moved onto strawberries,

400,000 results in .26 seconds.

which seemed clearer.

Bad idea.

For all your kids f ing, toys & gifts. ur niture, linen, cloth

WIN0 $30

r registe ne and Go onli mber and you as a me win $300 could s of prize Nuture, Love, Give

Wembley Garden City Karrinyup

352b Cambridge Street Wembley shop 84 Garden City Shopping Centre shop F122 Karrinyup Shopping Centre

Offspring | autumn 2011 35

Hi everyone and welcome to the Autumn Offspring edition of I love pretty things! Over the last three months I have come across some very cool stuff and sadly can only tell you about four of them here. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s like choosing your favourite children, with so many talented individuals creating or compiling beautiful things for our viewing and buying pleasure. If you like what you see below and want more, more, MORE â&#x20AC;&#x201C; you can get yourself a daily dose at


Fun and learning too! â&#x20AC;&#x153;An innovative Australian Programâ&#x20AC;?

Â&#x2021; Structured program supported by current research Â&#x2021; Movement, music and specially designed equipment Â&#x2021; Encourage critical skills for early learning and literacy 3URIHVVLRQDOO\TXDOLĂ&#x20AC;HGLQVWUXFWRUV Â&#x2021; educators Â&#x2021; Parent information and home activities Â&#x2021; Australia wide 22,000 children &


un â&#x20AC;&#x153; The F nual Ma n o Instructi ur Baby o h we wis â&#x20AC;&#x201C; rn withâ&#x20AC;? was bopy Parent

parents attend this program every week


BabyROO (from 6 weeks) Toddlers (1-3 yrs) Preschoolers (3-4 yrs) School readiness (4-5 yrs)


36 Offspring | autumn 2011

I cannot wait for my sonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s second birthday in July because he is getting one of these GORGEOUS teepees from Banana J Creations. I love, love, love them. Created by Robyn Amor in memory of her mum who taught her to use and value her imagination as a child, the Banana J teepees transport your kids to wherever their imaginations take them. Check out all the gorgeous fabrics at

FEED YOUR STATIONERY OBSESSION WITH MOKOH DESIGN Love art? Love stationery? Do you have 20 different notebooks of varying sizes for no other reason than they were just â&#x20AC;&#x153;too pretty not to buyâ&#x20AC;?? Then STAY AWAY from Mokoh Design!! I had severe option anxiety while browsing through their online shop. Designer Trudy is awfully good at her craft and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not all â&#x20AC;&#x153;same sameâ&#x20AC;? in her shop. They have 107 designs to choose from in a range of prints, notebooks, gift cards, magnets and tea towels. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m totally steering clear of their stall at the next market. And their website!

BEWARE THE RIBRYBA GIGGLE MONSTER! How gorgeous are these softies?! Is it unseemly for someone on the wrong side of 30 to want to take these guys to bed with her? They are created by WA mother of two Kristy. Ribryba softies are said to be dangerous â&#x20AC;&#x153;as they cause children to collapse gigglingâ&#x20AC;?. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know about children but these might be dangerous to my wallet! If you love them too you can get them online at



If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re like me, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been back at work for a few months now and your step isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t quite as springy as it was when you returned from your Christmas/New Year break. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve found some workplace bling to brighten up your day. Enter Madam Charli. Their sole mission is to give our working day a bit of sparkle and these crystal staplers do just that. An instant

?DA40=3=0CDA0; B:8=20A4?A>3D2CB 5>A10184B0=3 C>33;4AB 64=C;420A45>A B4=B8C8E442I4<00=3 0;;4A6H?A>=4B:8= 5A><10184BC>03D;CB

perk up every time you go back to your desk! Get it online at

her code Use voucnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; online â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Autum ceive to re

off 20% ewide


Natural Skincare GZXZ^kZV'+Y^hXdjcidc egZhZciVi^dcd[i]^hĂ&#x201C;nZg# KVa^Yjci^a(&9ZX'%&%

Y aZiZ hi be d[ ced Y Xd aaZ\Z Z c Y V  d gh hi Vgh c8 bV Vgi^ c c nZ gVa^V  gc^Z `Zje [Vh]^d g dkZg iZ]Z6jhi V cdl b bV kZcih ^Z^h eaZ [d nViI  c c g Z ^b ]^d  hig BV

 i! Zh gi^ [Vh gi^h ]Zh a^ZkZ  ^c jeV jeV i]Zghi # Ă&#x2020;> WZ gZh `ZY bV`Z Z g ` d V d ij h l c Zb VX] fjZ [ZV jX] ]Vh dc^ aVcX idiZ X]c^ WZhi c^Z ^iVi^ [gZZ aZY\Z ^dc iZ i]Zg Vnhhdb  BVg VXXgZY ZgVen# V   \Vh cdl a^XVi \dj #>ih h#Ă&#x2021; ]Zg jinI] Z g`^c cY` Vee Wg^c jh Ă&#x201E; 7ZV cianld `^aahV Z je ^a^inid ZĂ&#x2019;cZh djga^k ^XVi^dc ! a c\h h ` VW ZZaY gZ^c Z g e V g Z e g V ZYY^ 8j g^c\] i^Va b hi]Z VcY[ lZV Zje d[[Z ZhhZc Vc]V Zadd` l]ZgZ aabV` Zcih!l   b i j b l d Y [ Z Z g n gnl dl ZVc \V\ aZ[d ZkZ nYVn#=lZVg ^aVW h!Zc dg g $Wk VkV gi]YVn gh# Z ZkZ jil]d g ^ ec V Z Y W k h  $ d ! g d i VW X]Z ^dch `Z" _ck & kdj XVh bV _fh &+* <^[i X^VadX aahVcY '/6 &-+( [ Z _ V he ddaW Whd &* c  hX]   Va


}1PQh1P[\ }1PQh1PcW<X[Z }1PQh1dQQ[Tb }1PQh<PbbPVT>X[ }1PQh=dabTahB_aPh }1PQh?^fSTa }1dVAT_T[[T]c }6XUc?PRZb

8[^eTcWT7TPeT]4bbT]RT _a^SdRcb<hUPe^daXcTXbcWT QPQhQP[\8WPeTdbTSXc^] \h"b^]bP]Sf^d[S]TeTa dbTP]hcWX]VT[bT8WXVW[h aTR^\\T]S7TPeT]4bbT]RT to everyone I know. :0C76D8;35>A3

CWT7TPeT]4bbT]RTaP]VTR^]cPX]b =>_PaPQT]bbd[_WPcTb_Tca^RWT\XRP[b bh]cWTcXRR^[^dab^aUaPVaP]RTb >da_a^SdRcbPaT\PSTfXcW[^eTX] FTbcTa]0dbcaP[XP


Offspring | autumn 2011 37

Dad’s word by Gary Ausbruch

It’s “Buzz” to you! Gary Ausbruch, shares tales of fatherhood.

MY daughter has stopped talking

a teenager? I’ll be damned if I intend

shoes or drinking from a cup, then

to me. She’s three years old and

to lower myself to impersonating

more tricky things such as switching

already she’s stopped talking to me.

the latest teen idol just to get my

on the TV (and in our case, inserting

Actually, let me clarify that. She will



Toy Story into the DVD player),

talk to me, but only if I “Be Buzz” (as

me. Although, my falsetto is only

playing computer games, and using

in Lightyear, for those not familiar

marginally off Justin Timberlake’s

the S word in exactly the right

with Toy Story).

and my hair is kinda Jonas Brothers...

context (mother and father point a



“But Buzz is on a space ranger

finger at each other in shock, but

mission in Sector Five of the Gamma

both have a tinge of pride in the

Quadrant,” I protest. “Daddy’s here though, darling.” “No he’s not. Be Buzz.” And so it continues, with only a slight variation on the theme. “Be Woody.” “Woody’s with Buzz.” “Be Thomas.” “Thomas is shunting trucks and hauling freight.” “Be Bert.” “Bert is busy with Ernie. Although some





getting busy with Ernie.” “What? Be Buzz.”

“I am on occasions a reluctant visitor to my daughter’s land of make believe, but I think it’s great that she uses her imagination to create such vivid worlds of fun and enjoyment”

Perhaps this is a sign of things to

intelligence of their daughter). It’s


cliché, but



doubting it’s true when they say little kids’ minds are like sponges. I saw this recently, when a mate showed off his daughter’s repertoire of footy umpiring signals. She even taught me the one for blood rule. Another’s four year old son was able to recite the Tour de France winners from each of the last 10 years. Besides being impressed by the youngster’s memory, it warmed my heart to see a father passing on to his son the important life lesson that a bloke can never store up too

come. If she won’t talk to me now

much sports trivia.

unless I pretend to be a cartoon

I’m continually astounded at how

The development of their intellect

astronaut or a talking tank engine,

fast kids develop. First it’s simple

is matched by the development

what’s going to happen when she’s

things such as putting on a pair of

of their imaginations. I am, on

38 Offspring | autumn 2011

occasions, a reluctant visitor to my daughter’s land of make-believe,

com – there is no such character). I realise it’s probably inevitable

but I think it’s great that she uses

that my daughter will turn

her imagination to create such vivid

into one of those girls I see

worlds of fun and enjoyment, and I

on the train that shout at

fully encourage her to let her mind

each other while sharing

run free.

iPod headphones, and say

I do however draw the line at




“like” in every sentence,


but I really hope that this

imaginary friends, much to the

phase will be starting

objection of the wife, who not only

later. Like, a lot later.

had an imaginary friend, but a whole

So for now, I’m more

imaginary family who drove a red

than happy indulging in

sports car and had a three-legged

her toddler games and made up

cat. First left-handedness and now

situations, which also means she

this is being passed down through

thinks she has an excuse to whack

the maternal genes, I mutter to

her little brother. After all, he is

myself suspiciously as I hear my

the Evil Emperor Zurg, sworn

daughter chattering about someone

enemy of Buzz Lightyear and

called Jamaji, who she claims is from


The Lion King (I’ve checked on IMDb.

must be defeated.





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Pregnancy massage can help alleviate both the physical and emotional strain on the pregnant body and give the expectant mother that time when she can just relax. PREGNANCY massage helps the body adjust to accommodate the life growing within. It can assist in reducing stress, encourage relaxation and prepare muscles and joints for childbirth. Although the popularity and understanding of prenatal massage has increased significantly over the past few decades, it is still often overlooked as an important part of pregnancy health care. This tried and tested tradition however, is one of the oldest forms of the healing arts and has been used for thousands of years in many cultures. The elder women of the Nama Hottentot tribe of South Africa give massage treatments to the tribes pregnant women several times weekly to prepare for the upcoming childbirth. In Uganda, pregnant mothers receive massage daily in an effort to make their muscles and bones supple for an easier labour and delivery. Massage is one of the most commonly used natural methods used to restore strength and decrease postpartum depression in the new mother. Pregnancy massage is a lighter massage, paying particular attention to trouble spots such as the shoulders, neck, hips, back and legs and providing manual lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling. Although there are always precautions involved with receiving any therapy during the prenatal period,

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The benefits of massage in general are numerous, however more specifically for pregnancy they include:


Benefits Of Pregnancy Massage

â&#x20AC;˘ Relief from muscle cramps, tension, spasms â&#x20AC;˘ Relief from pain especially in the lower back, neck, hips and legs â&#x20AC;˘ Reduction of stress on weight bearing joints â&#x20AC;˘ Improved muscle tone and flexibility

pregnancy massage, when performed by a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist is safe and beneficial. A trained pregnancy massage therapist knows the anatomy and physiology of a pregnant woman. A trained therapist ensures a pregnant woman is in a safe position when massaged, either side-lying or using a specially designed system which safely allows the client to lie prone (face down) but without the belly being unsupported which can stretch the muscles and ligaments supporting the uterus and put more pressure on the lower back. Massage can be received during all three trimesters of pregnancy for both normal and high risk pregnancies. Despite claims that massage during the first trimester can cause miscarriage, if the pregnant woman is healthy and proper guidelines are followed, there is no medical evidence to support the claim that massage could harm the pregnancy. For your own peace of mind and safety, you should always advise your medical practitioner or obstetrician of your intention to have a pregnancy massage.Many problems that arise during pregnancy are due to muscle strain, weakness and poor posture. Proper exercise and appropriate stretching in conjunction with pregnancy massage will increase your energy and strengthen the muscles most strained during pregnancy and labour. Every pregnant woman deserves some pampering and massage is a wonderful way to reduce stress and promote general wellbeing during this special time.

â&#x20AC;˘ Dilation of the blood vessels, which improves blood circulation including to the placenta, which brings greater nutrition to the tissues of the body and enhances waste removal â&#x20AC;˘ The lymphatic system circulates faster and more efficiently which results in more energy, fatigue and reduced swelling â&#x20AC;˘ May help with the reduction of varicose veins â&#x20AC;˘ Stimulates glandular secretions which will stabilise hormonal levels and reduce side effects â&#x20AC;˘ Help with sleeplessness or insomnia â&#x20AC;˘ Prepares the muscles and tissues used during labour and birth

=DACDA4}?A>C42C}7H3A0C4 ?DA40=3=0CDA0; B:8=20A4?A>3D2CB 5>A10184B0=3 C>33;4AB 64=C;420A45>A B4=B8C8E442I4<00=3 0;;4A6H?A>=4B:8= 5A><10184BC>03D;CB her code Use voucnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; online â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Autum ceive to re

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From the Midwife with Devon Plumley RN, Dip Ed, MPH

Cultural Birth Practices: Myth or Reality? Written by Devon Plumley and assisted by Tana Smith

AS a midwife, I am privy to sharing with women and their families the greatestt o miracle life has to offer. I am also exposed to d women from a variety of cultural, ethnic and e religious backgrounds. My role is to therefore ns explore the differing birthing expectations re and practices so that I may ensure women are cy, optimally cared for during their pregnancy, ely, labour, birth and postnatal period. Ultimately, men my practice is to simply question all women ing and their families as to any specific birthing ght plan, practices or expectations they might und, have. Every woman, no matter her background, s an is unique and as such must be treated as individual. m all Here are some fascinating ways women from over the world are birthing their little ones.

CHINA â&#x20AC;˘ In China, pregnant woman are discouraged from eating crab, as the sideways walking of the crab is said to increase the chances of a transverse delivery and of giving the child an undesired gait. Mushrooms are avoided so to prevent miscarriage, and lamb forbidden because in Chinese the word â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;lambâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; has the same pronunciation as â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;epilepsyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;.

high in calcium, sugar, meat and fish, and acidic foods suc such as pickles, in order to hav have a female baby. â&#x20AC;˘ Foul language should no not be avoided as this ma may cause the baby to be cu cursed.

AFRICA A â&#x20AC;˘ According to the World H Health Organisation, the current world maternal death rate is 600,000 per year with 99% of these in developing countries such as Africa. Sixty percent of all mate maternal deaths occur in the postpartum period due to bleeding. â&#x20AC;˘ In Somalia, nearly 98% of women are circumcised, many with the severe form of circumcision called infibulation. Somalian women are known to purposefully reduce their food intake during pregnancy in an attempt to have a smaller child. A smaller infant is thought to result in an easier birth, and a lower risk of maternal death.

â&#x20AC;˘ Superstition has it that couples who desire a male child eat a salty and alkaline diet, in addition to tofu, carrots and lettuce for six weeks prior to conception, or a diet



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experienced his role is to take off his belt and trousers, thereby releasing all constrictions to make way for an easier birth. â&#x20AC;˘ The majority of women who birth in the African nation of Nigeria are assisted by a traditional birth attendant.


â&#x20AC;˘ Many pregnant wo women in African co countries such as Ke Kenya and Ghana pr practice geophagia. Ge Geophagia is the co consumption of soil, cl clay or chalk. The co consumption of soil is said to be a craving o of the developing ffoetus, a symptom o of pregnancy, and u used to alleviate m morning sickness. Geophagia is not considered unusual behaviour, however, A Traditional Birth the consumption of Attendant in Sudan. very large amounts of soil may be perceived as a psychological disorder or possession by spirits. Geopaghia can cause nausea and diarrhoea, and the lead in soil and clay may cause miscarriages and stillbirths.

Despite this, the poor hygiene measures and late referral of complicated cases have been indicated as major causes of maternal health problems and death. The

A â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Daiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; performing an abdominal palpation on a Bangladesh woman.

â&#x20AC;˘ Amongst the Gabbra people of Kenya, a fatherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s role

maternal mortality rate is given as 10.5 per 1000 live

during childbirth is symbolic. He stays close outside

births, whereas it is 3 per 1000 in Sudan compared to

his wifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hut during the labour, and if difficulties are

only 0.1 per 1000 in the United Kingdom.





Offspring | autumn 2011 47


â&#x20AC;˘ The Ibo women in Nigeria believe that if they witness something frightening, they should put their hands over their navel so that the baby will not be exposed to it. â&#x20AC;˘ Three months after the birth of her child, a Chagga woman from Uganda has her head shaved, and is crowned with a beaded tiara. An ancient skin garment covered with beads is placed around her, and in her hand is put a staff such as the ones the elders carry. Following this she emerges from her hut on her first public appearance since the birth, where she is greeted with songs such as those that are sung to warriors when they return from battle, as she and her newborn have survived the weeks of danger. â&#x20AC;˘ Sudanese women make no attempt to silently or courageously endure labour pain, as it is felt this will make them vulnerable to the evil eye. These women therefore scream as loudly as they wish.

MEXICO â&#x20AC;˘

The Huichol Indians are descendants of the Aztecs, and live high in the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains of North Central Mexico. During childbirth, the Huichol father traditionally sits above his labouring wife in the rafters of their hut. A rope is tied around his testicles, with his wife holding onto the other end. Each time his wife feels a painful contraction she tugs on the rope, so that her husband will share the pain of their childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s entrance into the world.



â&#x20AC;˘ If a woman in Chittagong, Pakistan, is experiencing

â&#x20AC;˘ In India many births occur at home, and are not attended by a doctor or midwife, but rather by a relative or neighbour, or perhaps a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;daiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; or traditional birth attendant.

difficulties in labour a ritual is performed to â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;open the way for the babyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. All doors and windows thrown open, all knots are untied, all bottles uncorked and all cows and sheep untethered. Following this the baby is soon birthed!

â&#x20AC;˘ During the labour an Indian woman is fully clothed except up to the knees for the sake of modesty. â&#x20AC;˘ If the foetus is in an awkward position the labouring woman is encouraged to stand on her head and give mild jerks to reposition the foetus. â&#x20AC;˘ Women in labour will attempt to endure the pain courageously and quietly, consciously suppressing their anguish to avoid being labeled as â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;badâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;.

NEW ZEALAND â&#x20AC;˘ Maori people will take the whenua (placenta) and bury it in the ground in a special place that was the papakainga (ancestral home base), so that the child will not lose mana (power, prestige, influence) or mauri (life principle). â&#x20AC;˘ Following the birth, a childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name is decided upon by the spirits. A list of names is read out, and whichever name is being spoken when the baby sneezes is chosen, as sneezing is said to be communication from the spirits.



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â&#x20AC;˘ Amongst the traditional Aboriginal people of Australia there is the fundamental belief that the conception of a child is not purely biological, but dependent upon a spiritual event. It is believed that conception occurs only after a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;spirit childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; has selected his parents. A â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;spirit childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; is said to be a completely independent new life who originated at some time in the distant past, and chooses to be born when the right woman comes along. â&#x20AC;˘ Conception is said to occur after a spirit child appears to an Indigenous man in a dream. In this dream the spirit child will state its name and express a desire to be born, asking where its mother is. If an Aboriginal man who is away from home â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;findsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; a spirit child, he captures it, ties it in his hair, and transfers it to his wife when he gets home â&#x20AC;˘ Western Australian Aborigines say that spirit children are as small as walnuts and wander over the land playing

â&#x20AC;˘ In remote areas of Saudi Arabia, women in labour are surrounded by a throng of women who perform belly dances around her. She becomes entranced by their rhythmic, swaying movements and is encouraged to move and breathe with her body, and not fight against it.

VIETNAM â&#x20AC;˘ Immediately following birth it is important for a Vietnamese and Cambodian woman to be kept very warm and away from draughts, due to the traditional beliefs of the hot/cold effects of birth. A woman is in a cold state following birth, and must be kept warm to prevent illness occurring. After the initial cleansing following the birth, Vietnamese women are not allowed to bathe or wash their hair for one month, in order to maintain the bodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hot state. â&#x20AC;˘ The Hâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;mong people are hill tribes who live in the mountainous regions of Laos and Vietnam. The Hâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;mong believes that a baby who is born in the caul (in its membrane or water bag) is special, and was a monarch in a previous life. These children are said to be intelligent and achieve easily, thereby leading a prosperous life. The caul is considered the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;clothâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; from the other life, and must be dried and kept in a safe place to be given to the child when he/she is older, or when he/she dies, in order for them to be reborn with prosperity.

in pools like ordinary children

JAPAN â&#x20AC;˘




After the fifth month of pregnancy a Japanese woman will wear a cotton abdomen band called an Iwata-obi. This is given to her by her family for protection, good luck and an easy birth.

A Japanese pregnancy cloth.

â&#x20AC;˘ Some Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian mothers believe that praising a newborn can attract the attentions of jealous spirits who may take the baby away, or harm it. Additionally, a Vietnamese baby may be dressed in second hand clothes to avoid the spirits becoming jealous of the baby or the new clothes, and therefore causing the baby to become ill.

Putting the enjoyment back into parenting




Offspring | autumn 2011 49


â&#x20AC;˘ It is common for an Hâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;mong newborn to be greeted by the parents with â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;you are uglyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; rather than â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;you are beautifulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and so on, in order to avoid illness or death in their newborn.

RUSSIA â&#x20AC;˘ The world record holder for the mother who gave birth to the highest number of children is a Russian woman who produced 69 children between 1725 and 1765. Amongst these where 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets!

A Kayan woman in Th ailand has saunas for three days after the birth

HAITI â&#x20AC;˘ In Haiti a wooden bowl is inverted and beaten like a drum immediately following delivery in order to â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;wake upâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; the newborn infant.

MUSLIM â&#x20AC;˘ When a Muslim baby is born the first words it should hear is the Adhan. This is a religious prayer that is whispered into the babyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ears, usually by the father, as soon as possible after birth. Following the babyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first bath, it should be handed to the father who will make a ritual announcement that this baby is to be a Muslim.

Celebrate your pregnancy by nurturing yourself during this special time! Pregnancy, Labour and Postnatal Massage Â&#x201E; Â&#x201E; Â&#x201E; Â&#x201E; Â&#x201E; Â&#x201E; Â&#x201E; Â&#x201E; Â&#x201E; Â&#x201E; Â&#x201E; Â&#x201E; Â&#x201E;


Qualified Therapists specialising in pregnancy massage and maternity care Vicki Hobbs

Phoenix Therapies



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50 Offspring | autumn 2011

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THAILAND â&#x20AC;˘ In Thailand, women stay in a special birth room for one to two weeks following birth. A â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;fire-restâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; is similar to a sauna and is believed to not only keep women warm, but the steam heals the vagina and perineum. â&#x20AC;˘ In Ban Chan, Thailand, a newborn is stimulated to breathe immediately following the birth by being shaken, and if this does not work someone will chew up onion and spit it over the newborn.


An Angel on loan


To be told your precious newborn is most likely palliative at just three days old is incomprehensible for most mothers, but this was the sad truth for Martina Kerr after the premature birth of her long awaited daughter. NOTHING can prepare a woman for motherhood and nothing can prepare a mother for the news her child might soon die, so when you ask Martina how she coped knowing her baby’s life expectancy was always going to be short, she will answer that she coped because she had to, there was no other option but to battle on.

THE JOURNEY BEGINS A far cry from the planned homebirth, Aurora









and three days via emergency caesarean under general






Hospital. Despite limited complications during the pregnancy and no signs of abnormalities on prenatal ultrasounds, one look at the tiny bundle and everyone knew instantly things were not as they should be. “She was born in severe cardiac and respiratory distress,” Martina recalls. “She was four hours old when I first saw her, hooked up to all sorts of noisy monitors and on a ventilator. I wasn’t even allowed to hold her. She seemed so fragile and out of reach.”

Offspring | autumn 2011 51


After a whirlwind first few days full of tests, monitoring and uncertainty, Aurora was given a temporary diagnosis of Noonan’s syndrome, which was later confirmed. The genetic condition is primarily associated with congenital heart disease, dysmorphic features, short stature and developmental delays. “Her head was very large, a clear sign of the syndrome, but also due to her having hydrocephalus, also known as ‘water on the brain’,” Martina confides when she first saw Aurora she was very focused on her head size and how big it was in comparison to her body. “It still saddens me that I missed a lot of her early days and that initial bonding period because she looked nothing like I had ever expected.”

“Aurora always had very limited feeding capabilities, she was never able to breastfeed so I expressed for her, every two hours for the 12 months of her life, with most of the feeding through nasogastric tubes, kangaroo pumps or specialised teats, so there was a lot to learn and much trial and error.”

But the main issue was a severe heart defect called hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy, basically the heart muscle was too thick and had to work incredibly hard. “I was up and down and all over the place; full of hope and in denial one minute and trying to keep it real the next,” she said. “She was a beautiful girl and fighting so damn hard, and all I could do most of the time was hold her hand.” After a week at KEMH, Aurora transferred to the children’s hospital to be closer to specialists who could help with her condition. “After six weeks with nothing happening, other than

The premature birth also compounded problems and

her being observed, they were about to discharge us for

resulted in lung complications and a brain bleed which

our first weekend home and she went into cardiac failure.

meant Aurora would more than likely develop cerebral

It was one of the most horrible days of my life,” Martina


said. “But she surprised us and was discharged a week

Have you seen our new website? Are you a Facebook fan? We have many competitions only available via Facebook. Please join us today!

52 Offspring | autumn 2011


later. But the doctors told us they simply did not know how long she had, maybe days, weeks, months but not more than two years. I was hopeful they were wrong because if they were right I would lose my little girl.”

DAILY LIFE Aurora’s hospital admissions were constant, never managing three months consecutively at home. If she was not on the ward, she was in outpatients for appointments about three times a week. Martina explained there was no typical day with ‘bubby’ and while a great deal of time was spent doing baby stuff, feeding, sleeping and changing, Aurora needed a great deal of extra care. “Aurora always had very limited feeding capabilities, she was never able to breastfeed so I expressed for her, every two hours for the 12 months of her life, with most of the feeding through nasogastric tubes, kangaroo pumps or specialised teats, so there was a lot to learn and much trial and error. “Quite often I would only get two or three hours sleep a night; that was my normal.” Aurora was also sensitive to light and noise and needed most of her baby equipment adapted to her to suit her rigid body.

SAYING GOODBYE “As her first birthday approached I was reluctant to plan a party because I just couldn’t face cancelling it as you could see she was getting sicker and not recovering as quickly, the end was sadly approaching,” Martina recalls. “A final heart echo about a week before her actual passing showed her heart had severely deteriorated. We were advised to take her home while we still could.

Offspring | autumn 2011 53


“I wanted her final party to be a celebration of innocence, with children invited to get up and sing. We gave away her soft toys at the funeral. A piece of Aurora went home with every child that day.”

“We knew the next cold or flu virus that she contracted

Just seven days after her first birthday, Aurora passed away, at home, in her parent’s arms.

would be the end of her.” Martina remembers the last week of Aurora’s life as

“I got to hold her as her breathing slowed and her

probably one of the most comfortable, with moments

dad and I sang to her and showered her with love as

of complete relaxation, including an outing in the park

she took her last breath. I couldn’t have imagined it any

with both her grandmas.

other way,” Martina recollects. “Although it had been a long time coming it still felt very sudden. We were lucky that we had the chance to prepare ourselves and the

Play Care Explore Create & Learn Crescent Early Enrichment Centre

Would you like to develop your child Emotionally and Intellectually? Enrol at Crescent Early Enrichment Centre for one hour per week. It’s affordable and so beneficial! Key Features & benefits of the program: • Extends emotional intelligence through various activities • Eases the child’s transition to school • Materials used are specially designed to help the children’s understanding of literacy, numeracy, geography, society and environment, geometry, practical-life etc. • Materials enable hands-on sensorial learning, free exploration and expands their creativity. • Children develop good hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. • Children learn to be independent, develop good social skills & confidence • Montessori and Reggio Emilia combined approach

Call Selvi 0423 820 777

54 Offspring | autumn 2011

insight to see how much better off she was after she had passed and I have never wished her back, although I miss her terribly. “And because Aurora always had such limited movement I do not believe she has gone to fly with the angels, but is rather, running along behind yelling

BABIES “wait for me”. To me this is a much more beautiful and realistic image!” Aurora was laid to rest on October 13, 2010 at a joyous teddy bears picnic inspired funeral held in Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park. “I wanted her final party to be a celebration of innocence, with children invited to get up and sing,” Martina describes a picturesque scene of blankets, bubbles and wildlife surrounding the tiny white coffin. “We gave away her soft toys at the funeral. A piece of Aurora went home with every child that day.”

AND NOW... “I always knew she wasn’t for keeps and we only had her on loan and would one day soon have to let her go,”

lonely without her. I feel if I take in kids with special

Martina explains. “I can’t help thinking that Aurora’s

needs, I will be honouring her memory. I’m also hoping

purpose in life was to give me some direction in mine. I

to volunteer at the hospital on the baby’s ward.”

have been accepted to do a therapy assistant course at TAFE with the view of studying occupational therapy in the longer term.

Although it is a distant dream at the moment, Martina would love to have another baby one day. “I do want another child; sometimes I know it is just

“I am also considering foster care, as the house is very

to have someone in my arms again.”

Have you heard of the th Movie Masters Bubs Club? Bubs Club screenings happen every Wednesday morning (excluding school holidays), and are a chance for you to bring your bub along to enjoy a new release movie in a hassle free environment! Each session is held in a dimly lit cinema with reduced sound levels to make it easy for you to tend to your baby’s needs. Playgroup WA Members- $6

Movie Masters Loyalty Members- $6

General Admission $8

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nder Kids u EE! 5 FR

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Conditions: Valid from Wednesday March 2 until Wednesday May 25. Valid for Bubs Club screenings only. May not be used in conjunction with any other offers or coupons. Excludes School Holidays

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By the time a child is three their brain will have almost tripled since birth, to the extent being 80% of his/her adult brain weight.


Northern Suburbs Greenwood, Heathridge, Ellenbrook

Ph: 9402 8744 Justin.Lowson

Get In On The Act â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘


Central Suburbs Karrinyup, Leederville, Mt Hawthorn, Subiaco, Wembley

Dramatic Play Creative Movement Storytelling Songs Language Skills Confidence

Ph: 9242 4722 Helen.Davey

Classes also held for 5 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 17 yr olds throughout Perth 1VVUKHS\W!4HUK`ZWYV\[ZWW'OV[THPSJVT

Weekly classes near you!

n Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Gra d ele





am a Academ



pregnancy and three years of age than at any other stage in their lives. This time is often referred to as the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;critical periodâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; of development as it creates the foundation for future learning. By the time a child is three their brain will have almost tripled since birth, to the extent being 80% of his/her adult brain weight.


EARLY literacy experiences provide a solid foundation for your childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s learning and later academic skills. We now have hard scientific evidence indicating that what happens in a childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s world in their first few years will have lifelong effects on their long term health and wellbeing. Early literacy experiences incorporate the components of language, reading and writing, and these will develop simultaneously. Providing your child with these experiences does not mean that your child will be an early reader or be reading above their age level at school. It does mean that any child will be more able to maximise their potential as readers of language as they develop. Early literacy experiences your child may have in the first three years of life include handling books (manipulating, turning and chewing), observing and recognising objects (paying attention to pictures in books, e.g. pointing or feeling textures), picture and story comprehension (babbling or naming familiar pictures and stories) and story reading and writing behaviours (turning pages, tracing words, drawing). These early behaviours emerge in the first three years and can be encouraged through everyday opportunities. A childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s brain grows faster between the beginning of

Offspring | autumn 2011 57


Repetition is a vital process for encouraging early learning. This natural curiosity and drive to explore repeatedly is building brain connections and memory. This rapid growth is a result of all the information a child takes in through his/her senses. Early literacy learning is no different in that real life, everyday moments found through positive play experiences with books, crayons, pencils and paper that are literally building a child’s brain. Some experiences may include stories before sleep time or during play times, drawing on paper or in sand, toddlers looking at or drawing the pictures for the shopping list, or babies playing with streamers at parties! The relationship between experiences and brain growth goes two ways. Songs, talking and stories develop your child’s social and language skills. These activities give opportunities for learning about tone of voice, volume, expression used in conversation with others and very young children begin understanding meaning in messages from others. Dads provide an important source of security and stimulation by participating in the hands on care of a baby and child. Dads can provide unique experiences that will positively influence brain growth and development. Dads’ relationships with children play critical roles in regulating

Teach your child to read using ®

TOE BY TOE s Easy to use book, just a few minutes each day s Phonics approach for beginning readers

s Ideal for children who have struggled with reading s Success has been achieved in children with dyslexia s Recommended and used by Teachers, Speech Pathologists and Educational Psychologists

For further information contact Catherine Email: Phone: 040 777 5427

58 Offspring | autumn 2011

stress hormone production during the early years of life. Children who experience the benefits of secure relationships have a more controlled stress hormone reaction when they are upset or frightened. Parents who are providing a secure environment for their child to grow are aiding the development of early literacy skills. In other words, brain growth affects the child’s abilities and the child’s experiences affect brain growth. Sensory experiences of sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and relationships are to be considered in building early literacy skills. Experiences with sounds also encourage language development. Babies recognise voices and sounds, sounds soothe or stimulate young children and feelings are attached to experiences which develops their thinking and mastery of language. You can make your child’s world rich in sound by talking with them about stories you know or the everyday things you are doing, making music with household objects, playing music, reading to your child a variety of calm and exciting stories, playing out stories (acting or with toys) or


Meanwhile some toddlers love repetition and will ask the same question, or demand the same story over and over again. Repetition is a vital process for encouraging early learning. This natural curiosity and drive to explore repeatedly is building brain connections and memory. As children grow, and stories maintain a daily place in their lives, their attention will be drawn to the stories and time they spend with you reading will increase. You may choose one time during the day when you will sit with them with a book, while throughout each day, offer a book or story and take the child’s lead with either reading it in full, part or not at all. Story time at the end of each day is also time when parents who work can have an enjoyable time in quiet play with their child. Especially if a parent works long hours and misses play during the day with their child. These become actions that the child will be much more likely to adopt for themselves, and repeat with their own children in due turn.

Ngala has an early literacy program HIPPY, which develops early literacy skills in young children. For more information have a look on the Ngala website www.ngala. or call the Ngala Helpline on 9368 9368.

class. Baby class CRICOS Code 00126G UWAEAUPR110102

singing songs and rhymes (both familiar and those you make up!). Songs about road rules or full names of family members may help keep children protected when away from home. Touch and movement develops physical skills from infancy with adults and the early manipulation of feet, hands and toys. Touch with parents develops growth and thinking skills, settling into a lap to read a book gives relaxing feelings to both involved. You can provide lots of touch and movement daily through cuddles and massages, or feeling a variety of textured books or objects (food!) and rocking, patting, tickling or clapping games. Your child can develop their motor skills through something as simple as pulling things ‘out’ and putting things ‘in’ a tissue box e.g. milk lids, scarves or paper, and even the house work e.g. counting towels into the wash, packing away sets, colours or numbers of toys. These kinds of activities aid toddlers and babies to develop the muscles required to later turn pages and hold books independently. When giving children books in these early years consider thicker card and board books with few words for infants and early (teething!) toddlers. Paper and thinner card books with more words are suitable for play and reading with older toddlers and preschoolers. Very young children often have short attention spans, they often wander off during a story and this is okay.

University for the little people in your life.

0-3y Mealtime tips and tricks CE21-4004 10am 10 April $49 Building brains in the early years CE21-4015 9.30am 23 March $49 0-3y Brain development and behaviour CE21-4014 1.30pm 3 May $49 1-5y Healthy sleep for children CE21-4003 10am 29 May $49 2-5y Bookings and information or 6488 2433



things to do

places to go

people to see

Offspring | autumn 2011 59

OUR darlings

Snapshots supplied by our readers!








60 Offspring | autumn 2011





We can also help with:‡ Lotterywest grant applications and other funding ‡ the fit out of childcare centres ‡ the fit out of playgroups ‡ the fit out of toy libraries We have WA’s largest range of O’CONNOR ‡ Educational toys 307 Stock Rd Ph: 9331 8004 ‡ Arts & crafts Mon-Sat 9am-5pm ‡ Games & puzzles ‡ Costumes & dress ups OSBORNE PARK ‡ Trikes & scooters 40 Frobisher Street ‡ Cubbies & playgyms Ph: 9242 2003 ‡ Trampolines & swing sets Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat 9am-3pm ... and so much more!

KATE (3 YEARS) AND ELLA CUDBY (5 YEARS) OF ST JAMES Bring in this coupon to receive

15% off


10% off cubbies, climbers & trampolines *conditions apply – see in store for details. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. Expiry 31st May 2011



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talk, talk

TALK One of the most powerful things you can do as a parent to promote your child’s language development is very simple – just talk, talk, talk. From the time your baby is born, talk to them about anything and everything. This can be done at any time – during feeding, changing or when you’re holding your baby.

BABIES’ brains are learning machines, set to absorb and adapt to their environment. Positive and rich language exposure is critical since research shows that one of the primary jobs of the infant brain is to acquire language. This is because speech and language skills form the basis of success in future learning, including listening, paying attention, reading, writing and comprehension skills. The more often you talk to your child, the more opportunity they have for language exposure and development. Here are some ideas that should easily fit in to your daily routines:

DRESSING DISCOURSE • Talk to your young child about the items of clothing, their colours and functions, e.g. “your blue jacket with

SWEET POPPIE LANE A posh shoppe for stylish tots



62 Offspring | autumn 2011

EDUCATION the big silver zip – it zips up to keep you warm.” • Name their body parts and make them aware of the left and right sides of their body, e.g. “Your right sleeve goes on your right arm.”

MEALTIME MONOLOGUES • Talk to your young child about the colour, texture and types of foods they’re eating, eg. “Red beetroot is a type of vegetable and red apples are a type of fruit – can you think of another food that you like that’s red?” • Talk to your older child about what they’ve done that day and what their plans are tomorrow or for the rest of the week, eg. “Tomorrow is Friday – do you have a spelling test tomorrow as usual? Should we practice the words one more time before you go to bed?”

BEDTIME BANTER • Reading stories or nursery rhymes in a quiet bedroom is not only great for language development but it can also help your child to settle down and prepare for sleep. • Developing a routine of reading and talking quietly with your child before bed can help them to feel a sense of security. Also, the anticipation of a regular bedtime

“Speech and language skills form the basis of success in future learning, including listening, paying attention, reading, writing and comprehension skills.” with this special and close one-on-one attention can help reduce arguments about going to bed. These strategies can be effortlessly applied to other everyday tasks, when shopping, cleaning the house or at bath time. The key is to turn everyday routines into simple but wonderful language opportunities to optimise your child’s development. For more information contact

Offspring | autumn 2011 63


making room for



Creating a room that is practical and beautiful for your baby is easy with the right advice.

Painting is an economical and easy way to transform a room. Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour Planning and Communications Manager, says soft tinted colours, such

mid-tone colours can still be effective in baby’s rooms in greens, blues, pinks and purples,” she said. “Using accent colours can add to their room and you can also bring in a little metallic, even if it’s on a dresser or one wall. Metallics are very subtle and there are some lovely soft colours as well as traditional silver and gold.”

as pastel lavender, lemon, green, pink or blue are popular

For those not keen on picking up a paintbrush, Debra

choices for a baby’s room. She suggests “Scheming soft

McPherson, owner of Sweet Creations, suggests Wall

colours with warm white to create the perfect backdrop

Decals as a great, cost effective way to update a room

for a tranquil and relaxed setting.”

without the hassle or mess of repainting the walls. “When

For parents wanting a more unique look, Ms Lucena-

considering wall decals, consider where you would like to

Orr suggests using any colour. She does, however,

place the decal and how much room you have,” she said.

recommend steering clear of bright oranges and reds as

“Decals come in a whole range of sizes, so knowing how

they may be too stimulating for a baby to sleep in. “Using

much space you have to work with is a must.”

64 Offspring | autumn 2011



Now for the fun part! Choosing decorations and accessories for your baby’s room can bring together a theme beautifully and gives you the opportunity to add some sentimental touches.


decorating Ms McPherson says the essentials to add interest to a room include a cot/quilt set, cushion and wall art or wall decals. “You don’t always need a lot,” she said. “A few key pieces can really bring a nursery or child’s room to life and look effective at the same time.” She says popular themes include designs in pale pink, blue or neutral tones that will last until the child outgrows their cot or junior bed, as well as “new takes on classic themes”. “A lot of the old classic nursery or children’s themes are being brought back to life but with a slight twist. Mixing traditional




mixing patterns with textured materials and mixing the old with the new,” she said. Check out the Sweet Creations Gingerbread range, Once Upon a Time or Light of the Moon for inspiration at

Offspring | autumn 2011 65


furniture When thinking about furniture for their baby, most parents will automatically think of the cot. There is, however, much more to consider when it comes to creating the perfect environment for your new family member. A smart idea is to choose pieces that can adapt to your child’s needs as they grow. “When decorating a baby’s room, parents need to remember that as their child grows, so do their needs,” says Kyle Johnson, first interior designer at IKEA Perth. “Consider adaptable furniture to grow with the child, such as extendable beds or beds with a trundle or drawers/storage underneath.” Mr Johnson suggests the HENSVIK as a great example, as once parents have finished using it as a change table it can be converted to a storage cabinet. Storage is also important to consider, because as your child grows, so do the number of toys they accumulate. Many retailers sell a diverse range of toy boxes and storage options for your child’s belongings. It is important to ensure that they meet Australian safety standards. The ACCC recommends using toy boxes that have a removable, lightweight lid, to prevent pinched fingers. Mr Johnson recommends STUVA units for storage. These can be added onto each other, to easily create more storage as it is needed. For tips and ideas on how to make your home babyready go to

66 Offspring | autumn 2011


safety It can be easy to get caught up in the fun of creating a beautiful space for your baby, but it is important to ensure it is also safe. Mr






longevity are key things for parents to consider when furnishing their child’s room. “We suggest parents look at child safe windows, cordless blinds, non-slip underlay for rugs, sharp corner protectors, cable protectors and safety plugs for sockets.” he said. Safety is also important when choosing décor and accessories for your child’s room. Cot bumpers, pillows, cushions and soft toys in your baby’s cot are not recommended by Sids and Kids. For safe sleeping guidelines, go to the Sids and Kids website


Wedding and Portrait Specialist

For more info call 0424 978 424 or visit

Offspring | autumn 2011 67


Mummy blogger

meets mumpreneur

Part 1: by Glowless I’M “Glowless” and I’m a Perth Mummy Blogger. Much like the dentists in those ads where you can’t see his face, I can’t tell you my name either. Whilst I claim to blog anonymously to protect the innocent, it’s actually because I think it gives me an air of mystery. In between feeding my eight month old baby, changing nappies and avoiding doing the dishes, I blog at Where’s My Glow? ( named as such because I never got that pregnancy glow I was promised by all the books and movies. I blog about my experiences as a new mum and nothing is off limits. I’ve blogged about being asked if I was pregnant again (no, just fat), the silly competition between my

68 Offspring | autumn 2011






even the more serious side of motherhood when I shared

who was looking for a fresh and exciting way to promote

my fears of my baby’s surgery to fix a skull deformity. The

HealthyChart, a

fact that people actually read what I have to say and leave

encourages children to eat healthily and get active.


Blogging fits in well with my sleep-deprived state - I

that follows me around these days. Sometimes I even do it in my PJ’s. The



scene is becoming more and more





mail letter later, we’d hashed out a plan and I had my title sponsor! In true online

can do it all with bags under the faint scent of baby spew


A few emails, phone calls, and even one good old snail

me comments still amazes me.

my eyes, unbrushed hair and



husband and I to see what our baby’s first word would be and

Blogging fits in well with my sleepdeprived state – I can do it all with bags under my eyes, unbrushed hair and the faint scent of baby spew that follows me around these days.

form, we’ve not actually met in the flesh as yet. As the





appears on Where’s My Glow? and is mentioned at the bottom of every post. I’ll also be wearing the


logo on my clothes when

so much so that an entire conference dedicated to personal and parent blogs is being

I attend the conference in March so the other attendees

held this year in Sydney and I really want to go. It would

know exactly who it was that got me there. But it’s not just

be a chance to learn some new tricks and to see all the

been good for me; together we ran a giveaway so that one

interesting people that I’d ‘met’ online, face to face.

lucky reader could win a HealthyChart for her own Fussy

But blogging is my hobby, not my job, so taking money


out of a tight one income budget was out of the question. So

If you’d like to read about more of the shenanigans I get

the only way I’d be able to get all the way to the east coast

up to as I fumble my way through motherhood then come

was to ask for sponsorship in the way only a blogger can – in

join me at

a blog post! Social marketing







future and I thought I had a lot to offer a company wanting to increase their exposure to the “Mummy Market”. And it turns out that one of the people that read my plea for sponsorship was a smallbusiness owner.

Part 2: by Margaret Minter-Isbister A LITTLE over a year ago I decided to start a business. This came after years of mulling over one business idea after another, clipping out articles, and trying to find the right thing. With each new suggested venture, my husband would roll his eyes and gently remind me that I already had ‘enough on my plate’.

Offspring | autumn 2011 69


Technically, my husband was correct. This was all a time when I had two children under two and was still settling in to life on a farm in rural Western Australia. You see, I use to live in Manhattan. So my move to the country was not only a matter of giving up access to unlimited shopping, it was also giving up a career. So despite the sleepless nights, continual nappy changes, mountains of washing and learning to make do on powdered milk when I couldn’t get to town, a desire to ‘do my own thing’ still burned within. When my eldest daughter turned three I realised I had a ‘fussy eater’ on my hands. Before I knew it we had launched ourselves into full scale battles over what she would and would not eat. I sought the help of books on positive parenting and childhood nutrition. I tried every trick in the book to disguise vegetables as something else and I made happy faces for every meal. It did not work. As my frustration grew, so did her resolve. So I began to look for a tool that would Some blogs are informative, some are help me diffuse the situation. sad, and some are hilarious. Glowless Unable to find anything, of Where’s My Glow is one of the I started making my own reward charts. Thus was the hilarious ones; I laughed so hard at start of HealthyChart. her post that I decided to sponsor her A friend suggested that I start a blog about my right then and there. experience raising a fussy

eater. Apprehensive to enter the world of blogging I was delighted to find a polite and respectful community of people. Many liken it to having a conversation with a neighbour over the back fence. Some blogs are informative, some are sad, and some are hilarious. Glowless of Where’s My Glow is one of the hilarious ones; and one day she posted a blog about seeking sponsorship to attend a Mummy Blogger’s Conference in Sydney. I laughed so hard at her post that I decided to sponsor her right then and there. Many businesses are recognising the significance of marketing their products through this medium and thus the growth in the number of professional bloggers who earn an income from blogging. For small businesses like mine, it has proved invaluable as a means to discuss the issues surrounding my product and to market through word-ofmouth.

70 Offspring | autumn 2011


PUSHING FOR DESPITE having two kids under two, nothing is stopping Perth yummy-mummy Shannon McGuire from pushing a good cause. The model and partner to West Coast Eagle, David Wirrpanda, is again volunteering to help promote the Newmont 2011 Great Pram Push. The annual event raises much needed funds for the Starlight Children’s Foundation and the Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation. Organisers are hoping to raise in excess of $10,000. “Having your own children makes you realise how lucky you are to have them healthy,” says McGuire. “It’s good to take time out and think about others in a less fortunate situation and do what we can to help.” McGuire takes her two boys Marley (17 months) and Eli (3 months) out in the pram most days. “Marley gets cabin fever and so do I. Going for a walk helps the mind. Doing the Pram Push means double - you help other people and do something for yourself as well.” This year she’s hoping to beat friend and ex-Docker Troy Cook, and his two kids, across the line. “I did my best to keep up with Cooky last year, but there was one hill that tested me. Then again, he is an elite athlete.” In its second year, the Newmont 2011 Great Pram Push is a charitable fun-run and walk. It was created by a group of Perth parents as a way to get out and about whilst helping a charity at the same time. Taking part is easy. The event, scheduled for Sunday April 3 at The Esplanade, Fremantle, has a casual 4km stroll category as well as an 8km run category for seriously fit mums and dads. All you have to do is push your pram. As an extra incentive, every registered participant gets a free Mums and Bubs training class and there’s plenty of great prizes, including beauty products, restaurant vouchers and sporting goods. “The Pram Push is just a great reason to come down to Freo on a Sunday morning, go for a walk or run, chat to other parents and maybe win some prizes. Add on that you will help raise money for charity, and that’s a lot of payoffs for an easy, family friendly outing,” says organiser Rebecca Martin.

Newmont 2011 Great Pram Push Sunday April 3, The Esplanade, Fremantle EVENTS The Little Takas Sunday Stroll (4km) The Mums & Bubs Run (8km) The Dads & Bubs Run (8km) REGISTER


Offspring | autumn 2011 71



for Offspring

Revive Clinic is a new initiative offering the community efficient, affordable, simple and convenient healthcare for minor illnesses and general wellbeing. The company currently operates six in-pharmacy clinics nationwide with plans to open 60 more inpharmacy clinics around Australia. Coupled with the fact that Medicare rebates are now available for all patients and the walk-in nature of the clinic, it is just like visiting your doctor, but without the waiting. For further information about Revive Clinic or to find a clinic close to you, go to:



My nine year old son came home from cricket practice last week and complained that his chest was tight and that he was having shortness of breath. Since then he has developed a wheezing cough. What could it be? A Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hard to make a definitive diagnosis without examining him so I would advise that you take him for a check-up. To help the doctor make an accurate diagnosis based on good, concise information, I would suggest that you keep a diary of your sonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s symptoms, for example: how often does it occur, when does it occur, what was he doing at the time, what makes it worse, what makes it better, how long does it last? Wheezing is associated with asthma. Children who have asthma may have a family history of the illness, may have had frequent respiratory tract infections

as a child or are exposed to secondhand cigarette smoke or air pollution.

Kids with asthma often display the following symptoms: â&#x20AC;˘ Shortness of breath, â&#x20AC;˘ Chest tightness or pain, â&#x20AC;˘ Trouble sleeping due to shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing, â&#x20AC;˘ Whistling or wheezing sounds when exhaling, â&#x20AC;˘ Episodes of coughing or wheezing that are made worse by physical activity, smoke, cold air, colds or flu.



AFE Our great stallholders include: &2%%0!2+).' ON SITE Â&#x201E; +IDZ+IDZ Sun March 6th 2011 Â&#x201E; )MPRESSIONABLE+IDS'REENWOOD Â&#x201E; !USTRALIAN"ABY3UPPLIES 9am-noon Â&#x201E; +OBI"EACH Â&#x201E; "UMS5P-#.´S Sun May 1st 2011 Â&#x201E; #ELEBRATION#REATIONS 9am-noon Â&#x201E; -ADE&OR9OU Â&#x201E; #LIPS&OR-Y'IRLS #2!)')%,%)352%#%.42% ANDMANYMORE Follow us on Facebook Email:

72 Offspring | autumn 2011



My baby is six weeks old and he’s been crying a lot in the last two days. He’s had a temperature of 36/37 degrees, is this high and what does a high temperature mean in newborns? I’m a new mum and I don’t want to be running to the doctor each time he has a slight temperature but I also don’t want my child to suffer or get sick. What do you advise? A It is often difficult to know the difference between a mild illness and a serious illness in young children. The earlier signs of an illness are picked up the sooner treatment can be started. A temperature of 35.8C-37.4C is normal and crying is a natural development in babies. You’ll find that his cries will begin to slow after six to eight weeks of age. Babies tend to cry more in the late afternoon and early evening. If your baby’s crying doesn’t sound right and you’ve noticed that it’s different from his usual cry, trust your instincts and seek medical advice.

Often the key signs of an illness are: • He is less alert than normal. • He is less active than normal and may want to be held and cuddled much more than usual. • He makes grunting noises when he breathes. • He appears to be paler than normal or he has developed a rash. • He is feeding but taking in notably less than he normally would in the course of a day and/or he is unable to keep his feeds down. • He has had less than four wet nappies in the last 24 hours.


Please help, my baby is 18 months old and she’s usually an independent little girl but she’s been very clingy since yesterday and is crying a lot more than usual. Her fever seems a little high, and she keeps tugging her ear. Could it just be a common ear infection or is it something more serious? What should I do? A It could be an ear infection, however it’s difficult to know for certain without examining her thoroughly. An ear infection is sore and can cause pain especially at night and naptime when she lies down as this increases the pressure on the inflamed ear. Common symptoms to help you detect an ear infection include: • Tugging or pulling on the infected ear. • She is restless and agitated and it’s

harder to settle her to sleep, • Loss of appetite. • Fever and may have diarrhoea. • Mild hearing loss and may have an ear discharge. If your baby has any of these symptoms, give her paracetamol as directed by the dose instructions on the packaging, to help with the fever and pain. You can also elevate the head of her bed/cot to relieve pressure and encourage the fluid in the ear to drain.

To have your medical questions answered by Leah, please send an email to: Subject Heading: Revive column

Nat’s Nappy Cakes & Giftware For Newborns and Baby Showers Shop 56 Grantham Street Wembley WA 6014 (cnr of Jersey)

0412 406 674

Offspring | autumn 2011 73



MOST parents choose a major brand toothpaste because they assume it is safe and effective. Other parents encourage children to select their own toothpaste from the supermarket shelf, so it’s not surprising the most popular are those featuring familiar cartoon or TV characters. But how many parents read information on the carton before they buy? How many can calculate how much fluoride is in 0.11% NaF or 0.304% sodium monofluorophosphate? Around 70% of Australian families use a ‘trusted’ American-formulated toothpaste made in Asia. This company’s toothpaste for six year old children contains the same very high level of fluoride as adult toothpaste (1,000

parts per million fluoride). This is far too much fluoride for children aged 6 to 10 years because most is swallowed and causes defects in the enamel of developing permanent teeth. Toothpaste with 1,000 ppm fluoride has been tested in Swedish children and found to be no more effective against dental decay than toothpaste with 75% less fluoride, i.e., 250 ppm F.

“Control of the swallowing reflex in a young child is not usually fully developed until they are aged four, so all toothpaste used by children under four might be swallowed, which can adversely affect the enamel of developing permaneent teeth.”

When it comes to fluoride and dental health, research conducted in many countries over a 70 year period has demonstrated very clearly that very small quantities of fluoride have significant beneficial effects; much higher levels are not more effective, and may in fact cause harm to developing permanent teeth. Fluoridated water contains just one part fluoride to one million parts water (1 ppm F) and reduces dental decay in children and adults by 40% to 60%. If the water fluoride level is raised to 2.5 ppm F, or if the water supply naturally contains between 5 and 10 parts per million fluoride, developing permanent teeth will show an aesthetic defect known as fluorosis or mottling. Similarly, if young children use toothpastes with high fluoride levels, their permanent teeth will be affected by fluorosis (photos at www.consumeroralcare. com under LITTLE KIDS toothpaste). Control of the swallowing reflex in a young child is not usually fully developed until they are aged four, so all toothpaste used by children under four might be swallowed, which can adversely affect the enamel of developing permanent teeth. All major brand toothpastes for children currently sold in

74 Offspring | autumn 2011

HEALTH Australia contain 400 to 1000 ppm fluoride. Clinical research conducted in 1994 in the United Kingdom demonstrated that toothpaste with 500 ppm F used by children aged 2 to 5 years caused mottling of their permanent teeth. For this reason, in 2005 I recommended to Australia’s largest independent toothpaste manufacturer that new toothpastes for children be developed with fluoride levels well below those of major brands. These new toothpastes have been under clinical evaluation since 2007 and are expected to be available later this year. If visiting the United Kingdom, parents need to be aware that some children’s toothpastes sold in supermarkets and pharmacies contain up to 1400 ppm F which will cause fluorosis when swallowed. Children’s toothbrushes: Electric toothbrushes are far too large for small mouths and cannot be manipulated easily by children or their parents for effective cleaning of all tooth surfaces. Because such brushes rotate at extremely high speeds, they can wear away tooth enamel and cause serious damage to gums, cheeks and tongue.

Well-meaning parents who use an electric toothbrush may choose a similar brush for their children thinking that it may encourage more regular tooth cleaning. To remove food debris and bacterial plaque from gum margins, manual brushing is the safest way, provided the design of the brush head is appropriate and the brushing action effective. The Tooth Hugger™ toothbrush for children has an anatomical design and adapts closely to curved tooth surfaces. When used in a circular action, it acts just like a dentist’s or a hygienist’s cleaning brush, dislodging and sweeping away bacterial plaque from gum margins and the ‘valleys’ between adjacent teeth (illustrations at www. Innovations in oral care products for young and older children hold considerable promise for making it easier for parents to help their children maintain good oral health. Clinical research in Scandinavia and Australia has shown that the key to oral health in adulthood is largely dependent on keeping the primary teeth free of dental disease.

Questions from parents to the author at: Disclosures: The author has commercial interests in new ultra-low and very low fluoride toothpastes and in the Tooth Hugger™ toothbrush.


Offspring | autumn 2011 75



One of my earliest memories from childhood is cooking with my Nan. A formidable woman, now in her mid nineties, she taught me two basic recipes, which I continue to use to this very day. ONE of the first cakes she taught me to bake was a Victoria Sponge. The most basic of cakes, its ability to transform four simple, everyday ingredients into a little piece of heaven, never fails to amaze me. With its golden fluffy sponge filled with deliciously juicy, plump strawberries, sweet strawberry jam and oozing with finger licking cream, it is always a winner across every generation. It’s a great basic cake that can be adapted by substituting any flavour or filling.


UÊ£ää¯ÊVÀi>Ìi`ÊvœÀʓՓÃÊÊUÊ*ÀœÛi˜ÊÜiˆ}…̏œÃÃÊ ÀiÃՏÌÃÊUÊ œÊV>œÀˆiÊVœÕ˜Ìˆ˜}ÊUÊ >ÃÞÊ̜ÊvœœÜÊ iÝiÀVˆÃiÊÀi}ˆ“iÊUÊ Ài>ÃÌÊvii`ˆ˜}ÊÃ>viÊÊ UÊ ÕÌÀˆÌˆœ˜>ÞÊ>`Û>˜Vi`ÊUÊ >ÌÊx‡ÈÊ̈“iÃÊ>Ê`>ÞÊ UÊ œÃÌÊivviV̈ÛiÊ«>˜ÃÊ̜ÊÃՈÌÊ>˜ÞÊLÕ`}iÌÊÊ UÊÎäÊ >Þʓœ˜iÞÊL>VŽÊ}Õ>À>˜ÌiiÊUÊ,i}Տ>ÀÊ «Àœ“œÌˆœ˜ÃÊ>˜`ʜvviÀÃÊ̜ÊLi˜iwÌÊvÀœ“

76 Offspring | autumn 2011

I’ve had the pleasure and pain in sampling many Victoria sponges - as my hip size will tell you! Although a simple recipe, it is very easy to get wrong. Some were too heavy, too dry and some, like the one I had not so long ago was simply perfect. And cooked by a man. Despite many attempts at bribery from numerous local women, he still will not give up the secret of his cooking technique! So equip your child with the basics and get them to try Nana Edna’s version of a ‘Vikki sponge’, as we affectionately call it.




The Vikki sponge - the most basic of cakes, its ability to transform four simple, everyday ingredients into a little piece of heaven, never fails to amaze me.

What is it about the smell of fresh bread? It’s gorgeous! Bread is so easy for children to make and again can be adapted into so many variations. If you have a bread machine then it really is so easy.

• 100 g Butter • 100g Sugar • 100g Self Raising Flour • 2 large eggs Cream butter and sugar together. Add one egg and half of the flour and beat together. You can also add a few drops of vanilla essence. Add the remaining egg and flour and fold in. Divide mixture into two cake pans and cook for approx 20 mins until cooked and golden on 180c. Leave to rest for 5 mins before turning out onto a cooling tray. Once cakes have cooled, on one cake spread a thin layer of strawberry jam, a few slices of strawberries and some freshly whipped cream. Place the other cake on top and sprinkle with icing sugar. Eat and enjoy! What is it about the smell of fresh bread? It’s gorgeous! Bread is so easy for children to make and again can be adapted into so many variations. If you have a bread machine then it really is so easy.

• 450g strong white bread (or a good quality plain flour) • 1 tsp salt • 7g of dried yeast • 1 tbsp of olive oil or melted butter • 300ml of warm water Mix it all together in a large bowl to form soft dough. Turn out onto a floured surface and knead for 5-7 mins. Return to bowl and cover with Clingfilm. Leave in a warm, but not hot, place to double in size. Turn out and knead again for 30 seconds. Place dough in bread tin. Cover again and leave to rise for another 30mins. Bake in oven on 220c for 30 mins until golden brown. The loaf will be cooked when it makes a hollow sound when you tap on the bottom. Cool and enjoy!

Don’t forget you can join Yum In My Tum on Facebook!



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Competition sponsors



The Bali competition was off with a bang and as part of the deal to offer our readers such a great prize, we were invited to visit Bali recently and review some of the sponsors’ products and services. The quality was excellent – here’s hoping we can bring you another exciting competition soon! Legian Beach Hotel and Candi Beach Hotel WE stayed at the Legian Beach Hotel (LBH), which was very well set up for families. It included a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets and needs. We stayed in a Beach Bungalow which is ideal for people who have children as the hotel room itself was quite spacious, and there was an extra adjoining room which helped us to spread out. It was very clean, had attractive décor and all the mod cons and comforts of home such as an LCD TV, in-house movies and air conditioning. We spent a couple of nights in the Deluxe Pool Bungalows as well. These are really lovely for a special treat, such as honeymoons or anniversaries, as they each have their own private pool and private enclosed outdoor area. The location of the hotel was ideal – beachfront and within walking distance to shops and restaurants. Also, the openair restaurant overlooked the beach, served great food and showcased one of the best Balinese cultural performances I’ve seen. The hotel has lush, traditional, Balinese gardens and daily

Bali Baby Care DON’T CARRY IT - We provide for hire:

Perth based business providing quality services in Bali using only fully IMPORTED!USTRALIAN equipment.

p Strollers p car seats p Portacots p bed rails p highchairs p playpens

p barriers p sterilisers p monitors + all you need for babies comfort and parents peace of mind

We provide safe airport transfers and day TRIPSINOURVEHICLESÛTTEDWITH!USTRALIAN approved car seats, boosters and capsules.

Email: Phone: Perth (08) 93046643 Bali (0361)3633537

78 Offspring | autumn 2011


scheduled squirrel-feeding times which is great for children. It has two large, free form pools, including adjoining kids’ pools and one pool had a swim up bar, which served great cocktails! The staff were lovely, helpful and nothing was too much bother and LBH also has a Kids Club. For more information visit We also spent a couple of days at the LBH’s sister hotel in Candidasa, the Candi Beach Hotel (CBC) The quality was equally as good at the CBC. The hotel rooms were very comfortable and tasteful with all the mod cons. The CBC hotel here also had two pools, including adjoining children’s pools as well as its very own private beach. Candidasa is a lovely, quiet traditional fishing village renowned for

TRAVEL great snorkelling and diving – great for relaxing! For more information visit One of our best discoveries in Bali was the Bali Safari and Marine Park – this is ‘Disneyland’ for animal lovers. Visitors are able to get up close and personal with some of nature’s n,, most exotic animals – we cuddled Evie the orangutan, e rode Elephant-back through the savannah and among the animals, petted an albino tiger cub, fed a baby elephant and her mother, rode on a camel, and fed the piranhas. Interestingly, the restaurant adjoins the lions’ enclosure so diners can watch the lions through ceiling-high glass walls over lunch, as well as from the windows in the public toilets! Although it’s a very safe wildlife encounter but it isn’t too heavily sanitised so there’s still a large thrill factor. h The Safari park also has its own water park, complete with slides, fountains and water features. You will need a fulll e day to explore this place; it’s pretty action-packed. For more w w. information about the Bali Safari and Marine Park visit www. e Another special place I wasn’t aware of prior to the competition is the Bali Cultural Creation – it’s Artists’’ k, heaven! Run by a young entrepreneurial woman, Wiwiek, s this place has a very spiritual and relaxing ambience. It’s e located in Denpasar so has easy town access, but it feels like an oasis. The grounds are lush and romantic with fountainss and ponds. We dyed fabric, made batik prints, painted a cooll tee shirt, strolled around the gorgeous gardens and enjoyed

Offspring | autumn 2011 79

TRAVEL a delicious, traditionally-Balinese, lunch. The centre offers a host of cultural activities for both adults and children ranging from kite making, to making traditional Balinese music and stone carving, which are all done outdoors in the shade of tropical gardens. It offers a pretty special and authentic experience. For more information visit www. Bali can be great shopping for kids’ clothes and a great store for children’s fashion is Indigo Kids. They offer very good quality items that are in gorgeous styles. Their range of little girls’ dresses is particularly special. Also, they have several different outlets in Bali so you don’t have to go too far


80 Offspring | autumn 2011


to find them. You can find out more at www.indigokidsglobal. com Bali Bali Baby Care loaned us a three-wheeler pram which I definitely recommend considering – either hiring one, or taking your own (something we hadn’t done before but it makes for a much more relaxing holiday). Roger, the owner of Bali Baby Care is actually based in Perth but has equipment available for hire in Bali, which is very convenient. He also offers transfers in vehicles which are fitted with car seats compatible with the strict Australian safety standards. For more information visit One thing I think people who go to Bali make the most of, is the real opportunity to have affordable beauty treatments. I tried out a facial and a massage at Bali Glo Day Spa and was very impressed. The therapists were experienced and the setting was very relaxing. They do a great job. For those wanting a slightly more upmarket dining experience I’d recommend Ku De Ta. Yes, it’s pretty swanky, with immaculate décor and overlooks Seminyak beach and serves great food. The breakfast was scrumptious – should be called Ku De Lish! For more information visit Disclosure: Please note, views expressed here were based on the personal experiences of the writer and are not intended to be taken as professional travel advice.


Bali winners announced! Gemma and Bill Kellock of Swanview, with five-week-old son, Aiden, were the lucky winners of our Bali competition GEMMA and Bill can look forward to relaxing in good quality accommodation at the Legian Beach Hotel and at Amertha Villas in Pemuratan, flying with Strategic Airlines. The prize pack includes many extra activities for free in Bali, totally the competition value to nearly $7000. Gemma said she first read Offspring Magazine just over a month ago and was impressed that it was local, and a refreshing change from other magazines.“I couldn’t wait to subscribe for the next

edition, needless to say I was absolutely shocked when I received the phone call telling me I had won such an awesome prize,” she said. “Recently becoming a mum for the first time and having a husband who works long hours, this will be our first family holiday together. I still can’t believe all the exciting activities we will get to do. “A big thankyou to Offspring Magazine for this fantastic holiday and also to all the subscribers for their well wishes on the Offspring Facebook page.”

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5.30pm to 8.30pm


Point Walter Foreshore, Honour Avenue, Bicton City of Melville 1300 635 845



Sir James Mitchell Park, South Perth Foreshore City of South Perth on 9474 0777 or


TREASURE HUNT MARKET PLACE Treasure Hunt Market Place is Perthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s newest north of the river market that specialises in new goods and services for the whole family.




6pm to 8pm


James Miller Oval, Jarman Ave, Manning


City of South Perth on 9474 0777 or




9am to 12 noon


Craigie Leisure Centre



Wayne Strahan 0417 995 731

Free play day for the family with bouncy castles, petting farm animals, activities, face painting and much more. Bring your hat and sunscreen!






10am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 1pm




Whiteman Park, Lord St, Whiteman


4pm to 9pm


1800 171 882









82 Offspring | autumn 2011





The Handmade Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Markets presents over 40 stalls showcasing a wide variety of quality goods and services for children aged 0 to 10 years old. Free kidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s activities and face painting!


FREE Entry


10am to 2pm


Melville Civic Centre, 10 Almondbury Rd, Booragoon WA, Off Davy St Tash 0424958630 (tash@handmadechildrensmarkets. com)






10am to 5pm


Minnawarra Park, Armadale


9399 0111




10am to 12noon


Palms Community Centre, Corner Rokeby and Nicholson roads, Subiaco Natasha Annan 9237 9212


FIESTA FITâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;FUN DAY COST

FREE Entry


10am to 2pm


Melville Civic Centre, 10 Almondbury Rd, Booragoon WA, Off Davy St Tash 0424958630 (tash@handmadechildrensmarkets. com)


SATURDAY & SUNDAY 26TH â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 27TH MARCH 2011






Saturday 1pm to 8pm Sunday 12noon to 7.30pm Joondalup City Centre


9400 4705 (


Perth Upmarket is Perthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s premier quarterly upmarket shopfront for the Stateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s talented artists, designers, stylists and gourmets. The market showcases over 150 designers with products including handmade clothing, wall art, jewellery, wood and paper products, cupcakes, giftware, accessories, toys, homewares, bags, skincare products. Including dedicated Junior Upmarket section.



FREE parking, free entry and easy accessible. ATMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s onsite 10am to 4pm University of WA Winthrop Hall Stirling Hwy Crawley




10am to 5pm


Stirling Square Guildford


Bronwyn 6278 4652







Offspring | autumn 2011 83









12pm to 4pm




Karijini Oval, Snowdonia Crt, Ballajura


Rachel phone 9432 9786


Caryl 9270 5503 or 0407 520 228




10am to 1pm


Manning Park, Azelia Rd, Hamilton Hill


City of Cockburn 9411 3444

TUESDAY 5TH APRIL 2011 SLEEP TIPS AT FUNKY KIDS(CHILDREN IN BEDS) This year Funky Kids has teamed up with leading sleep and behaviour consultants Carolineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Angels to bring you a series of talks providing useful advice and information.




Funky Kids 352B Cambridge Street Wembley 9284 0051 or



LISTEN TO ME - PARENTING WORKSHOP This workshop will explore ways of communicating with children when their behaviour is causing problems.




10am to 12.30pm


Palms Community Cnt, Cnr Rokeby & Nicholson Rds, Subiaco Natasha Annan phone 9237 9216


SUNDAY 29TH MAY 2011 MARKET GIRL Boutique handmade market. Market Girl is where all things boutique, handmade and unique come together under the one roof for your shopping pleasure. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s handmade heaven!


FREE entry and parking


10am to 3pm


Melville Recreation Centre





9am to 3pm


Juniper Gardens, Midland


Franziska Forrer 0411 727 593 (or to reserve a stall)

31ST MAY 2011 TODDLER BEHAVIOUR WORKSHOP Carolineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Angelsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; sleep tips at Funky Kids




Funky Kids 352B Cambridge Street, Wembley 9284 0051 or



Ambience Candles are made of Soy wax so are biodegradable, containing no pesticides or herbicides.



84 Offspring | autumn 2011


Picnic Boxes Made Up For Each Child Ă&#x17D;MMFEXJUIFBUTBOEUSFBUT

+ giant outdoor games for hire!

Each child receives their own PICNIC BOX, filled with HEALTHIER PARTY FOOD, LOLLIES, SNACKS and WOODEN TOYS to match your theme, tied with a ribbon, and labeled with their name.

4At home or outdoors 4we deliver 4Eazi As and Hassle Free 0430 721 143

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8;3 ;))/ *6)) 86-%0







86 Offspring | autumn 2011





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